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I'm not sure what to expect really. I've googled...

I'm not sure what to expect really. I've googled and googled things and still don't know. My husband isn't exactly thrilled about this. He thinks I'm just going to cheat. My friend thinks I should wait until I'm 50 and sees the BA as stupid. My other friend is jealous because she can't afford to do this so she has said I'll look like a slut. I'm tired of no one understading that I'm tired of looking in a mirror & not liking what I see. I won't wait until I'm 50 and I shouldn't feel guilty for someone else's money problems/issues. If cheating is continued to be brought up maybe I will dam it.
....hopefully he will be soon. He will love the results & get to enjoy them with you! You have to do what is right for yourself, & your friend & hubby should understand that! Hang in there!
I am scheduled April 3 for TT & BA...also in Wichita. I'm sorry to hear that your hubby is not onboard
Hi Becky! Everyone has an opinion, but the only one that matters is your own. You have to love your body. You're doing this for you, not your friends or your husband. I'm getting a full mommy makeover (tummy tuck, lipo, breast lift and implants) and I could care less what anyone thinks because I know how happy I'm going to be afterwards. A happier me = a happier wife, mom and friend. Hopefully your husband will come to understand that you want to feel good about yourself and want to feel sexy which will in turn benefit HIM. I'm sorry that no one is supporting you. Just keep your head up and remember that this is your body and your decision. My surgery is in two days! YAY! Good luck!

Sorry about the last post and thanks for the kindness.

Sorry about the last post and thanks for the kindness. I went to my ps a few days ago and got a look at a 3D image :) that's nuts if you guys get a chance to see that ever its totally awesome. Glad I did. I so don't want to go thru the bigger wish after its done. I'm sorta freaking out about the results though. I kinda have the habit of sucking in my stomach all the time. Anyone have that issue? I really don't even notice when I do it anymore. :/ I just hope that I get the results that I want and didn't hurt my possible outcome by sucking in when I was examined.
I'm sorry you're not getting more support from your husband and friends. I'm glad you're doing what YOU want to do, though. This is your life and your body. Here's a list of supplies for recovery. Please keep us posted. We will definitely give you support. :)
Thanks so much. After the 3D he was way more onboard. My friends will either come around or not. Having their support would be nice but not absolutely necessary.
I hope you are having a good recovery :) thanks for the nice comments

Just paid for the procedures and really freaking out

Just paid for the procedures today getting closer & becoming way more nervous. I'm just scared about possible outcomes. But I'm really thinking its going to be wonderful. :D I can do this. My husband has totally come around. So has a friend :) it makes it easier. I'm just feeling guilty for spending so much $ :( and nothing to show for it. That and really scared of the anesthetic :/ I think I'll finally post before pics too.

Before pics

Ok well I hope it works this time lol

Scared :(

Ok so I've started the pre op fear early I guess had some nightmares lately. Mostly I die during the operation :'( scares me something awful. I wish I could just hurry up and get this over with.
You'll do well. You look great now, you look even more amazing after. What doctor did you decide to go with?
Schoonover he was the only one I saw that took more than 5 minutes talking to me
lol Those feelings are normal. You may even have some guilt set it. I was very nervous before the surgery....what if I didn't wake up from the anesthesia, etc. You will be fine...take a deep breath and prepare yourself for the journey ahead!


Honestly I think that this site is a God send. Getting everything out whether its asking a Dr or just venting thru the review really helps. Giving a voice to the fear and anxiety helps it disappear. It's empowering to ask the Drs here questions and call your own PS and have more of what's going on in their worlds. Talking with other women on here who have been thru the surgeries or ones who are just starting to think about it. It's hopefully helping with any of the cosmetic surgery stereotypes so many of us have faced.
Thank you for the comment and you totally deserve this. I will be following your journey! I am excited for you.
You are going to have amazing results! I love how real and honest you are in your story. The reactions we get from people amaze me. Thank you for sharing your story. :)
Thanks :)

Sore throat, drainage, and a missing period

Of course right! Surgery a week away and I'm 4 days late for my period. I'm swollen & bloated extremely & no signs its going to start any day other than next Mon or Tue lol. I tried to schedule it so it'd miss my period :( o well. So on top of that I woke up with a killer sore throat & drainage, allergies so suck. I decided to tuff today out and see if I can't get rid of them in a couple days. If I wake up the same tomorrow I'll call the surgeon and see what I can take.

