The Doctor That Performed my Procedure Calls It Bodysculpture

I had this procedure done last night. It lasted...

I had this procedure done last night. It lasted for about three hours. I was awake the whole time. The worst part about the whole this was the burning when I was injected with the anesthetic. Iam really not sure if it was the anesthetic or the saline they injected inside out the melt the fat as my doctor woul say. Now that part was awful.

the most painful post surgery moment was through the night when the anesthisia started wearing off. I have to wait 24 hrs befor I can take a shower and remove the badages. I am so excited and can't wait to see a new me. And by the way I had my upper and lower back and my lower part of my stomach and waist.

Dr. San Antonio

They people there were extremly nice. They didn't treat me like I was just another patient. And I like the fact the dr spoke to me throught the whole procedure and explain to me every step he took.

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@momo3528 how much did you pay for all of that

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It isn't the same for everyone. You can try Tylenol PM for sleep. I have had my upper/lower abs, back, arms, & inner thighs/
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hi, do u have any before or after and are you suppose to have pain.. Did you get a sculpture or a suction? also, did they go in with a tiny utensil. I was thinking of doing the hcg injection to loose the fat on my belly, but im afraid. now im thinking of the liposculpture. there is a dr that has the hcg injections and she does the lipo
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Oops, hit the send button too soon. The worst part is the anesthesia. I had Valium for the first two procedures and did not use it for the third. I don't recommend taking it, but that's personal preference. I think I was able to deal with the pain better without it.

The "lumps" are spots where fluid accumulates, and it will get hard. Massage on your own and drink a lot of water, I cannot stress the water enough. Also, don't skip out on the Synergy treatments. This will help smooth out the spots and give you much faster/better results.

I was given Vicodin for pain relief, but I had to ask for it. You shouldn't need it for more than a couple days. The more you stretch and stay active, the faster you will heal.

Bottom line, there will be pain. However, childbirth is worse (unmedicated that is), and the results are so worth it. Just don't expect immediate results. You will see a change in your shape, but it may not be obvious to other people for while. Exercise and diet are still necessary.

One last tip...for any upper body procedure, get yourself some Depends. It sounds silly, but they will absorb a lot of the fluid that leaks the first day or two. Put them on over the body suit. I hated the fluid leaking that first day.
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How are you doing now? Did you get any pain killers to help with the pain? I am scheduled on 4/30 and scared to death. I don't want to be in pain for days afterwards.
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Yes, but I had to ask for some. Its now been 10 days and the drama has begun. The true experience. I can't sleep at night with having to take pain meds. I have knots all over my back and lower stomach. There even a funny feeling one right below my belly button. And yes they are painful. I find it soothing to message the areas with baby oil, only to have the lumps return a couple of hours later. Yes I see a little differnce in the way my body is contoured, but my clothes fit tight due to the swelling. Its pretty painful, but just wish I had an idea on what the process would be like to get me to that beautiful after picture. I also wish I would have know about this site before the procedure(but I bet I probably would have went on with it anyways). But atleast I would have had an idea. Its 7am and I still have not been able to sleep just tossing and turning trying to find the most comfortable position. I am waiting for the day for this to be all over.
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Oh god, now I am scared. I'll ask for sleeping pills too along with the pain meds. I hope it'll be worth it. I can't help think it couldn't be worse than the huge double tire around my middle.
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Hello I had recently got the procedure done as well from the same doctor...Dr. San Antonio I would definately recommend him to lots of ppl. Every one in there treat you so well. I got my procedure done on March 17,2010, and I cant wait to see a new me! I got my upper and lower stomach,upper lower back,waist done as well. The painful part is the first night! YUCK! soreness and stiffness is common for a while............. My two friends did as well and they r so excited...I wish I knew about this procedure long ago. The massages is what will heel u after ur first visit back..GOOD LUCK
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Thanks for replying. I was wondering did u feel and numbness? My entire back is numb.
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Hi, how r u? Just wanted to know how everything is turning out for you so far?
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Where is this Dr. located?
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My before and after pictures for the first procedure, after one month, are shown here on the bottom (the female one ) :)

Let me know if you have any questions. Good luck , you'll be glad in the end!
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Hi, I just had the procedure with the same doctor on 4/09/11. having my second massage on Monday coming. I am not so confident about the surgery right now. I don't know if my stomach is healing right. It's hard in some spots. Sholud it be like that?
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You went to Dr. Criner too?!? I love him! The hard spots are totally normal. The fluid collects
and hardens a bit. If it isn't too sore, try to lightly
massage the spots. Stretching helps too, but do it slowly.The Synergy massages will
help, so don't skip them! Drink a lot of water
the day of the synergy appointment.

If the doctor gave you a foam pad with the plastic
On one side, use it! I wasn't so diligent with my
first procedure, and I have a small crease on my
lower abdomen.

I know it is hard to see results yet, but I promise
that in a month, you will be thrilled! I am. The
picture on the web site of me was taken after
a month. I have also found that staying active
really helps.

Let me know if you have any more questions!
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its been over a year now since your surgery, how are you doing?
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