Bikini shopping!

Thanks to everyone who has shared their journey....

Thanks to everyone who has shared their journey. Your experiences have been tremendously helpful in my decision making. I am a 34 year old mother of 3 (11, 7, & 3). After my last child I decided it was time to reinvest in myself. I have lost over 60lbs through diet and exercise. I am 5'8 and 145lbs. I love running and have recently completed my first full marathon in San Francisco. So I'm going to treat myself to a mommy makeover. I have full TT with muscle repair and breast augmentation scheduled 2/6.

I'm super excited but have three concerns that are really weighing on my mind.

My PS suggested 450-500cc silicone implants. Isn't that really big? I am in a 32 AA right now. He thinks for my frame and since I have no breast tissue this would be the best look. I cannot even pick paint for my kitchen let alone boobs. I've read your should listen to your PS but does anyone have advice on size?

The belly I realize anything will be better than what I have now but the pics I see really scare me and gross me out. Any tips on how to hall it heal and look as natural as possible.

Lastly the incision PS just told me wear lowest pair of underwear and he will mark line where I want it. Seemed so uneventful to him and not big deal but I see so many high scars on here. I do not want to show over bikini. I have never worn one in my adult life and cannot wait. Did anyone have their scar show up higher than PS told the, it would be?

Pre op appointment 1/23. I need to start planning. Any advice on what supplies I need ahead of time would be great.

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! I'm excited for you. You're going to be smokin'. And congrats on completing that marathon. You must be extremely fit.

Here's a list of supplies to consider for recovery.

Those are larger implants, but you're tall, so he probably thinks you can pull it off. Make sure you communicate a lot with your doctor so he can give you the right size for your body and lifestyle.

Same with the scar. Make sure he knows you want it really, really low. Probably wouldn't hurt to bring in pics of scars you like (that sounds funny).

Please keep us posted as your journey progesses. Not much longer now!

Thank you so much for the list. Ahh!! I can't believe in in the final count down already.

I had pre op appointment yesterday. PS is still...

I had pre op appointment yesterday. PS is still recommending 500cc due to size of my rib cage. He says I will only be full C or small D. I'm going to have to relax and trust him. He also said he will not be able to get rid of all my stretch marks. I swear I've searched to the end of the Internet trying to find someone my size which same stretch marks who had MM. I have to looking and know that no matter how may stretch maks are left that it will be 1,000x better than before. I'm just trying to level set and have realistic expectations.

Welp, the count down begins.
Good luck to you! I took my actual bikini bottom with me to the doctor to ensure that the scar would be below that line...i just had my surgery on the 21st and by the looks of it, it should be no problem to be hidden. I also got a brazilian wax job before surgery, I wanted to give him a full view of where he was cutting! The wax job hurt like hell, but I'm glad I did it. I have to fully research this, but a friend of mine who is into natural healing recommended COMFRY OIL to put on the scars for healing....just thought I would share that with you since the scar is concerning you. Lots of luck!
Thanks! I just ordered my first Victoria Secret bikini ever..nervous and excited at same time. A friend told me wax too but the thought of that intimidates me more than the TT. :) I tried once and had to soak the strip off in the tub because I couldn't rip it off lol!

Counting down...panicking a little more so after I...

Counting down...panicking a little more so after I read the 52 page Mentor booklet. I guess it's normal to have second thoughts. I'm blessed beyond belief with health and amazing family. I should accept the gift that God has given me and be happy. The nurse told me it was completely normal to have these doubts. Trying to suppress them and be excited for changes. I did receive my first VS bikini in mail today which I will use to be marked in. I hated taking these before shots but will be half I did after.

Bags packed and in the trunk of car. Have to be...

Bags packed and in the trunk of car. Have to be at hospital at 8:30am, surgery at 10:30. Hopefully tummy will be tighter than two coats of nail polish :)
I found a pic. Online of a scar that was low and that I liked and gave it to my PS and then also wore super low panties for my mark up and LOVED the results! Good luck and Congrats!
My scar is super low. Love it! Hope love belly button too.
I was really nervous all the weeks before my procedure. But the actual day of, I felt pretty calm and it was just all business. I knew what to expect and the staff was very friendly and cheerful and I kind of just went with it. It wasn't near as scary as I thought it would be once I got there. Gold luck!

Pain like whoa! Will give details when I can open...

Pain like whoa! Will give details when I can open more than 1 eye. Nurses have been great.

20 hrs or so post op. I was finally able to pee....

20 hrs or so post op. I was finally able to pee. The first attempt was a nightmare. Got super nauseous and nothing came out. Seems to be relaxing a little now. My PS did not wrap the girls. They are hard as rocks and swollen to my collar bone but look good. If I had guess they wil be full c. I'm keeping up on my pain meds. I would say my pain is about a 3 right now. Will be discharged after breakfast. Little nervous about car ride home.

