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I had Ultherapy a week ago now. I had a facelift 3...

I had Ultherapy a week ago now. I had a facelift 3 years ago and have had some loosening in the cheeks and jaw. I was scared to death to have Ultherapy done after reading all the reviews about the pain. I hate dealing with pain. So I took 1.5 oxycodeine that I had at home from my facelift. I was pleasantly surprised that pain was barely pain. On the jaw the pain was a 3/10 but on the cheeks it was at most a 1/10. It took an hour for the cheeks and jaw with 600 lines (passes) which is very aggressive. The tech kept telling me that I must have a very high pain threshold. I don't, believe me. It was the drugs. I felt like I was a little drunk with the meds. Anyways I had immediate lifting of my cheek and jaw (almost like after my facelift). I was extremely happy. People kept asking me if I had my hair different because I looked good. But now I have to wait 2 to 3 months for the rest of the lifting and tightening. It is frustrating but better than going under the knife again. I will update my results in a month. But I highly recommend this procedure so far.


I think the new protocol they started in October 2012 greatly lessened the pain fortunately. I am due for ultherapy in a few weeks and I am feeling more relieved!!!!
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They used the older Ultherapy treatment with the highest settings. Nurse said it is more effective. I was not uncomfortable at all. One or two zaps at the most.

Its great that you had pain medication available to use! Please let us know if the initial results you are seeing remain.

How did you feel right after the procedure? If needed, do you think you could have gone back to work, or did you feel like you needed to lay low and just relax the remainder of the day?

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1 month update: My cheeks are getting tighter each...

1 month update: My cheeks are getting tighter each day. I can actually feel the tightness along my jaw. My chubby face has thinned a little too. So far if this continues it was well worth the money. They say it is most noticeable at the 3 to 4 month point. Can't wait.


Would you be willing to share where you had this done? I'm in Salem, Ma

3 months post Ultherapy

It has been 3 months after Ultherapy and I have to say that it works. As I have read on Real Self, each month there is more and more skin tightening. I am amazed how much tightening there between the 2nd and 3rd months. I had a facelift 3 years ago and noticed my skin getting lax around the jaw. I was able to pinch an inch of my skin. Now after 3 months I can barely grab any skin along my cheek and jaw. It was almost like right after my facelift. I highly recommend Ultherapy for people with mild to moderate lax skin.

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4 months post ultherapy

This really does work. My face continues to tighten. I can tell in pictures and in the way people react to me (did you get your hair done, you look different). I wish I got my whole face done now. Someone told me the tightening continues for up to 8 months. I am going to have it done again at the 10 month point. Last year I also had Liposonix done for my stomach (same ultrasound concept but deeper to lose fat). I have lost 3 inches off my waist. Ultherapy truly is the best cosmetic procedure I have had other than a facelift. No down time at all. I don't care how great your body is, it's all about the face. Good luck.


I'd like to know too...I'm in Chelmsford!
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I'd like to know too...I'm in Chelmsford!
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Yes pleade and the Liposonix. Thanks
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