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My Invisalign Journey - 2 years, NOT WORTH IT... Getting "real" braces.

(Week 1) I just started my invisalign treatment. I...

(Week 1) I just started my invisalign treatment. I have an overbite, and my lower teeth are arched. My bite is way off so when I chew my bottom teeth will hit the gums behind my front teeth if I'm not careful. If the clincheck animation is correct, this treatmant plan should correct my problems. I have 24 aligners for the top and bottom. It's a 48 week plan not counting any re-finements I may need at the end of the treatment to adjust any existing overbite.

My first week of invisalign went pretty well. The first two days are the definitely the hardest. There was quite a bit of discomfort trying to remove the aligners. Some of the discomfort I'm sure had to do with my technique of removing them. I have a total of nine attatchments, four on the top, five on the bottom. I have fewer attatchments on my left side, top and bottom. I found that the aligners came off easiest by popping off both sides in the back, and then working the aligner off from the left side (fewer attatchments) to my right. You'll have to find the technique that works best for you. By the end of week one I was popping them in and out with ease. I only remove the aligners to eat meals, no snacking. With the brushing and flossing involved after eating, I think you'll find it's too much of a hassle to remove your aligners to snack.

If I want some junk food I'll eat it at meal time. I do drink water throughout the day. My mouth gets a little dry from time to time from wearing these. I've been wearing my aligners for 23 hours a day. (Week 2) Things are going well. My teeth have moved. The aligners are now on the loose side so I know my teeth have shifted. I'm getting so used to wearing the aligners now, I don't think about having them on. Getting them in and out now is a breeze. No one at my work has noticed that I'm wearing them as of yet. Waiting to start my second tray in a few more days.

(Weeks 3 &4) Aligners 2 of 24 The first few...

(Weeks 3 &4) Aligners 2 of 24
The first few days of tray #2 went much better than tray #1 of my treatment. It was much easier to deal with the aligners. My teeth wern't as sore with the aligners in or while removing them. I did run into one problem at the end of the first week with tray #2. My bottom aligner developed a crack while removing it. The crack was behind the last attachment, and it caused my aligner to float a bit over my back two molars. I called my Dentists office the next morning and they ordered a replacement. They advised me to keep using it until the new aligner arrived. I've been wearing the aligners for a month now and wearing them has become routine. The biggest hassle for me is eating out in public, and having to brush and floss in a public restroom. Ready to start tray #3!

(Weeks 5 & 6) Aligners 3 of 24 My third set...

(Weeks 5 & 6) Aligners 3 of 24
My third set of aligners were tight to get on the first time. I put them in after dinner (6pm) and kept them in until noon the next day, 18 hours. I removed them for lunch and when I went to put them back in I had a much easier time. My teeth were a little bit sore, especially my bottom teeth. As you can see from my photos and animation, my bottom teeth will be pulled down as well as straightened. So far through my treatment I haven't had the need for Advil or any other product to deal with discomfort. It's really not that bad, and like clockwork after the first few days the discomfort went away.

A week into tray #3 my bottom aligner developed a small crack, and in the same place as my #2 bottom aligner did. I didn't bother calling my Dentist for a replacement. In a few days I'm going to the Dentist for my first scheduled appointment, and to get my next three sets of trays. I've change my removal technique on the bottom aligner and with the new trays I'll see if that will prevent a future crack. Looking forward to seeing some movement over the next six weeks.

(Weeks 7 & 8) Aligners 4 of 24 Not much new...

(Weeks 7 & 8) Aligners 4 of 24
Not much new to report. Tray #4 was a breeze. I've perfected my removal technique, and didn't have any issues with cracking my bottom aligner. I've been wearing my Invisalign aligners for two months now, and wearing them has become the "norm". In fact it feels weird when I have them out. I'm still wearing them about 23 hours a day. Moving on to tray #5. Two months down, nine months to go!

(Weeks 9 &10) Aligners 5 of 24 My teeth are...