I feel surprisingly good. I'm able to get up and...

I feel surprisingly good. I'm able to get up and down to go bathroom alone. I'd rate pain a 3. Talking dilaudid every 4 hours. Love my binder. I have to take it off for 20 mins every 4 hours. I don't like to take it off. The girls are super swollen and sore. Already in love with new body.

Coughing is the worst. I was told by my anestisiologist (sp) who had a tt the best thing to do is lay on belly across the bed when have to cough and to order compression garment from with zip front. I'm going order it today.
You look awesome! When you get a minute can you answer some questions for me!? What size implant did the Dr. end up going with? Also, where did you get that sports bra? Did the office supply it or did you get that on your own?? Hope you're feeling good! Hope I feel as good as you do so early on!!
Thanks! I ended up with 500cc mentor smooth moderate plus memory gels. I was nervous about size but I was really flat before. Thinking I'll be a full c after swelling goes down. I got sports bra from victoria secret. It's on clearance now for 19.99. My ps onl wrapped me in tape, which is super irritating right now. Not sure when I can take it off. Good luck to you!!! I think most important thing is to trust your ps. They do this everyday.
How tall are you/ weight? You look so petite!!!

Well I'm not going to sugar coat it. Last night...

Well I'm not going to sugar coat it. Last night was rough. Complete with tears, vomiting, sweating. I've been taking mirlax, and ducalax but cannot go to the bathroom. The gas pains are terrible. My left breast is super swollen and the tape is blistering my skin. Lets hope for a better day.

Took tape off and some Milk of magnesia. Feeling...

Took tape off and some Milk of magnesia. Feeling pretty good. Going to try relax more today.
I am surprised you needed MR - you look like you just had skin and that your stomach was flat already? Hope today is a much better day for you
Today has been a much better day. Have been taking it easy and napping when I can. I can move my arms more today so that has helped a lot. Thank you checking in.
You can do it. My worst day so far was yesterday. Hoping for better. Also trying to go to bathroom. Taking senokot. Trying to stay out of bed more today. Good luck surgery twin!!

My ps never said when I can get a shower. I'm so...

My ps never said when I can get a shower. I'm so jealous of my surgery day twins. I'm getting around a lot easier and reducing pain meds. Left breast is riding high but no pain at all in them. Over all I feel remarkably good.
Looking great! The first couple of days are the roughest, so you're out of the woods. Try beano for the gas pains. I think you will find milk of magnesium a more effective laxative. Happy healing.
I am with you on the gas pains. They were pretty intense at times yesterday. Haven't been to the washroom yet, despite taking senokot and colace. But I have been on pretty much a liquid diet. Feeling a little queasy and groggy today. I think all the meds and antibiotics are becoming too much for my body. Will try to sleep alot today.

Post op day 4..recovery much easier than I...

Post op day 4..recovery much easier than I expected. My lower back is sore from being bent over and have yet up have bm but over all just feel tired. I accidently yanked on on of my drains. I saw stars. Hope to get them out soon. Im not emptying much from them at all. I go for post op appointment tomorrow at noon. Only taking pain meds to sleep. I do not like how they make me feel like I have a hang over. Hope everyone else is healing as well.
Wow gorgeous! I love your results already! Happy healing...
Good for you getting up and around!! Your looking good!!! Let us know how ur appt goes tomorrow!!! Good luck!

I guess this is part of the emotional roller...

I guess this is part of the emotional roller coaster everyone talks about. My breast are so swollen. They look obnoxious. I'm walking like hunch back of notre dame and my stomach feels gross. Had anyone else experience the weird feeling when you touch your stomach. I can't explain it. It makes me nauseous and I really doesn't have any sensation but it feels fluidly? I'm planning on returning to work in the 20th and am already panicking about it. I need to chill.

I had my first post op appointment today. I had my...

I had my first post op appointment today. I had my stitches removed. My belly button is tiny and cute, and my scar is super low and thin. He did and awesome job. I had the tape removed since I'm allergic to it. Talking Benadryl and putting hydrocortisone on incision area. Breast should start dropping soon. I hope. They are still in my throat. I have to be thankful that I'm getting around and feel good. Each day I'm 100% better then the day before.
Hello there, so glad your making great progress! You look awesome! :-) As I mention before. I am scheduled with the same doctor in April. Wish I can go sooner to get it done and over with. Did you stay overnight in the hospital? Did you wake up in pain on the first night?
He is awesome. You will be so happy with his work. I stayed over at Wilmington hospital. They were attentive. I woke up in pain and vomiting from the anesthesia and they quickly got it under control. I was discharged very early. Dr Saunders does not come in to discharge you. I was a little nervous about going home. The nurse at his office is super helpful so call her anytime. I've been sleeping in a recliner. I feel like a sling shot. If I try stand straight my knees bend, if I straighten my legs I hunch over. It's pretty funny. Let me know you have any questions. Ill keep you update on progress.
Ok great, thanks for responding! I can't wait, the waiting is driving me crazy! Lol Happy healing and yes please keep us all posted on your journey!

