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22 Years Old Rhinoplasty - White Plains, NY

I am 22 years old and have always felt self...

I am 22 years old and have always felt self consious of my nose. Its long and drops down.
After years of contemplating I finally decided to do something about it. I had my free consultation with Dr. Ciardullo last week and he was great. He was very honest and knew exactly what i wanted. I decided to book my rhinoplasty with him on September 9th!! Im excited and extremely nervous.

Can't believe I'm actually doing this!!

I'm almost in disbelief.. Am I actually gonna through with this? I started taking my vitamin c and I'm so excited to have my pre op visit next week. A few things I'm worried about is having to take the time off from work. Also needles! Ehhh I hate needles. I need to get a blood test taken weeks prior. Hopefully this will be worth it!
White Plains Plastic Surgeon

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You are so pretty already I hope you have researched thoroughly and compared doctors based on results on female patients with similar nose like you on the before pictures. Since you are already so pretty you have to be extra careful when choosing a surgeon, since you are a stunner already and an incompetent surgeon canĀ“t guarantee that your after nose will suit you. I just wanted to share some tip, but you seem like you have given it a good thought regarding rhinoplasty! Good luck with everything and I hope you get the result you want!
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I love ypur hair. Best of luck!
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You are so pretty - good luck to you! I am also considering Dr. Ciardullo for my rhinoplasty. Would you please describe how you and he agreed on the desired result? I heard that he doesn't do imaging, did you look at pictures together and say "I want her nose," did he draw how he would do your nose? How long was your consultation?
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Hello, thank you so much! My consultation lasted about an hour. He does not do imaging but that's okay he showed me some of his previous patients with similar noses. He also showed me his operating room. He was so on point with exactly what I wanted to change about my nose I feel like he was extremely genuine and I will be in good hands.
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you realy look prettty even with such nose ... i have th same as u hv :( n i feel so down with it
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I'm so glad you started your story here on RealSelf! Here's a quick list of tips for before and after rhinoplasty. Keep us posted!
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Wow your nose is almost identical to mine! Looking forward to seeing your journey on here :)
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