Mommy Make Over Tummy Tuck and Breast Lift Without Implants - PA

Hey all! I love reading all of your stories!! I am...

Hey all! I love reading all of your stories!! I am finally less than 2 weeks out for my mommy make over. I decided on no implants after wanting smaller boobies and talking with my hubs about it. He is not a breast man, so he said he would leave it up to me, but I decided that perky and smaller is more my style. I have been a EE (when prego) and now a solid D (and saggy) and would love to be a small C to a large B. I hope I am not making a mistake, but I can always get implants later if I want to.

I am 45 and had gastric bypass in Feb of 2012. I am within 10 lbs of my idea weight and just can't shed it...I have been at a standstill for 6 months (up 4, down 4) so I decided to move ahead with it.

I am nervous and excited at the same time! I know with kids I am double nervous about going under every time. I have made it out of a few surgeries in my life so I know what it's like!

I have had 2 c-sections and never had an issue, so I am hoping it's not worse than that (I know, I know-wishful thinking!!)...well, here are my before pics, and a list of things I have gotten and where I found the items. ANY OTHER advice on things to get before surgery would be helpful!!

Things I have ready....I would love more advice!!

* Reclining chair (both to stand to laying down) a deal on craigs list!
* Rubber elastic shower product (pinning the drains to it or at least holding drains while showering)
* Arnica (for bruising-from doctor)
* Around the chest shower/pool wrap (towel) for no arm hole dressing
* Granny panties (can throw away after surgery)
* Wine-Ok just kidding (but mayyybeee)..LOL
* All scripts already filled-CHECK
* Wipes (adult ones, for no showering for a few days) CHECK
* Recipes for my mom to make (and going shopping for groceries

Whoops hit send too soon! More stuff I have ready!! (LOL)

* Lot's of veggie frozen packs for the boobie healing!
* Milk of Mag-well, we know why!
* Stool softener-again, let's not discuss!
* Heating pad-lot's of back pain I hear-and it helps to move the bowels-again, not discussing!
* Movies
* New Gel Scar Cream-expensive, but hey, why not try it out?
* A pool boy-Just in case I need to go for a swim to relax (LOL)

More to come!!

Oh and HEY...if you need a great chair while recovering at home, I have a deal for you!

If you live the BURGH I can provide you a great (almost new chair) for a very good deal...honestly I AM SO EXCITED I FOUND THIS CHAIR that will help me to stand and lay down all by a push of a button...So, if you are having surgery after me (Oct 11th), then in mail me!!! :)
You are going to LOVE the chair! I rented mine for two weeks. I didn't let myself keep it longer than that, because I really wanted to get back in my bed. It was a lifesaver! It had heat and massage. Ahhhhhhhh! When I was uncomfortable and unable to sleep, I just let it buzzzzzzzzzz me to sleep. Get a lot of pineapple. I think it really helped with bruising. Borrow a walker! If there was one thing that I could not have survived without the first week, it is the walker! My back hurt so bad from being hunched! Using the walker was the only way I could move around for more than a couple of minutes. We had/are having the same surgeries! Best of luck to you! You're going to look amazing! :)
Thank NuMe13...13 is my lucky number!! Anyway, I sure am hoping this chair works for me, I will sleep in my bed at some point and hopefully I can get rid of it within 3 weeks!!

Got the call today for my scheduled surgery next Friday!! SOOOO full of excitement and anxiety!!

Ok, I keep waking up and rethinking my choice...I so want to do this and will, but I keep thinking about dying, it's not that I "really think" I will die, but I have small kids (4 and 7) and I just would feel so sorry for my husband if something goes wrong all due to vanity...but, I also realize that I am in great hands and in great health!!

Anyway, still getting everything ready for the big day!! Picking up my mom from the airport will make it more real next Thursday to take care of me and the kids for 10 days! What a trooper she is!

5 days to go for surgery!! SOOOO NERVOUS!!

I have been under for a few surgeries, but as always I get a bit nervous prior to surgery and then am pretty calm the night before...anyway, I have taken a few more before pics, I guess I did not realize just how bad I look right now...after 2 c-sections and losing 80 lbs this is the result but I do feel somewhat selfish for spending the money on myself...I guess we mom's could find a lot more to do with $14,000 + like spending it on the kids or a great vacation!!

