32A to 36C (450cc Under Muscle) Not As Big As I Wanted

I am 3 weeks post-op from my breast implants. i...

i am 3 weeks post-op from my breast implants. i was a 32a before surgery. im 5'5 115 lbs. i wasnt even a full 32a. i got implanted with smooth round moderate profile plus saline 400cc overfilled to 450cc under the muscle in each breast but i feel small. i ony fit a 34c maybe a 36c depending on the bra. i wanted full d. my cousin was flatter than me initially and got 375cc and is a 34 d.

i did it to improve my look and self esteem. the pros were it has improved my self esteem the cons are im not 100% happy with the results.

ive heard once they fully settle they get bigger is this true? i feel like my surgery was a waste im not as big as i wanted to be. they are still riding kind of high but im soo unhappy i feel like i still have small breast. what was the point of implants? will they get bigger?
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I am sorry you are not happy with your size. Size is the hardest part for patients. A size D is not the same to everyone and bras fit differently on each person that is why we always ask our patients to try on sizers or perform the rice test so they can show us what volume they think is a D or the size they are looking for. I also warn patients that if you are on the fence with sizes you should always go with the larger of the two as most are so afraid of being to big that they choose smaller then they actually want. But we never pick the size for a patient as only the patient knows what is in their head as to the actual look or size they want. always perform the rice test and use sizers and the more you do the happier you will be. Now there are times we simply can not fit the size implant a patient wants but we try to do the best for them. we do offer a discounted price to get an exchange if someone thinks they are not the size they wanted to be but it does take all new implants. i would suggest coming in and let us see how we can help.
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Thank you all for posting this. I am a deflated large A maybe B and I was going to go with a 450cc saline or maybe silicone but after seeing this I might go for 475-500 unders
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Homen, I am also a deflated 34 A-B and I was going to get 450cc in the Memory Gel silicone Moderate Profile PLUS implant but I thought it wouldnt give me the full C small D size I wanted. I called the doctors office back and spoke to the nurse because I wanted to go up from 450ccs to 475cc just to be a little bigger. During our talk she looked at my pictures, and noticed I had volume on the bottom of my breast but not the top (because I breastfed) so she recommended that I get the high profile. She said it would give me that fullness on top that I was lacking. So our final decision was 475ccs under the muscle using High Profile Memory Gel Silicone implants. I have my surgery April 17th so I let's see how the results are!!

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I regret going too large as do many women I know. A c is a perfect size. Don't make and decisions for at least a year.
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I'm 5'2 n 108lb n got BA a wk ago...I was an A cup n got 430cc cohesive silicone gel placed under the muscle n am very disappointed, doesn't look much different at all. Feeling quite *depressed*:(
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I'm feeling the same way, but I just got 290cc. I'm just a small C, but I told the doc I didn't want to be a D. Now I regret it, but I can't keep spending so much money changing. My friend used your doc and her surgery was over $4000. How did you get it so cheap? I should have went with him. I spent $4000 with a different doc at Brookwood Hospital.
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You got a pretty big size for starting out so small. With saline overs you may ripple considerably. I had saline overs 375cc and the rippling was really gross. I was a 34a. I upgraded to 475cc memory gel partial unders and my boobs are a 34C and they are HUGE, trust me. I squeeze them into a 34C but I believe my actual size is a 32D. It just depends.
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I am having the same issue although I went from 330cc saline to 550cc silicone and also am not happy with the results. I am also not as large as pictured or as viewed with other women with the same size. I am going to go back for the 3rd surgery in a few months and go as large as 750cc. I guess it's best to wait several months as I just had these replaced 3 weeks ago. I feel your disappointment!!
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This related question from another RealSelf community member might help: Advice for too small breast implants?

She was also unhappy with her post-op size, and the consensus among the doctors was to wait a few months and see how she felt after that (I believe you have to wait a bit before you can have a new surgery anyway).

Hope this helps!

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