Scar therapy making scar darker?

I am officially freaking out now!!! My TT is...

I am officially freaking out now!!! My TT is scheduled for this Fri!

My story is so much like many others on the site. I turned 40 on Sunday and I knew it was now or never for my tummy tuck, I have been wanting this for years. I have 2 children 16,9 and my stomach has not been the same since my last child, she was 3 weeks early and still 91/2 pounds. I am 5 "7 and 155 pounds. I work out with a personal trainer, run and nothing changes with this gut.

I have been reading this site for about 3 months now, it has really helped me feel better about my decision. Every has the same worries and guilt, and it is comforting to know you are not the only one going through this. Thank you everyone who has posted your story it has really meant a lot to me to share your progress.

My anxiety level is going up even as I write this review, I work the next 3 days and still have so much to do around house! My husband has been so supportive and I know he will be fine but I am trying to make this as easy as possible for him. That is adding to my stress !! Lol. I am a hairdresser and will be missing 18 days of work, I hope that is enough time but can't really afford to take more. I have guilt about the cost of this, I have a daughter going to college in 11/2 years and this money could be going to her fund, I also worry about something happening to me and my children feeling my vanity was more important to me then them. I guess this is normal. I will update later got o get ready for work!!!

I go Friday too! But I don't turn 40 until Feb.! Our stories are very similar, only I never had children of my own-was obese for much of my life. Can't wait to compare experiences.
Happy belated birthday! Try to relax. I know it can feel like a roller coaster, but you will be fine. If you need to chat, feel free to reach out to us because we are here to help. Take care and remember that this is a GOOD thing.

2 more days, not sure I am going to make it!! The...

2 more days, not sure I am going to make it!! The anxiety is killing me couldn't sleep last night now I have a million things to do today plus work today!! Did any one else struggle with this? I am excited to be on the flat side but can't seem to control the nerves. I hope I can get through the next few days with losing my mind!!

I am two days out from surgery and in desperate...

I am two days out from surgery and in desperate need of bikini wax. Should I wax today? Do they shave u there? Not sure what to do, I hate shaving because it itches so much as it grows back, that is one more think to deal with after surgery ugh.
You are going to have great results because you have a skinny waist. Good luck to you and please keep us posted and take after pictures. I'm not scheduled until December 20th and I have the same anxieties that you do.
I was wondering the same exact thing!!
I've also been thinking the same I'm in for my op on Monday 29th I think I will just shave tomorrow, no one mentioned it on my pre op, it does'nt all have to come off though does it ?

Tomorrow is my TT and my head is spinning with All...

Tomorrow is my TT and my head is spinning with All the stuff I have to do still! I work 12ppm -9 pm today. I have pack for hospital, do some laundry, make food for a girls sleep over my daughter is having while I am in hospital!! Yikes... And instead of doing any of that I have been on this site for 45 min! Damn it addicting!! My daughter is home sick from school with aches and fever, I am praying I don't come down with it!! Not being the normal doting mom with hugs ans attention, trying to avoid her!! Talk about guilt!!!
Looking for any last minute advise if any one has it!!!
Thanks to everyone is has sent me a supportive comment, it really does help!
Stay positive! Things will only get better from here. Your so close to having the tummy of your dreams. I'm excited for You. Who is your p.s?
Good luck tomorrow! Can't wait to see your post-op pictures! You will look great!!!

The hospital just called and asked me to come now ...

The hospital just called and asked me to come now ... 2 hours early because Dr a head of schedule!! So here I go wish me luck!!! Holy nerves!!

Made it to the flat side!! This is definitely the...

Made it to the flat side!! This is definitely the most pain I have ever been in! My goodness! I have read all of your posts, some said extricating pain others were fine afterward. I always thought I had a high pain tolerance, figured because a am active I would be a lucky one!!! WRONG!! My incision doesn't hurt at all but the MR is so so very painful!!! Trying to move even your toes hurts

Anyway I am about 12 hours post-op!! Got a glimpse of tummy and very excited!! They just gave me more pain med so this is getting harder to write.
Good luck and hurry back! You got to go early, how lucky.
Good luck!

I have been home for about 4 hours now.. Couldn't...