Anyway, thinking my real fear is the pain I will have afterwards...but, I guess I won't know until I come out of surgery and am home next weekend!! I am adding a few more before pics!!
Welcome to the community and good luck! BTW, you're going to LOVE your power lift chair recliner. I'm still in mine. It was very critical for me to have it the first week.
Oh thanks so much Sept2013!! How was the pain?? Any advice now that you are a few weeks out?? Getting a bit nervous, a little insomnia right now too!! :(
Hello twinner! Thanks for sharing your story. Wish I had a comfy recliner. I bought one of those zero gravity chairs from that should arrive on Tuesday. We only have one bathroom in our house so I haven't even been downstairs yet since my surgery! :)


Did anyone else just start waking up a few weeks before your surgery?? I keep waking up and just not able to go back to sleep...I now it's anxiety, I don't normally have it but I guess that goes with this surgery...anyway, 4 more days...then the flat side!! YIPPY!
Your day is coming quick! :). Don't worry about the pain. It's not bad (unless you sneeze). Do not do that! They give you good drugs too. The drugs made me feel kinda crappy, so I was ready to get off of them. I don't know if your dr gave you a Rx for Xanax or an anxiety med, but those will help with sleeping. You need your rest! Take some deep breaths. You are READY! And you're gonna look fantastic! :).
Nu Me 13-thanks I know 3 more days...I am ok, I will get through it...I guess its that I have no idea how I will heal, the pain, etc...I am a control freak apparently! LOL
How exciting! Congrats

A shout out to my new friend Amanda!

I got to speak with Amanda on here in Pittsburgh about her surgery yesterday and it really put me at ease a bit more...she calmed me down to a low anxiety level in telling me she didn't cry yet!! So, that helps me to understand the pain level! NOT CRY WORTHY means a lot!! :) Thanks Amanda!
Awww that's cute! So great to meet new friends who are supportive!
My nerves are already bad and I still have 6 weeks. Reading your posts make me feel normal about fears of complications. Good luck and keep us posted when you are up to it after the surgery!
I know!! I feel like all of us women are so great at supporting one another and this is such a great site to at least have others in the same boat to vent too! I will post for sure once I am out!

2 more days and still waking up!!! AHHH

Well, I think when your this close to your surgery you start to get a bit nervous as the expectations are so high that your pain will be horrible and that the results will be great once you go through hell and back!! Anyway, just getting the last of the groceries and things I need today and then I pick up my mom tomorrow at the airport to help with the kids for 10 days...hope she can withstand some blood! Poor mom!! LOL
I am 2 weeks post op today. First week I had no coffee and only drank tea all day, especially after meals. I was not gassy at all. And was not swollen at all after day 4 or 5. I recommend bying coconut water if you can and drinking it the first 3 days. Stay away from anything that will dehydrate you: soda, cafeine, milk "gassy"
Going out to get that now!
lol( poor mom). Best wishes to you. A walker helped me tremendously in the beginning. And the toilet seat riser. I have not had that regret moment; just more of a "When is this swelling going away?!" or "Dangitt! I want to be comfortable". But never a depressed moment, or regret moment. I think this has a lot to do with how you are emotionally beforehand, as well as if you have complications. Highpockets summed it up perfectly.

Ok, only 24 hours and I will be laying on the table!!

WOW, just seems like I am a bit better today...I have come to grips with acceptance and will go in with a great attitude and have NO expectations until Christmas, that seem like after 2 1/2 months my swelling will be down (hopefully) and I can have a great Christmas without having pain.

I have a pretty high tolerance for pain, so I am hoping this is better than a tummy tuck (not sure what to expect with boob pain though), I know my PS will not put in a drain on the boobs unless necessary, but it's just a lift, no implants.

Well, will post a pic before I go into surgery and then back at you all over the weekend!! Wish me luck!!
Can't wait to see your results! I'm so excited for you! Happy healing, prayers and love your way.
Thank you!!!

5:15 am and up and TIRED!!! Did not sleep much...ready to get this over with!

Good morning RR peeps!! I am up and very excited to say goodbye to my saggy boobs and everything as ready as I could and now its surgery DAY!!!

I can now really appreciate you ladies and your bravery!! I will see you all on the flat side!!
Congrats hon, happy healing! Can't wait to see pics!
Can't wait to see how you're doing. Hope all is well with u!
Hope its going well today! I live near Youngstown Ohio...My day is October 31...Cant wait to see how you do!!!

Update 5 hours post op!!

Wow going great! I am not a hero as I did cry waking up as pain was bad only above my crotch! Now all good! Stay on your meds!!!!!! Key!! I got liquid perc!! Roxicet! Hits u in 5minutes!! Not as bad as I thought but different! Tight but not bad!! I already live my mummy results!

