Time flies when life is boobiful.

I know some of you know that I've been wanting to...

I know some of you know that I've been wanting to get my boobs done for a while. I've had 3 dates scheduled so far and this is the 3rd & final date..August 10th! Hooray!!! Things haven't worked out as I wanted to so I had to change the date.
The story of me is this..I've always loved boobs. I usually say I have "boob envy" I've seen all these girls whose breasts are large, perky, cute, and I was jealous. I have a 7 year old daughter & when I was pregnant & nursing her, I loved my boobs! So big! But..all good things have to come to an end..and there went my boobs. I'm not totally flat chested mind you, but I'm not how I like either.
I've never been heavy, but I did weigh more a little while ago than I do now & I liked my boobs then, but, I've since changed my diet, exercise all the time and I lost weight. Not that I was trying to, but I wanted to look better & feel better about myself. Well, I did all that..and lost my boobs too. I think I have only one or two bras that fit me now..and let me tell you, I have spent some serious cash at Victoria's!! It sucks that the padded bras don't even fit me anymore!!

Nobody in my family is supportive of my decision therefore, I haven't told them I rescheduled the date. I currently live with my sister & her family which consists of her husband & their 4 kids ages ranging from 6-15. My sister said her hubby would FLIP out if I spent that kind of money on something I don't need and I don't even have a house or my own place. That & he's ultra conservative. She also doesn't want her son to be embarrassed since he's almost 13 & the teenage boys are always around and well, they're teenage boys hitting puberty! Their daughter is 15 & they want her to accept herself for how she is and not be affected by my actions I guess. They are trying to set a good example & I appreciate and respect that. That's why I cancelled my original date of July 19th. I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable & I need to respect them & their opinions. As it is now, I'm afraid to tell her my new date.

My mom thinks it's stupid, I'm fine how I am. She said "What?? You want to look like a whore like your whore cousins?" Well, they aren't whores..and I like their boobs! Oh..my sister also said she hasn't seen any fake tits that look real. (rolls eyes) My mom then goes on about all the people she knows who has had problems & cancer & issues etc etc..it happens. nothing is foolproof. I'm aware of that.
The only one who supports my decision is my "man-friend" and all of my friends. He'll be here to take care of me post op. He's so good to me.

Tomorrow is my decision time! I go for my pre-op!! I was thinking of getting 400cc Silicone, under the muscle. Now, I'm just getting nervous about the incision. How long it will be, the scarring etc etc. Do I get the bio oil? Do I get the vitamins? Where do I get the bras? Ugh!! I'm silently freaking out! Not to make matters worse, I'm moving out on the 1st so I have all that on my plate right now...at least the place will be clean & stocked with food!!
I'll upload some pictures when I get a chance.

Hey girl! How did your pre-op appointment go today?

Welcome to RealSelf! Usually women get an inframammary incision so it can't be seen. It will always be there to an extent, but will fade.

I'm glad you have a supportive man-friend who will take care of you while you recover. It's good that you're sensitive to your sister's family and respect them.

If this is something you really want, I'm glad you're getting it done, though! Here's a list of stuff to set up and buy before your surgery. When are you scheduled for?

Please keep us posted!


Well, I had my preop on Thursday!! It went really...

Well, I had my preop on Thursday!! It went really well, Dr. Saunders answered all my questions, kept asking if I had any other questions and if I did, to call or email him with them. I got my scripts for my meds and a mammogram..since I'm older (UGH) he'd prefer me to have one.
I am going for the 400cc Silicone, under the muscle, smooth with the moderate plus profile. Like I told him I just don't want to look like a porn star!!
He doesn't belive in doing massage, taking extra vitamins or the like. His reasoning, the body is a miraculous machine it will heal itself. As far as the massage, he said that a lot of that was because when implants were first being done, the breasts had to be massaged into the correct spot? And that over time, women had implants that moved out of place. Now, the implants are placed into the proper sized pocket made in the muscle. I could be explaining it wrong & I probably am..so, sorry!
This is getting to be crazy scary! I'm moving into an apartment August 1st, then the boobies August 10th! At least my place will be clean. Now, to get prepared.I'll probably precook & freeze some meals so my daughter and man don't starve to death!
I've gotta get some of the front closure bras and button up shirts now. Talk about so much to do & so little time!!!
Hi Arizona!! Sorry I haven't replied, but I've been out & about! This is the first time I've really gotten online!
Posting about it now!!

Well, I just had my mammogram done and am sitting...

Well, I just had my mammogram done and am sitting here waiting for the OK that the girls are good to go!.
I've gotten my scripts filled yesterday and I need to find the arnica 30x threat isn't going to cost me an arm and a leg. I think I want to get the Mederma also since I know I tend to get scars.
Thanks...I'll need it! At least I got out of work at 11 tonight so I can get some sleep! You can't believe MY surgery is a week from Friday?? Yours is even sooner!! Have you gotten everything you need? Are you going to use the Arnica & Bromeline or any other vitamins/supplements??
Happy moving day! I hope all is going well. I have everything I need as far as shopping is concerned. Tomorrow is my day off since I work this weekend, so I have my big to-do list to tackle as far as cleaning, laundry, meal preparation, etc. I'm so excited!! My PS said I didn't really need to Arnica & Bromeline but I could get it if I wanted. He recommends it more for patients who are undergoing surgery on body parts that are more visible (like nose & face), and he said he really doesn't anticipate any bruising. I figure if I can save myself the $10-$15 I will :) He doesn't recommend any other vitamins/supplements for his BA patients. I'm counting down the days!!
Thank's so much Arizona!! It's going good, yet hectic! I'm here at work now & I'm sore! Tons of lifting, pushing, pulling etc etc.
I'm so excited for you!! Only 5 more days! I'm counting down also. The more I think about it, the more nervous I get!

So, today was moving day!! My man is so wonderful,...

