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New Me...- Wilmington, DE

I had my consultation on Monday, October 22nd. I...

I had my consultation on Monday, October 22nd. I was very impressed with both surgeon and staff. After losing 60+ lbs, I'm looking forward to removing the excess skin and not having to wear a girdle in the summertime! I'm also getting some fat removed from my inner thigh, lower back and flanks. This fast will be transferred to my buttocks. I'll keep you posted...xoxo!

Current status...

This is my current status...not cute at all! Lol!!! Although I do a pretty good job of hiding this belly underneath of my clothes, I'm so over it!!!

Ideal curves and bottom...

I want a realistic butt. I just can't imagine having a huge behind all of a sudden...

I like

I like her butt...just a tad bit smaller

I'm havinga change of heart...

Love her shape!

Date locked in...

I'm so excited! My 6/13 date is locked in, and I can't wait!!! I made my down payment, which was $1000...no turning back now.

While I was at my surgeon's office making the payment, he came in to look at another problem area that I have. My bra line is awful. Dr. Lonergan told me that he will probably have to cut me again to achieve the results that I want. I got a breast reduction/lift last June (with a different doctor). Although I love my new smaller boobies, I hate the hanging bra line skin!!! Ugh... is always something!

Just wondering...

If I'm a size 8 right now, with all of this belly, what size will I be when the belly is gone??? Hmmm?!?!?!?

6 months left...

Okay, I am 6 months away from my scheduled surgery date. I'm itching to change the date. I guess that it doesn't make sense to miss time from work, if I'll be off during the summer...

Oh well, such is life. #superexcited #flatside


5 months...

Hey everyone, I'm five months out from my scheduled date & growing so anxious. Well, I'm sure that June will be here before I know it. Congrats to all who have crossed over to the flat side!!! xo

4 months...

As of yesterday, I am 4 months away from my surgery date! I started my journey in October. Time is flying by...I thought that it would drag. I'm sooooo excited!!!!!

3 - month mark

So, as of yesterday, I am 3 months out from my surgery date. I can't wait...xoxo!

June 2014!

Okay, the countdown is on.. where are my June TT & BBL dolls???

Super excited...

The 2 month mark is right around the corner. I'm beyond excited!!! Good luck to all of my April dolls!

2 month mark

Hello everyone! Congrats to all who have had surgery in April, and good luck to those who are crossing over to the flat side in the next few days/weeks!!! Well, as of today, I have 2 months left...60 days! That really puts things into perspective.

I went to the mall yesterday and couldn't resist picking up a couple of things; although, I'm really trying not to buy a lot. I typically pick up dresses or shirts, but I ended up purchasing a pair of pants yesterday. I'm currently a size 8, so I picked up a 6 (100% cotton... no stretch)...so, we'll see. ;)

Well, I have decided that I'm going to pick up all of my supplies next week, since I'll be on spring break. I also have to check and see if the local Rent-A-Center has an electric recliner that I can rent. If not, any suggestions??? Please let me know which products you really needed and which ones were a waste of money. Thanks in advance, dolls! Until next time...

Wilmington Facial Plastic Surgeon

So far, he's phenomenal!

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Looks like we are getting the same procedures on the same date... Your post made me realize today does make 60 days today? WOOHOO! After I go to bed, less than two months!!!!
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I just had my BA with Dr. Lonergan and could to be happier with my results so far! They look amazing and I'm only on post op day 2. Hopefully that will make you more confident with going with him. The staff was great and I'm in minimal pain. Good luck with your surgery hun!
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Thank you so much! I'm glad that everything has worked out for you!!! I can't wait!
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Wish You Luck. I am having my to and breast lift on June 10. I can not wait. I am so glad to have real women on this site
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Thank you! Best wishes to you as well!!! Pls let me know how everything goes!!!!
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Thank you! Best wishes to you as well!!! Pls let me know how everything goes!!!!
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Thanks, same to you! You are 2 months away... I'll be two months tomorrow. Can't wait!!!
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Good luck! Can't wait to see your results!!!
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Thank you and you look fabulous!
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Thank you new attitude 2014!
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Look for someone with at least 50 good results. ..of what u want to look like ..or a p's that shows they are getting progressively better. ..
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We're both going to the same PS! I really wish there were more reviews on here for him. I will tell you how he is and how my surgery goes, hope it helps you in your journey !
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I know! Yes, please keep me posted! Congrats and good luck!!! :)
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We are only 3 days apart for our surgery date. Super anxious
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Yay...surgery buddy!!! I'm anxious too. We can motivate each other! :)
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I saw you posted 4 mths! Wow...I am a few days after you and am so excited..nervous but cannot wait to get it done. I was wondering the same thing too- Im a size 8 but the waist Im constantly pulling up because my belly is so awkward. I wonder how much weight you lose- not that the surgery loss is a goal- but curious...Let me know if you hear anything
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I certainly will. My friend went from an to a 4, according to her (but I think that she's a 6). Lol
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Well when can we begin our day count down looking and profiles obsessively. Cant wait to have a non protruding belly
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Same here! ;)
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just curious who taking you to your surgery in june
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Probably my mom or my step dad...he took me to get my breast reduction and my mom came after work. Who is taking you? If we are not doing it at the same time, let me know if you need anything. I'm serious.
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Congratulations on you weight loss! And good luck on your continued loss!
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Thank you! Unfortunately, I have plateaued. :( I really need to get it together, because June will be here before I know it!
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