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Hello ladies. I have been on this site for some...

Hello ladies. I have been on this site for some time now, reading all of your wonderful stories. So much, that I have decided to join the group. A little about myself, I am 40 yrs old, 5'7", 180 lbs. with a 38DD bust. I am like most of you, just wanting to have normal size breast. I deliver mail for a living and my breast are an interference to my job. Not to mention the stares, comments and looks that they attract. Not to forget the neck and back pain that they cause on a regular basis. So I have decided to do something about them. My surgery is still a ways away. But I get more and more excited as I read each of your stories. Thank you all for giving me the courage to join your community. And good luck to all who are having surgery in the very near future. For those who are healing from the surgery, may your pain be less and your heart be happy.


I have discussed liposuction of the side/under arm areas with the doctor. But I am hearing that this hurts worst then the surgery itself. Would like to hear from anyone that had both of these done, so I know what to expect. Thank you for sharing with me.

Welcome to the community:)  First I want to thank you for creating your review and sharing with us.

I totally feel you pain and happy that you are having this done.  You will feel so much better once this process is complete.  I had lipo along with my tummy tuck but not my breast reduction.  It does really hurt but gives you such a nice result.  But also keep in mind that everyone's pain level is different.  I personally thinks it's worth the pain

Talk to your doctor,  if he thinks the lipo is necessary do it.   

Thanks Kimmers25. He is the one that suggested it, so I will go with what he thinks is best. I just hear (read) that the lipo hurts more then the reduction.

The lipo does smart a bit.  It's a burning sensation but it does end.  I am glad I did mine.



Here are the pictures I promised. Still need to lose some of the belly fat before my surgery. But I have 5 months for it to come off. I have noticed that the weight of my breast make me hunch over, never noticed before but now I can really see it. I am trying to make myself sit/stand up straight but then my back starts to hurt more. January to get here.
I had lipo at the sides along with the reduction. It was definitely more painful than the reduction itself. The reduction is more of an aching feeling. Sort of like you did waaaay to many pushups. The lipo was tender and hurt. I'm only three weeks out so really haven't seen the benefit yet. My thought is, get it now. You would rather do it at the same time and heal once instead of postponing the lipo for a later time. I was really surprised about the lipo being as uncomfortable as it was. Now, the sides are still sore and I have hard lumps which is normal, but takes several months to dissipate. I do say it is worth it because in the long run, you get a much better aesthetic appearance. My doc removed about 600 grams total with just lipo, so roughly 300 each side. That's around 1 1/2 pounds of extra tissue removed at the breast area. So that's pretty exciting. Good luck to you and keep us posted on your progress toward surgery. You will love the results. It's actually really nice that you have a few months to work out and drop a few before you go in. Your results will look that much better :)
Thanks nubbins. Since it was his idea to do a little lipo, I am going to go with it. Thank you for sharing your experience with me. It helps to know head of time what to expect. I am hoping to lose 20 to 30 lbs by the time of surgery. The doctor also said that he will remove about the same as you for the lipo and 500 to 600 grams from each breast. With my job I am hoping to be back to delivering mail within 4 weeks. I do a lot of heavy lifting so I am not sure this is reasonably. But that is what I am hoping for. Anymore advise would be greatly appreciated.
I have a lot of tips on my profile :) as for total amount of reduction, I had ~660 grams reduction + 300 grams lipo on one side and ~680 grams reduction + lipo on the other. So over 2 pounds per side!!!! How much are you wanting to reduce? You don't need a huge reduction because although your breasts do hang a little low, your nipple positioning looks really good. They still face forward which equals your nipple pedicle being shorter. That is a really good thing because you can reduce more tissue without having to worry as much about issues with loosing the nipple due to compromised blood flow, so that is AWESOME!! You are going to look so good! I know the lifting for your job may be a little difficult at first due to restrictions but there will be ways to work around it. Since you deliver mail, you may not be able to carry your satchel full of mail at first. It may only be a few houses worth at first, but eventually you will be free of lifting restrictions. It's usually nothing more than 5 lbs for 6 weeks then slowly increasing after your doc gives the ok :). If you have any questions, please ask me. I am more than happy to help and answer anything you are curios about. There is nothing you should be afraid to ask, I'm here for YOU!! :)

More questions???

I just got a call today from my PS and he wants me to have a breast MRI done before the reduction. Is this normal? I do have family history of breast cancer, but all of my mammograms have come back fine. Should I be concerned about this?

