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Touch Up After 1.5 Years -Westerville, OH

After my last 6 vile sculptra treatment in october...

After my last 6 vile sculptra treatment in october of 2011 i felt now year n half later that i was loosing the great amount of volume i had n 2012. Just yesterday march 1 2013 i had 1 vile for a touch up which i hope will bring back all the volume i had after my sixth treatment. I will post the results n 4 to 5 weeks. But overall sculptra was the best thing i have ever did for myself, it improved my apperance immensely.

another 4th vile of Sculptra

The second pic was me 1 day before yesterdays treatment. I am pleased with the results but decided my cheeks still look a little sunken so yesterday i got a fourth vile. Again im swollen n red but excited to see how much volume i get this time.

this is second pic i mentioned above.

As u can see my cheeks are starting to fill out 1 day before yesterdays 4th vile. They r still a little sunken so i hope this 4th vile will give my cheeks the volume im looking for. This last photo i included is how my cheeks looked before my first vile. I have come a long ways.

pics of me before and after my 4 viles of Sculptra

These are pics of me before and after my 4 viles of Sculptra i have had this year.

before and after

These pics are my before and after 4 viles of Sculptra i had this year

my before and after in 2011

These are my before and after 4 viles of Sculptra pics in 2011

what a difference one week makes

Last week i was not happy with the out come of this 5th vile as shown n first pic but then almost a week later i started really filling out. I am so happy!

what a change n Volume n 1 week

The first pic was last week when i thought that was all the volume Sculptra was going to give me from this 5th vile. I was not happy! But the 2nd pic is this week showing alot more volume the 5th vile is giving me. I am so happy!

one week big change

Last week i still didnt get the volume i hope for n this first pic. Then one week later im really getting the volume i hoped for n this second pic.

this is second pic

first pic was last week. second pic is this week.

I cant believe how much my face is filling out as each week passes.

8 months of 5 viles of Sculptra.

Today September 14 2014

Today i woke up and am seeing even more volume from this 5th vile. I am happy to say im not getting a 6th vile of Sculptra.

lost volume in one day

I was soooooooo disapointed!!!!! I went to bed Sept 14 so happy with how my face had filled out then when i woke up Sept 15 all that volume was gone! Doc said my body is probably metabolizing the Sculptra to quickly to keep the results. She said that happens to some people that have high metabolism. She said i should try Radiesse since its a filler not a collagen producer. I will give Radiesse a try hopeing for better results.

Sculptra in 2011 worked so well.

Before n after Pics of me n 2011 when i had 5 Sculptra Treatments. Why is it not working that well n 2014?
Dr lin

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Hello Wil Reynoldsburg. Just get the permanent filler "Silikon 1000" already. All you need is one shot and it will last you up to 15 years. If you try Radiesse, you will keep coming back to the doctor offce every 2 to 3 month and giving them atleast $250 per syringe. Your doctor probably will give you first or second Radiesse for free just to get you hooked on it just like Drug Dealers. Please remember Your Doctor are here to make Money, he/she are not here to "Help" you "look good".
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Have you tried Restylane?
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Please just do cheek implants ... You are a Dr's dream for the upkeep of these injections. I am thinking about cheek implants which is about 5K
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You look great, glad this 5th vile did the trick. I'm on my first vile and waiting impatiently. Hope it will work for me too
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Looking great!
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Your results were great in 2011 but as we age,it's just normal we'll need more fillers or different procedures. You spent a fortune. Hope you still get a good result,i know it won't be the same as 2011. but it's natural nature taking it's course. I'm 43 but have never done this,i was curious. I have tried Restylane&botox.
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Why don't you consider fat graft? For the amount of money you've spent on skulptra, I feel fat graft is w better choice for you
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Hello Meaganmeagan. Totally agree with you. He should do fat graft or atleast the Silikon 1000. But I bet he stay with Sculptra because he know Sculptra works.
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a quick question. did you have to have more than 1 vial in 2013 for the touch up?
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Yes i did. For that reason instead of having 2 viles after 1 year i will have 1 vile touch up every 6 months.
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The volume i get from Sculptra does not last 2 years for me it last about 16 months without touch up. If i dont have 2 viles for touch up then by 16 months my face will have lost all the volume Sculptra gave me.
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Unfortunately for me after 26 months even with touch ups i loose all Volume n then have to get all 5 expensive viles all over again.
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Damn...Wil Reynodsburg. With all the viles , touch ups, it get very expensive. Just do the "Permanent Filler Silikon 1000" already. It work just like Sculptra but Silikon 1000 is a Permanent Filler.
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After these 5 viles i paid for starts to wear off n a year n half i will check into that.
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Your results in 2011 were awesome.
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your before pic in September 6 doesn't look bad. hopefully you get the volume you desire soon.. good luck !
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I was told by the doctor that did my most recent Sculptra injection (my 5th vile) that now im 40 i would not see the amount of volume i got in 2011. Your body does not produce as much collagen as it did when i was 38. In 2011 i got 6 viles of Sculptra which produced a large amount of collagen that had my face filled out beautifully. She told me that i would have to have 7 or 8 viles to achieve that same result i got in 2011. I was so very surprised that being 2 years older since my 6 viles in 2011 i would not produce nearly the amount of collagen i did when i was 38. Unfortunately its a fact i have to face, so whatever amount of collagen i get out of this 5th vile it will have to satisfy since i cant afford the additional Sculptra viles.
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how is everything going with your sculptra lately?
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I have seen some more volume from my 4th vile of Sculptra but not the amount i seen in 2011. I went in Aug 12 and had a 5th vile and hope that n 6-8 weeks i will achieve the volume n my cheeks i will be happy with.
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I noticed alot of volume decrease this past January. Feburary 2014 i had 2 viles. A subtle improvement but not the volume i had last year with my 2013 2 viles. April 17 i had a third vile injected and now 2 weeks after that vile im not seeing much more improvement. Hopefully in the next 2 to 4 weeks i see alot more volume increase. I cannot afford a fourth vile so i will have to be satisfied with the volume i get with 3 viles of sculptra.
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Now 8 weeks after that 3rd April vile I have gotten some volume increase that i didn't see with the first 2 viles. Now, since I am seeing my cheeks filling out some I decided to do a fourth vile which I did today. Back to the 5- 7 week waiting period.
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hello. Have you considered Silikon 1000 ?? is a permanent filler
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How are things going? Do you think that maybe the face stops being as receptive to producing collagen after using Sculptra over and over? I hope not, hope you are seeing the results you were looking for!
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Yeah Good Results. I had only 4 vials. I guess try to save your money. Perhaps do some implants.
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You can text me at 209-210-1373
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