A Journey to What I Hope is the End of my Hatred of Bras

Well, after going to see many doctors in my area,...

Well, after going to see many doctors in my area, I settled with the doctor that was closest to me for my recovery. As soon as I walked int he door he seemed to know what he wanted to do with me and I liked his confidence. I knew I wanted a C because I needed a step up from my small A, which by the way was caused by breast feeding my lovely 7 month old.

Now a month after my initial consultation I went in to get it all done. Not knowing what I was getting myself into but having the high hopes of loving to go clothes shopping for once, I prepared myself for my surgery. Once inside everyone was so nice and the last time I saw my doctor was right before I was put to sleep. The moment I woke up, I realized that it all felt like a dream and I couldn't believe I have actually had my breast wrapped up and I could STILL feel them!

Now a week later I do have the boobie blues, and I'm scared out of my life for all the possible complications I can have, but I don't regret it one bit. I had nothing to begin with so this is a step up no matter what type of step it is. I guess I'll have to be patient now and wait for my final result!

Hi I just had breast augmentation done on the 25th of november and 2 problems are now bothering me that I need answers for. One is, when I bend over my right breast(which is not my dominant hand)implant moves up and this kind of popping feeling occurs. This only happens on the right breast. Should I worry about this and what could this be? Second, when my doctor took off my bandages from my areola stitches they have left indents all the way around my breasts where they used to be on both sides(one more severe than the other). He said this would go away but I have a fear that it wont. Is he right? He said that my breast swelled around where the tape was..but it feels like its imprinted in my skin! Please help!!! In my picture you can kind of see the indents more on my right breast.


Pictures will help answering your question.Were the implant under the muscle? that may explain the movement of the implant.
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Stop and take a deep breath. You need to remember that you are still in the very very early stages of recovery. Avoid the negativity, be positive, the power of positive thinking, and all that. If you believe they were turn out fab, then they will turn out fab. Something to remember, is that you should wait until at least 3 weeks for your breasts to get more or less the look you can expect, but 6 weeks will be much better. And anything which leaves a scar will need to take time to heal, for the swelling to go down, etc. Unless there's something critically bad going on, your surgeon is not likely going to try and tweak anything until things have really settled (minimum 3 months, more likely 6 months post). Just be sure to follow the post-op care instructions as closely as possible. If you have any concerns (even precisely what you've posted about) and have the desire to chat with your surgeon, do not hesitate to make an appointment with him/her. Just remember, if you decide 6+ months from now that you want something changed, you should have options available to you. Put another way, just because you got the one surgery does not mean you have to forego all future surgeries.
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