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Hi all! I had 325 cc silicone implants done under...

Hi all! I had 325 cc silicone implants done under the muscle a week and a half ago. i was a 36 A before the operation and i got measured yesterday and i now fit into a 36 B or 34 c. I am absolutely happy with them now that the pain is almost all gone. ( I recovered wonderfully). For me, the first 3 days were the worst but it got better sooner than I imagined. Make sure you have someone with you for those 3 to 5 days .not only to help you do basically everything for you, but also to have someone to talk to, and put up with your mood swings caused my the general anestesia and also to help out with your boredom you'll go through. Anyway! all that was worth it, my boobs look super natural and feel awesome! I wanted these boobs so bad that i almost forgot about the pain sometimes:)

After my 7 day post op, my PS said it was ok to consume alcohol, so I went out for a few drinks with my girls that same night and reallllly enjoyed it! but the day after that, i noticed on my left boob side ( close to my arm pit) there was a lump. about the size of a pea, it got me super worried and kept feeling it. then i noticed it hurt a little....not sure if it was due to the fact that i kept on touching it or what so ever, but anyway, i took an appointment with my doctor right away! i'll let you guys know what it was as soon as I can...but if someone had the same thing, please let me know!

Otherwise, my surgical tape fell off last night in my shower! I kept on scratching the sides cause it was sooooo itchy! Im super happy that they fell off on their own though!

I only have a picture of my boobs at this stage with a bra and without. they are still a bit sore and still reallllly firm but they have fell down a bit already.., i'll show you guys more pictures later on when the scars will be less apparent :)

if you have any questions about my experience, don't be shy!
good luck to all of you! :)
hey mai123 thy look great! I had surgery 11 days ago and still feel discomfort at certain times during the day! but u were talking about a bump I also feel a little bump on my rght breast that im going to talk to my ps about on friday..so I will fill you in as soon as I get answers. I had 325cc done and Im loving them cant wait to completly heal..
Awesome! yes I'd like to know. I have my appointment on thursday so i'll let you know what it was for me as well. My lump kind of left already...well i only feel it in certain positions, now I'm only dealing with some tiny bubbles, its a pretty weird feeling... i'll ask about that too!
yesss same here I only feel it whn im laying dwn on my back! came back to work today still kind of rough for me still in pain! are you still in pain? its worse like around 6 pm for some reason..im usaully a healthy eater but kind of been cheating maybe thts why I still feel crappy :( thnks for sharing and I too will let you knw how it goes on fri.

My lump is still there, i'm pretty nervous about it:(

i touched my sideboob and i noticed the lump is still there... i'm pretty nervous about it... it feels like a pea or something! please someone give me feedback asap !

One boob bigger than the other?..

Hey! I just noticed that my LEFT boob ( the one with the lump) seems smaller than my right boob... is this normal? the weird thing is that my LEFT boob was bigger than my right before surgery....and there was the same amount of silicone put in both boobs! I know my appointment with my doc is tomorrow, but i'm still worried! would anyone know why this is happening?

ps: it's hard to tell in the picture but I'm not crazy.....left one is smaller
My doctor's nurse said it would be three months till settled and 6 months to one year for the final results. I wil keep talking to myself thru this process so I don't become too anxious when I notice the changes. Best of luck healing
yeah you're right! I just worry about every slightest change :/ Thank you!
you're still so early in your recovery so i wouldn't worry about shape or uneven size yet. i hope the lump is nothing to worry about. keeping my fingers crossed for you.

about the lump on my left boob

So in the end, the lump on my left breast is nothing to worry about. Basically, there's a lump there because the pectoral muscle covering my breast isn't as thick on that side. Due to the fact that I am right handed, I have more muscle covering my breast on my right side. I also didn't have much breast tissue in the first place! Anyway, the lump would be the ending of the implant and thats about it. If it starts to hurt, that's when we should all worry! but to all the girls who have this, I wouldn't worry! This happens all the time :) Good luck to all of you!
Yours are my dream boobs! You have a before pic? Curious to see if we have similar build. Congrats!!
awww thanks! I will post one as soon as I see my PS, the 10th of october :)
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