So, today was moving day!! My man is so wonderful, I can't even begin to describe it!! Well, needless to say, I've got a TON of things to go thru, and I just have to stop being so damn sentimental! I don't NEED half the stuff I have! I haven't needed it in3 years, I don't need it now! But some things are just memories..cards, this that etc etc. I couldn't do it all, so my man said that he'll bring the boxes to the apartment while I'm recovering & we'll go thru & toss stuff.
Well, yesterday, I got 2 sports bras..a med & a large since I have no clue what I'll need. Today, I was thinking..OMG!!! are 400cc too big? Do I really want to get that much? Of course, he said YES!! Yes you do!! LOL..
Another thing..I still haven't told my mom yet. My sister knows the date, I told my dad I'll get them in August..but I'm just nervous to tell my mom. I don't know why! Please..I'm 39 years old! I'm a mom myself. I guess it has to do with her approval? I don't know. I hate feeling like I'm doing something that'll disappoint her, but it's my body. My image...my boobs! No, I don't want to look like a tramp, I want to look good, sexy, feel good & sexy. Cover up the girls when needed & let them hang out when wanted! "sigh" what else can I do?? I can't make everyone happy I guess.
OK..work becons!!
I still haven.t told my Mom but it.s more that wen i eventually fly out to see her that i want the "shock effect"..... i KNOW you can appreciate that! Ha!
Haha!! I sure can! When are you getting it done? My memory is at an all time low right now.
Wait....duh....you already did. How are you feeling?

Well.....just paid the hospital!! Omg I can't...

Well.....just paid the hospital!! Omg I can't believe it!! I'm out now shopping for new tops. So excited yet so nervous! !
vyxen- i am excited for you getting your new boobies. My BA is still a month away and i'm very excited all the support on here. Its nice to have someone to share our path to our new boobies with.
Vyxen - I understand not telling the mom. I too am holding off. Mostly for shock effect. I want her to step off the plan and walk up to me wondering, "what has she done, something is different". But I can just hear her voice saying, "I don't know that I would spend that kind of money when there are things in the house it could be used for." I think it would lead me to say, sure mom, how about those veneers you just had to have 10 years ago...what did they put you back? I think letting her find out after the fact is just best. Of cours each time I'm on the phone with her, hubby is in the background saying, tell her I need to talk to her about something...

Only 2 days!
Hehehehe... i love it wbb! Exactly!

Well...2 more days & I can hardly wait!! I've done...

Well...2 more days & I can hardly wait!! I've done some clothes shopping & I still need to do more. I'm probably going to the hospial right from work so I'll have a bag ready with everything I hope I need. It sucks that we are so short staffed & I can't get anyone to help me out so..I'll just have to leave early I guess.
I STILL haven't gone food shopping! UGH! I HATE it..but I guess if I want my man & my daughter to eat, then I guess it must be done tomorrow am after work! Oh joy (can anyone else hear the sarcasm dripping from my typing?)
I'm still getting a bit freaked out..is 400cc too big? Not big enough? Will ANY of my small shirts fit me? Why doesn't my dr use the pain pump? I don't want to be laid up in bed for days on end..I've got things to do, places to go & people to see!! How long before I can have sex again? UGH..see..these are the things I always forget to ask the dr!!
wow you have such a great starting point. Lots of boob under the nipple. I wish my boobs were as perky as yours. And your belly is so nice for having a child. You are going to look incredible with your new boobies! Congrats on your D Day (I suppose that is the size you will be in-maybe even DD Day!!) About the sex. I am pretty sure my after care said no nookie for two weeks after because of increased heart rate and complications from it. I am a little concerned about your doctor telling you you don't have to massage your boobs. I thought I read that you have to massage in order to keep the implant moving freely in the pocket that was made for it so they don't get hard.
Well I found a question on this site all about massage. I guess some doctors don't push massage! I'm going to do it just in case lol
Thank you for the compliments! I work (well, worked) out a lot..not as much as I should though..
I was Reading the information you shared and I think I may do a little massage..but these girls HURT! It's more the skin around my boobs than the breasts themselves.

Well, PO #1 I feel awesome! Some soreness..ok, a...

Well, PO #1 I feel awesome! Some soreness..ok, a lot of soreness! But I am good. Went to dinner last night and out to look for another bra. The large fits, but isn't tight enough. And damn it's hard to find a zip up bra!
I've been taking my pain meds and abx on time, although, I didn't hear my alarm and slept thru the 2am alarm. Woke up at 6though. I've also got tramadol from a while ago and the arnica.
I had some bleeding yesterday so we went To the dr office. The nurse said I had a hematoma and was able to drain most of it. I'm going to hold off on the arnica until tomorrow I think just to make myself feel better.
Over all, soo happy!! I can't wait to get some pics to post.

As much as I can tolerate pain, this hurts! I've...

As much as I can tolerate pain, this hurts! I've had some really sharp pain in the right side, which is the more swollen & tender side anyway. It's gone away for the most part though, it could have been from walking a lot,, who knows.
As far as how I'm doing, I'm great. Like I said, tired, sore, but I can manage. I just have to try & remember to not use my arms to move around on the sofa. OK..nap time...gnight!
I think the boobs may be a little high right now, but who knows. I am swollen & SORE!! Very sore! But I can't manage..oh dear percocet..how do I love thee? lol
Me, too! Very, very sore. It hurts worse than I expected. It's scary to hear that you had a hematoma. I have no idea what's going on under all these bandages, so I'm hoping my pain isn't a sign of one, too. Hope you're feeling better today.
Hiya, vyxen! Our surgeries were the same day! I'm totally jealous that your boobs are already in place. Mine are super high and swollen. The surgeon said I'd have that problem because my pecs were well developed. I also won't get to look at them until Monday, aside from what's popping out the top of my bandages. Will be following your recovery -- hope it's a breeze from hereon!

I've been so busy lately it's insane!! I think I...

I've been so busy lately it's insane!!
I think I forgot to mention that before I went to the OR, I was dozing off in prep & holding..glad I worked the night before & was exhausted! The last thing I remember was the nurse giving me a shot of antibiotic & the rest would be given in the or. They then came to wheel me to the OR, but I was already fast asleep! I don't remember ANYTHING!! I hope it made their lives easier!!
So, yesterday, I was pretty sore, but was able to take only a couple percocets & got extra strength tylenol. Wow,,I'm feeling pretty good! The bf & I went for a walk at a park yesterday & then got pizza & did a little food shopping. Came home & ices these girls!! lol..
He took my pictures last night which I'm glad about..but not really. Forget about being bruised, I haven't gone to the bathroom in DAYS! So today, I stopped & got some miralax. Hope it helps..Yep..I know..TMI, but we are all going thru the same things I guess..and who else can I share with if it isn't my boobie buddies?!

hehehehe ehhehe ehhehehehe....activia...these damh tYpoZZ whine iz guud!!....burp... Lol
Oh no you didn't! That is so wrong! I'd say I'd take a couple pain pills, but that would probably take away the itching and help me sleep!! Lol.

