I Just Had my Lip Implants Done Today!! LOVE!! - Wexford, PA

I had been watching and reading these forums for...

I had been watching and reading these forums for some time as I researched getting the Permalip and what size I wanted...I went with the medium size as I didn't know if the larger size was just a bit to big for my face...I figure I can always go up if I want in the future...so, I did get put to sleep and so very glad I did that...I had watched all of the youtube video's of the dental blocks and NO THANKS!! LOL

I am so far in a bit of pain (a 5 on a scale from 1 to 10 with no vicodin, but a 2 out 10 with it every 4 hours)...I can still feel my lips THANK GOODNESS and I am black and blue on top of my upper lip and a few red blotches on my actual lips...not that bad though...happy so far with the shape even though I am very swollen!! I have posted a few pics, some before surgery with some left over fillers and then some today after surgery...

I can say that without a doubt, I LOVE IT so far and I am hoping for a full recovery soon!

After 1 day!!

No more pain pills, but bruised....still happy and no regrets!

Another one tonight...after 48 hours...looking better!!

Still a bit swollen, but very happy!

Thanks so much for sharing on RealSelf! You're looking really good and I'm so glad you're happy with your results. Please keep us posted as the swelling continues to go down and you feel better and better.

Thanks Angie...I will continue to post pictures...Swelling is bit more than I expected...I think a good week and I will be much more at ease but so far I am happy, I can see the shape is going to be very nice!! Chapped lips and a bit tight still.
Hi. Your lips look really great. I am going for a consultation this afternoon to have this done next Friday. I'm hoping to be able to return to work on the following Wednesday. I'm slightly worried about what people will notice / say when I get back. They're very conservative where I work. Would you say they are still the same shape as your own lips but just with more volume?

Day 3-Still bruised and swollen

Well, I am still happy, but still bruised and swollen on day 3 after surgery. If I can make some recommendations, here they are:

1) Ask to get put out for this surgery, you will have no pain from dental block shots

2) Be sure to get the best doc in your area, if they are put in wrong, it will look terrible

3) Expect a good week of recovery from bruising to swelling

4) Ice every hour for 10 to 20 minutes the first few days

5) Get Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage makeup at Sephora or online to cover bruising-IT WORKS!

6) Be prepared to not talk a lot, your mouth is stiff (lips for sure) and you won't be able to smile due to stiffness

7) Get some great lip moisturizer, your doc will give you some samples with antibiotics

8) Make sure to rest and get good sleep and DRINK lot's of fluids for swelling to decrease
Hey there, your lips look great. How is the recovery coming along? Perhaps you could post more pics? Thanks for all the postings very encouraging.
Hi Paula, thanks for the note...yes, recovery is coming along...finally after 5 days, things are coming down and the bruising is healing...still have to wear makeup on the bruises and the lips to keep them from roaming eyes in public!! :) I will submit a day 5 picture!!
Thanks so much. Went for the consultation on Friday and the surgeon recommended I have a medium in the top only as my lower is fairly good anyway. Having only one done is slightly less scary. Its being done on Friday. How is your recovery going?

Day 5 Review

Ok, so I made it to day 5...:)

Major difference in swelling and bruising this morning...It seems to be more swollen in the mornings (probably as I sleep on my side and the blood rushes to them??)...anyway, I am sooo happy with my LIPS!! Still no regrets...can't wait to see what they look like at 1 month out...so, for those of you wanting to do this and are scared, I don't blame you, but do your research and then if you hate them you can remove them easily in the doctors office with a local shot and they pull them out, so you do have an out...that's what I kept saying to myself...BUT day 5 and healing!

Sorry but my lips are really chapped!!

My pictures are a bit horrid, sorry, my lips are so chapped, I had to get get more lips moisturizer and nothing seems to help the peeling...oh well....
Thanks for all the updates. The latest pic is sensational. Now, how are your lips feeling so far? Too stiff and/or do you feel the implants? Keep the beautiful pics coming. It seems to me that if one does this surgery that you should be able to stay at home a week. Or?
Hi again, I own my own company and we all work from home...so that helps with recovery!! Also, I do think someone should take off a week, the bruising is the worst of it...the swelling is just tight and no matter what you look like you got hit with a baseball!! ha ha...I am doing lips stretching to get them to losen a bit, not overboard though...Are you getting your done or did you already?? I can't keep everyone straight!! ha ha
CJ, you can always get the bottom done if it seems to be misaligned and I think the Mediums are great...that is what I did and love it so far...I have a tiny frame and thought the large might be too big, but hey, that's just me!! :) Good luck, post your pics!!

1 week post op!! So much better!

So I am one week post op...my stitches were coming out so I ended up taking a tweezer (washed with soap) and pulling them out...it was that or have long white curly stitches coming out of the corners of my mouth...office could not get me in until tomorrow (which was my post operation follow up anyway)...SO...I LOVE MY LIPS!! They are tender, bruising is going down and so is the swelling!!

I am hoping by 1 month that I am less tender in the corners of the mouth and the bottom lip...I am still a bit stiff, so I do some stretching and pursing of my lips to have them move around a bit more...

If you are thinking of doing this, just know, that the corners of your mouth heal up like cuts that are tender and swollen, but you get over it once you see the great results!!

Full Recovery after 2 weeks!!

Doing an update at 2 weeks!!

I love love love my lips!! I can say this was the best decision to do this...no more fillers!! Here I am 2 weeks out!!

3 weeks out!!

Loving the lips!!

Pic at 3 weeks out!

Why does everyone blame the implants? Its the Drs fault if they are placed wrong!!! Same thing with breast implants...if you put them in right they look great...if you put them in 5 inches off there in your stomach and that would look crazy!! Please PICK your DR carefully. If you see someone that has a nice set of perma lip ask them their Drs name and go there!!!! Dont try to save money just because he is 5 mins from you....its your FACE it is worth the extra cost!! I had to drive 2 hours and I LOVE MINE and My daughters look wonderful too!
I am so sorry too. I don't have them in yet but I was planning on next month. Zabber I know you've had yours now for awhile how are they feeling now? I see you are very happy with them.
Yes, still very happy with them...they do not look overdone and they look youthful...no problems!!

7 months post op!! Still Loving Lips!

Here are my lips with the 5 MM at 7 months!! Love them as they look very natural, I may have gone bigger, but I am still happy...
Mine have shifted horribly. The top is very obvious. The bottom, not unless I smile.i was scheduled for a redo this week, but he cancelled me. I'm going to have to take a week off work to have them redone , so I have to schedule myself way out. I travel, etc. he entered my upper lip via the center of my upper lip instead of the corners. Have a lump there also. Sigh.
Did you have any issue with the top implant moving around at all? I had read about it being a possibility
In retrospect would you have gotten the large size? I'm getting mine soon and can't decide whether or not I should get medium or large!
Pittsburgh Plastic Surgeon

I am very impressed with he and his staff...all so very friendly, spends time with you for as as you need it, never in a rush and a very very nice physician!! Felt I was in great hands from start to finish! HIGHLY recommended!!

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
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