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Hi! I had a double mastectomy and reconstruction...

Hi! I had a double mastectomy and reconstruction this past winter. I take care of myself and have always battled tummy skin and extra fat. After my mastectomy I wanted to do something to make me feel good and meet goals. I am here to learn as much as I can about tt and lipo of flank area as well as offer support to those going through their own journeys. I will add photos soon.

Researching and questioning

Good afternoon! I have been researching and wondering if anyone had advice on TT and flank lipo surgery? I love my Dr. and he has answered a lot of my questions. But talking to ladies who have gone through this is priceless. I am really interned in post op diet and rest/sleep positions that aid in healing. I'm worried about the swelling.


I have 4 weeks until surgery. I knew when I started this journey I wanted to end with a tt and flank lipo. As I stated before, all the dieting and exercise in the world wasn't going to repair muscle damage from pregnancies and extra skin. My Dr. is using some of the skin to reconstruct my nipples. Yay!
Taking pics of myself was difficult. Let's face it, none of them made me happy so I settled on a couple to post. If nothing else this will give me incentive to post pics from the flat side.
It's a gorgeous morning here in Dodge City! Going for a jog....Have a blessed Wednesday everyone!

9 days pre op

Getting a littler nervous thinking about the drains, swelling, and healing process. I need to find a spanx garment for the second week post op. Surgery is July 31 and school begins Aug. 20.... Ready or not...


Hi all! Less than a week away. I thought I had all my supplies purchased yesterday until I read some post last night. Thinking I need Arnica for bruising and pineapple juice. I keep reading the lypo will be the worst. I believe that because after my implants were put in, Dr. Did a little lypo under my arm and the bruising /pain was the worst. Dr. Is using some of my tummy skin to graft on my nipples as well. So I'll need to take care of that area too. I'm not sure what to wear home from the surgery center. I'm ready for the surgery to be over and on the road to recovery.

Two Days

The big day is quickly approaching. I'm excited and nervous at once. I think I have all my supplies ready to go. Thanks for all the tips and help in preparing for this journey.

Two days post op

I don't have a lot to report. Naturally I am sore. My back hurts and aches badly. I went to see my ps today and he was pleased with what he saw. We are thinking about making the trip home today. I have been staying with my sister. It's a 2.5 hour drive and I think I can do that.
I'm using Arnicare and eating a lot of healing foods.
My only concern right now is taking off and putting back on my binder. I. Not sure if it's on correctly. It's itchy too.

3 days post...the binder

I did a lot of research on real self prior to my tt and flank lipo. One thing I kept reading was that each day was better and I have found that to be true thus far. Yesterday my husband drove me back home as I had been staying at my sisters. Up until then the binder had been the worst part of my recovery. It wouldn't lay flat on me, it was itchy, and hot. To be honest I felt it was the major source of my pain. So I called my Dr while riding home and he told me to take it off while I am down and put it on when I am up and around. That has made me feel so much better! He took off a total of 4.5 lbs of skin and fat. He said either way I am going to swell and to be sure I take it very easy. So I am! I have my binder on now as I lay in my recliner, but it's over my tank top and not real tight. I'm hoping I contine to feel better each day and so excited to see results. I'm a bit picture shy but I may add a couple as I get them taken.

Day 7 post op

Yesterday was pretty good! I got up more and moved around. I decided to leave my recliner and go sit on the couch for a while. It wasn't comfortable, but a change of scenery. :) tomorrow I travel to my PS in hopes both drains come out. I haven't been on pain pills for 4 days. This morning I feel tight but that's been normal in the morning thus far. Hoping to stand straighter today and tomorrow.

8 days post

Going to my Dr. Today! Plan to come home drain free :)

Day 9

Well I have one drain. : / but that's ok. Today I'm standing tallest I have since surgery. I feel very tight. I have been to,d to stop wearing my binder bc Dr. Is not liking how it's healing my belly button. So I woke swollen this morning. Started back on more pineapple to help so this.
Friday my last drain comes put and I start wearing a spanx. Any suggestions on what to buy?