Handle seats!

A must have!!!!!
Have to be honest the pain is bad of you don't keep up with pain meds!! Just being real...this is no joke of a surgery but I keep thinking its only going to get better!!! I am hanging in there!
It's all going to be so worth it! :)

Get a chair that lays back to standing you will not regret it!

The stand to lay recliners are a huge necessity!! Get on Craigslist and resell it!!
You go girl. how motivated you are! You look great, can't wait to see the results!
You are the bomb! Up and attum! Keep walking! Take slow deep breaths! Hold a pillow over your tummy in case you cough! You are looking good all wrapped up!
Is most of the bad pain tummy or boobs or both?

Garment change today

Oh boy I am so excited to see the results but afraid it will hurt to take this garment off! I will post pics later! Hope all of you out there are recovering well! No regrets here even if I am in pain! Lol
Can you elaborate on "pain"... like sharp? achey? pinch? scale of 1-10... I know its different for everyone but if you are able, I'd really appreciate it. Speedy Healing!!!
apologies, I see below you answered this yesterday for B. I appreciate the clarifications. Its so helpful to be mentally prepared. You are really helping me!!!
Now I have gas pains! Yikes! Going under and pain meds cause rumbling gas! Not fun! Sharp and stinging pain is how I describe it! I feel like I was burned around the incisions...just expect the worst and it does get easier and meds help!

New lift! Loving my boobs!

Got to shower tonight and I love the new body!! My incision looks crooked but its not!! Feeling so much better!!


Looking good love! Happy healing
Your boobs look great! I can't wait to have some normal boobs myself! Lol glad to see you are recovering so well!

Day 3 PO!

Well it has gotten better ladies! My swelling has gone way down and my drains are only at about 10 so hoping to get both out on Thursday! The incisions are burning as they heal and I get muscle spasms in my tummy and some shooting pains...all normal healing!

I are very little the last day prior to my surgery and I am glad I did that! Gas from being pit under is not fun! Expect gas and bloating!

Oh and I got my period which wa not due for 2 weeks! Call PS and he said it was normal due to going under and that it will be ok in a few days...that just sucks!! Like I need this!! Lol

Ladies this is no joke and I would make sure u have help for at least a week! Just buttoning your crotch in the garment is impossible! My hubs has been great getting up with me!

My mom is here helping too, thank GOD! The kids are being so good too!

For those still waiting, just take our advice and make sure u take your meds as the pain is not worth you being a hero! You won't get addicted to meds that make you constipated and groggy, but u will be in a ton of pain if you don't!!
You look great!!
Thank you!
I love readin your posts because u just keep it real. I am elated to see you doing so well, so fast! Some people just complain the whole time, but you're up and moving around. Such an inspiration! I pray a speedy recovery for you.

Walking upright!

Yup do lots of walking around your house with a wheeled walker! It really helps move out the gas and bloating!

I feel soooo much better tonight! I am walking around every 2 hours to keep stretching! Ladies it's important to keep you blood flowing! Also, my butt has bruising and had side lipo done on flanks and boy does that put some the name "pain the ass" as a correct statement and now it's all about massage and walking!

Boobs are starting to heal and itch!! Actually my whole body itches! Feeling so lucky to have less pain each day and just look forward to Getting into a bikini just to see how I look! That I will save for 2 weeks! Happy healing!
Sounds like day three is going very well! Yeah! Thanks for all the honesty, Im 18 days away and I getting really really excited!! hang in there and happy healing! So glad to hear the kids are behaving! Hoping for the same over here in a few weeks!
Just go in with a great attitude and all will be good!
Do you feel like you must have the walker, or is it more of a comfort? Not sure I'll go in for one... but your feedback will help me to decide.

My Mom's Tips for per and post Surgery!

Here is a list of reminders and things to that I wished I knew prior to surgery!

1) Extra panti liners for crotch protection on garment!

2) Size medium and large surgical pads (but not too thick) to put around drains and to replace pads from day of surgery to protect skin and incisions from rubbing on the garment!

3) Heavy duty surgical tape to tape pads in place

4) Water bottle with squirt cap (bottle water you can buy at the mini mart) to cleanse crotch area with warm water instead of wiping as its hard to wipe! Plus, you won't be taking a shower every day!

5) keep up with Arnica tabs under tongue for bruising it seems to help

6). Keep up with massaging butt, flanks, or lipo areas! Hurts but keeps lumps away!

7) Keep up with pain meds or its really bad!!!!