On a great note I went to see my mom who is totally ok with me doing this and offered to come help me when my husband is at work & my kids are in school. So that covers most of my bases.

I'm so glad its finally almost here :)
I had a horrible cold before my surgery. I was able to use a nasal spray, and I was on Pseudoephedrine. They will still move forward with the surgery as long as you don't have a fever or cough. Try and take it easy and get well because your body will need all of its strength for recovery. Hope you feel better soon!
Thank you and might I say you look absolutely gorgeous honey ;)


I called PS yesterday and was told that chest congestion or a fever would postpone it. No fever yet but my chest is congested a little. Hoping to be better by tomorrow I have a Renaissance festival to attend Saturday. I did start my period today tho so happy on one front. I go in on Mon so we will decide then if I should postpone it or not.
Hope you feel better soon!
Thank you I'm getting their :)
Sorry about your friends. Mine were like that to. Only got support from my husband. No one understands...I had a six pack before I had my kids. And breastfeeding 3 kids deflated my boobs. Good luck to you. Hope you feel better by Tuesday :)

Chest cold

Was feeling a lot better, almost normal, Fri so went to Renaissance festival yesterday and maybe I pushed it a bit. Woke up today with a really tight chest. I've been using a humidifier with menthol & menthol pads & chest rub all day. I'm 90% positive that I'll have my surgery postponed. I'm not really bothered by that tho. Rather be healthy and a 100% then getting over an illness and 80%. Plus a cough after a tummy tuck would totally suck. Ouch.

Postponed surgery

Called office surgery tomorrow is cancelled :(
I hope you feel better soon. Coughing with a tummy tuck is hell. And so is laughing so don't watch anything funny afterwards lol. Good luck :)

New date 5/01

Well got a new date and a Dr appt in morning to get back on track. I have a killer headache but I'm totally taking Excedrin haha.
I always saw BA as cheating, too. My boyfriend sat me down one day and had a talk about it. He used to be really skinny and puny, and decided to work hard for more than a decade to change his body, but with boobs there just isn't that option. It's the same as getting braces for jacked-up teeth, because there's no amount of work you can put into that to change it. Also, I would drop the dead weight friends who are just being catty and jealous.

Happy Easter :)

Happy Easter hope everyone is good. I think I gained 5 lbs today from candy alone. I think I will be healthy enough to go thru with sx in a 11 days. I'm praying nothing else goes wrong. I have a vacation scheduled for may 23rd hoping I'll be up for it by then. Not a big vacation just the weekend 4 hrs from home and minimal walking but I might just hang out in a hotel soaking my feet in a pool. That's my kind of vacation anyways.

Got everything ready Thursday hurry up lol

Waiting waiting waiting come on Thursday :)
Can't wait to see how your make over goes I have mine may 8th and I'm freaking out to! But so excited at the same time
Thank you and good luck! Its so going to be worth it!!!!

on my way!!!!!!!

OK I'm on my way to Wichita I have an 8am check in. My husband and kids are going to hit the mall & a few more shopping places before they pick me up. Its crazy can't believe its finally here!!!!! It felt like it'd never get here! In 24 hrs I'll be on my way home! Eeeeekkkkk!!!!! IM GUNNA HAVE BOOBS!!!!
Yay! Can't wait to see your next update - from the flat side!
Good luck! I had a jealous friend as well but I quickly learned that anyone who wanted me to be miserable was not truly a friend at all!
Thank you and you are absolutely right. I'm going to miss her but I have ended that friendship. It was toxic anyways.

I made it

Made it..... Sorta. I have cried continuously, not because of pain but it hurts, I honestly don't know why. I'm sore so sore. I keep throwing up. It took me 20 minutes to pee. something odd is up with my ears. On a scale of 1-10 pain is a 6-7. I have walked some. I have compression boots. I'm so tired. I hope tomorrow is easier. Today has sucked.
Take pain meds with food! Did you get anything for nausea, if so take it. If your pain medicine has codeine it may make you more nauseated. Call MD in morning if still feeling sick. Thinking of you hunny! It does get better. Hugs to you.

still sucks

This really should be an inpatient surgery. If you have that option it'd probably help. I opted to go to my moms an hour away. Should have paid a little more stayed the night & then gone to my mothers today. I drove home today, 4.5 almost 5 hours. I got car sick. I'm still very sore the car ride didn't help that. I'm hoping to be in less pain by Sunday. Already warned my husband that he'll be calling in wife sick Sunday. I can take a shower today I just haven't decided whether I will or if I'll just wait til tomorrow. I plan on taking pictures then.
Hang in there. Everyone says that the first 3 days are the worst. Light at the end of the tunnel!

