I have absolutely hated my nose from age twelve. I...

I have absolutely hated my nose from age twelve. I really wanted to learn to like it but I'm 25 now and don't feel any differently. My mother recently had a breast lift and afterwards said her only regret was not having done the operation sooner and wasting so much time being anxious about something that could easily be changed. I started to realize all the time I spent obsessing over my nose and realizing that plastic surgery was the only thing that would allow me to stop. After reading so many positive reviews on Dr. C I decided to meet with him. During my consultation Dr. C started by telling me what he thought the flaws of my nose were, he was spot on! I had seen one other surgeon and felt off about the whole thing but after meeting Dr. C I feel confident in his abilities and just had a gut feeling that I should choose him. Super excited for my procedure!

More Before Photos

I have my final consultation this Monday with Dr. C, YAY! Thought I would post a few more before photos that show the wide array of ways my nose looks awful.

Before photos

From just the right angle, in just the right lighting my nose isn't so bad. I hope the final results look like something like my nose in these photos.

Final Consultation

Last week I had my final consultation with Dr. C and feel more assured of the procedure. He showed me a nose very similar to mine and the outcome and asked if I agreed it was a beautiful nose (definitely was!) and said his aim was to make mine as much like that nose as possible. We chatted a bit about why computer imaging is stupid (I can make a photo of a nose I want on an app that doesn't mean I can perform a surgery to do it). Overall Dr. C seems like a competent, no thrills surgeon which is just what I was looking for. Am going to get my blood work done in the coming days and fill all my prescriptions. So excited! 16 more days!

I did it!

Yay! Had it done today it was A TOTAL BREEZE. The nicest med school student came to watch (Dr. C asked my permission first of course) she was having a procedure done on Thursday, it was nice to have some company beforehand who was in the same boat. Nurses and anesthesiologist were awesome. Dr. C was too. I have zero pain today on my nose just throat from tracheal intubation. When I changed the drip pad I noticed there is so much space between my nose and upper lip! First time ever! I was so ecstatic. Already love it, am currently drinking miso soup, eating Popsicles to soothe my throat and watching True Detectives. Totally content. No pain meds necessary will update more this week!

Three days later ughhh

Day it was done and the following day were zero pain very little bruising. Kinda felt it was too good to be true, today I woke up with left eye swollen so much it is now uncomfortable to close it. I still haven't taken anything for pain, not necessarily painful, just itchy. Anyhow, as you can see not my best look but I already love the tip!
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Lucky you! Mine is next Tuesday. I hope it's a breeze like yours.
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You and I seem to have similar noses! (Or had on your part, mine will be past tense soon too :P) Can't wait to see post-op pictures!!!
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Good luck!! It sounds like you have a great surgeon!
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Thank you! Am super excited to see the results of yours as well! I think you will be soooo happy you spent the money in the long run, what's a few thousand to feel more confident?!
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I hope you get the results you desire. Looking forward to following your story. Our surgeries are getting closer. My revision is on March 25!
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Good luck with your rhinoplasty! I'll be following your review :) March 18 is so close!
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Thank you for the well wishes, just took a look at your profile and see yours is coming up soon, will also be checking in for the results! Though jealous at how pretty your nose already is from the front!
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I feel the same way about my nose! Good luck with your surgery and keep us posted!
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Thank you! Will definitely be more updates to come!
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Good luck on your surgery. Pls keep us posted.
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