Finally After 3 Pregnancies and 120 Lbs Weight Loss - Wilmington, NC--new pics-3 weeks post op

So, I just turned 30 last month. I had 3...

So, I just turned 30 last month. I had 3 pregnancies in my early 20's, which I gained a TON of weight from (100 pounds with my first child)yuck! About 5 years ago while my husband was deployed overseas I got serious and lost about 75 pounds in 7 months. Then over the next couple years lost about 50 more pounds. I went from 255 at my heaviest to now I'm at 135. (I'm 5'8") I changed my entire lifestyle, try to eat clean and really really enjoy weight lifting. I'm in better shape now then I was when I was 18 before I gained all that weight! However, my skin is disgusting! The tiger stripes dont bother my that much, its just the skin that hangs there! My husband and kids dont understand, they tell me I'm beautiful, but they are very supportive as they know how badly this affects me. Everytime we go to the beach I think everyone is staring at me and thinking whats wrong with her....I feel like a monster. I'm very self concious because of it. When I soak in the bathtub the skin floats up so its like I have a tummy mohawk, its just gross! So I finallt found a doctor that my husband I like and I'm just gonna do it and get it over with! I like others on here feel guilty about spending the money, (I also had a breast lift 3 months ago where they took away a LOT of skin, went from being a D/DD cup to a B, and they only took skin, no tissue, thats how much skin I had to stuff into a bra...) But I just need to do this, I'm not getting any younger, I'm in good shape and I want to feel pretty and confident, my husband calls me his trophy wife, I want to feel like it for once!! The date is set for Dec. 31, so I will start out 2013 without all the extra skin! They are doing TT and repairing the muscles, no lipo on tummy, but a little bit of contouring on my flanks, and seeing what he can do with the cellulite on back of thighs, probably nothing they can do there though. My preop is next week on the 11th. I'm so excited and so scared! Hubby is taking off 2 weeks of work, and my youngest is almost 8 so hoping it wont be too bad. We do have to drive 2 1/2 hours for me to have the procedure, and then 1 hour every week for follow ups. Kids and hubby are getting tablets from me for Christmas so they arent too bored when they all take me for my surgery! lol

So, I'm suppose to have my preop next week on the...

So, I'm suppose to have my preop next week on the 11th. Last friday one of the nurses called me and left a message saying we needed to go over a few things and to give her a call back, I've called several times a day since last week and left a couple messages and she hasn't gotten back to me! Hope its not like this AFTER the surgery....yikes

So tomorrow is my pre-op appt.! I also got the...

So tomorrow is my pre-op appt.! I also got the bathing suit I ordered from VS in the mail today! My doctor told me to bring a bathing suit the day of surgery that I want to be able to wear after I'm healed so he can mark me wearing it and make sure my scar is where it needs to be! I'm gonna bring it tomorrow cause its pretty low! I'll post pics of it sometime tomorrow and update on how the preop went~

Just got back from my preop appt. Doc said no...

Just got back from my preop appt. Doc said no problem with the bathing suit, he will fit in the scar anywhere I want it! woo hoo! Got my prescriptions: percocet for pain, keflex an antibiotic, and ewwww promethazine (suppository) for naseua... yuck! I have some of those dissovable ones from my breast surgery I didn't have to use..... will def. be using those first if I get naseus! But everything went well, got a big packet of paperwork just info on the surgeries and everything! They also took a bunch of pictures, easy peasy!

I meant to ask yall a question...... How many of...

I meant to ask yall a question...... How many of yall did OK sleepingin your own bed just propped up by pillows? We have a couple recliners, I just want to sleep in my own bed if possible at night so if I need help getting up to go to the bathroom my hubby is right there, and I dont have to wake the whole house yelling for him.

So I have about 2 weeks left. I can't believe...

So I have about 2 weeks left. I can't believe this is finally happening. I really thought it never would! I'm so excited I can't think about anything else! I feel so bad for my husband cause its all I can talk about! Told my mom the other day, she is super excited! She had hers when she was about my age and said it sucked and hurt but she would do it again in a minute. Totally worth it! I have her low pain threshold so not looking forward to recovery, but I know it wont be forever! Really really hoping I'll be able to sleep in my bed with a ton of pillows and be comfortable. Trying to get everything ready since Christmas is right around the corner (and my daughters 8th bday a couple weeks after Christmas). So thankful and very blessed my hubby is taking 2 weeks off of work. I love being around him and he is so good at taking care of me, I'm such a lucky girl!