getting easier

Haven't officially taken a shower or looked at incisions other than on the boobs. I attempted a shower but I'm completely taped up and don't want to remove the foam gauze. I fainted in the tub too. I was 90% certain I was having a heart attack & was dying when that happened. It was the same feeling of my anaphylaxis scare. Did a wash cloth on the important parts did a sink wash on my hair today. Tomorrow I'm thinking about trying again.

new boobs

Figured I'd upload the pic of boobs :) I do like them
Look at my blog, he did my tummy tuck. The tape and gauze just pull off, it's just dressing to cover up the steri strips and tubing. If he did your belly button like mine though, you'll need a revision because you'll have rail road tracks around it. He stitched mine as you can see from my pics... Hope you feel better.
Thank you. You are correct. Today is so much better.

much better

Today is beyond tolerable pain its almost non existent. I'm still taking my meds tho. I still wake up super stiff and sore. I have very strange sensations in my stomach. I can't tell if its above or below the flap. My drains are slowing down. My head is still groggy and foggy. I can not lay down without help and I can't get up from laying down without help. I will be 100% on my own tomorrow, my husband has to go to work and my 12 year old and 7 year old have school. Actually I'm sorta glad that the kids are going back to school. Really I'm glad that the kids are going back to school I might get a little more sleep :) I think my husband is going to do a 1/2 day at work unless I tell him not to. I kick myself for telling him over and over that I'll be fine no dont take a vacation. I read all the easier than a c-section questions answered by male drs ha. Truthfully it is easier days wise. I needed my husband to take a vacation then another emergency vacation with my first by day 12 I was OK. Now day 3 I'm OK pain wise and don't have a baby that needs feed. I have no one but myself to look after but its still harder than a c-section. This pain is shocking. And depending on what all you have done dictates where you'll hurt too. C-section requires more time but its 100% less painful. My opinion only. On a different note I'm going to take pictures tonight and will b posting them later.
Yes I have been wearing a compression garment. I think its a combination of pressure drop and dehydration. I drink but can't seem to stay hydrated in the evenings.


day 4 update

I was on my own yesterday 7-4 until the kids came home. Husband stayed at work 5am-7:30pm. Had them set me things like a plate and toilet paper and things in the fridge in my reach. I ended up dropping stuff and if you can keep a stiff posture squatting to get stuff is easy. But I also was a softball catcher for over 1/3 my life. I have stopped taking my Tylenol. Still bent at an angle but again if you can squat OK lean against a wall and squat. The hard felt great behind me. I only walk maybe 5 minutes at a time but I do so twice an hour every hour I'm up.

So breaking it down first 24 shocking pain I wanted to die. Right butt cheek bruised swollen and very painful. Start walking to bathroom only.
48hrs still shocking and 5 hour car ride didn't help. Feeling my breast pain now too. Lipo site pain both sides. Walked to bathroom and a little for soreness.
72 easily tolerable pain turning to non existent except after sleeping a few hours. Woke up in hell bawling from pain for 4 nights. Butt still sore. Breasts sore. Walked to bathroom and kitchen and outside. Had someone get my drink and carry it but I tagged along. Sat outside for 10 minutes 3 times. Started walking more for stiffness.
96hrs still bent still slow almost 0 pain. Lipo site tender not painful. Same with breasts. Overall shocking pain that's extremely short lived. Walked everywhere every hour for 5 minutes. Went onto porch for a few minutes twice.

Same today no pain no meds still bent still slow still need naps but I feel great. Have my Dr appointment tomorrow will update then. I will try to take better pictures. And a side shot.

emotional rollercoaster

Said I'd update a few days ago & did not. Sorry been feeling really low and depressed. Had my check up Wednesday and thought I'd get my drains out. Nope still draining too much. I'm under 30 cc today but I wasn't then. I also found out I have possible necrosis of my belly button. Its completely black so I have to go back next week. I'll post some pics of it later.
Hugs! Try to stay positive. You look amazing. Are you on antibiotics now?


