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I was referred to Barber through a mutual friend ....

I was referred to Barber through a mutual friend . Our first consultation was wonderful. He is very charming and convincing (like a used car salesman. After a couple of months of debating, I scheduled my apt. I asked all the usual questions. I repeatedly asked with my type of body, age , height, and weight you there be any complications. He gave me the normal speech that with every surgery there is risk but he guaranteed mine would go smoothly and I had nothing to worry about. There was no way any of my concerns would be a problem. Those types of problems mostly occur from the doctor using the wrong technique or being to aggressive. So I believed him.

I knew within days after the surgery there was issues. If called immediately with my concerns and to make an apt and his rude secretary Kristy didn't give me the time of day and proceeded to make her own professional medical opinion. This I found off considering she is not a doctor nor a nurse.

Week later I could tell there was an infection, I called in again and got Kristy. Is was treated as if I was bothering her. She then decided to call in antibiotics (her call) but told me everything was fine. When I finally got to see Dr, Barber it was brief and honestly was not a proper medical exam. He spent the few minutes cracking jokes.

Fast forward 6 months and completely terrified by my results, I set another apt. After looking at me he said that it didn't look too bad (liar) we could revise it. But of course this meant more money and another chance for him to mess things up. But I had no choice. My results were horrible. I had a friend go with me to the pre-op where he explained the procedure to be easy, hardly no down time.

Imagine my surprise when I wake up to see he did not do what he told me he was going to be. It did not fix the problem at all. It actually made things worse. My wound gaped open so wide I could fit a finger in it. I was having a lot of pain and running a fever. I called first thing in the morning spoke to guess who and with her crappy attitude told me it was fine but she would let the doctor know. When I did not hear back from her I called again for her to tell me he had left for the day and I would be good till the following week.

By that time the wounds had opened up even more and deepened. I was told my incision would be very small and easy to cover. WRONG. He had no concern of my gaping holes and told me they would just have to heals no he was out the door.

The wounds got so bad and I felt horrible, I had to go to another surgeon to check it out. The other surgeon was mortified with how I looked. She also explained to me what was done wrong the first time and that the revision was a complete joke because it would never have worked. Plus I had a very serious infection that could've ended up with me in the hospital for weeks if gone untreated. Obviously that was not a concern of br. barber and his staff.

Still disfigured and so depressed with the results. I tell anyone and everyone not to go see him for surgery. I've even showed people his work which terrifies others. I'm contemplating posting these pics for the world to see as a warning. Let's see how ok my results are and how he's going to feel once his name is attached to his work. I guarantee his client base would drop.

Mistakes can be made and I understand this. Surgeons are not miracle workers. It's not that the results did not live up to my expectations, it's the fact that I look a 100 times worse and the very important fact that he lied about what he was going to do to me. There's a very big different between a 2 inch tiny scar and waking up to see I've been cut in half.
Wow! Just ran across your review! I am so sorry you went through all of this! Unfortunately there are a lot of PS out there who simply should NOT be performing thigh lifts - period. it is a complex operation and the complication rate is high. I appreciate you recognizing they are not "miracle workers" - the true test of a professional is how they handle things when complication arise (as opposed to saying "its fine") - and your Dr. not only botched the first job, but refused to acknowledge there was a problem that he didnt know how to fix. Thanks so much for posting your review - it is IMPORTANT and what this website is all about - if you can save one woman from an incompetent PS, it is WORTH IT.....so very glad you posted!
Im so sorry. That is so unfair, but don't lose hope. Somehow things will improve. Thanks for the info. I look forward to your photos. They will save others from making the same mistake.
Wow I am so sorry for your experience. That is a person worst nightmare. I myself just had a thigh lift 7 days ago and it is very painful. When I looked between my leg I see a dent. I am hoping that all is well, but you never know how these things are going to work out. I hope you can find someone to fix the error of this bad doctor
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