I have been home for about 4 hours now.. Couldn't get rest on recliner . My 9 nine year- old is a super jabba jaw! So I made a huge nest of pillows in my bed and managed a nap there. Was not so bad it as long as I was on back or slight ride side. Pain level much better now taking my meds every 31/2 hours! Good luck to everyone with up coming tummy tucks and happy healing to those in recovery!!!
Good Luck on quick healing!
Congrats. You'll feel better soon. I had my surgery 1 week before you. Take a look at my profile so you can see how the first week went for me, and maybe it'll help you get over the next few days. I felt significantly and dramatically better between Post Op day 1 and Post op day 2. I remember going to bed last Saturday (PO day 1) at about 10 PM, still with pain, discomfort from being hunched over, and inablility to do things for myself because of the MR. I thought to myself, "Oh my! I wonder how long this will last." Surprisingly, I woke up 10 hours later at 8 AM on Sunday morning and felt like a new person. I could walk erect, etc.... (read my profile from today). Hopefully that will be the same for you. Try to stay positive. Every day will get better and better. All the best to you.
Congrats! :o) Tell us how you're feeling when you wake up :o)

Feeling better this morning, no pain meds since...

Feeling better this morning, no pain meds since middle of night. The MR is feeling better slept in my bed all day and last night. Just made a nest of pillows probably used 8 . Lipo areas waking up today a little burning. It's weird it burns and is numb at same time. Standing a little straighter but my back is killing me, that by far is the worst today. Drains are not to bad to deal with but will be happy when they are gone. My ps said I could shower whenever I wanted, so going to try later today.

Did anyone's back hurt to the point where you feel...

Did anyone's back hurt to the point where you feel like its locked up! The tummy is nothing compared to the lower back pain. Is this normal?
Yes, my back is killing me too. I tried using ice but it but doesn't seem to help much. If only Icould standup straighter..
Yes! The back pain kills me more than the tummy. I can atleast rub the tummy and the stiffness subsides but the back hurts no matter what. I rec a lower back massage from the hubby while standing (sitting too upright made my tummy hurt early on too) or while leaning over a table or couch back.
Congrats on making it to the flat side. You may want to pop a pain pill after your shower because you will be aching and wiped out! But overall you look fantastic to be so soon post opt! Do you have any swelling? You look amazingly flat!

Every day is better, except maybe my back. I feel...

Every day is better, except maybe my back. I feel like a 80 year old woman with osteoporosis. Getting bored and annoyed at my house getting messy, the hubby is great, trying hard but doesn't have the same attention to detail. Hurricane Sandy is battering my windows and not helping my mood!!
Took my first shower today was not bad at all. I have a built in bench so just sat there, wore bikini bottoms to hold my drains , that worked well. Good luck to everyone going in this week. I hope sandy doesn't effect your plans!!

Good to hear you're well... Sandy is over there cutting up!!! Glad you're alright. keep us posted on your progress.. you look... well... fabulous!
So happy to hear you are recoverying well and seem to be getting better with each day. Be sure to get your rest!
what doctor did you go too? can i have the infirmation

Post-op day 4 : Had a terrible coughing spell...

Post-op day 4 : Had a terrible coughing spell last night and now my tummy hurts all the time!!! It really sucks... 2 steps forward 3 steps back!! Where my right drain comes out is getting sore and red, called ps and he said its normal!! Hoping they will come out soon. Have not scheduled my post op yet because the damn hurricane has everything closed. Will call in morning hope to get in on thurs.
I really thought I was progressing good and now feel like shit again, sorry to complain! Trying not to complain to family so sorry taking it out on here , sorry. Now my kids may have off again tomorrow, is it wrong to want peace and quiet? My husband went to work today, my 16 year old is a big help, but my 9 year old is bored to death and not listening very good today!! Sorry to vent .... Good luck to all and happy healing!!
Be patient and kind to your body, Fab40, because it takes time to heal and it's normal to have ups and downs during the first 2 to 4 weeks post op. I am 3 weeks p.o. and finally beginning to feel like myself. Some days I have more swelling than others, and I know how the drains can be just that, a big fat drain on your mood. In the meantime, they are doing precisely what they need to do to help with the swelling, and reducing the chance of a seroma. So bundle up in those pillows, put on a good chick flick, have your hubby buy you your favorite ice cream and unwind. You'll be running around the house before you know it! Best wishes!
You look amazing!!!

1 week post - op!!! It's hard believe its been a...

