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Hi everyone.. My name is Ron I've...

Hi everyone.. My name is Ron

I've received quite a few messages about my surgery experience with Dr.C so I wanted to post my review.

Though I'm short on time at the moment, I actually just got back from seeing Dr. C a couple hours ago from my post op visit. Long drive for me, about 3 1/2 - 4 hours each way.

My surgery was Feb 24, which puts me at aprox. 3 months post op currently. Today is June 1

So here's a short version of my experience and I'll expand on it as I get the time.

The surgery went great and Dr. C and his staff went above and beyond to make me feel comfortable the day of surgery. I've had experiences with two other surgeons many years ago and this was by far the best personal treatment I've received.

The day of surgery went by so quick and painless, all the anxiety I had about it was for nothing. There really was no pain from the Rhinoplasty, some minor discomfort but I can barely remember. I also had a chin implant and Fat injections to my cheeks which Dr. C did the injections for free, not many surgeons would be giving. I'm very thankful for that, and also for that he said would do a touch up for free also since only a small percent of the fat actual survives.

So back to the Rhino since after all this is a Rhinoplasty review. Well after the first week I went in and got the cast removed, and I was very impressed with what I saw, my nose looked great. Well defined but it didn't looked pinched, very natural looking, like nothing was done.

As you can tell I'm talking in past tense because after the first day of the cast being removed my nose started to swell which is very common. It looks improved but it takes months for the swelling to go down, especially in the tip, and since I have thick skin as Dr. C mentioned it will be up to a year before I see the great results I saw the day the cast was removed. My nose is still somewhat sensitive and I can feel slight throbbing at times.

Ok so that's all I have time for now, any questions please feel free to ask.

I'm going to post some pictures now but remember I still have swelling in the tip. I just got my digital camera so I'll post some before pictures once I find them.
I'll update with after pics as time marches on.

Please recognize that the $8000 total cost was for...

Please recognize that the $8000 total cost was for both Rhinoplasty and Chin Implant.

FYI I had a closed Rhinoplasty.

Well it is now officially a year Post-op and all...

Well it is now officially a year Post-op and all is well..
Just had a follow up with Dr.C and everything is great..
I can now say I am comfortable in my own skin even though I know I'm not perfect, I'm finally moving on with life..
Dr.C has been great with everything and has been readily available with any concerns I had..
No regrets ;-)
White Plains Plastic Surgeon

Dr. C is a caring surgeon who delivers results. He even took the time to call me himself to answer any concerns I had.

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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handsome congrats!
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For anybody interested, one of our RealSelf doctors is hosting a live webinar tomorrow at 5:15 pm (PST)...specifically on Chin Implants as a result of the 71% increase in chin aug procedures this year. If interested, you can sign up here. Ron, you look amazing. Thanks for keeping your pictures up. I think they add a ton to the community and helping others with expectations!

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hi ron!

thanks for this thorough post...quick question... did you get your nostrils reduced? i might have that done, not sure though... thanks!
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america2009 - They probably moved on with their lives and decided to leave the surgery in the past.. I was actually going to delete my photos but I'll leave them up for now..

Sorry If I missed any messages from anyone.. I've been busy with work, my son and preparing for a fitness competition..
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does anyone know what happened to sicily and stellaz23? they posted reviews (both were mostly positive) about dr. c and their rhinoplasty surgeries. yet, stellaz23 no longer exists on this site (totally deleted her entire review, photos, etc) and sicily hasn't updated or posted photos since her last update which was somewhat negative.
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Hey Ron do you mind sending me your email address I have a few questions regarding your rhino and chin implant, I will be having the same surgery and wanted to know the recovery process. My main question is will I be able to go back to school after the 7th day without being all crazy bruised and swollen. Thanks :-)
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Hi Ron,

I just wanted to thank you for your story, photos and candor. You're really giving good info and helping other RealSelf users on their own journeys. I hope you're feeling supported as well. It's folks like you that help our communities thrive!

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Hey Ron, Any new pictures of your old nose? Love to see a profile picture
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sorry for the delay.. been really busy, I still need to dig out some before pictures.. and I just hit 4 months pre-op so I was going to take some more after pics.