I also meant to ask: I have this weird little...

I also meant to ask: I have this weird little pocket of fat (?) on my lower back, maybe its on my tailbone, I dont know, its weird. My husband says everyone has that, but uhhhh no, I look for it at the beach especially..... anyone know what that is, is it just an excess fat pocket? You can see it in some of my pics where I'm facing the side.

1 week away, I cant even believe it! Little bit...

1 week away, I cant even believe it! Little bit of a turn of events though has me a little stressed out. Hubby found a house on some land he wants to buy about an hour away from where we live now. The house needs some renovations, and it looks like we will be putting in an offer sometime in the next couple days possibly. I'm excited, but hope he really realizes how long it will be before I can help with things like moving and renovations...... not to mention take care of that actual property (its a dang farm!!). Though all this has definately helped me not to be worrying about recovering and pain!!!!

Tomorrow is the big day! Oh my goodness I can't...

Tomorrow is the big day! Oh my goodness I can't believe this is happening! I am so excited! And it looks like we are buying that farm as well, lol! My hubby might have taken on more than he can handle, we will see!

PO Day1, surgery was yesterday morning from 8-12. ...

PO Day1, surgery was yesterday morning from 8-12. Drove the 2 hours home and sat on the couch/recliner, was really hurting. hubby had to check pads on my inscision, and when we took the binder and compression thing off I had to lay down quickly and it took a while before I got better from almost passing out. slept in bed for a few hours, waking up every 4 hours for pain meds and to pee...... at 2 am, i couldnt get back into bed it hurt to bad so got back on recliner where ive stayed and will continue to stay. been eating and drinking ok, it just hurts, not the inscision or the lipo spots, just the ab muscles, and wow, I can't believe how many little things i use my abs for that i didnt realize! taking 2 percocets every 4 hours, and it takes the edge off a little bit but thats it..... hoping in a couple days the pain will lessen. But I'm hanging in there.... havent really seen what it looks like since the only time i took the binder off i about passed out so we had to do that quickly, gonna try to look tomorrow when he changes dressings and such..... id say im on the flat side now but im so swollen i think that would be a lie! lol

So, 1 week post op today. Going to my appointment...

So, 1 week post op today. Going to my appointment to get my drains out YEAH! they are rubbing on my hip bone and burn and hurt! So happy to get rid of these! yesterday only drained 7.5 the entire day. So, lets see, its getting a lot better. The pain is not as bad as I thought it was gonna be. Had my first bm day 5 post op and it was awful, i had been taking mom and miralax everyday since surgery but it was still so bad that after 2 hours in the bathroom i hollered at my husband through tears to go to the store to get an enema, which i had to take all my compression stuff off to give myself, but then a few minutes better i was all good. things have been fine in that area ever since. slept the first few nights in a little nest on my reclining couch, then moved to the bed with a lot of pillows. doing pretty good with that, pain meds before bed and when i wake up and then when needed during the day, but about to end that and switch to tylenol only. I am VERY swollen still, and havent even taken pictures because I feel very fat compared to what i was before surgery. lots of stretch marks still. incision is very low, hip bone to hip bone. coughed accidently yesterday and thought i was surely gonna die, DO NOT COUGH, JUST TRUST ME! DO NOT DO IT!!!! Oh my gosh!!!!! Maybe I'll take pictures today or tomorrow even though I feel absolutely disgusting.............

Posted a few 1 week post op pics, and will post...

Posted a few 1 week post op pics, and will post some more tomorrow morning (2 week post op) I'm doing OK, hard to get comfortable sleeping, and being off pain meds has me struggling to sleep, maybe its all the binders, but i wake up in cold sweats. I'm probably going to need for them to go back in and tighten up a little more in 6 months or so.... I have a feeling I'm not as tight as I'm gonna want to be, totally standing up straight no problem right now, incision doesnt hurt at all, just a little where the drains were, but my muscles are still pretty sore. All in all not as bad as I thought it would be. Everything is healing very well, but I'm just so swollen riight above the incision its so weird looking. Belly button looks ok, except for on one side theres a little loose skin ,we will see where everything falls into place here in a couple months, trying to be patient, its hard to do that!!

I'm now 3 weeks post op and am doing great. Had...