You can see the blackishness in my belly button. Its looked like that since I took the gauze off. I'm not 100% sure its necrosis, I can close my eyes and feel my husband clean it. It is not painful and I don't have an infection. Hopefully its nothing and heals beautifully. I removed a drain tonight. Best feeling ever. Can't wait for the other one.
Thanks Seachik, especially for the complement :) No antibiotics, they don't know if its dead or not either. Its a wait and see. I go in again on Wed so they can look at it.

more necrosis maybe

I really hoped I'd have an uneventful healing. Life says no. So I say hand me the triple antibiotic ointment and the gauze. I sent the PS pics since I'm 4 hours away. They said stick with gauze and ointment and see you Wed. It could be nothing at all.

debridement sucks

Necrosis sucks getting it cut out sucks having this experience has sucked. On a better note I saved my belly button by putting a bunch of ointment in it but it looks nasty too. O well hope I don't get an infection anywhere.
A part of my incision looked like that. Could it be possible that you're allergic to the neomycin in the triple antibiotic ointment. I never thought I was until my TT. I would use something else, and make him give you antibiotics.
I do have a neosporin sensitivity so I used bactrican (sp?) instead. I was told after the debridement to use wet to dry dressings. The only issue I have with that is they haven't actually dried any I'm seeping too much for that. Idk thinking I'm going to try a RX ointment that my husband got a while back. Might have better luck with that than anything else.
I personally would do wet to dry dressings. I was a wound care nurse for years and I would just use ointment and put thick pads over for the drainage. The problem now is your body has to heal from the inside out which is a very lengthy process. I feel so bad for you. I'm sorry this happened to you... :-(

what do you think? NOT WORTH IT!

I think I should have bought a car :)
Is this normal? I'm 8 days post op. This is the most pain I have ever been in my life. I had an extended tummy tuck that went from front to back
I would say that no that is not normal but you had an extended tuck. Are you able to walk any? How well are you sleeping?
I can barely walk. When I do my back hurts soo bad! I'm sleeping ok hard to get uncomfortable? Are they saying what caused your incision to look like that? Have you been walking hunched

wound progression

Just how my incision is progressing
I see some good progression! Whatever you doing is working...
Hope you are feeling better and hope you have a speedy recovery
Continue to stay positive ,I am 3 months two weeks post op and my TT wound has barely now closed completely .

more progression (worse before better) I hope

I hit bottom yesterday and completely freaked out. I know & knew this was a "possible" complication with this surgery. I honestly did not expect it to happen like this. I had a small patch of necrosis that was debrided now I have a deep crater where you can see sutures and possibly a deep suture. I panicked yesterday and probably woke my poor surgeon up but after removing my gauze and seeing my husband's face turn to a very concerned expression and look at my hole and how it changed I freaked. I was bawling no amount of his rational it could be worse would calm me down I made him call the PS. I feel horrible I had him call I feel horrible that I could not be consoled. It started to turn the dressings a blue green color. I don't know what that is. I wish of would stop growing in size. I wish it would hurry up and just heal.
Please look at my wound progression,although mine was nickle size it was similar and took almost two months to close cleaning and dressing it twice a day .Keep your head up it gets better .
It will be ok. He is a great plastic surgeon. He will take care of you. He will do scar revisions, which are not as deep and invasive as a tummy tuck. He will make sure you look beautiful and you're happy... Wounds always look completely worse before they get better.
Thank you. I am glad I went with him rather than someone else because of how he has treated me with compassion. I think I can see granulation tissue but I'm not 100% sure.

officially 31 days post

OK so its been almost 2 weeks since I posted. Overall I'm good, I can walk 99% normal. I've been cleared to start mild exercise. I've been released to wear an under wire & I don't have to wear the cg any longer. I still wear it to bed because I'm a tosser, I roll a lot. I finally talked my husband into having sex. My boobs are the best. And I still have crazy swelling but for 5 minutes first thing in the morning I have sexy curves. :) i wish the Dr would have warned me about a high scar and the fact that my pubic area would be pulled up. I have no problem shaving I just wish I would have been informed better. Maybe I was I don't know.

