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29Yrs Old with 7 Children Much Need TT (Mommy Makeover in the Making) - Aventura, FL

Well where do I start, I am 29yrs with 7 children....

Well where do I start, I am 29yrs with 7 children. I have been researching Tummy Tucks, breast aug/lifts, BBLs thoroughly for about 3.5yrs now. I am finally scheduled for a TT in Aventura Fl with DR. Salama in Jan of 2015. The surgery is almost paid for just have 600 left to pay, then the rental home for 10days, gas, food, etc. I am in search of a rental place for about 2weeks and we are driving down there and back, much cheaper. Plan on taking kids to DW while I am there a day or so before surgery so that they can enjoy fl too. I don't want to be away from them too long so we decided to make a vacation out of it. I will be going back to fl in July of 2015 for my BBL surgery and we will make another Vacation out of it for the kiddos too, plan on swimming with the dolphins before the BBL surgery in July. Anyways, I have been fighting with the selfish vain issues with myself and husband. he is supportive don't get my wrong he is very supportive but he thinks sometimes that I might be a little vain and selfish. Perhaps I am, I am entitled to be a little selfish FINALLY after taking care of all those kids and him, now its my turn. I am scared of the procedure and going under big time! I have crazy dreams, I die during and I have had one that I made it out but ended up with a clot that traveled to my lungs and I was crying that it wasn't worth dying over and leaving my kids with no mother , that one got to me big time. I hope all goes well with the travel, recovery, and surgery.

Changed my Date

HI everyone,
I was originally scheduled for Jan 13th of 2015 for my TT but I did reschedule it to FEB 10 of 2015 only a month later.i had to I was having trouble finding a place for 13nights, they are booked! so I had to change it which would work out great cuz of TAXES!!!! so this should be fun and more exciting without pinching too many pennies!!! Its still on!! I will post some before pics around October of this year before my surgery.

Pre op Pics

I decided to post the pre op pics. I am currently still losing weight from my 7th child that I had (9months ago) I currently still have a thyroid issue due to my body trying to get back to normal but it does make it harder.. Also pics were taken while on my period so I get extremely bloated and I always seem to gain 10lbs every time my friend comes. Anyways, sorry about the dirty mirror I have 7 kiddos and a husband and it gets dirty at least 5 Times a day. It took me a lot to post these pics. Still a work in progress I work out 5-6days a week.

Wish Pics

I wanted to post some wish pics of Tummy and a couple with boob wish pics. I am posting a pic of what I look like from behind now. I think I look great lying down from behind but the front has got to go! lol! Surgery is set for Feb 10th 2015 in Aventura Fl with Dr. Salama for my TT, August 20th 2015 for my BBL which I will post some wish pics of the booty when it comes time for that.

plastic surgery simulator

I wanted to post a butt pic/tt of a plastic surgery simulator on my ipad of myself. This is what I could look like with a TT and a BBL getting done,

boob wish pics

just boob wish pic

More wish pics of booties mainly but 1 with some boobs

Just wanted to add some more wish pics to my profile of some booties and one of boobies.

Wish pic of booty

another wish pic of a booty.

some more wish pics of boobs

posting more boob pics that I like
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Salama is great!! Good luck in your journey!
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I'm hypothyroid too. Don't be so anxious about sharing your pics. None of us would be here if we had flat bellies to start with. Just keep your eyes on the prize. If you are on Facebook, you should check out Hypothyroid Mom. It is a page with lots of info on thyroid issues if your meds aren't working. My TSH was normal but I was gaining and had sore joints and muscles, fatigue and was freezing. I talked my doc into checking my free T4 and free T3 levels (I transcribe reports for an Endo so my doc knows I do my research). Anyway, T3 was below normal range so she added Cytomel to my levothyroxine treatment. I lost eyebrow hair and eyelashes too! It's no joke. I hope you can get that straightened out. Having a baby does screw with your pituitary gland and thus your thyroid and other hormones too. Give yourself a break hun. Good things are coming!
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I feel you, l been dealing with Hypo-thyroid for 13 years now, my eyebrows falled of and one if them never growback, if l can loosed about 85 lbs in a year and half, be patience and eat healthy, and walk, walk for 30minutes morning and 30 minutes nite, jaja l know that before pictures are gross but is just for comparision soon you will have the new you next to it. God Bless you and Wish you all the best and if l can do it, you will too, keep us posted.
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Thank you very much
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Ur eyebrows fell out?! Yikes! My hair in my head has thinned and been falling out for done time now. I am really hoping that the thyroid regulates it's self sooner rather than later. I'm hung time increase my weight lifting to 2x a day and carfio twice a day see if that helps with the lbs. I've been reading about carb recycling so I'm Jgoing try that too.
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I tatoo my eyebrows, l will post pictures tomorrow for you to see it, l tatoo 12 years ago the first time then l retouch then in june, they look nice, my hair fall of too and grow back super coarse and thick, what help me a lot too are those pills that my mother in law send me from PuritanPride.com it call Thyroid Support from Natra-Bio) is a green blueish box, they help me a lot and they vegetarian formula. Keep us posted
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Sounds like you are going to make some good memories before the transformation. I understand about feeling selfish. I'm afraid of dying on the table or getting a clot too. I am afraid of leaving my kids without a mom as well. Glad I am not being ridiculous. It's normal. I don't think that I am selfish wanting to be on top of my husband without my tummy hanging down, or wanting to wear panties that don't fall under my roll. I tell him about what he has to look forward to and he smiles. He knows I will be happier and more confident and confidence is sexy.
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hi, I think majority of us women have these fears and concerns prior to any type of surgery. Totally normal. I do understand the feeling of having the stomach touch while having sex its horrible! Yes most defiantly will be more confidant and feel sexy.
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No, no no, think positive, you will be gone to look beautifull, and you will love the new you, and your husband will be crazy about you, mine is OMG is like eternal honemoon, lol, kisses honey and you will be fine trust God and your sutgeon.
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Ty. I hope after this surgery will be like an eternal honeymoon lol. Hopefully the confidence comes back and in sure it will.
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You will mark my words, you will transform yourself first out then in, OMG l can not wait for you to feel what lam feeling, my surgeon was Dr. Salama, l sooo thanksfull to God and him, he has a gifted hands, he laugh went l asked him "How the hell do you start my surgery, how you know what to do with a huge belly like mine", he just said l just did what l love to do and smile. Hey take a look at my before and after and take my feelings from there. Kisses, if anything that l can help just ask, we here to support each other.
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I can not wait to feel as good as you sound like you feel. You sound soo happy! And I am very glad to see that you are very happy with your body, and you look AMAZING!!!! Thank You very much for your kind words and your support, I deeply appreciate it. Thank You!
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