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My journey hasn't yet begun, except the planning...

My journey hasn't yet begun, except the planning process. I'm scheduled August 19, 2014 and I'm nervous and excited both. I haven't been in the shape I want to be in since I was 23. That's too long! I'm praying for fantastic results, yet realistic too. I'm 5'8" and at 180, I weigh more than want to.


Well, you are online and communicating, so you must be feelings a little ok, huh? I have visions of excruciating pain for months, but I know that's just fear. I sleep on my side, so that will be a problem for me as well. Keep posting!
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If it's any consolation, you just might be able to sleep on your side much earlier than you think. You'll have some soreness from the lipo which might stop you from lying on your side for a few days but when moving around in bed SLOWLY enough you will be able to sleep on your side for short periods. After my second tuck I slept on my side the first night. I actually slept in bed from night one both times, not in a recliner as so many tummy tuckers do. Don't worry about EXCRUCIATING pain--you'll have pain killers that will keep your pain well controlled. If an old broad like me can do this twice a young chick like you should have no problem.
We all think those "yuk" thoughts when viewing our own protruding loose abdomens. Yours does not protrude as much as mine did. You just seem to have a lot of loose skin, so you'll have fantastic results. Most of us do! Good luck!
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It's The Final Countdown!

The nurse at my doctor's office just called to make sure I was feeling confident and to see if I had any questions. That is a relief that they care and take the time to do that.

I'm ready!


I am three weeks post op. The day after my surgery I could shower. I could not believe the results already! You will be so pleased. First week you will need some help but pain meds keep pain very tolerable. Second week I felt good. Now its my third week I cant do sit ups or core exercise but I can use treadmill or elliptical. I'm back to a lot of activity. Just not too strenuous. Good luck. Nerves are normal but you will be so happy you did this. I just wish I would have done it sooner. Oh and the feeling of going shopping and getting clothes without that pouch feels sooooo good.! Just keep thinking about the results in the end.
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We are a similar build. I can't wait to see your results! I wish my TT was this month! Good luck!
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Getting ready! 2 more days. Thanks for the well wishes!

Tomorrow is the day!!

The hospital just called with my pre op questions and to register me. I must admit it was a little freaky when they asked if I had a living will or any preparations for that. I'm generally not a huge worrier, but I will be glad when this is all over and done with and I'm on the road to recovery.

Tomorrow at 11:30!!


Best wishes for a smooth surgery!
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Thank you!! Just want it over with.
I will have my TT tomorrow as well, at 8:00. Best of luck to you:))
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On the road again!

On our way to the hospital. Slightly nervous, but ready for it to be done with. Ugh!!


Good luck today!!!
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I made it!

On the flat side. And the tightness side. And the pain side. And the Percocet side.

Wow! Feels like a did a million crunches. But I made it!

Will update more tomorrow


I had mine on the 18th. I'm in my recliner now wondering why I did this too because I'm in so much pain!! We just have to hang in there and it will get easier eventually!!
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OneRodkey, I'm glad the surgery was a success. I felt a little down yesterday, but I'm more upbeat to day.
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Yah!! And we are on your side! Glad you made it!
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Home from the hospital

I feel 100 times better now than this morning. I'm in my recliner and my husband is waiting on me hand and foot. Now I'm glad I did it. I'm horribly hunched over, but my tummy is so flat!! Yah!


You look great so far look forward too your updates :)
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Thanks. I am feeling pretty terrible right now. I felt better this morning and now the pain is back. Just wish I could fast forward a couple weeks. Percocet doesn't seem to much for me.
Oh that's not good at all hope you recover quickly!! Yeah Iam not looking forward too the pain :-/

2nd Day Post Op

I feel so much better today than I have. Standing a little straighter and only have some burning where my drains come out. I was able to shower, and wow! I'm flat! Can't wait to feel 100%.


How are you feeling? I hope well! Good luck with your appointment tomorrow - maybe drains will come out?! Keep up updated :)
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I am feeling really good. Just tight and the stitches on my drain are pulling. I'm almost standing straight, so my back isn't aching anymore. No pain meds other than Tylenol since yesterday. I've turned the corner, I hope. Thanks for asking. Crossing my fingers my drains come out tomorrow. They aren't producing much at all. Is that normal after 5/6 days?
Hello ladies has anyone had a problem with itching. On Friday I started itching really bad on my stomach and back. I hate to take benadryl because the after effect of it is horrible. But I had to break down and take it. It was so bad I couldn't even sleep.

Feeling ok

It's one week and I've had ups and downs, but generally I feel like I'm on the mend. Maybe just a bit slower than some, but I'm ok.

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Side by side pic

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Oops. Side by side


I think your before body looks similar to mine on the side view. Did you have a standard incision? My surgeon has recommended an extended on for my flank area to avoid puffy or lumpy sides. You look great though. If you just had a standard, maybe I should just do that. I just called and agreed to the extended scar though.....
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Mine goes from hip bone to hip bone but it's very low. It skims my pubic area and then extends upwards towards my hipbone like a smile. From what I see at this point, she did a great job and it already looks like a very normal shape. I am slightly swollen more on one side, but nothing I'm gonna sweat until I'm a few more months into recovery. My last drain came out today so that may change some things. If you want to give me your email, I can send some more pics at different angles.
Awesome photos! I can't wait to have my surgery! How is your scar looking?
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One month and one day

I'm feeling pretty good finally. My energy levels are back to normal except by the end of day I'm pooped. But that might be normal too. Lol. I'm still tight, but I can tell the difference all the time. Before it pained me to stand up straight and I could feel where my PS repaired my muscles. Now I don't notice it. Sleeping well, just not on my stomach. I should step down in 2 weeks from wearing my compression garment 24/7 to 12/12. I've gotten so used to it tho that I may wear t anyway. It makes me feel secure.


You look great! I agree about feeling secure in garments. I've tried to go to work a few times without mines and I end up feeling awful.
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You look amazing!!
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Pittsburgh Plastic Surgeon

So far so good. I've only had a consult with my doctor and a meeting with the nurse. From these interactions though, I am impressed. My doctor is young and confident, and seems to believe everything will go smoothly. I'm nervous yet excited to start the process.

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