I'm now 3 weeks post op and am doing great. Had another post op appt. yesterday and doc said I'm still way ahead of schedule. He said I can do whatever I want as long as it doesn't hurt. Had sex twice yesterday and it was awesome! We had to be careful but this surgery has made me so much less self conscious!! Anyways, I still can't lift anything more than a few pounds without my tummy muscles hurting, and moving in bed can be a little painful, but all in all im doing great. He also said I didn't have to wear the binder anymore, he says at 3 weeks it doesnt hurt or help its just whatever feels best...... i dont have to wear anything, or i can do the binder, or spanx or whatever i want. He did say that he is gonna want to go back in this Spring and take some more skin/stretch marks and it'll lower my scar even more, and make me a bit tighter, which I'm happy about, because when I bend over it does hang a little bit, nothing like before though. I knew he'd probably want to do all this before so no schock or anything. I'm still swollen at/above my incision, but I also have pointy hipbones that stick out, so its hard in the pictures to see whats bone poking out and whats swelling........ I like that I'm finally really feeling more like myself, because this not being able to be active thing has really messed me up, I've gained a few pounds and that sucks. Now that I can do a little more though I should lose it quickly....that I've started packing this week for our move, slow and steady. Bit of a change from sitting on the couch groaning for pain meds, lol!! (Havent taken any since the second week.....i occasionally take a dose of tylenol in the morning/evening)

On the 15th of April I went in and had a scar...

On the 15th of April I went in and had a scar revision, and they took a couple more inches of skin off, the scar is looking better, and he tried to position everything to try and hide my hip bones that stick out so bad..... looking good so far, still cant work out very much, even trying to do yoga hurts. Just from the muscle repair though. Only was on pain meds for 3 days after the revision, no biggie at all!
Wilmington Plastic Surgeon