Activa helps with digestive troubles. Could be a good remedy for your issue, so far as yogurt is concerned. Good luck with the BM...I'm enjoying my second glass of Chardonnay! ;D

Well, I'm 4 days post op now & again..run run run!...

Well, I'm 4 days post op now & again..run run run! UGH..My daughter is now with her father until Thursday so I don't need to leave the house if I don't want to! YAY!! Today, I'm sore from doing too much so It's easy going for now.. I've been icing as much as I can which hasn't been a lot today, but now..ahh..it feels so good! Also, my tush hurts!! I was hoping it wouldn't but oh well.
Also, got some prunes today! LOL
Hope all my boobie buddies are doing well!!
Oh..almost forgot..I'm not going to work until the 27th! My job is too uncertain..never know when I'll have to lift, push, pull etc etc and it's usually always more than 10lbs
Good for you taking off until the 27th, if you can take the time you may as well. You're photos really look great. I'm sure you are swollen but it isn't real visible in the pics. Are you wearing a compression bra? What about bromelain or arnica? So many of the reviews I've read, the women are taking both. Keep us posted on your recovery.
I'm wearing a sports bra, front zip. I haven't really seen any compression bras that I'd be able to get on without much pain. I'm more swollen on the right breast than the left one. And I'm taking the Arnica, I couldn't really find the bromelain so no, I'm not taking that one. Just icing and taking the Arnica.

nitey nite dear!! Lolz


Hi everyone!! I hope you're all doing well today!...

Hi everyone!! I hope you're all doing well today! Not much to say today. I tried to take it easy today (keyword try!) and didn't do ALL that much, but still had some things to do.
So, now I've been looking at other people's pictures, profiles etc etc, I'm wondering if I could have gone bigger than the 400cc. I like how I look, but I'm just curious. I did tell my PS that I didn't want the stripper look..not that there is anything wrong with that, but it's not what I want..I need to hide the girls at work!
I'm happy with what I have, and if I have to get them replaced, then I'll just go bigger!
Take care..until next time!!
You look great!!! So happy for you :)
Thank you very much!
You look amazing! Please keep posting photos, and thanks for sharing your story.

So, the post op today went well! Stitches out, new...

So, the post op today went well! Stitches out, new steri-strips on. The bra I had on was a little wide around the rib cage area so the nurse said that they want the band tight there so the girls are supported. She said that Dick's Sporting Goods had some good zip front sports bras. I was there & I found they had Under Armor sports bras. They were 50 bucks, but they are NICE. I decided to try Modells. They had Champion zip front bras. Not as supportive really. They were 40. Next to them was a TJ Maxx, so for sh*ts & giggles, I went there. Would you believe that I found 2 yes 2!! Under Armor zip front sports bras there!!! And I couldn't believe that one of them was the EXACT same one I just tried on for 50 bucks!! That one was 19.99!! The other one I got was also Under Armor, it was 14.99 The one I have is a Medium. It feels a little tight, and the girls are smushed, but band is doing it's job I guess. I think I may take it off for a while tonight since I'm pretty sore. I didn't have a chance to ice at all today. (I'm doing it now) I also got a heating pad for my back. I'm hoping that helps me sleep tonight also.
Until next time!!! TaTa's!!
You look SO great! Those pictures of your bruising made me hurt!! I feel the same way you do about my size - bigger next time :) But my PS did exactly what I asked for and that's what I appreciate. I need to post some updated pics. Hope you're doing well, girl. And so glad you don't have to go back to work too early. TATA!! :)
Thanks!! Its 8 says later and the bruising is still there, but getting better little by little. I think if I'd have gone bigger, I may look totally out of proportion, but I wish I'd have tried 450 our maybe even*gasp*500!! Lol
And as for work, I'm SOOOO glad I'm not going in. Sometimes, the littlest things hurt really bad.
LOL....I was thinking the same thing. Wondering if I could have went just a lil bit bigger. I am happy how mine turned out but just that curiosity of what if?.... hmmmmm..... How's your bruising? Is it getting any better? I've been going braless and that seems to have helped my bruising. Going to my post op today- can't wait to hear what my Doc has to say. Look forward to toning out my not so appealing tummy these days. Can't wait to hear more from you.

Its been a crazy, last couple of days. I'm down...

Its been a crazy, last couple of days. I'm down the shore for the weekend yay! I just wish I could wear skimpy bikinis and go on rides! I hope everyone is feeling good and healing well.
Boobie beach? Haha...
Hi, vyxen. Just wanted to add another voice to the choir singing about how awesome you look! I wanted to say so sooner, but I wasn't sure how to do so without sounding too jealous since my recovery has been considerably less attractive LOL. In any case, congratulations on your new boobs - you must be so happy!

Post Op day 10 :Hi all! So, I am back from "boobie...

