Non Surgial Rhinoplasty with Silikon 1000 - West Orange, NJ

I had silikon 1000 injections after three previous...

I had silikon 1000 injections after three previous surgical rhinoplasy revistions had left my nose bumpy and irregular looking. After only one procedure I am very pleased with the results.

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This is a great option when more surgery is not wanted and Dr. J is very experienced in this technique.

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1. It was a bit painful during the procedure, though there was no down time.

2. Yes, I would do it again

3. can't think of anything
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Hi Troy,

Thanks for the review, but before I add you to the Non-Surgical Nose Job community page could you please provide a bit more information about your experience to fully aid our community. :)

1. Did you experience pain and downtime?

2. Would you do it again?

3. What do you wish you knew before hand?

Thanks so much,


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