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I had my nose done by Dr. C in august of 2011...

I had my nose done by Dr. C in august of 2011.

went into the office. surgey was not bad, although it was hot and the office was rather uncomforable. after 7 days i got my cast off and my nose lay flat on my face. it has been TWO years. my nose is still as thick, unpleasant looking and flat on my face.

I can honestly say that my face is now ruined. I was told my nose would get better over time and that the "swelling" would go down. It's been almost two years. My advice would be to stare very clear of this doctor. do you research. I wish i knew before how important it is to not go to someone based on the internet. you should ask your doctor to speak with actual patients - this is the best way to know if a doctor can create what you potentially want.

Sorry about your results. ive been blown away by his reviews online, im actually wanting to book with him. There have been a couple bad reviews like yourself but non with photos to show.... i'd really appreciate some photos of his work on you, even privately. Please let me know. x
Im so sorry you are so unhappy with your results, but based on Dr. C's 67 other AMAZING reviews, it is very surprising.

Sorry you're not happy with your results, but I appreciate your sharing on RealSelf. Photos would really help us visualize what you're describing.

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