Post Op day 10 :Hi all! So, I am back from "boobie beach" (thanks for that one!) And it was a great weekend..until..yep..there is an "until".. Sunday night when I was in bed with the boyfriend, I was laying on his chest & I felt all this wetness (OK ladies..mind out of the gutter!) I looked at my hand & it was covered in blood.Let me state that I had taken the bra off for a little to give the girls a breather. We went into the bathroom, his whole side and my entire torso was covered in blood. OK..not to scare anyone & gross anyone out, but I'm going to get into the nasty details. The blood was a really dark redish/brown. Because of the color, I knew it was old blood & not frank blood so I knew it wasn't actively bleeding.That is also why I didn't freak & go right to the ER. I figured it was from my hematoma since I am still pretty bruised up. We didn't have any first aid supplies really so we used paper towels & just let that absorb it until the morning when i could get to a clinic. Good thing that the bleeding also seemed to have subsided.
Ok, so, Monday morning, it looked like the bleeding was mostly done, but um, no such luck. I went to the urgent care clinic, saw a doc & nurse who really were super nice. They made me comfortable, but then again, it takes a lot to make me uncomfortable!
The dr said that the blood was like "black currant jelly" dark red/brown & thick. So, yep..from the hematoma. He took off the steri-strips & applied new ones. These were individual ones that he placed in a way that the blood could escape..better out than in he said (Shrek said the same thing. I know, I need a life!) Fast forward to 6:30ish, I was checking the bandages and was changing them since I had a long drive home, and Oh Mah GAWD!! The bleeding..eww..I mean, blood clots this time, It was gross...even for me. Some of the steri-strips came off they were so saturated. That is where I'm at now and I have an appointment with the surgeon tomorrow morning so they can take a look at it. If anything, i hope the swelling and bruising goes down with it bleeding.
Other than that, I had a great weekend!! I have pics I took of me in clothes! A real cute sports bra too! I even wore a bikini yesterday. I just didn't lift my arm up so you could see the bruising.
Anyway...I'll let fill you in on tomorrow's dr appt!!
What size are you wearing?
I honestly don't know yet! I'm still in sports bra mode. The larges seem a little big around the ribcage & fit the boobs, the mediums fit the ribcage & are a little tight around the boobage, so I'm using the mediums!
How you feelin vyxen? Whats the update?

Well, not an eventful day in the least. I'm still...

Well, not an eventful day in the least. I'm still bleeding from the 2 small areas. At the Dr. this morning, she expelled some more blood & clots & hopefully it'll stop soon. I should hopefully heal quicker now too. A lot of the bruising has faded, but it's still noticeable. I had some pain today in the cleavage area & I don't know from what, but I think I'll live! I wish I had something else to add, but as of right now..nothing!
Dang girl! I would have been a basket case if I was bleeding like you were!! I'm so glad they got it taken care of and that you're doing better. So sorry you're having to go through all this...but the girls look so good!! :) Keep us posted!
I just saw this Az...thanks so much! I appreciate it.
vyxen, glad to hear you're moving in the right direction. With more clots being removed hopefully recovery will speed up even more. Although I have to say, you have been unbelievably calm where others would not be. It seems as though this really has not stopped you much, maybe just slowed you down a bit.

Nothing much new today. I had to vacuum & it wiped...

Nothing much new today. I had to vacuum & it wiped me out..but it's gotta get done! Still bleeding a little from one spot & hopefully it'll stop soon!!
Also, I entered my measurements on an online calculator & it's measuring me anywhere from a 32DD/E to a 34D/DD so..I have no idea. I'll have my bf measure me when he's here on Sunday.
is your bruising and swelling gone down much in the last few days!!! You are so strong and are going to heal just wonderfully!!! Are you taking Arnica 30??
Yes! The bruising is sooo much better! There is some there still, but hell, I'll take it! I don't think I'm strong, I'm just dealing with what I have to deal with. I took pictures today since it's the 2 week boobaversary lol. I'll upload later on!!
How are you making out??
i'm doing great, thanks for asking. the massage has been going swell and they are so soft. i showed a few girls yesterday at work and one ba vet said that they feel so geat. she said keep the massage up and wear the docs bra instead of sportsbra. she said it's a different kind of support that you'll get and the surgical ones are best for post surgery. i'll do pics on thursday this week coming up!!

So, I'm slowly starting to freak out a little. Lol...

So, I'm slowly starting to freak out a little. Lol. I'm still in a lot of pain on the right side and that boob is pretty hot to the touch. Maybe it's because I'm still laying in bed? Who knows. I got up in the middle of the night to ice it. Then, I actually took 2 percocets. I haven't needed those in a while, but it felt damn good!

Well, as the day went on, I was feeling ok but...

Well, as the day went on, I was feeling ok but started getting a little light headed which could be due to a medication wean. But my boob is just so hot to the touch. I decided to take the antibiotics I had. And tonight, I took my temp. 100.7. Not happy. I guess I'll call the drs answering service in the am. Nothing I can do right now about it. But...I am still having a love affair with my ice pack!
I think you should contact your doctor ASAP. Can't you leave a message tonight?? You are showing signs of infection and should see your doc pronto.
I know. Nothing I could do at night though. I'm by myself and my daughter is sleeping. So, a couple more hours and I'll call
Sorry for your recent troubles, vyxen. Have you called the surgeon to report your latest concerns about the pain and heat? Do they have you on antibiotics?

Well, as most of you know, I've been having issues...

Well, as most of you know, I've been having issues with the right breast. I've been living on Tylenol & ice packs. (hey...it could be worse!) So, tonight, I was driving to meet my boyfriend for dinner and I admit it, I was feeling my boobs! LOL..I was just curious to see the difference between the left and right. The left is perfect! Soft, mushy..just what a boob should be. The right..not so much. I was able to feel a hard area circling around the breast & I immediately started thinking of CC. Oh crap!! I was dying, so, I started to massage the breast. Not hard, but just enough that it didn't tickle. Well, whatever the hell I did, here we go again! My chest & stomach got soaked. Thank goodness I had a towel & tissues in my car...and my bf had a bag of clothes..he's always my lifesaver!
I don't know WHAT the stuff was that was coming out of it, but it was almost brownish/light tan. Almost reminded me of a diluted iodine solution. This stuff was pouring out of me..just gross. But my BF, the wonderful man he is, didn't bat an eyelash. Just helped me clean up, and put on the other shirt. So, now that I'm home, I don't know..do I massage more? Just let it seep out? I don't see the dr until 7:30 tomorrow night & that's his earliest appointment time! UGH...the stress!!!
I just read your story on here and oh my goodness my heart goes out to you. Your in my prayers too and I hope everything turns out to be ok.
Thanks so much Heather. I appreciate it.
Make sure you call right away and tell your doctor. I think you should make this call now. It could be a seroma.

I hate to sound so non-chalant about it, but I'm...

I hate to sound so non-chalant about it, but I'm not. I was just figuring that there was an infection, it's coming out? I don't know. I'm going to call now. The dr's office seems like it's no big deal, but I'm calling now. update soon!

I get to go see the Dr tonight at 5:15 instead of...

I get to go see the Dr tonight at 5:15 instead of 7:30...wow.. yippee..(sorry, yeah, that was a little bit of sarcasm)

Well, the Dr's appointment went as well as could...

