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I had the procedure almost 3 weeks ago. It was...

I had the procedure almost 3 weeks ago. It was done by my dermatologist, whom I've been seeing for 8 years. Gotta say, my poor face looks so much worse than it did before the procedure.

My face is still very hot and sore. My jaw (jowls) do look slightly better, but the lines around my mouth (smokers mouth - I quit smoking 17 years ago but tell my mouth that!) are more pronounced. I have more lines around my eyes, cheeks, forehead and entire mouth area. Yesterday I had a consult with a highly respected Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon and he told me that although ActiveFX sounds wonderful in theory, it's doesn't live up to its claims which is why he doesn't offer it in his practice.

The doctor told me I basically wasted $3600. The doctor was very upset because he said my dermatologist did real damage when he used the ActiveFx on my neck. It caused the muscles in my neck to separate & I need surgery to have the muscles reattached. My eyebrows are also now lopsided. I will need an eyebrow lift to realign the brows. My surgeon told me the only way to correct the damage done to my face was to have a mini face lift. I am tentatively scheduled to have it done on March 4th, at that time, my plastic surgeon will also repair the damage done to my neck muscles and do a brow lift. I wish I had saved my money so I could have used it toward financing my face lift. What really upsets me is that during my follow up with my dermatologist, he and his staff kept telling me 'how wonderful I looked' and how they could see a marked 'improvement'. I told them they were crazy and that I actually looked worse. What's funny is that I had just left the Plastic Surgeon's consult 30 minutes prior to my appointment with the dermatologist. I was going to let my dermatologist know how upset I was with the results and damage caused by his application of ActiveFX but I decided against having a confrontation. My advice to anyone considering having the ActiveFX done is to consult with a board certified plastic surgeon for advice before agreeing to the procedure. Don't waste your time with a dermatologist. PS: I really like my dermatologist but I will never again allow or trust him to do anything that requires lasers, etc. to my face or let him talk me into expensive procedures that offer false promises to look younger.

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He has an awesome bedside manner and I do think he truly cares about his patients. However, I believe his prices are too high and I feel like I was conned into having ActiveFX. I actually hadn't verbally confirmed I wanted this done but after an appointment where I had Restylane injections, his staff brought it up and before I knew it, they had charged my credit card an additional $3600 for the procedure (I was also charged $900 for the filler). When I called the office back and said I would like a refund, I was told all sales are final. I wasn't about to be out $3600 so I went ahead with the ActiveFX treatment. I wish I had fought harder to get my money back. I really like my dermatologist for skin care and mole detection but I will NEVER have another 'procedure' performed by him or his staff.

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My surgery is scheduled at a fully equippped and accredited medical center. I've been on the blood pressure meds for 2 days. BP is now at 149/63...still too high for surgery. Doctor won't do surgery until my bp is at or under 120/60. My only complaint about my bp medication is that it makes me constantly want to pee.
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It appears you are now in good Medical hands. I am sure you recall the press coverage of women who had cardiac complications often identified prior to cosmetic procedures and who didn't make it through surgery.

Is your surgery scheduled in a HOSPITAL or in the MD's office.

Al the best!
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My surgery has been rescheduled for March 16 because my blood pressure reading as I was being prepped for surgery read as 160/80 which was shocking to me. I had my BP checked yesterday and it was 139/60. I also had it checked by my family doctor 2 days ago. My reading was 120/60. My Plastic Surgeon has put me on some BP meds temporarily. It took a lot of planning and coordination to arrange this surgery so I was a little disappointed when the doctor decided it was too dangerous to proceed. He said due to the spike in BP, I could 'stroke out'. Given that possibility, I agree that it's best to wait until the doctor feels its safe for us to proceed.
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Thank you for sharing and being so direct/frank regarding the results.
I agree, NO DERM MD for a procedure with Lasers. Same is true regarding NOT having a Nurse or a Tech touch your face for anything this invasive. These Weekend Laser Seminars for Medical Professionals (?) need to be regulated. This is the enviornment where an uncomfortably high percentage of them are acquiring their Laser Training. (of course sponsored by the Laser companies).
MINI FACE LIFT: The very best of luck. Are you getting that facelift that is being Advertisied on TV everywhere....the procedure that takes maybe an hour?

Hope all goes well....keep us posted!
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No. I think it's a
'traditional' lift. My doctor has been featured on MTV and comes highly recommended. He is a board certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. I go for my pre-op tomorrow. I believe he said the surgery will take about 3 hours. My surgery is scheduled for March. 4th. After the surgery, I will be going to a 'recovery center' where I will have a nurse with me for the first 36 hours. Depending on my outcome, I'm hoping to go back to him for a tummy tuck by next Christmas if I can afford it.

Thanks for your comments :) I will keep you posted on my progress.
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I can't believe they went ahead and charged you then told you know refunds! That's awful! What an abuse of power!

I am so sorry this happened to you and I do understand because I was horribly disfigured by a fractional laser.

Much hope and healing to you!
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Hi retired,

Welcome to the ActiveFX, community. I'm so sorry this happened to you. Did your original doctor do anything to make it better? I'm happy you at least found someone to fix your face. Please keep us updated to how your next surgery goes.

Thanks so much for the review,


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When I went for my follow up with my dermatologist, he just kept saying how good he thought I looked. He had no idea I had just come from a consultation with a board certified plastic surgery who advised me to have surgery to correct the damage that had occurred as a result of the ActiveFX.
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