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Desperately Wanted/needed Birthday Gift to Myself - White Plains, NY

I am a Registered Nurse--specialty is OR and...

I am a Registered Nurse--specialty is OR and Plastic Surgery. I knew the kind of doctor I was looking for and I knew what type of lift I wanted. As an OR nurse in this specialty I had had the experience of seeing first hand how different surgeons perform the "face lift" in different ways. I wanted a doctor who would move my underlying muscle and tack it up nicely as it used to be when I was much younger, then gently put my skin back in place over the muscle. I did not want the deep plain lift, as that involves too many facial nerves, and there is a chance that some disaster could result from that.
To my delight, I found that Dr. Robert Ciardullo does not do deep plain--I found the doctor I was looking for! I had actually heard of Dr. Ciardullo while I was working for another plastic surgeon in the same area. His reputation compelled me to seek him out when I was ready for my own lift.
I was so very pleasantly surprised and relieved when I met Dr. Ciardullo. First thing, he is a wonderful man, and very easy to talk to--he will not do anything to your face or body that he does not feel needs to be done. Secondly, his skill speaks for itself. I looked through many pre-op and post-op photos of men and women whom he has operated on--and I did hear through word-of-mouth of so many people coming from out of state coming specifically to be operated on by Dr. Ciardullo. Thirdly, his office suites are state-of-the-art!! His operating room is above and beyond--I felt comfortable just taking the tour before my surgery. I knew the day of surgery I would love going there. His co-workers are highly skilled, bright, and caring professionals, who have more than the credentials they need to be assisting the Doctor with his surgeries. Dr. Ciardullo's nurses are ALL registered nurses, with up-to-date certifications. The Doctor will only have an Anesthesiolist working with him in his OR when he operates. I was more than comfortable with what I saw, what I learned, and the information that was given to me before surgery. I knew Dr. Ciardullo was the doctor I wanted--the only one that I would let do my face.
Post-op, again was great. I woke up without pain--just what I would call "I bit uncomfortable". Dr. Ciardullo and staff tended to me all day until the Doctor felt I was ready to leave his facility. I took the Doctor's recommendation & hired one of his overnight nurses----and that was like a vacation for me. I left the husband at home with the cat, and the nurse and I went off the a local hotel in White Plains to spend the night. I had fun talking nursing chat with her, and she was most attentive to my needs--hydration, blood pressure monitoring, even asking me what I would like to watch on T V. That was also a very pleasant part of the whole experience.
I have gotten so very many compliments since my surgery--and it is only 8 weeks now. Compliments started coming as soon as I put my feet outside the door during the first week after surgery.
People comment that I look natural--more rested. A lot of my friends who did not know I had surgery asked "You look great! What happened ?"
Happy Face RN, Rye, NY


Just met a wonderful. attractive lady for tea and seltzer who is thinking about having a full facelift. I hope I was able to answer the questions she had, and also those questions we both had after talking to her. I know first hand that it is not an easy thing to decide WHO will put the knife to your face. we had a wonderful time and plan to see one another in October. I am planning to go back to Dr. Ciardullo in October for another botox injection==haven't had one since my surgery in January. Times goes by so very fast when you are having fun!!! it is hard to believe that it is a full 8 months for me. Still purrrfectly happy.....
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Missed my photo shoot now going into 4 months --- on May 6th --- oh well, better for me!!
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So glad 2 hear from you updating me on your recovery. I have no complaints, whatsoever, and I will post photos by the end of next week. I did find pix of myself from 20 years ago that were on an old Fugi camera--and wow, I am going to bring them in to Dr. R. Ciardullo when I see him this month. He will be impressed--Still thrilled!!! Carole

purrrfectly happy

ten months have gone by now, and I am still thrilled. on to my next project with Dr. R C Ciardullo. that would be a rhinoplasty . I plan to do this right after Christmas - after the rush is over. am getting excited about it already!! I will see the Doctor in a few weeks, however, to keep up with my botox..

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