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33 2 Kids Working on Me - Weston, FL

I was debating on sharing my experience but...

I was debating on sharing my experience but honestly reading all you ladies reviews have been so helpful and informative that I'd be remiss to not share some of my experiences. I am a 33 year old mother of 2. I decided to do lipo on my abdomen, love handled and bra roll (instead of a tummy tuck). My doctor and attendees were & still are amazing. The procedure was pretty much pain free. I have the same tightness and lumps that I've read about. But what I wanted to share was.... my Hitachi magic which I normally as an "intimate companion" now doubles as a therapy massage at night. After I shower at night I rub down with almond oil and use it. It really relieves the tightness and loosens the lumps. I try to get to my Dr to do at least 2 massages a week but this had become a nightly regime for me.

Hope this is helpful. Talk to you ladies soon! #HappyShaping

Shaping up beautifully

Tomorrow makes 3 weeks... My waist is very small. Which is exciting, it's still very hard and I'm trying to find the perfect board to help with abdomen smoothness. My first garment is already too large and I'm considering just wearing a corset...anyone had any experience with just a corset after abdomen lipo... Also I'm finding that I am a sleep nudist... LOL I go to sleep in my garment and board and wake up naked... should I be concern about being out of this garment unconsciously for a few hours at night....? I'm concerned, it's happened about 3 times

wisdom teeth foolishness

I am a little over 1 month in (procedure date 4/25/14) And feeling great must of my lumps have softened. Even my stretch marks seem to be diminishing... I'm using pure Shea butter on my abdomen 4 times a day and hand massaging... there is still significant numbness but overall I seem slimmer....
Anyway this weekend my right jaw swole up and I had to get my wisdom teeth pulled... so now on top of my slightly stiff midsection I have a sore mouth and restricted diet... should I be concerned with weight fluctuation... anybody besides me dealing with such randomness???

Fighting the urge to measure...

After having all 4 wisdom teeth pulled on Tuesday evening can I honestly say screw a compression garment, screw a squeem, screw a corset I can't even fathom wearing them I'm so uncomfortable right now. But I'm trying to wear it. I know it's important for my results that I'm consistent... but sheesh...

Anyway although I notice a slight change with the garment I'm fighting the urge to really measure my waist. Before my procedure my meaaurements 34-34-43.... I don't want to be discouraged if there isn't much difference so I'm holding off on measuring... It's hard though I feel like the measuring tape is calling me LOL.

QUESTION: what did you ladies use to aid in scare healing? I'm mixing vitamin E and pure shea butter but I'm open to suggestions... I'm hoping it will help my stretch marks fade as well... please share.

abdominal board

Since I opted for lipo sculpting instead of a TT my Dr was concerned that my stomach would have some sagging & for this reason he suggested I wear my CG for at least 8 weeks... I've found that because I sit for 6-8 hours a day at work my CG was bending & folding after doing some research I purchased a abdominal board. I've included a picture maybe it will help someone else. I purchased mine from a local boutique that specialized in cinchers and compression garments... she offered 2 or 3 different styles...


6 weeks PO and I'm super itchy when I take off my garment... it's weird I just want to scratch it all away... it could be from the meds from my wisdom tooth extraction... it's super annoying any no creams are working... this is such a mixed up mess...
Dr.Otto Jimenez

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Hi Do you have updated pics? As i am getting this procedure done in October. I had my arms done in june and i was itchy for a few days. Doctor's say it's common due to smart-lipo or laser the cannula will cause trauma to the nerve fibers as they pass back and forth,you may be allergic to meds and or your skin can be irritated to the garment. Use arnica gel to soothe the arms,you can keep it in the fridge to keep it cool. It feels good!. As far as stretch marks i think pure vit e capsules broken &applied to them should help. I use vit e for scars and almond oil and olive oil for body and face, Happy Healing and i wish you a speedy recovery. Best wishes Bella P.S. DO NOT SCRATCH! Can cause more harm than good. take Benedryl.
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Thanks for posting the info on the abdominal board....I sit for longs hours at work also and concern about the rolls...im one week post op and want to maximum results since in opt out of doing t TT and did SL instead. will be purchasing the board thanks to you.. where did you purchase your corset?
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Mine came from Orchard Corset. If u r going to do waist training b sure it has steel stays. U will need a corset that is sturdy and will last for a long time. YouTube has several very informational videos. Good luck. The corset will cost $70 or more depending on the style chosen. My favorite is cs411
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I never had any itching just a burning sensation periodically. Other than the itching, how r u feeling?
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I'm OK... Just annoyed by the itching... still tender so when I scratch it's a little painful... how are you?
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Thank you for the pic of the abdominal board!
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Just from looking at your pictures, it's extremely obvious that your waist and your bust are absolutely not the same size anymore.  It's difficult to imagine they once were.  I think if you measure yourself, and are realistic, you can't be that disappointed. The proof is in the pictures.

There are no creams that will work on stretch marks.  There are some procedures that work a little on brand new stretch marks, but no creams.  You can take a look at this thread on the doctors' forum How can I get rid of stretch Marks? Sometimes moisturizing and the like can minimize the appearance if it's the texture that bothers you, or shininess versus ashiness depending on the surrounding skin.  But treating, no.  And unfortunately, there are a lot of people trying to sell us stuff that doesn't work.

My doctor also recommended Scar guard and I bought a bunch of it, though I didn't see any effect.  Of course, nothing is going to make a gigantic TT scar go away ;).
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I'm terrified of even the idea of a TT... I'm OK with my war wounds I would like to even out the skin tone...
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I have a scar on my face that was raised. I used the scarguard and it smooth the ridge out almost completely but I have not seen that much improvement on the lip scars. I think it might me how ur skin responds.
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ScarguardMD is what the Dr gave me.
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How is that working for you?
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I have a burn scar on my face that was raised and the scarguard smoothed it out. The lipo scar has not responded as well. Maybe it is the difference in the skin type.
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Great new that u r doing so well.
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You look great, but I feel so terrible for you that you had to deal with the wisdom teeth at the same time.  Good you got a month first!

Huh, when I look at your latest update, it says 2 months post-op, but that is clearly wrong.  I need to check into that.  So you see it as well?
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I do see that... I'm not sure how to correct it... hmmm
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I asked my supervisor, and she said that's just the way the computer counts.  1 month+1 day = 2 months.  I can't believe it took me years of being on RealSelf for me to notice that.  I'm kind of embarrassed, actually :D.
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Please post a pic!

And as for corsets, I've just started a forum so that'll hopefully be useful in a couple of days, but for now, please check out FTA2014 for lots of corset info!  ColoradoMaiden (in regular lipo) also uses corsets.
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Posting a pic of my current garment
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Thank you for the honesty! :D  A lot of people are sharing about massagers right now and are blessing them!

Are you wearing a garment?  And if so, what kind?  And do you know how much fat they removed?
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