Got Started with the Process...finally! - White Plains, NY

I got my ankle tattoo 3 years back. A scorpion -...

I got my ankle tattoo 3 years back. A scorpion - my star sign :). Well I just wish I wouldve got it somewhere which was easily covered, like my back or something. coz now I have to keep it covered at work. Got annoyed with this whole ordeal, and thought of zapping it. The decision came after weeks of following this community. My turn to post now!!!
My first treatment with the picosure yesterday.


Best of luck! It's a process but your on your way.
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Thank you for taking the time to share your story, look forward to following your progress!!
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Good luck to you, I just started my picosure last week thursday. My blisters are gone but now I'm scabby and itchy. I have enough tattoo regret for a lifetime.
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2 weeks after Treatment#1 Picosure

Blisters healing

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4 weeks after Treatment#1

Blisters healed, scabs gone
Hypopigmentation has been clearing up, some of it is still evident. Any thoughts on this?


Hey, this place seems a lot cheaper than the one I'm going to in the city so it could be worth the drive. I was just wondering if the woman you see, Mary, is a doctor? Is she just a laser technician? Do you feel she's qualified either way? Thanks!
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Hey, I have just had one treatment, approx 8 weeks I can't really comment on the process. Will be going in for my second soon, lets see how that goes
Can you please give me the website for Mary from White Plains NY. I have a tattoo that I want to remove. I've done my homework on PicoSure now I just need a "good" professional.
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After/ Before


Are you going to have more treatments?
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I still have a little bit of hypo-pigmentation, waiting for it to clear up before going for my second treatment
Hey! I was supposed to go here at some point around Sept but money problems delayed me. I know she had just started using the laser so I was curious what you thought of her, her knowledge, experience, etc. thanks!
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