MRI Results

YIPPEE!!! My Breast MRI results came back all good. Still not exactly sure why I needed one before the BR, but it is done! Only thing left to do is wait till January. In the meantime I will be working on losing 20 pounds. This way I will have the little waist to match the little boobs. Hurry up January!!!
Congratulations and good luck! I'll be having my surgery just 2 weeks before you :)
Thanks, it seems so far away. I am hoping time flys. Good luck to you ;)

Physical Therapy

Hello ladies, figured I would give a quick update. This week I start physical therapy for my neck, shoulder, and back issues. It seems that the insurance wants PT done before surgery to rule out any issues beside my large breasts. Even though I have seen a chiropractor, they insist on PT. This is ok with me as long as my surgery is covered. Ad since I am still 5 months away from surgery there is plenty of time for the 4 weeks of PT that is being requested. Have any of you had PT for these areas? I have a very physical job, and well, the insurance company is figuring the neck, shoulder, and back pain is job related, not breast related. Ok whatever I have to do, I have to do!

Good luck to everyone having surgery this week and hope that all who have had surgery are healing well!

Funny Story

So I have a funny story to share with you ladies. I have been going to the gym for about a week now, trying to lose 20 pounds before surgery. Well Monday I had a lady come up to me at the gym and tell me I should join her in this class, she said "it will really burn off the pounds". So I was all for it. It was a crossfit class. Not a class that big breasted woman should take. There was lots of jumping and up and down movement. Well even though I was wearing 2 bras, I still ended up with multiple bruises under my breast from where they were bouncing so hard against my ribs. I can not wait to have this surgery. What a horrible experience!!

Physical Therapy

Morning ladies. Yesterday I started my physical therapy ( required by insurance). My therapist was very nice and stated that BR would be the only solution to the neck and back issues. But since my insurance company requires 6 visits of PT, she would show me some excerises to do to help relieve some of the stress on those areas. I have to say last night my neck did not feel so tight and sore. But this morning, right back to where we started. I just finished with the excerises that she gave me, I feel a little better, but clearly this will not totally fix the problem. Have any of you ladies gone thru physical therapy? Or is this just a waste of my time?
:) I have my surgery at the 24th of january and have the pre op consultation on the 15th. So i will be here and follow your blog :)
Seems so far away, hopefully time will pass quickly. Good luck to you ;)

Possible new date

Hello ladies, I just wanted to give a quick update. I go back to see my PS on November 4. We are going to try and get the reduction approved for this year since I have already meet my deductible. With my job taking time off around the holidays is not a good thing, but if I can save $3000 then I am all for it! So please keep your fingers crossed for me and I will keep you all posted. Good luck to all of you ladies have surgery this week and I hope that those who have had surgery are healing fast.

5k run

This morning I ran my first 5k. I am so proud of myself, but I must say even with wearing a sports bra and regular bra, I am still in a lot of pain. Back and breasts are extremely sore. I can't wait till the reduction so that running will be more enjoyable. November 4 is when I see the PS and will set a final surgery date. I can't wait!
What ins do you have?
I have blue cross blue shield for the government.

Doctor Appointment

I went to see my primary care doctor yesterday for some blood work. Since May 23, 2013 I have lost 67 pounds. I was very excited to hear this. However this just proves the point that my breast are to large for my frame. They have not shrank one bit, and my back still hurts. I go to see the PS on Monday the 4th. We will set a surgery date and hammer out the final details then. I can not wait.

New Date

My new surgery date is December 31st. The nerves are really starting to run rampand. Not sure yet when my pre op is but I am sure it will be next week sometime.
What a fantastic achievement to lose all that weight, and very good luck for 31st- New Year, New Boobs! I am 3 days behind you, can't wait!
Thank you. I was very surprised that they bumped up my surgery date. But now I am a bit nervous. You are right, new year new boobs. Good luck to you and Merry Christmas

2 more days

Well I am going under on Tuesday. Have to be there at 6. Will spend the night. Pre op went fine and got all the information on stuff to do a head of time. Today is my last day to get things done as I am working a full day tomorrow. The nerves and my stress are up a little but that is to be expected. I am sure that as the time grows closer and closer I will become more and more nervous. I have had many surgeries before so that is not the issue. The issue is will I still be to big. I am hoping for a full C. For all of you about to have your surgery GOOD LUCK and Happy healing. For those of you that are currently healing I hope it continues to go well for you. I want to thank you all for your support, I will be thinking about all of you as I go under!
Good luck to you!
We'll be thinking of you too!
Best of luck to you! looking forward to reading your updates. I am sure that you will do just fine. The luck of the Irish is on its way to you!
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