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Almost three years ago I decided, at age 56, to...

Almost three years ago I decided, at age 56, to finally do something I'd always wanted to. But let me go back in time to explain why I arrived at my decision. By the time I was 16 years old I realized that I would never have what I considered to be "normal" size breasts. I barely filled an A cup bra, my clothes didn't fit well, and I tended to slouch probably in an effort to hide my flat chest.

I went through college, started my career, married, had a child, and went on with my life. For years I tried to convince myself that breasts should just not that important to me. In my early thirties I divorced, and was blessed to find a wonderful man who has been my husband now for 25 years. He has always complimented me on my figure, but I was not happy with myself. After doing a great deal of reading on breast implants, I made the decision to seriously consider surgery. With my husbands love and support I took the plunge, and had implants placed three years ago.

I can't explain how different I feel! I feel great about myself, love wearing clothes that look good on me, and my posture has improved immensely. Unfortunately I developed capsular contracture and had to have my implants replaced about a year ago, but it has all been worth it. I lOVE my breasts and am so glad that I took the step to do something nice for myself.

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I cannot say enough about how very impressed I am with my plastic surgeon. His training, skill, compassion for his patients, and willingness to always be there for me has been phenomenal. He is the most genuine and sincere physician I have ever met, and I would highly recommend him for any plastic surgery procedure that you might be considering. Before you select a doctor, do not miss the opportunity to see him for a consultation. I can guarantee that after meeting with him you will be convinced that he is the one. I plan to someday have a mini face-lift and have my eyes done, and he is the only one I will consider. I will forever be his patient!

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hi there, I am going for a consultation with dr soto....did he do your capsuletomy and remove and replace your implants for that price? how was your over all experience with dr soto? im really nervous to go back and do this again I have a capsule on the right and the last doctor i had I cannot trust at all, i hope dr soto will be great...
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Hi! My experience with Dr. S has been fantastic. His compassion and patience are beyond that of any physician I have ever been to. He was trained and completed residencies at cream of the crop medical institutions. It is hard to predict what your procedure may cost, as every patient has very different needs. My left implant needed to be removed and replaced due to contracture, and I opted to have the right replaced also. I needed a breast lift on the right, so that added to the cost, total of $8,000. I opted for a larger inplants the second time, and am VERY happy with the results. Don't let my experience scare you, as your procedure could be much simpler.

The bottom line is that I am now 13 months post-op, I love how I look, and have no signs of contracture at this time. I am a FANATIC on making sure I do my exercises, and I do them at least twice everyday. That is probably over-kill, but I believe it makes a difference. Dr. S chuckles when I tell him how sometimes when I'm out shopping I start to reach up to "squish my boobs". In addition to vigorous exercises (which he will instruct you on)I also take a prescription medication called Accolate. Even though using it for this purpose is "off-label", it has been effective for some patients, and I've had no problems taking it. Again, each patient is unique, so this may or may not be an option for you. The bottom line is that I am very happy with my results, and I completely trust Dr. S. Someday I will have him take care of my puffy eyelids and under-eye bags. The only thing stopping me at this point is the bank account :-)

Good luck with your evaluation. I know that you will love Dr. S. I see him for follow-up on the 18th, and always love going into his office. He and his staff are practically family by now! Please feel free to share with him that we have communicated and remind him that my husband Bob and I are his biggest fans! Kathy

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Hey there, I am so happy that your experience with dr. s was great , I had to change my consultation till next wednesday, so I am definetley going to see him I think that he will be the one.... I have had a couple conversations with the girls in the office on the phone, and they have all been 100% supportive, I cant wait to get this problem that my other doctor caused finally fixed. I think I will need the same thing a lift on the left and capsuletomy on the right and I defintley want larger implants, how big did you go? mine are 460cc implnats right now, and i was thinking of going to 700cc's they dont look really big on me since im pretty tall im 5 foot 8 and i weigh 145lbs, i have curvy hips so the size I have now looks good, but i could go alot larger and still look proportonate.... what do you think? also do you have sailene? or silicone? what do you prefer?

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Hi. I'm happy to hear that you are seriously considering Dr. S. You will not be disappointed. I am 5 foot 6, and have a small frame, weighing 118. Prior to my augementation I was an A cup. My first implants were 375cc saline which took me to a C cup. My second implants are 425cc silicone, now a D cup. I am very happy that I went larger, and I really like the silicone better, as they feel and move more naturally. Both times they were placed under the muscle, a better choice for thin women. I had so many questions for Dr. S prior to my second procedure (I took in a list of issues to discuss!) and he was SO very patient and took time to address all my concerns. As you know by now, plastic surgery is not an exact science, and outcomes are affected by how our bodies respond to the implants (which are, after all, foreign objects). We have to be willing to accept some imperfections that may occur. I know that Dr. S does all in his power to get the very best result possible. Good luck next week. Let me know how it goes!
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