Mommy Makeover (Tummy Tuck/old Implants Replaced with Smaller & Breast Lift)

I had my procedure done on Monday March 8th, it...

I had my procedure done on Monday March 8th, it turned out wonderfully and with the pain pump I was relatively pain free for the first few days- I COMPLETELY recommend the pain pump- my surgeon doesnt use them but I wouldnt have it any other way & he relented. I stayed overnight & woke up without nausea. They did not give me meds other than the percs I brought with me & I had no pain.

I went home 6am the next day, hung out in my recliner & was amazed that it was that easy. I had anticipated so much more pain & more difficulty making it to the bathroom but it just wasnt the case. There was discomfort in the tummy but I never felt pain in my breasts, not even when the pain pump was removed a couple days later.

Go for it girls- I was terrified but it hasnt been bad at all & I can see how beautiful its going to be already :) Remember PAIN PUMP!

One week mark and had my drains removed today- I...

One week mark and had my drains removed today- I was sooo nervous because everyone said it was painful or super uncomfortable- but again, it was nothing! All that worry for nothing... life is MUCH better with them out though, thats for sure! They put me in a really tight gurdle & I can now almost stand up straight, I'll post more pics of tummy soon when swelling starts to go down. Also- meant to say if you are having your implants replaced or a breast lift after already having implants- there is NO PAIN. I kept waiting for them to hurt & they never, ever did.. I only had the pain pump for 3 days & never had pain in the breasts and nothing extreme with the tummy after it was removed.

So glad your pain has been minimal. Please keep us updated!
you look great! Please keep us posted with more pics...What kind of implants did you get saline or silicone, I think yours look great the size is perfect. That is the part i am struggling with the most is choosing a size. Any advice you can offer would be much appreciated!
Silicone- they DO NOT feel like implants...its so weird! I have 275cc, I went down from my 350cc salines that I got 10 yrs ago, but I had a lift too- I'm guessing since I redid them is why they dont hurt but it KILLED when I first got them done so GET A PAIN PUMP! very much worth it :) Be specific with the size, they always want to go bigger (men- ha!) I was disappointed that I couldnt get more of the stretchmarks gone or at least lower :( I will post more pics as soon as the swelling goes down, its just in a stage where I looked much thinner before! and if you have little children be certain that you have someone to care for them for like 2wks or so. The person I had comestay got ill the day I came home & had to be put in the hospital so having to care for my two yr old this entire time has been a nightmare..

 Day 10 -I believe the worst of it is just...

 Day 10 -I believe the worst of it is just caring for my 2yr old. I want to jump out of bed in the morning & clean, get groceries, cook, but I am too tired and its really painful in the morning for some reason. I also believe I am a bit blue as a result of not being capable of more & probably being expected to be good as new already...Im wondering if any of you are back to cleaning the house, going food shopping, etc?

As for the body work ;) so far so good, swelling is going down (its so strange to put your hand on your belly and its as if you have your had on someone elses belly because of the numbness- but inside, yikes- thats another story!) It hurts inside, especially up top & the belly button is looking great but red because of the tight a** gurdle! Ugh, I've just been wearing the with velcro one I went home in, sorry doc but ouchie~ The boobs get a little ichy sometimes but unbelievably still no pain- amazing compared to the first time, oh my! My goal is to take some pics again at the 2wk point. The doc said I didnt have to have gauze or anything on my boobs by the 7th day & I have been putting a bit of padding between my other scars & belly button & the darn gurdle. He said the tape will be falling off soon (its trying to but it freaks me out so I gently put it back!) So with my surgery all of the stitches are absorbable, pretty nice-

Im dying to put on some jeans & this gurdle is making my butt flat! Ha!

DONT COUGH & for heavens sake dont sneeze! I have cough drops EVERYWHERE- keep eating those gummie vitamin c's! 

 Day 11- tons better today- I think the...

 Day 11- tons better today- I think the Universe understood that I was about to lose it.. I took baby to the park today and it was great but I was so worn out afterward. I am going to assume its all downhill from here :) I WILL post pics tomorrow, swelling has gone down quite a bit now & I cant imagine when it goes down further---soooo worth it ;)

I was hoping to feel better by day 10!!! I am having my TT on April 5th! Hope that you start feeling better in doing the normal routine things! So far your stomach LOOKS AMAZING! CONGRATS!!!

 Day 12- New pics :)  Tape is starting...