My wound did get huge. I had to have it debrided again the day after the last post and it got way bigger. 6"x3.5"x1" (length, width, depth) so I stayed away from real self and internet honestly. It really wasn't helping my emotional healing. I went to my PS weekly for a month and last Wednesday was told that I'm doing an excellent job with the dressings. No debridement nessecary. They think I'll be healed way before the fourth of July so I'm happy. I don't have to go back until June 18 which is huge for me. :) I know the only reason everything has gone the way it has is protein 100g a day. It sucks and its hard to do believe me but it has worked. My hole is now 3.5"x1.75"x.25". It has been an experience, one I can't take back and one that I can't change so I've had to except it for the way it is.
Thank you for your review, I'm sorry you had the complications you did and I hope you are well on your way to healing now. You'd be surprised how well the body heals, in my old job I saw some awful wounds (mainly bedsores) and they heal up and don't scar anything like you think they would. I agree with you on this surgery should be a hospital stay, you'd be in two nights in the UK, it's major surgery. Ps. Your boobs look great too!
Thanks for the encouragement and compliment :)
My scar was too high for my liking as well. This is why I'm having mine revised once I drop my weight. Overall you look sexy! Stay positive, and heal...


2.5"x1"xnothing! Its pretty flush with my the skin now which is awesome. I just wanted to see a side by side 12 day progression its amazing.
I hope once you are fully healed that you change your mind to "worth it." My heart breaks for you because I think ALL of us think that it won't happen to us. I hope that once the wound closes you can do some sort of silicon treatment to minimize the scar. Your breasts look awesome!! I hope that you can remain positive and keep us posted of your progress! Women after you will appreciate your journey and it will help educate them in the event they too experience this. Sending you healing vibes!
I felt the vibes ;) I hope it will help someone else dealing with necrosis. Its pretty scary when it first starts & if I can give anyone an idea of what it might do or how if might look when they need some info it will make it worth it :)
I hope your healing process has gotten better. It will heal and just make sure to check in with your PS about the necrosis. Boobs look amazing and assymetrical. :)


Finally healed closed on the 6th. I am still swelling daily wonder when that will end. Over all tho happy with how I look but I don't think I'd do it again.
Are you a smoker , cause that cause lack of oxygin , and has carbinmonoxide in ciagaretts , om gosh i done obbsesive research and that im about pisitive is Nacrocis , because im a smoker too , and I found extreamly frightening photos of people who got a tummy tuck , and was a smoker. ;( Very scary and sad !!!! Im quiting smoking. August 2, 2014 for good , But i will not get any tummy tuck , or breast augumentation done for atleast. 1 full year , because of the Necrosis , m scared to death !!!! You are in my prayers and May God Bless you in a fast healing recovery , im so saddened you experienced this , take care and keep us up dated , and thank you for your courage to share your jouney with all of us !!!! Sometime next year you'll be seeing my journey ;) Im hoping
I'm glad it closed! And your healing process can continue. It looks tons better. I hope you feel better about the outcome

swelling subsiding

OK well I'm 3 days out of 90% no swelling. I still swell some just not much. 4 months out I need to change my rating to worth it.
Hey there girly. I have thought about you often and glad to see you all healed up. I wanted to see how you were doing. Although this happened you look amazing and so do your perky little boobies. I see people here commenting about smoking? Were you a smoker? Anyways, so I have sent new pictures to Dr. Schoonover, although I could go somewhere else closer I want to see if he will do a revision for free. He is a very reserved surgeon which is great so your sutures don't rip apart, but he did not pull me as tight as I wanted. Now that I have lost some weight and been really exercising this tummy, I want it tighter. So we shall see. I did want to say, I really think you should let him do a revision, if so I am positive he will give you ten times more antibiotics than the normal person! HA HA... If you are a smoker though, for sure quit!
Lol I know :) I saw that you got the sleeve and look great omg wow. I quite smoking way before this surgery so I doubt it had anything to do with it. For sure I go back in November and revision is going to be the first thing I say. I have a small dog ear as well as the necrosis scar, but really its filled in nicely. I hope you are able to get it free. You really do look amazing tho.


:) swelling comes and goes but I feel and look great. Going for a revision of my dog ear and scar soon so I'll post what that's like when I cross that bridge.
I can't imagine what you went through. I'm so happy for you that it is over and things look great! You are one strong, beautiful woman that's for sure!
I'm glad to see you healed. You are looking great.
Ahhh. Thank you sweet girl... I would have him just redo the entire scar. Remember if he does that it will be 10x better! Because it's not all the way down to the muscle. It's very minimum. You will do just fine. I am glad you quit smoking food for you! Keep me updated!
Dr Schoonover

He was the best out of my consultations. The others half heartedly explained what to expect while he talked to me for almost an hour before performing another patients surgery. He is caring and informative. Very easy going and plans with you. Explains how to get the best out come and suggests what it is he'd like to do and leaves it up to you to decide if your open to it. Oh and has a great and friendly personality.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
2 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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