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Botox Administered Badly Can Ruin Your Day

I opted for Botox because it is relatively...

I opted for Botox because it is relatively inexpensive, non-invasive and the results are immediate.

Although I like the injector's aesthetics -- I also had Perlane injection and am largely happy with the results -- I feel that she was less than honest in describing both products and their effects.

Ok, I made a mistake.If you read this, and you are...

Ok, I made a mistake.

If you read this, and you are smarter than I am, maybe you won't end up writing a review like this one. I did very little research before deciding to get injectibles. I didn't read through the bulletin boards. I simply trusted my esthetician and, because I didn't take the responsibility to educate myself, I didn't really know what to expect.

I had Botox injections administered by an RN who works in my esthetician's office. I had seen the results of her work, felt that her aesthetics  were in keeping with mine and she had extensive experience. I did not originally intend to get Botox but during the consultation, she said that Botox injections were the best product for the lines in my forehead and between my eyes. I knew that there were Botox horror stories out there but didn't really think anything bad would happen to me. I trusted her. It  was relatively inexpensive, virtually painfree, the results would appear in a day or two. Well, you know the punchline: She injected too close to my eyes. My forehead is frozen in time (BTW: it looks great) and my brows have dropped to somewhere around my knees. And like so many others on this chatboard, I'm whining now because I can't enjoy the beneficial results of the procedure because I look like a Neandrathal.

Now that I see what is actually involved and what can happen, I have decided that I would be happier seeing a reputable Certified Plastic Surgeon with a more extensive training in anatomy for all future appointments of this nature. Ialso intend to read everything I can find on this board about any cosmetic procedure so that I can make an informed choice about whether the benefits outweigh the risks.

I recently had my first experience with Botox, which was administered by an RN, and my eyebrows have dropped. Having gained a very quick education, I will go to reputable plastic surgeon in the future.

The RN is unaware that I have had a problem. If the eyebrow drop can be reduced by injecting the antagonistic muscle, should I approach her for a correction or is this better left to the doctor?

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Turning 40 in July 2012. Just went to the spa for a consultation to get botox in my forehead. The nurse tried to talk me into it, I said no, I need to research more. I have read every post, making me think to say the least. Anybody have anything new to add to help me come to a decision. Thanks so much for all your comments and honesty.
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Tami in FL: I'm so sorry that you also had a bad experience and I can obviously understand both your disappointment in the results and your concern that the results might be permanent. I can only tell you of my experience, which is: The effects of the Botox began to wear off at 8 weeks and now, 12 weeks out, I am completely back to normal - I have visible eyelids, I can raise my eyebrows and the Botox headaches have stopped. You really just have to ride it out and disguise the effects as well as you can. Since I couldn't hide in the house, I changed my hair, changed my make-up and changed my glasses in the hope that people would notice those changes, instead of the Botox-induced changes (ok...I'm vain...duh...why do you think I wanted the Botox to begin with?!) I know that right now it seems impossible that you have to live like this for another 8 weeks but I promise you, it is survivable. And then, find a provider you can REALLY trust and get back on the horse -- 50 is the new 40 !!
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Thanks .... I'll ride it out. It's hard to hide or disguise my smile except by just not smiling and I am a happy person who smiles a lot ... oh well, guess I Just have to wait it out! I'm going to just turn 50 this year with out any more botox ... never want to go through this again!!
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Tami, have you seen any improvement in your face since writing this review? I know how awful you feel. I had botox 8 weeks ago for crows feet and it has left me with strange chipmunk cheeks and crunching under my eyes which creates new wrinkles that I never had. I have been so self concious that I've been battling to function - don't want to go any where. I really do hope that this wears off soon for us. Some people on Real Self claim that it took 6-8 months before they saw improved results. I can't bare this for another week...holding thumbs for you and I...
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Last week (Aug 09) I did the same thing you did... without researching Botox fully, I went in for a consultation and the staff at the spa told me how safe and wonderful Boxtox is. The two people I spoke with had the injections and they looked good. A part time radiologist Doctor works out of that spa giving the Botox injections. (He's probably looking to earn extra money on the side). I had that line between my eyebrows and the crows feet lines on the sides of my eyes injected. It's a week later and now my face is no longer symmetrical. The right side looks swollen and when I smile it's crooked. I had a beautiful even full smile before this procedure ... now I have a half smile, normal on the left side and droopy on the right like someone who's suffered a stroke. I'm going to be 50 this year and this was my B-day gift to my self ... I am so disillusioned and I regret I let them talk me into this simple procedure without fully investigating it!! I have a follow apt with the Doctor who administered the Botox today and I'm also going to see my family Doctor and get his second opinion. I can only hope and pray this temporary and not some kind of permanent nerve or muscle damage. Has anyone else had this same experience and if yes ... did it go away?
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ZuZu - I am so sorry you had that experience. You are right that you should definitley see a Cosmetic Derm or Plastic Surgeon. If you have heavy eyelids - you should never have your forehead injected with Botox- you are guaranteed eyelid droop. I know this because I have heavy lids and can only have my Glabellar ( in between eye ) and crows feet. As for the forehead - I have bangs :-) Better luck to you !
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What about the Perlane, do you like those results?? Just wondering?
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Yes, I'm going to write a Perlane review -- I now think it's my duty to let other women know these things :) and I do like the results aesthetically. I look younger. However, the bruising was much more extensive than I was led to believe, it could not be covered up with make-up and took more than one week to resolve. I envy the women who are apparently do this on their lunch hour. That is really my only complaint -- if I had been told that it was possible that the bruising would be that bad, I would have planned my work and social schedule accordingly.
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