8) Get a heated throw or blanket for day of surgery as your body is cold and you will want something warm on top of you!

9). 3 pillows for under knees, coughing if you clear lungs, and for back pain

10) Eat light soft foods for no bloating: jello, pudding, eggs, soup, soft veggies and then move to bulkier foods over 4 days

11) Cold vitamin water, Gatorade, ice water and protein drinks with no milk and Popsicles!
Thanks for the tips, I will add it to my book :-)
Thank you for the list of things, I still have a few hours to do some shopping. Happy healing to you!
Good luck on your surgery! Just think of the results!!

Boobs almost healed! Love them!

No implants but I still really like them! Seems my old 45 year old boobs held up enough! Good going girls! Lol

So skinny wasted!

I am in awe of my waste! It's so skinny which means I had some fat sucked out wow!! I wonder if they took measurements prior! But damn this garment is effing tight!!! Ahhhh
Looking good now u are on the flat side
Yup so far so good! A few minor irritations that you just deal with!!

Day 6 PO

Feeling very tight around incisions so I put some antibiotic cream on them...they are all closed! Hoping to get a drain out today if not both! I am still on pain meds but going to see if I can move to Advil gels!

Ladies the constipation is horrible!

Hope you are all healing fast!

My spelling! Geez after reading my drug induced posts and the misspellings I really need to get off the narcotics! Lol

Weening off today!
Looking great!

One drain out! Didn't hurt just felt weird!

Finally one drain down! It was painful burning this past week! Didn't hurt just stung a bit! Next one out is on Monday and then I will feel normal again! This healing process is better than I thought at 6 days, I just promised myself that I will give it a full 3 months!

Very little swelling so far, I weigh exactly the same as I did the day of surgery so the PA said that's great because you will lose weight most likely...anyway, all good accept I have a yeast infection in my belly button! Gross! I have a new cream for it but it looks great!

Happy healing all!
I can't tell you how encouraging and helpful your posts are! I am taking all of your advice! I'm inside of two weeks, all paid up and just trying to enjoy my mobility and workouts while I can since I will be "quiet" for a while soon!!! Congrats!!!
Happywife u are too sweet! Yes just enjoy your mobility now and everything will be fine! I was soooo nervous too trust me I was crying in the waiting area to my husband that if anything happens to make sure he took care of our kids and to remind them I love them! Talk about dramatic! Do not fret, I was better than ok after, yes it hurts but expect the worst and I think you may be surprised at how much it's ok...hang in there the results are sooooo worth it!
Are you sure it's ok to stand straight? I was told not to stretch my abdominal muscles for now. Are you still constipated? Are you taking stool softener?

Finally got dressed and my jacket fits now with no wrinkles!

Wow, my first jacket that didn't fit well and I love the results so far even though I am still really swollen!
Woohoo, You're already lookin super sassy
Ha well my legs are sausages and my butt is pretty large from swelling! I am actually happy with my butt big! Lol!

Small set back!

Well my incision is bleeding a bit from swelling! Sucks! I saw the PA at the docs office and she said that it might be a stich that is not dissolving...ugh! So now on Cipro for a week to ward off infection! Anyway, it's just a small set back but expect that things happen!
I hope the incision heals well!! You've been doing so well and your attitude is great so you will make it through this just fine!
Thanks so much! I go on today to have it looked at again!
Well no fluid after putting the needle in! Ugh! Back to more antibiotics and keeping the drain until infection or Seroma! Whew.

Getting second drain out today!! Sooo happy!

This 10!days went so quick and I can't wait to get the last drain out! Swelling is down a bit...bleeding at incision is a bit better but has anyone else had that?? I feel like I am on an island with the bleeding incision...I think it's a few spots now and not just one...what cases that? I am thinking not a gear suture job!

I will know more today at 1! It doesn't hurt but it's keeping me from healing...other than that I am still pretty tired but what a difference 10'days make! Finally weaning off narcs today and I should get my energy back!!

Here I am with my drains!

Darin tube optional sites!

Ladies if you can get the drains out of your hips! The pubic area is very very sensitive and will leave scars down move around so much that it is better on the hips for pain as there is no pain and more tissue there for ongoing movement!

Just wanted to give you that tip! It is in the same incision as your incision so no extra hip scar!

Sorry my iPhone stinks as auto correction is not turned on!! Lol

I am in such a hurry sometimes that I don't check if my phone has changed my words to a different word!! I actually write for a living (training) so it's even funnier! ;)
Glad to hear things are going well. You've definitely been a trooper the whole time!!
Hi guys I am doing pretty well! I am going post some stuff tomorrow on expectations!! Don't have any!!
How are you feeling? Hope you are still humming along!! I'm just 8 days away from mine! Thanks again for all of your great tips and encouragement!!