(Weeks 9 &10) Aligners 5 of 24
My teeth are definitely on the move, so much in fact I noticed my bottom teeth will now slightly wiggle. It's a bit unsettling to see your teeth wiggle around when the aligners are out, but it shows that my teeth are moving towards their new positions. My center bottom tooth no longer touches the gums behind my front teeth. It's been pulled down enough so it now has clearance. My bite overall has noticeably improved. So far, so good! Moving on to tray #6 tonight!!

(Weeks 11&12) Trays 6 of 24 Tray six felt very...

(Weeks 11&12) Trays 6 of 24
Tray six felt very tight going on the first time. I would classify it as an aggressive tray. Lots of pressure on my lower teeth pushing them down. Upper wasn't so bad, just a little tight. Going into week two of the trays, my bottom teeth are still a bit tender. I've been eating everything with a knife and fork, sparing my front teeth any tearing. My front teeth still feel like they are loose, and I'm trying to go easy on them through this process. Three months down, eight months to go. On to tray #7!!

(Weeks 13&14) Trays 7 of 24 Tray #7 was a lot...

(Weeks 13&14) Trays 7 of 24
Tray #7 was a lot like tray #6, in regards to my lower aligner. Lots of downward pressure on my bottom front teeth. I compared tray #7 to tray #1, and the difference is remarkable. My dentist gives me three trays at a time so I also compared tray #1 to my upcoming tray #9, and I look forward to the upcoming big changes to my bottom teeth.
Recently I was contacted by a member and they asked if my attatchments ever pinched the inside of my mouth when I was eating. In my earlier reviews I never wrote about that. During the first month of my treatment I was having an issue with that. I have an attatchment on my bottom left canine, and often when I'd chew it would pinch the inside of my bottom lip, and quite painful at times. As my bite began to improve over the first month, I stopped biting my lip, and it's no longer an issue.
I also changed my Dentist's "time spent with me" rating to 3 stars because since my treatment started I haven't been examined by him. I've only met with an Asst., who just gives me my next 3 sets of trays. By the time I get through tray #9 it will have been 18 weeks. When I started my treatment I was told all of my appointments were included in the fee, and I assumed appointments meant that my Dentist would be more involved. I'll be sure to ask about this on my next visit. Getting started on tray #8!

(Weeks 15&16) Trays 8 of 24 Not much to report...

(Weeks 15&16) Trays 8 of 24
Not much to report other than my bite continues to change, causing a bit of pressure on my top right molars while eating. I'm sure it's a passing thing.
My next scheduled Dentist appointment is next Wednesday, and I'll be sure to ask to see him, and question his involvement or lack there of, in my treatment. Tonight, tray #9...

(Weeks 17&18) Trays 9 of 24 Now four months into...

(Weeks 17&18) Trays 9 of 24
Now four months into treatment I can see and feel real changes. My upper tray I'd classify as very aggressive. The first time I removed it it felt like I was going to pull out my front teeth. It reminded me of tray #1, but that went away after a few days.
I went to my Dentist appointment to pick up my next four trays to get me through most of the summer. At that time I asked my Invisalign coordinator about my treatment and would my Dentist examine me anytime during my treatment. She responded "not unless I lose an attatchment or have any other problem, that I wouldn't be seeing him on my scheduled tray pickup appointments." I asked about should he be checking the spacing or anything else during the course of my treatment. She assured me as long as my trays are fitting properly every two weeks there's nothing to worry about. "Let the trays do there job, and after I finish tray #21, my Dentist would examine me." "At that point he'll see where I'm at, and decide if I should finish the last three trays or make new molds etc."
I did get to see my last tray #24, and it was very exciting to see all of my teeth straight. We'll see what happens, I've been doing my part. I'm still wearing my trays around 23 hours a day. Keeping the faith and moving on to tray #10!

Weeks 19&20) Trays 10 of 24 I feel my progress is...

Weeks 19&20) Trays 10 of 24
I feel my progress is really starting to show. I see and feel real changes. My teeth are still on the loose side. The last few sets of aligners have been what I'd consider aggressive, and are really starting to shift my teeth around. Just a few weeks away from my halfway point. Starting tray #11 tonight!