1 week post - op!!! It's hard believe its been a weel already. Makes me nervous that I go back to work in 10 days, God I hope I am ready!! Days r getting better, less tired not napping as much. Last night was by far the worst night except hospital night. Was having a lot of werid pains and uncomfortableness. My anxiety was sky high because didn't know what was happening. Figured out this morning it was swell hell setting in! Everyone talked about this but no one complained it hurt or at said it was extremely uncomfortable. My goodness it really freaked me out!!
Just got back from 1st appt. saw nurse she removed my bb stitches and placed gauze around drains, was really hoping to get them removed, have to wait till next Thursday. All and all I feel pretty good today and it was nice to put on make up and get out the house for awhile!! Feel almost human again!!
Congrats on your surgery. Looking forward to hearing about your continued progress.
You look great! congrats on your surgery :)
Wow, you look really great! I'm so happy for you. :)

Pod 9 ... I feel like I finally turned the corner!...

Pod 9 ... I feel like I finally turned the corner! I feel pretty good today, was able to do some house cleaning. Hope I didn't over do it!!! I am almost straight, not quite but close .My back is not hurting to much, just when I was cleaning after a while it started to hurt so I assumed the position on the couch where I feel I have been for ever. Good luck to everyone having surgery this week and happy healing to those who are recovering!!!
Hi I had a full tuck plus muscle repair on 10/25/12 and sure wish I felt like I had turned a corner today, still unable to stand straight and the lower back pain is killing me. What r u doing that I don't know about ?

OMG sneezing hurts!!! I never sneeze just once,...

OMG sneezing hurts!!! I never sneeze just once, usually 3 -8 in a row!! I have sneezed at least 50x today!!! My stomach might explode!!
Thank you so much I will pray for you for Tuesday toy might need to make your day lighter first day back your clients will understand !!! I told mine I wasn't blow drying them lol when I got back lol !!! Color haircuts only lol
Looking good. Update with side view pics please
Omg I hope I don't sneeze I've sneezed yesturday a little bit and my surgery is in the morning!!! I'm getting very nervous !!! So how are you feeling ? Do u think 18 days is plenty of time as of the way u are feeling now ?

Pod 13... I finally got drains removed!! Yah! For...

Pod 13... I finally got drains removed!! Yah! For me it burned a lot, some of you said didn't hurt but my drains had been bothering me and the skin around was irritated. I assume that's why it burned so bad for me. But know I have gaping holes in my insision!!! Please tell me they close up quickly!! Put on my Cg and am hating it!! Please let me know of some comfy ones that don't cut in thigh area.. They make me look like my thighs and saddle bags are twice as big! Suggestions welcome!!! Please

Well here goes nothing!!! I go back to work today,...

Well here goes nothing!!! I go back to work today, it's been 18 days since my TT. Yesterday I had to get fluid drained from tummy, I it sounds barbaric but it didn't hurt at all. They stick a needle in your tummy and drain out fluid. My stomach had a waterbed like motion to it prior to getting drained. I am a hairstylist so I am very nervous about being on my feet for 9 hours today. I am very busy, scheduled very tight today, so say a little prayer for me!! I feel pretty good but get tired and achy at night just on a normal day not doing much. I still get tight and hunched over toward the evening, so today is going to be "fun"!
How is ur recovery going

How did your first day back to work go???

I made it!!! Thanks for all your well wishes!! Was not bad, my upper back hurt the most!! No tummy issues at all!

Today is 6 weeks, I am so happy with my decision...

Today is 6 weeks, I am so happy with my decision to have this done!! Everything is going well I am my scar is healing nicley, the drain holes are finely healing not crazy about how they are scarring but I will give it time. I can't wait to rock a bikini in Mexico this Feb!! I never thought I would wear one again. I still am still swollen alittle seems to have gotten a little better around the 5 week mark. But I exercised for the 1st time yesterday and I was swollen a little more the usual this morning. I am really dying to get back to my normal exercise routine and running. I just want to tone these flabby thighs before my trip!! I included some new pic I took today so I am a little swollen. I really hope my final results are the way I looked 1st week, my stomach was so flat it was awesome. I know patience!!!
Good luck to all you TTers!!
I will be on a sail boat in a bikini 12 hours a day at week 6. I pray I look as good as you do now!
You look great
You look fabulous!!!

I am 7 weeks po today, I saw my ps on Wed and was...

I am 7 weeks po today, I saw my ps on Wed and was cleared for scar therapy. My ps gave me silicone scar sheets to use 24 hours a day except working out and showering. It's only been 2 days but I feel like my scar is getting darker. Has anyone else felt this way? I will give it a few weeks before I pass judgement, just wondering if anyone else has had this happen.
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