Setback! Not happy!

I still have seeping by pubic area from my sutures opening in that area. I don't know why but on antibiotics and little walking due to pulling!

I go back tomorrow morning to see where it's at and hoping its not an's hard around it and red and seeping...hate it!

I knew this was a risk, I had a friend who got infected afte a c-section and of course she lived through it!

My guess is that they see this more than we think...just want this to be over! I am trying to have a good attitude!
Hope all is well with you and you look good.
Thanks you do too! All good !
Hopefully the antibiotics will knock that right out of you. You are doing so well. My surgeon also put the drain out of my incision at the hip and I am so glad. It's not been in my way at all because of this. He requires though that my drain stay in for 9 days minimum. Oh well it will be here before I know it. :)

Update almost 2 weeks post op!

Well I am so happy I have no infections in my open wounds! Have to put saline gauze in my woulda and pack them! Not aweful but I literally watched my PA pull undesolved stitch out of the wounds! Gross!

She said some people do not dissolve them easily! It's not painful really just frustrating!

I got I to my 2 me phase GC and holy sheet is it tight!!! I may slip my other one on from time to time for a little relief! I lost 3 pounds of skin and fat attached to the skin! I asked!

My lipo spots on my flanks are still sore and black and blue but I massage it and its coming along!

I am excited to put on a bikini that I ordered but has not arrived yet!

Ok so now I need to start walking tomorrow to get the lymphatic stuff to flush out! I think I will go visit neighbors! ;)

Happy healing everyone!!
You look great! You must be so happy!
Oh thanks! I am still in shock that I no longer have jelly belly! ;) haha
You look awesome! Congratulations on your makeover :-)

My stomach muscles are soooo tight it hurts!

If I overdue it my stomach muscle repair area tightens up so tight that I have to rest and I can hardly this going to go away after some time?

I finally got my hair done today at 2 weeks PO as I could hardly stand to be in the house anymore. We went out with friends for dinner and that was awesome but I got so tight in the stomach I had to forego the after get together with the kids!

This tightness is awful!
Looking great ;))!!! Yeah I had 4 pooped stitches. Little open holes. Scary, all healed perfectly now. almost 3 months and upper tummy still feels like I did 100 crunches, but worth it. Happy healing!!!!
Awesome for you, this bleeding and seeping sucks!! How long did yours last?
Awesome suggestions! You look fab btw.

Deep wound by Punic area! Called for a wound vac!

Yup I am one of the unlucky ones that have a few wounds due to stitches not dissolving! Ugh.

I hate it, one o them is deep and bleeds a lot an I am over it! I have to change the dressings 3 times a day, it doesn't seem to be healing...I saw my PS PA yesterday and asked how long I need to do this? He said weeks or months! WTF? No way!

I called a wound clinic and they are calling me back to see if I can get on a wound vac!! Crossing fingers!!
I'm praying for you. Healing prayers your way. I'm so sorry you're having to go through this wound set back. I'm sure once it's over with it will all be worth it.
Thank you!

Finally in my Bikini!

Wow what 3 weeks does for you! This surgery is amazing! Still have wounds to heal and swelling but overall so happy!

Before and after of tummy!

I live my new boobs too but look at the stomach difference! Sooo happy!
I am wondering how you are doing with the packing with gauze ? Any luck with wound vac? I am struggling with same packing business for 2 weeks...sooooo slow! I ask my dr about wound vac and they said has to be much larger area open. I have two open the size of my thumb, one smaller about size of a nickel. You pictures in your bathing suit look great!
Hi yes I finally went Friday and they said the same thing...wound vac won't work on smaller wounds...we just have to put up with it for weeks until healed! The plastic surgeon there said its very common.  He said only to dress the wounds twice a day and not 3 times...he said once a day once it shrinks... msucks but I am just going about my business! Happy healing! 
Do you feel head achy and fluish? I do. I am struggling more with overall lousy feeling more than hassle and upset at wounds. I have had complete blood work done and sooo happy to know I don't have any other infection or something worse brewing...but just don't feel "right". Dr says my body is working hard on healing and maybe that is why? Ugh! I am thankful of everyday behind me and happy with results and know it could be worse... Just curious if you feel any of same?

Went shopping today! Whoop! Got dressed!