(Weeks 21&22, 23&24) Trays 11/12 of 24 After a...

(Weeks 21&22, 23&24) Trays 11/12 of 24
After a three week vacation and two more trays under my belt my smile is really starting to change. After viewing many vacation photos I'm starting to like what I see, a better smile and straighter teeth! I'm past the halfway point now and almost a week into tray #13!

(Weeks 25&26) Trays 13 of 24 Nothing new to...

(Weeks 25&26) Trays 13 of 24
Nothing new to report, just going through the motions week after week. My Invisalign treatment has become so routine it feels normal now. I'm still wearing my trays 23 hours a day. I'm doing my part to have a successful treatment. In my review, under the "was it worth it," I still have "not sure" checked. I'm going to leave it that way in my review until my treatment is complete, and see the final results, and then decide. Now on to tray #14!

(Weeks 27&28) Trays 14 of 24 I still have to be...

(Weeks 27&28) Trays 14 of 24

I still have to be careful while eating. My top and bottom teeth are loose, and it's starting to irritate me. I'm getting to the point where I just want this to be over. Tray 15, here we go...

(Weeks 29&30) Trays 15 of 24 Thirty weeks down,...

(Weeks 29&30) Trays 15 of 24
Thirty weeks down, eighteen weeks to go. I went in for a regular cleaning this week and spoke with my Dentist. He examined me and said everything looked like it was on track. He will examine me again at tray # 21 and hopefully no refinements will be needed. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Now on to tray 16....

(Weeks 31&32) Trays 16 of 24 Getting so close now...

(Weeks 31&32) Trays 16 of 24
Getting so close now I can taste it. According to my clincheck animation my next three trays, 17, 18, and 19, will conclude the straightening process. The remaining 5 trays will pull my teeth back, and hopefully correct the overjet a bit. We'll see, starting tray 17...

(Weeks 33&34) Trays 17 of 2 I now see a gap for...

(Weeks 33&34) Trays 17 of 2
I now see a gap for the first time between my right central incisor, and my right lateral incisor. If you look at my start pictures you'll see that the right lateral incisor was turned behind my central incisor. I can now see the whole tooth, which is amazing after being patially hidden for so long. Everything seems to be on track. Next up, tray 18...

(Weeks 35&36) Trays 18 of 24 This set of trays...

(Weeks 35&36) Trays 18 of 24
This set of trays was a breeze. I only had tightness with them for a few days. Most of the straightening has been done. Looks like now I'm just down to minimal movements. With luck the end is near. Tray 19 tomorrow...

(Weeks 37&38) Trays 19 of 24 Two more sets of...

(Weeks 37&38) Trays 19 of 24
Two more sets of trays to go before my Dentist evaluates my progress. As of now my left canine tooth sticks out a bit, and my overbite still needs some correction. Now that I'm an Invisalign pro I know that these corrections won't happen with my next two sets of trays. I anticipate getting new molds for refinement trays which at this point I won't mind. I'm nearly 40 weeks into my treatment, what's another few months... Tray 20

(Weeks 39&40) Trays 20 of 24 The last couple of...

(Weeks 39&40) Trays 20 of 24
The last couple of trays were not that aggressive. I don't notice any changes other than my teeth don't feel loose anymore. I'm now moving on to tray 21, my last tray before my Dentist evaluates my progress. I don't anticipate any real changes with this tray either. I believe my initial coarse of treatment has reached the end. Here we go, tray 21...

(Weeks 41&42) Trays 21 of 24 I finished up tray...