Couldn't find a doc we liked close to us so started our search further away.... looked at a bunch of doctors but something stuck with me about Dr. Church, went to see him for a consult with my husband and we both REALLY liked him. He totally put us at ease answered all of our questions... I went back for another consult a couple weeks later with a list of questions, he answered them all and I booked the procedure that day!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Would love to see an update. How does everything look now? Hope everything is going better for you. ;)
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Not to worry...that shelf over the incision with gradually disappear. You are only 3 weeks- I am 12 and still have it to some extent and that is were the swelling shows up but the end of the day. With me I notice it gradually disappearing now from my hipbones and moving towards the centre of the incision. I am still hopeful I will get "flatter". You look great
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You really are super-swollen! Which is good, because that means the swelling will go down ;). Patience is hard! One thing I've read elsewhere on here, is some people who've lost lots of weight end up looser in the skin than they'd like post-op. Maybe your PS was trying to avoid that by not overtightening? Maybe they were aiming for a thinner scar? But no way to know for at least six months...which will go faster and faster as you hurt less and less and resume the rest of your life. You look great, so just keep taking care of yourself like you have! We'll keep rooting for you :D.
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I'm so swollen and just feel so gross right now, I really hope it subsides super soon! I think my scar is gonna be pretty awesome, but when i bend over i still have a bit of skin hanging down especially around my belly button, and I am sooooo swollen especially right above my incision. I know time will tell though. Thanks for the encouragement, I've needed it! The first week wasn't so bad, but as the pain gets less worse and the swelling and everything remains it gets so depressing and I didn't think I would go through that phase......
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You know, I don't remember reading whether you have a compression garment. I think it's too early to wear it now, but maybe ask your PS when it'd be okay to start wearing a CG. Because I find that they work well for the swelling, but it has to go all the way down to your crotch at least. So at least a full brief, but mid-thigh or knee-length would also work. When I wear my CG, it helps tremendously with the swelling. When I don't wear them, man, my skin gets so thick, it feels really weird. And my BB swells shut. I just think it might help with that localized swelling.
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I was wearing a compression garment (went down to mid thigh) and a binder for 2 weeks, now I'm just suppose to wear the binder. But I think I'm gonna try looking for a different binder thats more comfortable and stays put better. Swelling seems to have gone down a bit this morning.... I think I may be having trouble figuring out how tight to put the binder on as well, I know its suppose to be tight but not too tight.... I find myself reajusting it 10 times a day. My next post op is next tuesday, so if the swelling is the same I'll ask what I can do differently. Also, I know a lot of people lay off sodium but I can't do that because of medical stuff, so I'm sure that has a lot to do with it as well!!! Just got back from getting my hair done, and I feel a million times better!
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wow...what an inpiring story you have. congrats on your weight loss and TT. AND getting your drains removed. the swelling can be so deceiving...i was so discouraged by in on day 4 i didn't want to see myself... but i would encourage you to document through pics (even if just for your records) it is quite remarkable how quickly things can change. check my pics to see HUGE reduction in swelling from day 4 to tday 10. happy for you and happy healing!!
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ha! we must have been posting at the same time bc your pics popped up. you look AMAZING for one week PO... and the fact that you are standing upright is a huge blessing! think you are going to rock that pre op bikini, no problemo!
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Thanks! I think I was doing better lookwise last week than I am now. I was so overweight for such a long time, that this swolleness is really taking a toll on me. Really depressing me. Trying so hard to remind myself to be patient and not let it get to me!!!!!!!! Its hard though! Thanks for your encouragement! It means so much!
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i cant wait to see your progress. you look just like me! i was 215 and now i'm at 125. same wrinkley extra skin ugh. i just had a breast lift and implants a few months ago which i love! now im considering the tt!
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I had the lift done a few months ago as well! Was giong to get implants but decided to get TT instead (was kinda liking being petite on top which I never was in my LIFE!!!) TT really isnt as bad as I thought it was gonna be! Just as long as you can be patient....which I so am not!
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Getting drains out is awesome! And the lower ones don't hurt much since you're still numb. I agree to definitely take pics for your own records. But seriously, no one here expects you to be perfect after one week (or ever). You will critique yourself worse than anyone on RealSelf ever would. If you don't want to do it for privacy reasons, that's totally reasonable, though ;). Just don't be scared of us.
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So happy for you.
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Yeah for getting your drains out! You'll feel so much better once they're gone!
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Glad to hear that you made it through your first week...all good. Even if you don't post pictures make sure you take some for your own records and it's not fat , it's fluid :-)
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You and I have very similar body types and stories! I lost 110 pounds, and am left with sagging skin. I'm excited to see your results! My surgery is scheduled for one week from today (Jan 9th). Any tips you have would be great!!! I just took my before photos for my profile...they should be up soon. How are you feeling today? Did you sleep well the first night?
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DONT COUGH!!! Keep up with whatever bowel softner, oh my gosh...... i slept fine as long as i took my pills every 4 hours, i woke up exactly 4 hours after i took each dose (naturally woke up) and took my pills and after a few mintes went right back to sleep. im 1 week post op and feel good, its definately not as bad as i thought it was all gonna be. I'm swollen and feel really fat right now, definately look and feel bigger than i did before surgery. so that kinda is discouraging but i know the swelling will go down. i still have LOTS of stretch marks, below and above my belly button, but if i do a plank the skin doesnt hang down and thats all i cared about anyways! so overall i am happy, just wish i knew what my outcome is gonna look like a few months down, hard to be patient! Good luck tomorrow! Make sure you have someone to help you get up and down out of your chair the first few days, that was a biggie. stay on top of pain meds and you'll do great! Congrats!
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Thank you :) Man I couldn't sleep last night...I kept thinking it was the night before surgery and every time I'd reach for my water I'd think "oh wait I'm not suppose to sip water", then I realized I was thinking a day ahead. I did that ALL night long haha. So weird. Have you taken any after photos yet? I'm glad your recovery hasn't been as bad as you anticipated. I am bracing myself for all the swelling. Once a month...when my progesterone climbs (ovulation) I retain anywhere from 5-10 pounds of water for a week. Is it worse than that? I also rented an electric recliner chair that will stand me all the way up on it's own so I don't have to use my stomach muscles. Don't know if I'll be able to sleep in it. Did you sleep in your bed? On your back? Side? Lots of pillows?
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I'm scheduled for 1/21. I had to laugh(with you, not at you), about you almost passing out when you took off the CG. I get woozy just reading about people taking them off! I wonder what I'm going to be like. I will follow your story! Good luck in healing. From everything I've read, it gets better after the first couple of days.
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Congrat. Rest!!
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welcome to flatsville... the pain will decrease by the day, sometimes the hour.. it is great you are fighting the curve by taking your pain meds regularly. i took 2 at a time every 4 hours for the first day or two..then moved to 6 hours. by day five i was off of them all together and now only taking aleve for headaches. hope that gives you encouragement as you press on through this first stage of recovery. we are cheering you on!
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Good luck...what away to end off the year....a new you :)
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oh my gosh that was fast glad you are getting the farm that should be real interesting is your tt in the morning or afternoon any ways hope every thing goes well look for up dates and pictures good luck!!!!!!!!
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first thing in the morning...... 2 and a half hour drive, gotta be there at 730am. yowzers!
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Whew! Yeah, that's a lot on you guys' plate. How long before you can start working out and otherwise lifting again?
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