Yay! I have graduated from the recliner to my bed....

Yay! I have graduated from the recliner to my bed. I missed my DH so much. My back feels so much better. Kids are on break the rest of the week. Trying not to over do it.

Today has started out rough. I passed ou this...

Today has started out rough. I passed ou this morning while in the bathroom. All I remember is I woke up face down on my chest with a puddle of blood on the tile floor. I popped my incision near the drain hole. I'm headed back to the dr today to get stitched back up. I was feeling so amazing. I don't know what happened. No fever or sign of infection. Maybe I'm not eating or drinking enough.

Very important lesson ladies. Take it easy and...

Very important lesson ladies. Take it easy and hydrate. Dr cannot sew up my incision. I have to leave it open and keep ointment on it. He also checked my breasts and all looks ok. Be smart and safe girls!
So glad to hear you are doing okay!!
I am so sorry to hear that. How frustrating, just when you think things are going very well. How are you feeling now? Is it painful still?
Oh no!! I hope you are doing ok.

Feel good. Going go out lunch with friend. I still...

Feel good. Going go out lunch with friend. I still have not drove yet. Feel kinda gross going out with drains, but I'm going crazy.
YOU LOOK GREAT!!!!!!! Whoop whoop surgery twin!!!! Yeah!!!
sorry to hear that! I past out day 11 & they sd it could be from low blood sugar from not eating enough or from not waiting long enough after taking off garment b4 getting in the shower because u have to give ur body time for ur blood flow & bp to regulate. So now I keep track of foor & water intake & take off the garment,sit 5 mins then shower & it seems to be ok.....good luck w/ur healing!

Finally had my drains pulled today. I feel human...

Finally had my drains pulled today. I feel human again. I go back to work Wed. Hoping to distract from the girls so treating to new hair cut and color but somehow don't think will keep boys from noticing.

I survived first day back to work. I'm super...

I survived first day back to work. I'm super swollen but little to no pain. I'm really walking a lot straighter too. Yay!
Wow, you look awesome!!
What are you able to wear to work?
I have to dress up. I wore slacks with blouse and blazer, but today I busted out the sheath dress with belt and heels. I'm not on my feet much during the day. I was terribly swollen when I got home yesterday though.

Well 90% sure I have a seroma. My pubic area super...

Well 90% sure I have a seroma. My pubic area super swollen and if I push on it get wave of fluid under incision area. My follow up appointment is Tuesday. Is it ok to wait until then to tell dr? Should I be concerned?
Call tonite.
Maybe you should give the Dr a call just to be on the safe side....

I've added a few pics. I'm super swollen in public...

I've added a few pics. I'm super swollen in public area. I have appointment tomorrow. Will find out if seroma. Will keep you updated. Still have upper pole fullness, but they are dropping slowly. Drain holes not closed yet.
StarFish, what is the brand of the black bra you are wearing in your post op pics? Would you recommend it to others? Thanks!
My PS did not recommend anything specific. He said anything with at least a shelf support. I really like Victoria secret front zip sports bra. It was much easier to get on and off when you are sore.

I post pics from first thing in the morning before...

I post pics from first thing in the morning before swelling set it. I feel great. Still waiting for approval to go back to the gym. I'm still on hold because of seroma. Hopefully next week.

Hello ladies! Looking for some bra advice. I'm...

Hello ladies! Looking for some bra advice. I'm tired of wearing the sports bras. Went to Victoria Secret today looking for a wireless bra. I was measured at 32 DDD ( holy cow) and they do not come in that size. How do I know my size in other brands? I don't know where to start. I've never had this issue before because an A is an A everywhere. Help!
32DDD really?! I went to victoria secret & they meaured me a 36D....I went from a 36E to a 36D...thats w/me still swollen,but lifted 3inches....I dont c how they are saying u r that top heavy.....good luck on ur bra search
I know right!! I don't think they look big at all. I'm going to go to Bare Essentials and get fitted there.
Ok I went for a body by Victoria bra (no underwire) they will always measure u bigger. It's marketing. Do be measured somewhere else. U r probably a 32d not DD. then get just one so u have an in between bra until u are truly the size u are. ;)

I can't believe how fast time has flown by. I feel...