(Weeks 41&42) Trays 21 of 24
I finished up tray 21 which I feel really didn't do much of anything. I've reached the end of my first coarse of treatment. I met with my Dentist on December 19th for my one and only exam with him during the last 42 weeks. He said my teeth looked fantastic. I don't agree, and I pointed out a few obvious things with my teeth that I wasn't happy with. I told him I'd need refinement trays. I got the feeling he was trying to rush me out of treatment. He had an assistant make molds of my teeth, not for Invisalign, but for my next consultation with him on January 7, 2013. This will provide him a 3D rendering of my teeth. We'll see what happens on the 7th. In the mean time anyone contemplating Invisalign, do yourself a favor and don't have anyone other than an Orthodontist prescribe your treatment plan. Do not use a regular or cosmetic Dentist for your treatment. Big mistake! I moved on to tray 22+. The + trays just tighten up the gaps in your teeth, the straightening part is over.

(Weeks 43&44) Trays 22 of 24 Tray 22 was a (+)...

(Weeks 43&44) Trays 22 of 24
Tray 22 was a (+) tray. It was a bit tight getting on, and definitely lots of inward pressure on my teeth. The pressure lasted for the first week then subsided a bit. I'm waiting for my next consultation on January 7th to discuss future treatment, refinements. I think my teeth are much better from where I started, but I'm not totally happy. I'm not expecting a perfect outcome, I just want to get my teeth looking as good as possible. Tray 23+...

I met with my Dentist on January 7th for my...

I met with my Dentist on January 7th for my cosultation., He started out by saying he thought both of my arches, upper and lower, looked fine. I told him my concerns regarding my teeth. The lowers I'm pretty much happy with, but they could still use a tweak. The uppers, I want to reduce my overjet as much as possible. He voiced some concerns with the angle of my teeth, and that pulling the upper teeth back will put my teeth at an angle that doesn't follow the bone structure. He said this could lead to stability problems, and possible gum recession. He also mentioned jaw surgery to remove bone, and then pull the upper teeth back. That sounds a bit extreme to me and not an option. Seems like my only two options are to leave my teeth the way they are, or get some IPR to reduce the overjet, and the possible complications that go with that. So far I haven't read anywhere about such problems trying to reduce an overjet with tooth angle and bone structure issues he mentioned. I now go back on January 30th to get my attatchments removed, and they'll make new molds of my teeth either for retainers or if I decide to continue with treatment. I think I'll opt for new molds and a new clincheck to show possible results with IPR, and then make my mind up after that. Stay tuned....

I'm now waiting to start round 2 of my Invisalign...

I'm now waiting to start round 2 of my Invisalign treatment. I will have 26 refinement trays, that's right another year of treatment. The new trays will address an open bite problem with my right side molars, lengthening and straightening my upper right lateral tooth, widening my upper arch which will help fix my bite issue, and will also allow my front teeth to be pulled back a bit to reduce my overjet. I will not need any IPR which is fine with me. So for now I'm just waiting on my new trays to come in to get started.

I started with my refinement trays. I have 26...

I started with my refinement trays. I have 26 trays and I wear each tray for two weeks. I just finished up on tray #1. 50 more weeks to go, that's right I'm counting. I'm hoping over the next year I get results I can live with. Moving on to refinement tray #2...

(Weeks 3&4) Refinement trays 2 of 26 One thing...

(Weeks 3&4) Refinement trays 2 of 26
One thing I've noticed with the first 2 sets of refinement trays and even a few days into the latest tray 3 is that they've not been very aggressive trays. My teeth haven't really been sore when I remove my trays. Usually my teeth are sore when removing a new tray for the first few days, so there seems to be minimal movement going on at this point. Looking at my clincheck it's showing movement so I feel I should be feeling it more. I'll ask my Dentist about it next week when I go in to get 3 new sets of trays.

(Weeks 5&6) Refinement trays 3 of 26 I picked up...

(Weeks 5&6) Refinement trays 3 of 26
I picked up my next 3 sets of trays from my Dentist's office. Tray #3 fit better than the previous two trays. I told my coordinator about the loose fit I've been having with my trays. I also told her my teeth wern't feeling sore during the first few days of a new tray. She told me if I had the same problem with tray #4, they would probably have to do new molds, and new trays. I'll know in a few days...

(Weeks 7-12) Refinement trays 4,5&6 of 26 I'm now...