Day 15

I had my two week appt on day 13. Everything looks good. My hips and flank area is swollen the worst. Dr. Pulled 55 cc of fluid off my left side and that felt so much better. :) my stomach is swollen and appears "poochie". Dr assured me this all normal and will continue to heal.
I am in a spanx now and do t have any drains. That's so nice!

Day 20 post

School started today and oh my..... Swell hell. Monday and Tuesday I wore my binder and spanx but still'left school swollen. Today I tried to stay down, but that's difficult. Hoping the swelling goes down soon. I have been eating pineapple and drinking water.
Dr. Joseph Poggi

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Which spanx are u using?
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I am wearing spanx Assetts. It covers mid-thigh to under my breast. I'm hoping it's enough support. I'm day 17 and still swollen.
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4.5 pounds? That is amazing. You will feel so much better when your finally up doing normal things. Happy healing.
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As today goes on, I'm feeling more swollen and tight. Hoping this subsides soon. Thank you!
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I will clarify this data. I was a bit drugged at the dr office. Haha. But that doesn't seem like much to me. ? I wasn't over weight just removing some skin and extra fluff. :)
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Positive thoughts going your way for healthy healing! I'm 9 days PO and just waiting to be myself again;)
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Thank you! I have been reading your updates. :)
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Today was your day! How are you doing? Hugs and healing sent your way....
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I'm having expected pain and symptoms. The binder is my frustration. I want to put something between it and my skin.
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I highly suggest taking plenty of pre-op pics. It's a tough healing process and most get depressed at about day 9. It helps to take pics and see your progress. I am so excited for you!
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I agree! I took several and my Dr. Of course took several. Thank you for the support!
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YOU, my dear, are going to have fantastic results! I think you're going to be so happy! Good luck…let me know if you have any questions about pre-op or post-op. Good luck and keep us posted!
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Ok I'll ask my questions..... Do you suggest a cotton liner of some sort to be worn under the CG? If so, what kind? I am having flank lipo as well and concerned about my ability to move or sleep! Lol! I drink a lot of water a day. Do you think I should cut back after surgery?
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The water….that's a tough call. Some doctors are adamant about drinking tons and "flushing out" your system. My doctor's approach made sense to me: the more fluid you take in, the more your body has to sort out, and with those lymphic drainage channels severed (and not forming new ones for months to come) the potential swelling is higher. Some may disagree agree with him, but to me it makes complete and total sense. The arnica thing people are on about here…I never took it….and I'm not into homeopathy, as I feel like they are sugar pills and have some sort of placebo effect. I tried Bromelein….didn't notice a difference one way or the other. With the CG…I would put maxi pads (soft high quality ones) on my stomach as a buffer in between me and the CG at irritating points like the zipper and clasps. When I ran out of those I used really soft gauze from Target and that worked just as well. Just listen to your body….if you're thirsty….drink. If you're not, don't guzzle down the water or fluids, because again your body is in slow mode and will take some time trying to eliminate it. There was a tea I drank called PMS tea and it helped some with the bloating available online at places like vitacost dot com. Try those things first, and if you're still swelling I have some more ideas and recommendations for ya. Good luck!
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Welcome to the community.   I have attached a link to my Tummy Tuck Survival Guide.  This will help answer a few questions for you.  

I am very happy to have you here with us.
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Elated to be here!
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:) :)
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Congrats on starting your journey :)) sounds like you've already been through a couple major surgeries. The swelling happens as part of the healing. Some days your waking up flat and through the day you look bigger than when you started. At 7 months I still deal with numbness and swelling. My best advice is to not get discouraged and rest rest rest. Be real about expectations. Perfection is for those with little body fat looking to get rid of just skin. The first 4 weeks your body will keep changing little by little. At 6 months that's a good indication of what you will get but again you're scars are still healing. As for diet... Low sodium, stay away from spicy foods or anything that made you bloat before the surgery and keep hydrated. Pineapple juice is good for healing - just be careful not to drink all your calories. Best of luck! Lisa
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Thank you!
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