Well, the Dr's appointment went as well as could be expected. He wasn't too concerned since the breast wasn't really enlarged, red, irritated or anything. So, he gave me 2 choices. 1) Go on an antibiotic & see how everything goes. or 2) go back to the OR & clean out the wound. Last thing I really want to do is go back to the OR. So, antibiotics it is.
He said that what is going on happens. I had a hematoma & it is still draining. I just can't believe all the fluid leaking out. I'm actually more sore because of the adhesive tape being taken off all the time because of how often I'm changing the padding. So gross, I know..again, just trying to be real & honest about what can happen.
It's nothing that I have done to cause this..it just is.
Tomorrow I go back to work & to be honest, I'm pretty nervous. I'm still really sore to the touch on the right side. Anything that touches me hurts like hell. I was pretty embarrassed at the Dr. appt today when he was examining me & I started tearing up & cried a bit. Not one of my better moments I tell you.
I'll keep you all updated with the next change!!
vyxen have you had any luck with the tube tops? If you go to ebay and type in 'Lot of 2 TUBE TOP Seamless Strapless Bandeau Bra XS S M L XL' they will come up. Good luck!
I looked and didn't see the ones you were talking about. I then had to get ready for work..which I'm not doing now for a few more weeks. Lol..I'm looking for it now! Thanks xoxo
Thank you!! Found it that way!

Well, nothing new really to report. The bleeding...

Well, nothing new really to report. The bleeding has seemed to stopped! (please please PLEASE let it have stopped!) I have pictures that I'm going to upload soon. Tomorrow is 3 weeks since the big day! lol I can't believe it!
I think the left side is looking PERFECT! (I think that may be her new name) and the right, well, she's having the issues still in that I can see the line of bruising, it still hasn't dropped so I can tell there is a difference & the shape seems off to me. I'm still in the damn sports bras for another week or so and doesn't it figure?? Victoria's Secret just came out with a new line of AMAZINGLY cute ones! ugh! Oh well, I may need to get a couple since I plan on working out anyway.

OK. so I'm not totally overwhelming everyone with...

OK. so I'm not totally overwhelming everyone with pictures, I'm going to take some down and add new ones.
Thank you vxyen for your response and your honesty. I have a consult with Jonathan on Oct 2. I have been to 2 doctors,Dr. Danyo and Dr. Chang so far, but just wanted some more opinions. They have both told me silicone and were @350-375cc's, but one said HP one said moderate profile plus. I wanted to shop around some more. I hope things are getting better for you!
If I looked like you, vyxen, I'd be posting lots of pics, too! And I'd say you've earned the right! Keep 'em coming -- you look incredible!
Again, thank you Boco. I appreciate it

3Well, yesterday was my 3 week anniversary! I'm...

3Well, yesterday was my 3 week anniversary! I'm feeling pretty good! No bleeding wooohoooo! Righty is still a little higher than lefty, but I am hopeful it'll drop some.
I noticed that in the incision area on the right, there are 2 spots that feel weird, almost like a hole? I can put my finger in it and it just feels mushy. Does anyone else have that? Or am I just really weird? I can't tell with the left since I still have my steri strips on. Thanks for any insight!
I had a Bad in January of this year and unfortunately I got an infection in my right breast. WE tried to save it with antibiotics but my doc said it would be dodging a bullet. Three weeks later I had it explanted. After another month of antibiotics and six months of healing I finally had my implant put in and everything is so far so good. I to had the brownish drainage, it literally was dripping out of my incision. Did your doctor take a swab of the drainage? Hope all goes well
I'm so sorry you went thru that also keltam. It is hell for sure. Yes, he did swab it and I haven't heard anything yet. I go back on Thursday night for a follow up.
There is no more drainage from the breast, but I see and feel what seems like an area that isn't either healed or was sutured together or the sutures came out, undone whatever. Its freaked me out a little...gotta be honest lol

Well, today is post op day 25. I can't believe...

Well, today is post op day 25. I can't believe it's been so long!! My girls are looking good. Right is still being a bitch..lol...mean, but true. She's still higher than the left & now the incision looks like it's bulging. I was trying to figure out how to explain it before & I guess that's the best way. I took some pictures of how it looks & posted it to the Docs here..so, we'll see what they say if anything.
Other than that, life is good!!
I got my bandeau tops and immediately ordered 7 more (they showed up today). Every once in awhile I forget about Ebay and then something happens and I go crazy ordering again. Happy shopping.
Yeah?? You like them that much? I can NOT wait until I get mine!!
If you do like them, do not go to their store and buy more even with the 20% off discount, the shipping fees negate the discount. I went back into Google and searched by the item, in the US, and free shipping and get a better deal.

Not that this is a problem, but I now cannot buy...

Not that this is a problem, but I now cannot buy bikinis in a set. They have to be separates! I need a large top & a small bottom. I may be able to get away with a medium top, but I don't want a sag butt. lol.. Such problems right! That was just a happy thought of the morning,

Also, with the BB(bulging boob) I had some steri-strips here and I put them on the bulging area. I don't know if it changes anything, but it makes me feel better like I'm doing something!
Thanks for sharing your story. How's "the bitch" doing today? What has your doc said about them evening out or righty dropping?
LOL!! Thanks for making me laugh. I need that! The bitch is ok right now. I put steristrips on the bulging areas of the incision. I see my Dr tomorrow night, so we shall see. There is no more bleeding, leaking, bruising etc. I'm glad about that! It's still pretty sore to the touch though. I'm going to ask about the right being higher or when/if it drops. I have GOT to make a list of things to ask because I keep forgetting things!
Thank you for checking up on me. I really appreciate it!
You guys are so good with knowing what to buy. I have not bought one dang piece of clothing or bras. NOT ONE! Surgery is in 2 weeks lol. They said they were going to give me two surgical bras and I can't even imagine what I will need or want to wear after the surgery besides loose zip up tops and jeans/sweatpants. That's all I can see myself wanting to wear...

Going to the PS tonight for a follow up. Since I...

Going to the PS tonight for a follow up. Since I posted pictures and explanations on here, I'm pretty nervous about what the Dr's had said. I'm just praying that everything will be ok & the incision site isn't infected or anything. At this point, I'd be happy to have them go in, clean it out, and suture me back up. Hell, say the word & I'll do it tomorrow. Granted, I have a wedding to go to & then to Wildwood on Saturday, but I've gotta take care of my girls..UGH...will follow up soon!!
Good luck tonight vyxen. Fingers crossed that your recovery is on the up side.
Thank you WBB...I'm hoping that after all this is said & done, I'll still look good & not be deformed..No..I'm not kidding either..

