The Doctor That Performed my Procedure Calls It Bodysculpture

I had this procedure done last night. It lasted...

I had this procedure done last night. It lasted for about three hours. I was awake the whole time. The worst part about the whole this was the burning when I was injected with the anesthetic. Iam really not sure if it was the anesthetic or the saline they injected inside out the melt the fat as my doctor woul say. Now that part was awful.

the most painful post surgery moment was through the night when the anesthisia started wearing off. I have to wait 24 hrs befor I can take a shower and remove the badages. I am so excited and can't wait to see a new me. And by the way I had my upper and lower back and my lower part of my stomach and waist.

@momo3528 how much did you pay for all of that

It isn't the same for everyone. You can try Tylenol PM for sleep. I have had my upper/lower abs, back, arms, & inner thighs/
hi, do u have any before or after and are you suppose to have pain.. Did you get a sculpture or a suction? also, did they go in with a tiny utensil. I was thinking of doing the hcg injection to loose the fat on my belly, but im afraid. now im thinking of the liposculpture. there is a dr that has the hcg injections and she does the lipo
Dr. San Antonio

They people there were extremly nice. They didn't treat me like I was just another patient. And I like the fact the dr spoke to me throught the whole procedure and explain to me every step he took.

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