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TT in 2 days. I'm 64, 5'3 and 110 pounds. All...

TT in 2 days. I'm 64, 5'3 and 110 pounds. All tummy. Scared but excited. Am I crazy. Wish I had someone my age who's had surgery and could give me pointers. Will try to undated after tt in case any other grandmas like me have been waiting 30 years to do this. Never posted on line before. Does this work


I'm 62 and perhaps a little crazy to be considering a tt at my age but, oh well...I've hated my blubber belly for most of my life so the time has come to get rid of it!
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Hi Dee, I am 64 too. My TT is scheduled for Aug 31. How are you doing? You are 4 days post op now. Give us an update
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Congratulations for putting it behind you, Dee! So glad you're here!!
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DEE PO NEWS (TT 8-8-13)

DEE PO NEWS (TT 8-8-13) ppt today (day 6). Great news for me. My drains came out today and I can begin to try to stand up. Will also try to sleep in bed tonight. Also had first BM so I'm on a roll. Hope it continues. I must say the pain has been less than anticipated. Hope all ttuckers are progressing.


Can't wait to see your post op photos to see the difference that the TT has made for you. Sounds like you're doing great with less pain than you anticipated. That makes me more hopeful that things will turn out okay for me too!
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I went into this expecting bad pain and the worst scenarios. I also told myself I did it for me and i wasn't going to complain or bitch, to take it easy and let time heal. I think a realistic attitude helps the rprocess. You'll do great. You will need you husbands support and encouragement so butter him up goodnthis week.
Suz, I'm 5days PO. Had 1st FU appt today.Drains came out. Feel pretty good. Doctor said I was ahead of schedule and can try to straighten up. Still sleeping on recliner. May try bed tomorrow nite after drain removal trauma has lessened. Hope all is well with everyone out there

photo update day 11


Looking great. I am 63 and had my TT on 8/9/13. Am doing great but still have one drain that hopefully will be able to be removed later this week. It is never too late, is it? We rock!
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Yes we do!
You're looking great!
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3 Week Pic

3 Weeks, all is well


You look great! Isn't is great to have a shape? I am heavier but hope to lose a few more pounds.
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Any other grandmas like you? Of course! Welcome to the flat side sis! I'm 12days post op and I got perkies too! So how do you feel?
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Feel great at 9 weeks. Had a real easy and smooth recovery. Still have pulling and soreness in tummy but that takes time. Can do all but heavy exercise. It gets better every day. Whish I had gone for uplift at top too. Heal well
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