Well, last night at the Dr's appointment, I was...

Well, last night at the Dr's appointment, I was told that the culture grew Staph. great..just what I want. A staph infection. Just my effing luck isn't it?! He drained a bit more fluid from the bulging area around the incision site. And to look at it, there is a hole & it's black inside.I'm thinking it's just old blood. I'm not touching that thing!
I'm not putting on bacitracin/neosporin a few times a day and I'm on another 10 days of antibiotics. The Bitch is a bit sore, and I now hear squishy sounds when I move the breast around. I know..don't do it then! I'm just trying to let it be. It does feel better since the fluid came out, but again, still sore. I was hoping I didn't have to tape anything to my boob again, but..I can't have the wound open. What stinks is that I have a wedding to go to tonight & tomorrow, I have somewhere else to go. I'm gong to have to try & figure out how I can keep The Bitch covered up and not be too noticeable.

I'm just so beside myself right now. I'm frustrated, annoyed, angry, upset, irritated etc etc. At this point, I still can't exercise, I have to wear my sports bra & still can't go back to work.

BUT..after all is said and done. Do I regret doing this? NO I DO NOT! I love the boobs..just hate The Bitch. Now, Lovely Lefty, she's looking GREAT! I'm going to put the Mederma &/or Bio-oil on it., You can't really see a scar at all on it.
I haven't taken any pictures in a little bit & to be honest, I'm just not up for it right now.
How are you feeling Vyx?
Hi Classy, I'm feeling good. Just taking the antibiotics still, using the triple abx, and keeping the bitch covered. Still have a hole where the dr opened up the wound. It's been almost a week now, so I think I'm going to call & see what they say about that.
Thanks for checking up on me!
Dang, vyxen! You are one tough cookie and I am way impressed by your attitude. You've definitely had more than your fair share of hurdles through this process, and it sucks balls that you've now got an infection to contend with. I hope you're back to 100% really soon.

Not too much going on since last week...I'm going...

Not too much going on since last week...I'm going to say that it's a good thing! Just taking it day by day. I still have the hole in the breast where the Dr opened the wound so it could drain and it's still there..the hole that is! Nothing weirder that hearing your boob fart from the air that got in there. Going to call to see about how long it should take to close up. This is just weird!!
But..I did get 3 new bikini's! They are so cute! I need to get more, yes, yes I do have a bikini addiction! Well, that, and I'm doing a photo shoot with my bf this weekend so it'll be so exciting!!
Hey Vyxen, how did your appointment go today? I hope everything is moving towards perfect. BTW, did you ever get your bandeau tops? I ended up ordering lacey type from Mercy's Treasures on Ebay and they totally misrepresented the size. I ordered a 36 and it barely covers my girls.
I did get them the other day. I like them!! I'll keep that in mind.l..not to order the lacy ones!
Thanks for asking about the appointment. I just updated. I'm just to tired & stressed about all this !!!
Get lots of rest and I hope you take vitamins. It will help your body heal xoxo. Don't try to do too much and tire your body out.

Sorry I haven't really been on. I started to...

Sorry I haven't really been on. I started to updated yesterday, but I was at the Dr's office when I was doing it..
OK. so, at the Dr's office yesterday morning, I saw the nurse...my Dr was on vacation this week. Oh lucky lucky me!! She was looking at the hole the Dr put in last week for it to drain and she said that what she thinks she is seeing is the actual implant. I thought that was what I was looking at the night before. The hole was a bit bigger and what I saw was black & shiny. I was like oh shiznit!!! WTF!! The nurse said that she thinks the implant my be out of place and that they may need to take me to the OR to reposition the implant. She put on steri-strips to keep the incision clean and together before I left.
We made arrangements for me to see another Dr in the afternoon so that she can stitch up the boob until I see my Dr. Needless to say, I was NOT having a good morning!
When I did see the the other Dr, she looked and said that the implant is in good position, right where it should be. But that since I had an infection, and I'm small to begin withh, what can happen is that the infection can dissolve the small layer of fat that was between the skin & the implant. So, the implant was laying on the skin and causing the incision to stretch. She cut away the weak area of the incision and restitched my boob, and now, here I am. Almost like I'm back at square one.
And to make matters worse, I was told that my short term disability doesn't cover cosmetic surgery or complications from the surgeries. Again, can I say FML???

Oh vyxen....I'M SOOO SORRY YOU ARE HAVING COMPLICATIONS. Sounds absolutely dreadful!!!!! I can't imagine the angst you must feel, my heart goes out to you. I hope you heal soon
Thanks so much for your concern. It's taking time, but it's slowly getting better!
WTF, vyxen?? Can't a girl catch a break already??? I hope they can get this business under control like ASAP. So sorry you're having to go through it and wishing you all the very best.

Well, yesterday I had another follow up...

Well, yesterday I had another follow up appointment with the Dr! I'm sure getting my monies worth, that's for damn sure! He checked out the stitches, said they look great & I have to keep them in until Monday the 24th. I'm STILL on restrictions, no upper body workout, I'm allowed to walk..like I haven't been already, but I'm using the treadmill now, still have to wear a sports bra & I am slated to go back to work on October 1st! This has been CRAZY!!!!
Woohoo! So glad to hear some good news!!!
If we feel like the good news has been a long time in coming I can only imagine what you must have been thinking. So glad for the good news this time!
Thanks so much Breasto & Wanna b. I'm glad that it's healing and looks good. Just not thrilled with my new allergy!!

I don't know if I mentioned that I broke out in a...