(Weeks 7-12) Refinement trays 4,5&6 of 26 I'm now finishing up tray #6 in a few days. Progress seems to be very slow if any at all. I met with my Dentist about a month ago to talk about the fit of my aligners. He thought the fit was fine, but I'm still not very confident in their fit. So far the trays have been easy to pop in and out, even on the first few days. I'm not feeling sore teeth the first few days either on a new tray. I brought up my concerns again to my Invisalign coordinator yesterday when I picked up my next three sets of trays. She scheduled me an appointment to see my Dentist in 6 more weeks, after the next three sets of trays, so he can evaluate my progress and make sure my teeth are on track. Fingers crossed....

Yesterday I moved on to tray #7. I popped in the...

Yesterday I moved on to tray #7. I popped in the upper tray and it was floppy loose, not wearable. I immediately called my Dentist's office and they saw me a few hours later. They looked at the tray and finally agreed the trays aren't right. So they took new molds of my teeth and will send those back to Invisalign. The new trays should arrive in a few weeks they said. I'm afraid now that I've wasted 3 1/2 months fooling around with loose fitting trays. We'll see how many trays will be in this mid correction, hopefully not 26. This whole process is getting very frustrating to say the least.

5-13-2013 Refinement Tray 6/26

6-6-2013 Mid-coarse correction. Second set of refinement trays, 18 Trays

I finally picked up my new (second) set of refinement trays. I have a total of 18 trays, top and bottom on this go round. The fit seems to be fine, and now hopefully I'll see the results I've been hoping for at the end of the 36 weeks. I'll keep you posted on my progress.

6-6-2013 Mid-coarse correction Clincheck

6-6-2013 Mid-coarse correction Clincheck

6-6-2013 Mid-coarse correction Clincheck

6-6-2013 Mid-coarse correction Clincheck, 18 Trays

(Weeks 1&2) Tray 1 of 18

The first few days of tray #1 I could definitely tell we were back to moving teeth again. The tray fit tight, and my teeth were a bit sore the first few days. The previous six trays I feel were a waste of time. Seems like things back on track again.

(Weeks 3&4) Tray 2 of 18

Definitely have movement with these trays, just hopefully the right movements...

(Weeks 5&6) Tray 3 of 18

Plodding along...

7-31-2013 Refinement Tray 4/18

8-14-2013 Refinement Tray 5/18

Progress is slow, if any....

8-28-2013 Refinement Tray 6/18

I saw my Dentist today for a cleaning and examination. My bite on the right side is still open. It has closed a bit since starting this round of refiners. Also my upper right lateral tooth is not turning as it should. For now we'll stay the coarse. Stay tuned, I smell another refinement in my future...

(Weeks 13-14) Refinement Tray 7/18

When will this be over...

(Weeks 15-16)


(Weeks 17-18) Refinement Tray 9/18

(Weeks 19-20) Refinement Tray 10/18

I was examined by my Dentist today. It looks like I'll have another refinement in my future.

(Weeks 21-22) Refinement Tray 11/18

I've been at this for so long now there's not much to report anymore. I'll keep posting my photos after every tray as I've done from the start.

(Weeks 23-24) Refinement Tray 12/18

(Weeks 25-26) Refinement Tray 13/18

(Weeks 27-28) Refinement Tray 14/18

Moving on to Refinement Tray #15, the last tooth alignment tray. The next three trays are (+) trays, and they just tighten the gaps. My right side still has an open bite on the back molars, so I'm sure I have another refinement. I see my Dentist in a few more weeks. I'll let you know what the outcome is.