Anyways, I suppose I still have some swelling.. still waiting to see the nose I had the day the cast was removed.. my tip is still not defined like it was.
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your nose looks absolutely perfect !
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wow why $8,000? Was it a revision? I thought he was $5700? May as well get it done in CA, guess the press on this site made prices sky rocket, I was quotes 5 and change, sigh
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No $8000 was for Rhinoplasty and a chin implant.
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Hey Ron,

Did you take any type of medication to help with the healing, bruising and swelling? The Arnica Montana that you took was it in a form of pills or gel?Or both?
I'm a little curious about how your nose was before the surgery...Would you describe it in short details if you can looks soo good !

Thank you !!!!
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I took the pill form of Arnica... Here's the exact one I took and the website I got it from
I bought two bottles and it worked out good, it seems like a lot of pills to take but they dissolve very quickly and taste rather good.
Actually Arnica helps with bruising and it's also used for muscle soreness.

Well I went for surgery to get the height of my nose reduced- which means how far it sticks out.
I got the width reduced at the bridge and tip because my nose was broken years ago, and was bulbous.
I got the length slightly reduced.
And my nose was crooked at the bridge- again that was from being broken years ago.

My nose is still swollen, you can really tell if you look at it from an angle. Dr. C also noticed this at my last visit and said he would like to see the swelling go down at the tip because it's still somewhat bulbous, which I was glad because he pointed it out before I actually told him, he has a good eye for symmetry... and I liked how he didn't just fake like everything was fine just because he has my money already,, He's very honest and trustworthy.

He wants to see me again in four at about fall time.

I'll try to find some before pictures, Dr.C is also mailing me some before and afters. Which I'll post also when I get them.

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Thank you for that information Ron !!! I am actually going to purchase these pills which help pre-op and POST-OP for any type of surgery...

The reviews on there seem very good, and my doctor said that I should take them...I think you should check them out and see if they are right for you, a lot of patients seem happy to take them and they heal quicker....There they offer Arnica Montana to take them with these pills which I will do as well..

Thank you for the post, I have an appointment with Dr.C in a month bc he is booked !
If you do happen to have any before pictures please send them to me, even privately ...I will give you my e-mail address...Thank you !

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How was the recovery with the chin? Did it make it hard to breathe while recovering from rhinoplasty at the same time? Was the chin implant inserted from inside or an incision underneath?

You look great!!!!! :D
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Hi thanks for the compliments..

The chin recovery had some pain for the first three days and made it hard to chew. I still feel some tightness which comes and goes. My smile looked a little odd for the first few weeks where only my top teeth would show. It was inserted underneath, but the scar is not visible. Most surgeons do it underneath to greatly reduce chances of infection, and the healing process is easier.
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Ron!! You look AAAAMAZING! so happy you got the surgery! You look so great!! Everything looks so perfect!!
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So do you Bianca
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Thanks Bianca..

You look beautiful yourself.. very attractive.. you belong on the cover of a magazine : )
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you are too nice! haha thank you again! and CONGRATS on the amazing surgery!
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Kitty21 I started taking the Arnica 1 1/2 weeks before surgery, and continued taking it until about 2 weeks after surgery, it must have did the job because I had no bruising, which Dr.C was surprised to see after I woke up from surgery that was the first thing he said to me.
I was presentable after two weeks, the skin on my nose was somewhat flaky and peeling but no one could tell it was from surgery.

Thank you for the compliments NY, Actually the $8,000 was the total amount for both the Rhinoplasty and Chin implant.

I'll update with some more pics and info probably later on today. I just got in from work.

Anything else, let me know.
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WOW ! YOU LOOK SOOOO GOOD ! VERy handsome ! I absolutely love your new nose. I don't know how it looked before since you dont have a before picture. Would you mind telling us how it was before?Did you have a bump or was it longer or thicker.....thank you ! You must be super excited !
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You've had a few procedures...IS the $8,000 for all of them or JUST the nose? What did the price include if you dont mind me asking ! Your nose looks absolutely great after 3 months. I would look so beautiful with your nose lol...
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You look great! I can't see swelling in the pictures you posted, so it must be pretty minor. I also have thick skin and my nose is kind of like Courtney's was, so now I know to expect some scary swelling post-cast for a bit. Did you feel presentable after 2 weeks? Also, did you take the Arnica Montana prior to the proceedure w/ the vitamin C, or did only use it after surgery?
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