 Day 12- New pics :)  Tape is starting to fall off belly, slept on my side last night- still exhausted way too easily- other than that getting closer to old self.... I do not wear my gurdle to bed, cant sleep with it on and the swelling still seems to be going down regardless :) I did not have any lipo though, that would make a difference I think..


Your swelling really has eased! Great to see your updates.

 2wks 3days- so funny how after wanting a...

 2wks 3days- so funny how after wanting a relatively 'normal' looking belly since ruining it so early on by being pregnant at 16, all I can think about it getting back to feeling normal! Ahh...instant gratification... I havent tried on any new clothes, etc- couldnt care less..

*just going to whine for a minute...I guess Im feeling a bit selfish and vain right now- would love to hold & snuggle with my daughter :( 

ok, so at this stage I have sharp pains to the right of my belly button periodically & my entire tummy feels as though it has been scrubbed & scrubbed with a pot scrubber~ cant exactly stand up perfectly straight so thats not the best on a back...oh, and there is a strong clear stitch working its way out on the right of my belly button, perhaps thats whats causing the pain...? I wonder if thats the deal at this point in time in recovery- anyone at this stage or able to relate? We are going to Busch Gardens & Adventure Island this week for Spring I crazy? My husband works over seas, so its me & the 2yr old & two teen boys..

Still have 95% of the tape still on...around the belly button is a red/purple color, it seems normal-  its pretty though...good job doc ;)

Hi Alasha: trust me on this one babes u look darn good, love the belly and the boobs they look good...fantastic job. I would really love to see an after pic of u in about 3mths. Best of luck on the rest of your healing. Keep me posted

 20 days-  I see many women on here that...

 20 days-  I see many women on here that have gotten their stretch marks bellow their belly buttons after tt~ not me :( and although it looks much, much better- that was truly my objective.....Just suprised that he couldn't have taken a couple more inches...I cant wait to ask him on my next visit in a couple of days- not that it will change anything.. perhaps he can recommend some treatment for them. What a shame )': ..cry.. 

I just want to tell you that you look awesome. From the pics it looks like your stretch marks are below your belly button.I too have the sharp kind of shooting pains here and there on on my belly (i am 6 days post op) doc told me it was normal and that it was just my nerves healing themselves and coming back to life. Anyway, good luck and keep us posted!
Busch Gardens. Wow. Please take it easy as much as possible.
did you say you were thinking about getting a tt? Are you doing uber research? :) I can tell you about a few things I picked up..

 3wks 5days~~~~~~~~~the amount of time it has...

 3wks 5days~~~~~~~~~the amount of time it has taken me to feel right. 


 AHHHHHH......7wks in and I forget I had it...

 AHHHHHH......7wks in and I forget I had it done...ha! could you imagine...? After all that aggravation.....

My baby has wrecked my camera (brand new..ugh) so I cant upload pics! I will work on this because it is really the important part....everyone wants to see what it will look like after time......

I havent slept on my belly yet- (boobs are finally no longer aching but I still dont want to squish them :)

The tape stayed on an extra long time so when I finally pulled it off I could tell that the wound was NOT closed in the middle!! So now with it finally healing, there is a huge red spot- and a vertical line that comes out of the top towards my belly button. This was my old BB- I guess there was not enough skin to remove there...not a big deal considering it is below my jean waist line anyway...

There are a couple spots that I am sure I will have to get revised. I see the doc in a week (gonna grab some botox at the same time- yeah! **it really helps alleviate pressure there between the eyes, if done right...)

I have not worn the spanx in a while due to just running around so much- but it sure does help with swelling.........


Updated May 27, 2010:

Breast lift/replaced saline implants w/smaller silicone implants & tummy tuck...totally worth it, pain not a 10th of what I thought it would be....only cons are downtime & the doc did not explain to me that I would have a vertical scar or that there would be so many stretchmarks left after surgery. I have a post up already, but it wouldnt let me update & I want to post pics...

Wow - you look freaking fantastic! My friend had a breast augmentation with Messa too and she raved about him. She said she got it done for 4800 which is not too bad I don't think. I'm wondering though, you said he offered you lipo? How much did he quote you?
You look AMAZING! 13 weeks out and your scar is so light. Do you use any oil/cream for it? I hope my result mirror yours! Looking good mama!
Omg! U look great. I love your results...
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My doctor has an excellent reputation and the sweetest bedside manner- he did a fantastic job.

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