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Perlane and Botox- Love It! - Wilmington, NC

I've been seeing Dr Crane for Botox injections for...

I've been seeing Dr Crane for Botox injections for 5 years. My last visit ( 2/14/14 ) I added fillers also. Now I have an upper lip for the first time in 44 years! I had fillers injected into my NL folds and around my mouth. I never expected my mouth to be so lovely after.
Dr Crane has always done a beautiful job with my Botox. I end up with a nice, natural lift and relaxed look. The Botox and Perlane combination on my last visit has given my face an all over softer and younger look I didn't realize was possible without surgery.
Dr Crane is always professional and personable and very helpful with recommendations. He is never rushed and explains everything first so I feel secure with any procedure. His staff is friendly and helpful. I have always had a positive experience with each of my visits.
(cost listed is for both procedures)
Your pics look great!  Thanks for sharing.  Do your lips look any smaller now that they've had a few days to get over any swelling?
In the photo you can see that one side is still slightly swollen and is bigger than the other. Now they are pretty much the same size, so only slightly smaller. In fact in that picture there is a faint hint of a bruise still. I only had the one single bruise just over the right side of my lip. I go in tomorrow for my follow up (it's been 4 weeks) and I've felt around for any lumps or anything I'm not happy with. I can feel "edges" around my lips, but no lumps. There is nothing in the nasal folds to feel at all. That part was a total breeze- no bruising and no noticeable swelling. He also injected the ridge in my chin, which is pretty pronounced, and I can feel an "edge" there as well, but nothing you can see. I think there may be a bit of swelling in my lips when I first wake up, but I think that may have always been the case. My face tends to swell overnight if I've had any salt the day before. I can feel beads in my upper lip when I run my tongue over it, but they are not hard and you can't see them. I did notice a tight feeling when I ate an apple this week and had to open my mouth wide. It didn't hurt or feel uncomfortable, but I noticed it. I did want to note that I had the Perlane injected into my nasal folds, but he used Restylane around my lips. I know there was a reason for the difference, but I don't remember what it was!

Just For Clarification

I had Perlane injected in my nasolabial folds, but Restylane was used around my lips to correct vertical lines.
Beautiful result! Was the Restylane injected into the actual lip, at the vermilion border, or around the outside of the lips? Just top lip, or both? Do you have any before and after pics of the lips? Thank you!
All of the above! Around the border, in my upper lip (OUCH), and in the deep crease of my chin. There are before pics in my other review. I think the very first pic is one. I'm wearing burgundy. There is also a three panel pic there that shows before anything, after mouth but before neck lift, and then after everything. I'm in the gym or I'd post them here now!
Wow sounds like you've had a great experience.  Let us know how the follow up goes :) 

4 months

Went back to Wilmington yesterday for a Botox touch up and to show Dr Crane the results of my necklift. He gave me a thumbs up!
Still pleased with my mouth. I've included a picture from yesterday. I'm smirking, so my mouth looks crooked. It IS crooked, and the injections don't fix that, and if you're bothered by that, it may make it more noticeable. I kinda like it because I do tend to looking like I'm smirking all the time ;)

More pics

These are of my mouth right after.

aaaand I forgot to attach the pics!

I'm a patient, not a Dr. Also- you're an idiot.
So 1 syringe of perlane in NL and 1 syringe of restylane in the lips?
I believe so, yes. No more than one in the mouth, but I'm not positive on the NL.
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