I can't believe how fast time has flown by. I feel amazing. I am reminded at the end of the day when I am swollen like a stuffed sausage but over all feel 90% back to pre op. Monday is follow up with PS. Fingers crossed I can start working out. Hoping to take this compression garment off too.
Did you have anything done to your inner thighs? Mine look like your originally pic... Your after photos I don't see the extra skin anymore.
My thighs were also a surprise to me. I guess he pulled both ways when be did the tummy tuck which gave the exta thigh lift bonus.
Did you have anything done to your inner thighs? Mine look like your originally pic... Your after photos I don't see the extra skin anymore.

Yesterday was 5 weeks post op. I had my follow up...

Yesterday was 5 weeks post op. I had my follow up appointment. It went great. Starting next week I can resume exercise, and no binder. I took it off as so as I left his office. Surprisingly I'm not swelling as much as I expected. It's definitely and adjustment and im tight at the end of the day. My right breast is taking longer to drop but they are starting to soften up. I also started wearing silicone strips 24/7 for next 8 weeks.
You look amazing!! Congrats!
Wow you look great...
You look great! Mine boobs are 500cc silicone and I never have problems working out or running. Just have to make sure I wear a good sports bra!

I ran today! Only 3 miles but it felt amazing! I...

I ran today! Only 3 miles but it felt amazing! I thought for sure my abdomen would be sore but it was actually my glutes. It's amazing how each week gets better and better. The boobs didn't bother me or bounce around at all.
I'm completely off the binder. I'm super swollen at the end of the day. Think I'll get some control top hose and see if that helps. Maybe it's placebo or natural healing but I swear I can tell a difference since using the silicone strips. I wear the 24/7 for a week now.
You look great! Thank you for inspiring me.... I ran 1.5 miles this morning!!!! Whoop whoop!!! We ROCK!
My breasts really ache a lot when I work out. I'm 7 weeks PO and my left breast still hasn't dropped. I have been working out 2.5 hours a day since 2 weeks PO. My surgeon encourages it saying it gets the blood circulation to the incisions....I just want it to stop hurting. It's a throbbing pain similar to a tooth ache. Kind of hard to explain. Anybody else feel that way?

7 weeks PO. Still loving the results. I'm going to...

7 weeks PO. Still loving the results. I'm going to need revision on the one thing that I was afraid of, my belly button. When it healed it completely closed up. At first it was great but skin grew together. It's minor but I have to wait awhile. Life is back to normal, mild swelling at times and fitness is coming back slowly. I have not started ab work yet, just cardio. Looking forward to summer.
you look great!!!!! I am 7 weeks too! I think my dr has me waiting 6 months for ab work. That's okay though, I cannot imagine ab work yet. You really look so good!! Your boobs are a great size on you!!!!
Wow! Looking good! So happy for you! My MM is in 7 days. Holy crap, I'm getting nervous! Hope I bounce back as quickly as you did. You're story is motivating to say the leat since we have similar stats. Glad you are doing well.
Looking really great girl! I'm so impressed about the running! Glad u don't have issue from it!!! ;))

Bikini shopping was actually fun for the first...

Bikini shopping was actually fun for the first time EVER!!! Cannot wait to lay out by the pool. Counting down the days!!
You look amazing! Thanks for sharing!

Rocked Nike Woman's 1/2 Marathon in DC today. Not...

Rocked Nike Woman's 1/2 Marathon in DC today. Not my best time but was expected. 2:25 and feel great. I'm slightly swollen but no pain. Keep positive ladies recovery gets easier.
Go girly!!!!!!! I can't imagine training for a half right now, still have pain. But I have notices that I can workout harder now... Which feels great! Congrats!!

4 months post op

Hi ladies! It's been awhile. I posted updated pic. I still have swelling in my lower pubic area but only on the right side and my scars are still pretty dark. I am waiting another month to discuss belly button revision. I have to look at my before pics once in awhile to remind myself how much better I look now. I have come to terms with my stretch marks and will still wear bikini. Hoping tanning hides them a little.
Hey you look GREAT !!! I read through your journey so far so tell me exactly when you started to notice the reaction to the surgical tape. I am two PO & had to remove it from breast & tummy its been cazy itching . At first I thought oh well maybe things are just healing but it got extreme. What did your PS recommend you do ? Did you ever use any of the silicone scaring tape ? If so how has your body responded to it ?
WOW!! You look amazing!
StarFish---too one mentioned that your Tattoo vanished--was that planned? You look great....glad to hear that in as little as two weeks you start to feel pretty normal...excellent results on your 1/2 marathon. If you were in SF- it must have been for the Nike Marathon in Oct/Nov I'm guessing....that is such a popular race.
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