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Let me start off by saying that I am 33 and have...

Let me start off by saying that I am 33 and have lupus so this surgery was a concern for me because my healing time is doubled because my immune system is out of wak. I've wanted surgery since I was 15 but decided go give myself a chance to grow and like my nose. An adult now and well here I am. I don't think my nose was ugly I just felt like it didnt fit my face, and felt I couldnt have short haircuts because my nose was too big. I had a bump, my nostrils where a bit wide, and it was kinda long in my opinion.

It took me two years to decide on my doctor. The only reason I chose him is because of the work I saw on two other patients on this site. It just seems like he makes your nose fit your face, not like these other cookie cutter surgeons, where all the noses look the same.

Just had my surgery on the 29th of December 2011. I wasn't nervous the only thing I was thinking about was the pain afterwards, which really isn't bad. Its just like having a stuffy nose. I am taking arnica for the bruising and swelling, as with my condition, which is under control, I bruise quite easily on a daily basis. At the end of day 2 one side of my face became more bruised and swollen than the other almost purple. I kept icepacks on it. I get my cast off tomorrow. I know my nose will still be swollen, but I will post pics after a month.

My doctor is very kind and listens to what you want specifically. He knew exactly what I wanted. I didnt take a pic of someone elses nose like some people do, I wanted him to make my nose specifically for me. He removed the bump, narrowed the bridge, shortened the length, narrowed my nostrils and raised the tip just a bit. I wasn't nervous at all and I really cant believe I didn't get nervous. Dr C and his staff make your feel at ease. He is very professional and doesnt seem like a doctor just telling you what you want to hear in order to get your cash. He is very honest with the expectations.

My nose seems a little strange now because I have seened it a certain way for so long, I guess its a matter of getting use to the new look. The recovery is quite painless, I think I was more annoyed at having to sleep upright than anything else, oh and this itchy cast on my nose these last two days I am so ready for it to come off. Warning I have hurt my nose 3 times already, and it hurts owww. I have 2 year old twins and they can be unpredictable I have to shield my nose from them. I will be on guard with them the next couple of months.

Day 7 and the swelling has gone down and my bruising is almost all gone. I have cleaned the outside of my nose with q tips and peroxide and just the inner tip of my nostrils, I have been to afraid to go any deeper. My nose is less stuffy, it feels kinda runny. At day 4 I did try to put some saline drops in to help with cleaning or moisture, and OMG never again a drop reached way to in and it burned horribly I had read on the internet that you should begin the drops or spray after day two but, in my opinion your nose is still healing and still traumatized I don't think it should be disturbed anymore. I took all of my antibiotics and had vicodin but I only used them for the first 3 days as scheduled just incase, I didnt want to feel any pain.

The 3 day I only took half a tablet and by day 4 I was like let me see if I feel pain, if I do I'll take it but I didn't. The jelly ice packs are the best. Peas are even better but freeze and refreeze peas, too much hassle. Vaseline for lips, they will get very dry trying to sleep with an open mouth. I had a bed tray by my bed with water and all my supplies so I didn't need to get up. I would wake up with the driest throat at night, not pleasant at all.

I stayed in bed the first 4 days as I had the grandparents watching the kids. The first days I ate soup or watery substances, lots of water, misso (no msg) or organic soup, raw organic drinks with antioxidants and electrolytes. I didn't have pain chewing so I quickly went on to healthy low sodium foods. Lots of veggies and fruit if you can eat it raw the better. Pieces of ginger boiled to make a tea helps with inflammation as well, just add some sugar or honey for a sweeter taste. I know this seems very detailed but watching what you eat when sick makes a big difference. Sodium causes swelling and with my lupus I cant eat foods that might trigger a flare, swelling of my joints or pain in my bones. I also took vitamin C with bioflavnoids and calcium pills with vitamin D.

I don't usually see plastic surgery reviews of people with illnesses but I do know how important it is to express how someone feels when they do have one. Some don't heal as quickly as everyone else, and what ever can speed the healing process, I say why not express it. I know my review might seem a little sporadic but I'm just writing as it comes to me. I will update as my weeks go on. I will post some pics of me before. Any questions feel free to ask.

After the cast is off I feel, like I dont like the...

After the cast is off I feel, like I dont like the tip. I will give it time and see how it looks after a while, the girls are saying the tip will drop. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. But as of now I dont like looking in the mirror. I want to be honest at all times about how I feel, so that others going through the same can relate. I'm sure I'm just freaking out. Okay let the healing magic begin. lol

Okay it day 11, I gave in, I said I was going to...

Okay it day 11, I gave in, I said I was going to be patient. I've been using arnica cream on my nose for the swelling. So I rested all day and decided to take a nap. Lo and behold I woke up and was going to add some more cream, looked in the mirror and thank the Lord the tip is beginning to come down. I am so happy. Its still fat and wide but its starting to normalize. I heal quite slowly so I am adding some scar zone cream to the stitch area. Its still kinda raw. Scar zone is great, and its inexpensive.

19 days later alot of swelling has gone down, I'm...

19 days later alot of swelling has gone down, I'm still adjusting to my new nose. It seems so small now, I never knew my nose could be this small. Its amazing. Everything is looking better. Some of my family (the ones that dont know) haven't even noticed it. I guess because its gradually going down. I'm still adding the scar cream because of course I'm taking forever to heal, and the skin on my nose has been crazy. Its been peeling, so I just add an spf facial cream on it, and lightly removed peeling skin with a moistened q-tip. I dont know if its just me or it happens to everyone.