(Weeks 29-30) Refinement Tray 15/18

I've reached the end of this very long 22 tray refinement. I see my Dentist in a few weeks after I finish tray 16+, to discuss the next round of treatment....fun times

(Weeks 31-40) Refinement Tray 16+/18

I've been wearing tray 16 for 2 1/2 months now. The right side molar area has been cut off of the tray to allow my right side molars to super erupt to close my open bite. It has closed a bit. I go back to the Dentist tomorrow to see about getting new molds of my teeth for a later consultation on what we do going forward. I'm pretty happy with my teeth other than my right lateral tooth is flared out and needs to be turned a bit. During the last coarse of trays my aligner never fit firmly against that tooth. There was an approximate 1/8" inch gap between the botton of the tray and my right lateral tooth. In order for the trays to work I know the trays need to be tight against your teeth. Had the trays fit perfectly from the start, I believe that tooth would've moved into position. I want to get one more refinement to fix that one tooth, then I should be done with this treatment. Stay tuned....

Improper fitting set of trays

Here is a picture of my current tray showing the improper fit on my right lateral tooth. All 16 of my trays fit this way. Without an optimal fit, you'll have less than optimal results. If you look at my pictures during my refinement, you'll see no change or movement in the right lateral tooth. During the coarse of this refinement I told my Dentist more than several times I didn't feel any pressure on that tooth, and that it was do to the improper fit. Moral of the story, if you have a tray that doesn't fit, have them take new molds, or you'll be adding more time to your treatment.

End of the Invisalign road...

Well I've reached the end of my Invisalign treatment. I had a consultation with my Dentist last week to discuss the results of my last two years of treatment, and what I feel is a so so end result, and my general displeasure with Invisalign. I still have a lateral right front tooth that's not quite straight, and during the first 22 trays of treatment it was also pushed up, now making it shorter than it's left counterpart. He suggested grinding down the tooth and either bonding it or putting on a veneer to make it match the left tooth, something I'm not going to do.

Also the Invisalign trays created an open bite on my right side during the coarse of my initial 22 trays, my 18 refinement trays were supposed to close up the open bite but did not. Over the last 4 months I've been wearing my refinement trays 17+, and, 18+, with the right side molar area cut off. Leaving my molar area open to super erupt, to try and close the gap. So far that hasn't worked. My Dentist suggested grinding down some (good) teeth to help close the open bite.

At that point I knew this journey with Invisalign was over. I'm not going to have my teeth ground down to fix the open bite issue Invisalign created. He also suggested seeing an Orthodontist to straighten out these issues, something I had already planned to do.

I'm now going to line up some consultations with a few Orthodontist's to see how to best finish up the job to my satisfaction. I told my Dentist at the consultation I didn't think I should've been treated with Invisalign, and had I known then what I know now I would've opted for regular braces. I believe my case was too complex to be treated with Invisalign, and in my opinion he had his hands full with my case.

I feel I should've been referred to an Orthodontist for braces when he initially suggested getting my teeth fixed, and that I was a perfect candidate for Invisalign. That being said I also take some of the blame and responsibility for making a quick rash decision, and not doing my homework and researching this all beforehand like I should have. I knew early on I made an expensive mistake by not doing that, and I felt early on in treatment I'd be right here in my current predicament, as you can read in my review.

My teeth are better off than when I started but after my two years of Invisalign treatment I can say I would not recommend this to anyone who has more than a very small fix. The limitations of Invisalign for me seem too great. First off in my experience don't believe what you're seeing on your Clincheck to be Gospel. This is a really neat animation (cartoon) and a wonderful selling tool for the product and the Dentist, showing how your teeth will look at the end of your treatment. That's what sold me on Invisalign. But in reality my results were not what the results on the cartoon showed. I have all three of mine posted, look for yourself.

Also with Invisalign you can't make corrections without making new molds. So no adjusting as you go or fine tuning as you can with braces. They also don't move molars very well, so the trays can't properly fix your bite, if your having bite issues. They can however create an open bite as I know.

As far as them being invisible, for some people that may be a plus. In my experience after you wear these trays for two years, 23 hours a day, you get to the point you could care less who knows you're wearing them or not, or where and when you take them out. Right now I would've much rather had braces with the more predictable results.