Finally felting like shopping! So skinny after an 80 lb weight loss and now a size 8!

Ladies it gets better even days! The first two weeks are hell! You will survive!
You are looking wonderful!! Have fun shopping for new clothes as you deserve it.
Thank you!! I was a size 10 before I went into surgery, now I am a 6/8!! Lost 10 lbs due to not being hungry and then losing 5 lbs of fat and skin!! Happy, so happy!  So flat and yet a bit swollen still, but getting there!  
Hang in there Pittsburg. You are looking nice. Stay focused in the positive. Love your posts...counting the days till my day

Finally feeling normal again, 3 1/2 weeks post op! Ladies it gets sooo much better!

What can I say! I am a bit sore still but working those muscles helps to keep them working...I was told not to lay around as muscles can stiffen and atrophy so keep moving even if it hurts...listen to your body, if you push it, rest...Still dressing wounds, but just not letting it bother me anymore they will heal!

Happy healing everyone!
You look fantastic ! Thanks for the update
Thank you!!!
Wow! You look amazing!! Congratulations :) I'll see you on the flat after my 12-6-13 mommy makeover surgery. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I'm building up the courage to post pictures of my saggy belly and boobies for everyone to see my before and after transformation but it's just so hard to show everyone my disaster. Lol!! But I want to do it because I also like to follow people's transformation. Happy healing :)

Had a great time at my son and mom dance...cutting up a rug!!

I have healed to almost more dressing wounds (whew) and can be out all day now and even danced this weekend with my son!! I have to say that I feel sooo fantastic and still can't believe my new body is so awesome...I can't wait to start my T25 workout (informercial-LOL) and my husband is going to join me!! That wont be until January 1st as I am not allowed to do any stomach work until after 3 months...can't wait to tone up!!

Ladies this is fantastic journey and I wish I would have done it sooner now!! DO NOT delay due to your fear, it all fades away after the surgery!!
Thanks for positive post Hun You look fab x
your welcome, it's a no joke surgery, but within 4 to 6 weeks its a breeze!!
So happy for you! Your results are beautiful!

My old fat picture before gastric bypass in Feb 2012...YIKES UGH!!!!

I am brave is my 82 lb weight loss, I am so happy where I am today and don't worry over the last 5's not worth the headaches!! LOL...I am forever a better wife and mother by having that weight gone!!
From one weight loss girl to another, WOW u look amazing! So happy for you!
Thanks so much, I used to be thin, had kids and let myself go when I got married not a GOOD IDEA!!!
Good for you! You look beautiful!

My before and after so far!!

WOW! That's all I have to say!
Hi there Pittsburgh, just wanted to check in and see how you are doing. Hope you are still feeling great and looking hot! Still amazed by your before and after pic! So great!
Thank you!
Thanks! Yes feeling great.

2 months PO! Loving my new body!!

Well I am back to 100 percent and I am soooo happy! Happy healing everyone!

Bikini but need to tone!!

I can do tummy toning Jan 3rd! Can't wait!
I wanted to ask about your boobies. Did they go down in size after the lift?
HI!! Yes, I was a DD, they are now a C to a D depending on the bra...I am kinda happy the deflated a bit, they are nice and firm and round...I will take another picture of them healing up nicely!!
Awesome. I can't wait! The tatas look FAB!

Boobs at 2 months PO and I love them!

All healed up! Perky and he did such a great job with nipple reduction and size!
I am so happy for you. Your results are amazing and congrats on your weight loss! I am very interested in the scar cream as well. Do you ship out of state?
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Is the cream all natural and FDA approved?

Me at a indoor waterpark with my hubs, loving my new bod!! Whoot Whoot!

I am now working out full time with T25 (check it out online. You may be able to get it on ebay cheap!)...I am toning with the low impact girl on the CD's in my office!) I LOVE LOVE working out for just 25 minutes a day! Come on girls, you can do it!!


Oh and by the way, it's nice to have my hubs really really be attracted to me again, it's like we are falling in love all over again!! Happy healing ladies!

Also, how many bikini's have you all bought?? LOL

I have bought like 10 bikini's my new passion!! Seriously, any idea on how to find cute cheap ones??
Wow u look amazing, ttuly an inspiration to me!! I am going in a few weeks, yikes happy, excited & a lil scared all in one lol.. can u inbox me info about ur cream, thx
May I ask how may inches you lost over all or how many sizes down you are now? Also, how much weight today vs the day of the surgery. Thanks!
Wow wow wooowwwwwwwww
Pittsburgh Plastic Surgeon

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