SmartLipo on Upper and Lower Abs

Well its been just under a week.I went in for a...

Well its been just under a week.I went in for a consultation, and told them i was due to fly out in less than a month for work, and less than a week for a trip out of state. They explained the procedure and the cost. I left the office and less the 20 minutes later got a call that said would be done the next morning!!

I had lost nearly 80 pounds and had a big belly of alot of skin and fat i could not work off.

The procedure lasted about 5 hours and the only real discomfort was when the probe was worked around my navel area. I went home and rested that day and the next morning went in for the band replacement after draining. This is wednesday. Thursday morning I drove to the airport and took a flight to California from Kansas. Not much discomfort at all.

It is now day 5 and i am swollen and the bruising is really starting to develop. I had the procedure done as i wanted to be able to look good on the beach in May. Ya i dont think anyone is gonna want to see my belly for awhile. I am anxious to see the results in a few months and have high hopes cuz love handles are next!!

Healing Waters Spa

I am undecided as it is still way too early to tell

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Are you happy with your results? Can you tell me where you got it done?
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so are u with the results cause i live in wichita and was thinking of going to healing water spa.
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I live in Wichita. So are you happy with the results??
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