I don't know if I mentioned that I broke out in a rash the other day, but I figured it was because I was on Bactrim for 20 days. On Sunday, I was at the beach all day for a photo shoot..(It was AMAZING by the way!) and I forgot that you are supposed to stay out of direct sunlight while on antibiotics.I was also outdoors all day Monday.. Whoops!! Anywho, I started to itch a little bit on Monday night, then Tuesday, I noticed my entire body was covered in a rash. I had my follow up at the surgeon's office & she said it looked like a reaction from the sun. This itching has me INSANE!! I have taken Benadryl, Aveeno oatmeal bath, Hydrocortisone cream, Benadryl cream and finally Calamine lotion. Today I couldn't take it anymore. I am waking up scratching myself. Crazy crazy crazy...It turns out that I didn't have an allergic reaction from the sun & the medication, but that I'm allergic to the damn medication! Seems like I now have a Sulfa drug allergy! UGGHHH!!! What next I ask you?! Now, I'm going to be on a 14 day course of Steroids. The Dr. also gave me a script for an antihistamine that should work a little better than the Benadryl.
I'm so damn annoyed with everything. I think I'm the new poster child for the little black cloud!
Vyx, looking at you 2nd to last picture gave me hope that I might get some more white skin under my areolas when I drop. Thank you for posting...
I'm sure you will! Just have the faith my Classy friend! All in time. Remember, I'm over 6 weeks out..(damn now I have to count days) That's 46 days! WOW! I can't believe how fast time flies by. Well, I guess if you count Aug 11th since that's the 1st full day it's 46, but if you count the 10th, then 47. Such technicalities.
Vyx is the total package. I want to know your workout and diet plan.

Last week I had my stitches out and WHEW..does it...

Last week I had my stitches out and WHEW..does it feel GOOD!! The nurse said the breast was healing great and looking good! She game me silicone strips to wear but I can't use the one for the right side for another week or 2 until I see the Dr again.
I've gotten the all clear to go back to work next week! YAAYYYY...ok..not that I really want to work, but I miss my paychecks lol. I'm still in a sports bra and after not wearing a bra yesterday with a dress that had a built in bra, I have to honestly say, I like the support of it. Scary I know. I still am limited on my exercise which sucks, but a little at a time. It's not easy getting back in the swing of things, but it'll happen. I can't wait until I can do my kickboxing class again. I love love loved it!!
I was told very light upper body so, do planks count? I could barely hold one for 20 seconds the other night. I'm out of it I tell you!!
Not to mention that this 12 day course of steroids is making me hungry! I need some serious hand slapping to stop eating. LOL..I don't have any new pictures, but I will post one of the photo shoot so you can actually see the "real me"
vyxen, it feels like this is the first time I can say congrats and not hope to hear something more has happened.
LMFAO!! I know...and thank you!! I'm so pleased right now! I'd be jumping for joy, but..well, you know...
I know!! Thanks!! I'm feeling good!!

Hope everyone has been good! My steristrips came...

Hope everyone has been good! My steristrips came off themselves the other day. The incision is sore, a little red, but I'm not messing with it!! I go back to the Dr on Tuesday so, hopefully, it'll be all good..and better yet, I got back to work on Wednesday!!! HOORAY!!
Vyxen! Welcome to the good side of BA's !! Finally! I changed the channel and got vyxen... who has suddenly turned soooo... normal! ! ! (DID I SAY THAT?!)
LOL...Nobody has called me normal in a long time! Thank you ...thank you!! LOL It's crazy the feeling that eveything is going ok..but..it is!
Happy boobies girl! Yyyyyayyyy! Ha!

Well, that black cloud has returned. Breast was...

Well, that black cloud has returned. Breast was sore, was at work, picked up a book, thought it was wet...realized that. Nope...it's not the book...my damn incision was opened!! Yep, there was a weak spot and it reopened. I was leaking all over myself. No odors, blood etc. Dr didn't call back ( found out that he had the wrong number) so, I bandage up and keep on working babying that side.
One of the ER Dr's looked at the breast for me. She couldn't believe it....not only is the implant visable, but the drainage is greenish/yellow. Another infection.
I am so upset and beside myself I am at a loss. I'm So scared of what can, may and will happen. I have a terrible feeling that the implant will have to be removed There is no way I can afford to take off of work since I used my time and my disability doesjt cover cosmetic surgery and it's complications.
I'm thoroughly embarrassed about all this, and I'm upset, Angry and jealous of everyone else who has had such an easy time of it.
Sorry for going off. I just dont know what to do. I feel like I can't even cry because I won't stop.

Well, went to the Dr. he feels terrible about...

Well, went to the Dr. he feels terrible about everything. He said how rare it is all the problems I'm having.
I'm going to the OR sometime on Monday and he will clean out the pocket. When he goes in, he'll see if the area can be cleaned out and then another implant put in or if he has to take it out and let me heal 3-6 months then replace it. He took a culture of it and gave me another prescription for antibiotics. This time, NO sulfa drugs!
Guess I'm really getting my moneys worth from him...ha....bad joke I know.
Thanks boco...I appreciate it.
I am so, so sorry vyxen. You have a lot of friends and well-wishers on here, and while most of us can't imagine what you're going through, we're all pulling and/or praying for you.
wishing you the best of luck... This sounds like it would try anyone's good mood. I hope you are on the recovery side now!

Well, surgery is at 2 tomorrow, I have to be there...

Well, surgery is at 2 tomorrow, I have to be there at 12. Nothing to eat after midnight. You know, the usual blah blah blah. I'm not looking forward to this, especially since I'm going by myself. I'm going to call the hospital to see if they have transportation. if not I'm going to have to take a cab.
Well, I guess I'll check in tomorrow...
Holy sh*t Vyxen! I can't belive you have to go through this infection business again! Ugh!! I feel terrible for you Is your doctor instructing you to wash the area the morning of surgery with hibiclens? If he hasn't, definitely pick up a bottle at your local CVS, Walgreens, whatever and wash with it - it's great for killing staph bacteria. Good luck on Monday!
Thanks Lissa, no, he didn't mention the Hibiclens. I used to use that when I worked in an OR to clean the equipment. It does work good. I am using antibacterial soap though. I may run to Walgreens tomorrow morning and get it. Thank you for the information & well wishes.
Its inexpensive and works well. My instuctions were to wash with it before and after surgery to minimize the chance of infection.

I just want to thank everyone for their kind words...

I just want to thank everyone for their kind words. I'm starting to get really emotional & upset right about now. I can't begin to tell you how much this hurts. I went to change my dressing this morning and the implant is there..just trying to push itself out. Soo frigging disgusting, gross & nasty.I know. I didn't take a picture of it because I wanted to get that puppy secured! Besides, it's just gross.
I still don't know how I'm going to get to the hospital today, I'm calling now.