Okay It seems that when I take a picture, either...

Okay It seems that when I take a picture, either the lighting or something doesnt really show the definition of my nose. From the front the camera makes it look bulbous but its not. I took some side and semi side pics to maybe show you the difference. My nose has gone down quite alot. I really like it. It's not piggish at all. The tip did go down and you cannot see head on into my nostrils anymore. My only problem now is that I was able to pick my nose with my fingers, but my new nose is so small I can only use qtips, I dare not use anything else. I know that sounds gross but its reality. Thats the transformation my nose took. I cant wait to see it at the year anniversary. I'm told it still will go down.
White Plains Plastic Surgeon

I think everything was perfect, always asked if I had any more questions. He always answered them all. He is very professional and has a warm demeanor.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
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Absolutely perfect! You look so classy and so much younger with yourl cute little nose!
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You are sooooooo cute!
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I think it looks amazing! btw, I like the brunette hair better, still pretty :)
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You look GREAT!
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Not a bad job. I think that you looked better and more exotic in the befores.
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I pray he does mines like yours it's perfection
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You and your new nose look beautiful! What are your concerns about your nose at this point in the recovery? I am considering Dr. Ciardullo and would love to know more about what you are happy and unhappy with in terms of his work. Also, can you please post more recent pictures? Profile and front, I would love to see the little changes up to today. Thank you so much for sharing your story!
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Dont worry- your tip will drop :) Patience, patience...it's the hardest part about this surgery and waiting for a true result :)
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You nose looks great! Thank You for you review it was just what i need, I had my surgery done 5 days ago with Dr C & i'm totally worried about my tip I think it's too upturned. I'm trying to stay positive but it's somewhat hard. I'm happy your tip when down, I feel like there's hope for me. & thanks for the qtip advise I didn't need qtips before but since he did a nostril tuck they are now much smaller.Please let me know how the healing is coming a long.
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You look beautiful! I love your nose a lot :)
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Hi again! I didn't see your May comments till now! So it seems we are very much on the same page as we heal. Awesome! Yes mine looks very bulbous too-- My doc had me wrap it for 3 mos post op and said I didn't have to anymore. Yet he gave me more tape so not sure why but I do use it now n then when it seems really swelled. He also gave me nose stint because I have the same thing-- I use q-tips to pick my nose. LOL!! Just this morning I could fit my pinky up my right nostril but my left is still tight. Do you have the nasal stints? If not ask the doc for a pair-- they help. Enjoy!!!
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Do you have any more pictures you can upload? the last three don't work :(
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Thanks for sharing these pics! I see your tip has come down nicely and I think your nose looks very natural and nice for your face. My surgery is the 12th and I'm glad to see not to worry about the tip right away.
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The way your nose looks when the cast comes off to day 20 is a HUGE HUGE difference! Thank you so much for posting those as I am going through that right now. Got my cast off 2 days ago and my bridge looks so wide and goofy due to the swelling. It was making me a little depressed because it looks so box-y to me but seeing how much your nose transformed and defined makes me feel so much better. You look great!
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DaToplsLonely-- Thank you so much for your post! I hope you are feeling well and HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You look gorgeous before and after. I am in a similar predicament-- 1 month post-op of a revision-- 20 years older than you and freakin out about looking like a whoville character-- but your post gives me hope. I too had a hanging columela (whatever) and told doc to give a SLIGHT lift but it seems way over lifted. The tip is still hard so I'm hoping that's just the swelling and it will come down. Thanks again for sharing!
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Thank you for the birthday wish. Are you going to post a review? I would like to know how you like your new nose now that some time has gone by. Hope all is well.
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Oh Hello Gorgeous! Yes-- I was asked to tell my story but been so busy. I should be able to now that I am taking a mini vacay. Your nose looks softer than your first picture-- I am experiencing the same thing. I am 90 days post-op; either it has come down a bit or I'm getting used to it. Also, no one recognizes I had a nose job even tho to me it seems obvious. All my life I'd look in the mirror and never see my nostils-- now I look and whoa! But I took some pics of myself and it really doesn't look so strikingly different than what I looked like before but definately better. Funny how that is. In the end, I am happy I did it. I had a "tough girl" nose before and I sort of liked that-- now it's "cuter" which I had to get used to. As time goes on (I was told it could take 18 months post-op) the swelling comes down and it feels more and more like "me". At 33-- your nose WILL definately transform in time and I am certain you will be very, very happy. You look adorable!!
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My rhuemy doctor put the blood work in for me and my insurance paid it. I'm always at the doctor so...they did it for me.
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hey there, did you have to pay for the bloodwork OR did your insurance pay for it? thanks!
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I think if you paid it, it would be like 300.
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any new photos?? :)
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I will post some new pics this weekend.
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@clausina It didnt begin to drop but just slightly at about the 20th day, I think its still dropping. When it swells it looks perkier. I just know that its not done healing.@ilike soap Thank you, but gulp yes, my bday is on the 27th of this month and I will be 34 omg I cant believe it! @america I had written to them as well but I never received a response.
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does anyone know what happened to sicily and stellaz23? they posted reviews (both were mostly positive) about dr. c and their rhinoplasty surgeries. yet, stellaz23 no longer exists on this site (totally deleted her entire review, photos, etc) and sicily hasn't updated or posted photos since her last update which was somewhat negative.
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You're in your 30's? I don't believe that for a minute! ;)
You look wonderful and so young and fresh!
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