Black Girl Rhinoplasty: The Countdown Begins - Weston, FL

Exactly Three Weeks Pre-Op: I cannot believe...

Exactly Three Weeks Pre-Op:

I cannot believe surgery day is so close...
I've been reading some really great reviews and progress updates and decided that I should document my journey. The stories were really encouraging and comforting for me and gave a realistic idea of what to expect, so I hope to do the same for someone else.

My Pre-Op appointment is next Wednesday, November 6.
I'll check in then...


I'm am SO glad you decided to start your story here. Have you seen this thread in the forum with "Black Girl Nose Job" videos from a fellow African American lady who had rhinoplasty and wanted to shed light on the topic?

Please keep us posted on your journey. I'll check for your pre-op update. :)

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Good luck on your surgery. I am going out of the country next month for mine. I have the SAME situation...Always posing on the angle. All the best! Positive energy your way!
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Wow, you are brave!! Thanks so much...sending that positive energy back your way. Safe travels and good luck!
Thank you for sharing your experience
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One Week Pre-Op

This time next week I will be in recovery! I'm am even more excited and even more nervous! My pre-op appointment went well. My coordinator went over all of the do's and don't and gave me my prescriptions to fill. Also, she gave me a "goody bag" of supplies that I will need such as Q-Tips, nasal spray, cold compress, etc. She also suggested I purchase Bromelain and Arnica for my post-recovery.

This weekend I plan to preparing my home since I'm sure I won't feel like cleaning and doing laundry next week. I am excited, though, to be a total baby and have my boyfriend wait on my hand and foot, lol. :)

I still cannot believe I am finally going through with this...


Good luck today!!! I'll be waiting for your return.
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Hi, love! It's over and everything went very well, per the doctor...what a relief! Thanks for the well wishes! You will be absolutely FINE, I'm the biggest wuss when it comes to hospitals, blood, needles, if I can do it I know you'll be A-OK!! Good luck! Relax these next two days and I can't wait to hear from you when your days comes!!
I know you are soooooooo excited and cant hide it ..omg !! its almost your time girl... I dream about my nose literally every night ..lolol sad... What doctor did you decide to go with ? And, was he realistic on the outcome of your results ?
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1 Day Post-Op

Whew...the surgery day has come and gone and it was much less scary than I expected. I checked in yesterday morning, crazy nervous, completed all the pre-op paperwork and met with the doctors. The last thing I remember before waking up in recovery is the anesthesiologist telling me "it's cocktail hour!" Once I woke up I was pretty groggy and had a headache, which has pretty much been the extent of the pain yesterday and today. The worst part was not being able to breathe out of my nose because of the packing (gauze) that teh doctor placed inside my nose. I bled from my nose all day yesterday and had to change the drip pad pretty frequently. That made me a little nervous, but the doctor reassured me that was normal. I went back for my first follow up appointment this morning and had the gauze removed and I feel so much better! So far, so good and recovery is definitely not as bad as I expected. I cannot wait to get my cast removed next Wednesday!


I cant wait to see your results!! x3
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One Week Post-op & Splint/Suture Removal

Overall, this has been one of the best decisions I've ever made! I got my split and sutures removed this morning and even though my nose is swollen I already LOVE the results. I am finally able to breathe having had the internal splibta removed (and gross, but also all of the mucus suctioned from my nose). I was nervous that having the sutures removed would be painful, but it was as bad as I was expecting. And, surprisingly, you can barely see where yhe incisions were made! My doctor wants me to keep my nose taped as often as possible for the next six weeks. So far, so good...and so, so happy


Awesome but what were your results?! Glad the surgery went well!!
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Hey sweety how are you? Dont leave us hanging! How is your recovery going?
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