Again, I sincerely thank each and every one of you & appreciate all of your kind words. It means more to me than you know to have almost total strangers care and worry more than your own friends and family.
Much love to all of you..

Well, I'm out of surgery. Things went well and the...

Well, I'm out of surgery. Things went well and the Dr was able to exchange the implant. I'm loopy and tired do that's it for now

Well, it's done & over with! And I have a BOOB!!!...

Well, it's done & over with! And I have a BOOB!!! YAAAYYYY!!!! I didn't get to talk to the Dr afterwards so I don't know much yet. But, he was able to put another implant it, along with a drain. I have to go tomorrow & get the drain removed before I go to work. Gotta be honest, I don't care if I have to wear it while I'm working. I'll do it.
OK, I can't keep my eyes open any longer.
Good night & again, thank you all so so so so sososo very much. I love all you for just listening, reading, and words of encouragement.
Good luck to you! I met with Christopher also...I thought they were brothers, but wasn't really sure. I kind of wonder why they are in different practices.. Oh well. I thought they were both really nice though. Thank you for the well wishes!
I know WBB...and thank you!!!
So happy to hear the doctor was able to replace the implant! Wishing you a speedy, infection AND allergy free recovery!!! Get some rest! :-)

I had a good nights sleep last night...YAY!! I'm...

I had a good nights sleep last night...YAY!! I'm in a little pain, but not bad at all, especially since I saw that the percocet I thought I took last night was sitting here on the table. I'm going to get the drain removed today since the Dr wants it out before I have to goto work. I'm hoping that having it in for just the day is enough to drain the fluid from my boob. I don't care if it has to stay in an extra day or 2, I'll do anything I have to to make sure Righty is OK. Yeah..it's back to being called that. I think that she got pissed when I called her "The Bitch" on Friday and showed me who was the boss! (It wasn't me obviously!)
Will update later.
Vyxen, we'd love to hear how Ms Thang is doing. Still sending positive thoughts your way.
Thanks so much Wanna b...I just updated. I haven't just been up to it lately.
How are you? It's been a while since your latest surgery. Are you healing well this time? Let us know.

First off...I've been MIA...yes, I know....and for...

First off...I've been MIA...yes, I know....and for that, I'm sorry. Things have been going so so...until recently..lol..go figure.
So, I had the 2nd surgery in October as we all know. Had the stitches taken out, I saw an opening..go frigging figure. I had more stitches placed and things were good. The other day, I went to get them out & the Dr said everything looked good so he'd leave them in for 10 more days. I thought that was just a little odd.
Lets now go to Tuesday night...I was cleaning the kitchen floor then my daughters bathtub. I don't know if I did anything wrong, but my boob hurt a little. Wednesday (yesterday) I noticed my boob was a little wet...here we fucking go again. I'm draining the yellowish fluid from the suture site.It's a decent amount. More last night & today then earlier yesterday. So, now, I believe they are calling in antibiotics now & I have to go see the Dr tonight. I just don't know how much more I can take of this!! I love my boobs so much. I don't know why Ms. Thang is not liking me!! I'm not doing anything different..although, I did run out of my Arnica. Guess I need more..that & the Bromeline. I've been taking vitamins, granted, they are for hair, nails & skin..I've got lots of photo shoots coming up & I need to look good (ha)
I don't have any recent pictures and I'm sorry, I just don't feel up to taking any right now.
I hope all my friends in Boobland are doing better than I am. I'll try to read up on everyone, but it's just hard right now. big hugs to you all...
I just stumbled across this now. So sorry to hear the news and hoping things have improved since your last update. Please keep us posted.
It's totally understandable that you are disappointed. I hate that you are dealing with this issue again. I will pray that the antibiotic is all that you need to finish your recovery completely.
I don't know what to say other than I'm thinking of you and wish I could be there to give you a hug. Totally understand not wanting to sound whiny but hope you know we all are saddened by the dissappointing news.

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Yes, I...

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Yes, I know it's been over a month since I've last posted. Nothing else has changed for me so I haven't been on. I'm still on an antibiotic, this time Levaquin since the Cipro didn't work too well. The stitches I had put in in Oct/Nov were taken out & more were placed last week since I still have the hole and am not healing. Tomorrow..well, today..is the big day! I FINALLY have my appointment with the infectious disease doctor. Maybe she can help figure out why I'm not healing, keep getting infected and what not. I've been thinking maybe I'm diabetic, have a deficiency in something, malabsorption, or some funky ass disease. Who knows. I don't care what I have as long as they figure out WHAT is wrong.

Hope everyone is doing well...keep you updated after tomorrow's appointment.
Just stopping by to wish you a Happy New Year, vyxen. Been thinking of you a lot.
Thanks so much! You too!!
I haven't been posting much but have been checking in on YOU. I hope that infection doc you saw helped you. You looked really healthy in some of your recent pics on FB. But I had thrush for two weeks recently and managed to pull myself together for and outing. xoxo. I hope you have some friends/relatives nearby to help you. Take your vitamins and get rest even if you are feeling like your letting someone down. You are sick and need to get well. xoxo

Happy New Year everyone!! Well...keeping fingers...

Happy New Year everyone!!
Well...keeping fingers crossed, but after the ID doctor put me on Keflex...750mg 4X's a day talk about tired of taking meds! sheesh!! There seems to be no infection, the incision is healing well since the PS restitched me up a couple weeks ago..and I'm itchy! Who'd have thought I'd be excited by being itchy! lol. It's a good sign though so I'm happy. I just had the stitches out on Thursday and the Dr said it looks great. I go back to the ID dr on the 7th. Still with my restrictions..no bouncing and no pec muscle exercises. I can live with that though. I'm just glad things are healing well..this time!!

Hope everyone had a great holiday, Happy Boob Year!!
I am so sorry to hear your ordeal but you have proven that you are one strong woman! Good for you! I am glad you are itching now. Always a good sign that things are healing!!!
Wow, is all I can say about your ordeal! So glad to hear things are getting better. I have had surgeries where everything went wrong. I hope that's not the case with my upcoming BA. Good luck to you in the New Year.
He is doing my surgery as well in march! yours look absolutely amazing! hope everything continues to heal well for you!
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