In closing, in my opinion, If I were to do it all over again I would not use a regular or cosmetic Dentist to prescribe my tooth movement. I regret making that choice for the following reasons. Do your homework. I would go to a Board Certified Orthodontist. That's their specialty, moving teeth. That's what they do day in and day out. In the event you choose Invisalign, through an Orthodontist, if for some reason you don't get your desired results, they can also put braces on you if needed. From the many reviews I've read probably at no additional or little cost to you. Most regular or cosmetic Dentist's cannot put braces on you, so you don't want to pay twice for the same treatment like I'm going to have to do, should I choose to go that route. Add that to the $5,900.00 dollars I already paid...costly mistake.

On a closing note, this whole entire review I have done over the past two years is my own personal experience with Invisalign. Everything expressed here within is my sole opinion and my take on my own experiences with all aspects of this treatment. Consult a professional for advise. Tc

Getting braces to finish the job Invisalign couldn't

I consulted a very experienced Orthodontist on 5-1-2014 and he examined my teeth. One thing he pointed out quickly was that my two lateral incisors were crooked and flared, and both of their roots needed to be rotated. Something Invisalign was not capable of doing.

So in a nutshell he essentially told me the last year of refinement was a waste of time. He also said my open bite can be resolved with a few brackets and bands. My treatment time should be around 9 months to get things straightened out, possibly less.

So on 5-12-2014, I went in for xrays and impressions. My next appointment is on 5-28 to discuss the treatment plan and options in detail.

It's such feeling of relief to know that I'm now in capable hands. I'm looking forward to getting started and putting the Invisalign nightmare behind me.

Stay tuned....
Waldorf Cosmetic Dentist

Dr Olson is an accredited cosmetic Dentist, who happens to be my regular Dentist. I felt comfortable using him for my Invisalign treatment rather than seeking out an Orthodontist. I hope I don't regret making that decision. The final results will tell the tale... Update: Well after 2 years of treatment I'm not happy with Invisalign or my results. The third sentence above that I wrote two years ago says it all. I now regret having a Dentist prescribe my tooth movement. I learned a very expensive, time consuming lesson. I will now seek the expertise of an Orthodontist to finish the job with braces, at additional cost. Something I should have done from the start.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Useful, informative post. Thank you. I just finished my first year of Invisalign, and I'm going to start the refinement phase tomorrow. Because of your experience, I'm glad that I chose an orthodontist over a dentist. $5,900 is a lot of money! It's also important that the person you hire sees you personally, not his or her assistant(s). I'll remember that just in case it starts happening to me. Again, thank you for sharing your experiences with everyone.
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When you set up the review for braces, I will link it to this one so everyone can just click from this review to that one and vice versa if they start there.  I did the same thing for BatonRougeCutie so people who know her can continue to follow her, but new people looking up braces can also find her old story. :D 
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Thanks 2+1! I'd like to link the reviews. When I start the new review I'll shoot you a message... Ty
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Perfect :).  Although I'm also subscribed so when you get published, I'll get notified.  But I'd still appreciate a note from you :D!
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UGH how disappointing. I'm glad you didn't go the route of grinding your teeth! That's one thing you can't take back. Hopefully your new ortho has some good insight.
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So I keep getting emails that you've updated your review, but I'm not seeing anything.  Is something not working for you?  Also, did you try to change your worth it rating to not worth it and it didn't work?  Let me know and I can change it for you :).
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Hi 2+1, I've been trying to change my worth it rating from "not sure" to "not worth it" to reflect my experience. The rating is not highlighted in blue so I'm not able to change it. Btw I go in for molds and records with my new Orthodontist on Monday! Should be starting soon. I'll keep everyone posted.
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Okay, I've fixed it for you!  And congrats and good luck!!!  Excited to hear the verdict!
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Thank you for all of your information over the years!  I went to an orthodontist for my Invisalign and the last step I went through, after the open bite didn't quite resolve (I still use a cut-off retainer instead of a full retainer,) is equilibration.  Some orthodontists do this routinely in every case of braces and Invisalign, others do it on a case-by-case basis.  My ortho is one of the latter, but both my husband and I had it done (he used Damon Braces).  I hated the idea of grinding more teeth down, especially since they didn't even ask me if I wanted it done--they just said this was what had to happen and started in on it.  But I've experienced no side-effects, thank goodness, and my open bite is fully resolved now.  So‚Ķmaybe the orthodontist can fix things without a whole course of braces.

