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Itching After Full Face CO2 Laser Resurfacing - Wichita, KS

Co2 laser has the best results, but it has a...

Co2 laser has the best results, but it has a higher risk and recovery. I used a Board Certified Physician that I trusted. I did the necessary research and I felt confident that it was a good decision for me.

After 13 days I am very satisfied. I have smooth skin and the wrinkles under my eyes are gone. Mineral Make-up is a must. Redness will be persistent for many months.

It was not a cake walk. It requires at least 7-10 days out of the public eye and willingness to look down right awful for quite a few days. Make sure that you have everything you need at your house before your procedure; you will not want to have to make a drug store run, believe me.

I had CO2 laser, full face on December 1, 2009. I am 13 days post and I am so itchy! I have tried Atarax, makes me sleepy but helps for a little while. I have also tried benadryl cream; also helps a little. My skin does not look extra dry. I am leaving scratches on my face when I sleep and I am going crazy during the day. I do not have a rash of any type. I need to know how long will this last or what treatments could ease the itching. Thank You

It has been 3 years since my Co2 full face laser...

It has been 3 years since my Co2 full face laser procedure. I am still reaping the benefits. My skin still does not have any brown spots and I do not have to use any foundation. My skin always looks luminous. I am so glad that I did it! Here is what I have done since: I use retinA religiously as well as sunscreen. I also use Clarsonic at least once a day for cleansing. I occasionally have a facial (about 4 times a year). As for medical grade "assistance, 2 years ago I did a Vipeel and I keep up with fillers as needed. I did have Sculptra last year to fill in some of the areas of my face where fat was lacking due to age; that's about it. I will probably do the C02 again at some point if I can find a PS I can trust. I have moved twice, so I am not longer a Wichita Girl!
Wichita Plastic Surgeon

She is the only woman PS in Wichita area. She is very knowledgeable and confident. I felt I had made a good decision

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Did you have Traditional or Fractional CO2?
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Tell me about clarsonic and any other products im NOT going through this to ruin it ya know! Help I need a mentor;-)
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I use a clarsonic and RetinA. Be sure use loads of sunscreen! My skin is still in great shape.
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What do you mean by a clarsonic?
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It is a facial cleansing system. You use your cleanser on a battery operated brush to wash your face. You can get it from Amazon Sephora, Ulta. It is a great way to keep skin clean and remove dead skin. Don't use u til you have fully healed from your procedure.
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Traditional Full Face .
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Thanks! It has been two years now. I just had a V peel. to keep the results. Very happy still! My neck lift did not maintain the initial results, however. I am not happy with that.
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Hi Wichita girl,
I just wanted to say your face looks fabulous! Thanks for sharing your pics with us.
Skin girl
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I had a co2 cool laser yesterday,the redness is gone but i have spots of brusing wher the laser hit,around 10 or so.what shoild I do or does it just take time,and how much time.thank you

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I had fractional co2 on 11/18/10 and experienced severe itching as well. It started around day 3 and continued for about a week and a half. I took benadryl and used hydrocortisone cream with minimal relief. I did not scratch the areas for fear of irritation but rubbed gently. I was beginning to wonder if I had an infection but the itching eventually stopped. Honestly, the itching was the worst part....it drove me nuts!!
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I am in day 7 and still itching. It is driving me crazy. Can anyone recommend something I can do? I am afraid it will never go away,
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Question:Itching after full face C02 laser resurfacing. Answer: Itching following C02 laser resurfacing of the face is common at 1 to 2 weeks. I often treat this itching with a mild hydrocortisone cream. On the other hand,when there is severe itching in ssociation with an accentuated redness, there may be an underlying monilial fungal infection that can easily be treated. It is important to have this itching evaluated by your treating doctor and appropriately addressed. It is important to avoid scratching as this may produce scars.
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