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I had this done today in hopes to reduce the...

I had this done today in hopes to reduce the stretch marks located on my shoulders. I thought I went in pretty informed but it was not at all what I expected. A lot more painful and bloody than I could ever have imagined. The laser tech said she did a 35 since we were dealing with stretch marks. I'm assuming that means 35 is on the higher level. Also, she covered a much larger area than I had anticipated (which I guess is good). Right now I say that I would never do this again but we'll see if that changes on day 7. I didn't take before pics but I will post some after pics. Also, I noticed that a lot of people are having more than one treatment done. In my consultation I was told it should only take one. Fingers crossed I get the results I hope for!

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Day 2: Day two there was still a lot of burning,...

Day 2: Day two there was still a lot of burning, swelling and a little bleeding. It is also turning a brownish yellow color in areas which I read is not good. I'm wondering if that is because I was not rinsed or washed initially after the treatment. Also, I was told not to wash for 24-36 hours. This was really really hard for me to do.

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Day 3: The swelling went down significantly by day...

Day 3: The swelling went down significantly by day 3 and the yellow brownish color is starting to fade as well. Now it is starting to "crust' and the laser lines are very visible. This was my most comfortable day thus far until the night of course. I washed, rinsed and applied aquaphor this evening and had trouble sleeping because of a burning itching sensation. I'm wondering if I developed a rash or if this just the next step in the process.

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Note below day 3 was actually day 4. I'm writing...

Note below day 3 was actually day 4. I'm writing these all at once and I don't think I can edit it. :)

Day 5: I am back at work. I had trouble sleeping the night before and woke up with the same burning, itching and now swelling feeling. I called Laser Magic to see if this is normal and the tech didn't seem to be too worried. She gave me some advice on how to stop the itch and gave me the phone number to the nurse. My big concern here is that I have to wear clothes now. I'm wondering if this is causing the itch or again if its just part of the healing process. A friend at work gave me some allegra and I took ibuprofen. This seems to be helping quite a bit. But I am still very very uncomfortable. Also, today I am peeling quite a bit. The brownish yellow areas I was concerned about have now begin to peal. For the sake of going to work I switched to Cetaphil which I think is helping with the peeling. I think the aquaphor was preventing it.

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Day 6: I had a hard time at work yesterday not...

Day 6: I had a hard time at work yesterday not only because of the burning and itch but also because I cannot easily appliy aquaphor or cetaphil by myself. I had trouble finding a shirt to cover every area so I told a lot of people it was sunburn. :/ For today I convinced my boss to let me work from home. It does feel quite a bit better. It is peeling quite a bit. Also, for those having trouble with the itch the Allegra, Ibuprofen and hydrcortison mix is working wonders! I think it was so painful and uncomfortable initally because it wasn't moist enough. My shirts tend to soak up ointments. A dry itch is not fun!


Thanks for posting!  How are you doing now?  Did the brown marks fade?

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6 months post and the laser marks are starting to fade significantly. I'm considering a 2nd treatment because my stretch marks faded a little but are definitely still visible. If I do a 2nd treatment I only want a small area covered. Not doing the full shoulder again.

Keep us posted if you do go again, we'd love to hear if you can get the marks to fade some more.  :)

2nd Treatment

The results from the first treatment definitely minimized the scars but they were far from what I hoped for. I went in for a follow up 6 months post op and the laser tech offered to do a 2nd treatment for free. I decided to schedule that appointment now so that it is healed by the summer. I was way more prepared this time around. I requested to do a much smaller area so that I can care for it on my own. Also, so I can sleep on my back. I've made sure to keep it moist and I have to say this time around is not so bad. Maybe because I knew exactly what I was getting myself into? I'll try to post picture updates so that you have something to compare these to.


I did it again. And posted an update. :)
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