I hope you'll update!
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Thanks 2+1, I'll update the review if I continue treatment.
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Picture 6 was the best pic to show you the graft. I had the graft done a few years before I started the Invisalign. You can't really tell other than the gum color is slightly different. It was painful for a few days but your mouth heals pretty fast. I also had a pretty large graft. Recovery time I'm sure will vary depending on what you have done.
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Ahh, thanks for the clarification!  Nice to know that it blends in so seamlessly.  The pink color is what we want, after all :).  Has it helped you with sensitivity and the like?

Also, if you click the reply button under someone's comment, it will notify them that you've answered, in case they aren't following all comments.  Otherwise, it just puts a general comment under your review :).
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I never had any issues with sensitivity. My gum recession was due to bone loss from the beginning stages of periodontal disease. Once I got all of that area stabilized I went ahead and had my graft. With any luck this should give me long term stability in that area. So far so good.
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Thanks for all of this information!  Good luck :D
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Hi twoplusone, in picture 6/24 you can see the graft across my bottom 3 front teeth. It was about a 3 hour procedure. They take tissue from the roof of your mouth and place over the receded area, and stitch it in. Your mouth heals within a week or so. Soft diet for the first days and extreme care around the new graft till the Doctor gives you the ok....
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Thank you! I never would have seen it had you not mentioned it. In fact, I can't even really see it now except in comparison to the pic before! It's much more pink down there in the graft pic, right? I can't even see the stitches.  Was it very painful for you?
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Hi 2 + 1, I had some gum recession on my bottom front teeth before I started. I had a gum graft 4 or 5 years ago. One of my pictures shows that.
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I looked through all your pictures and couldn't tell which it was.  I have some worsening recession and am very interested in the procedure.  Could you tell me which date the picture is under, please?  And I'd love to hear about the experience as well.  We don't have a topic here, unfortunately.
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I managed to miss you somehow, it seems.  I am so impressed at the difference in the lower arch.  
Do you happen to have discussed gum recession with your dentist at all?
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Wow, your teeth have moved a lot from when you started! They look better and better in each photo I see. Invisalign and braces couldn't close all gaps for me either so I have to use resin composite or bonding to close the gap on my top tooth. To close the other I had braces with a power chain.
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Hi Nadine, I've been wearing my # 16+ tray for 3 months now. If I bite down on my finger I can still feel pressure on all of the teeth where I bite down on with the exception of my right lateral tooth. That's because the tray is already bottomed out on my right front tooth and the right canine, and I only feel pressure on those two teeth, and not on my lateral incisor. That large gap in the tray over my right lateral tooth is to blame, it's not a tight and proper fit, and that's why my results are lacking. If you have any gaps in your trays like I have all of the chewies in the world aren't going to help you out...
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That's what I think! They say the teeth aren't moving and I'm thinking of course they aren't coz they tray doesn't fit properly. Think I'm gonna insist on new trays coz I really need my initial treatment completed by my wedding. Thanks for the insight, think they just don't wanna have to do the whole process again..grrr!!
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I feel the same about the fit! I have two of my incisors that are not moving the way they are supposed to. I saw the ortho last week and they said to use the chewies three times a day as its too soon in my treatment to do anything about it (I'm on tray 7). Well I do and its not fixing it at all as the tray slides back down as soon as I stop chewing! I'm going to insist they do something! I'm getting married in December this year and will be really angry if my initial treatment is not done by then (as I am getting acceledent to ensure it is) or if all my teeth look good except those two!! Grrrr!!!
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Thanks Pre, hopefully the next refinement fixes that tooth. I hope the end is near. Because of last week's snow my appointment was canceled. I see my Dentist this Thursday and hope to be back on the treatment plan soon....
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Sorry about the lateral incisor, but your middle bottom teeth have moved significantly. Looks good so far.
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