So Excited For My Closed Rhino & 2nd BA :) - Australia, AU

Almost 14 days left til my closed rhinoplasty &...

Almost 14 days left til my closed rhinoplasty & 2nd breast augmentation!! I am just so excited - surgery itself doesn't faze me :) Just hoping im happy with my results (keeping realistic though!)

Any advice/experiences of closed rhinoplasty!?

I have a "high take off" so my surgeon is breaking the bone at the top & making the hole thing smaller, softer & more feminine :) Iv always hated my nose - play ground teasing hasn't helped either! But at 21, I am happy with my body (fit, healthy, slim 5"11") & financially able to upgrade my implants (boobie greed!) & get the nose that really compliments my face - not this manly snout of mine :p

Thank you so much! such a big help :) im so excited! :) xo

Thanks for starting your story on RealSelf! Here's a list of supplies you might find helpful for recovery.

Please keep us posted on your process. Two more weeks!


Decided on CCs :)

I am 5'11, 55kg & 21yrs old! I am as flat as a board so im going with 550cc mod plus silicones(mentor)!


all done :)

piece of cake :) - closed bony rhino & breast aug all done :) total breeze & hardly no bruises.. a little blue under one eye & only a tad swollen between my eye brows.. but other than that - just fantastic :)!
I forgot to mentions that I'm getting nose and boobs done at the same time too... how was your recovery after having them done together. Any tips? What did you wear home from hospital? I'm thinking something button/zip up would be best?
in all honesty, it was such an easy recovery! :) im two weeks post op & already running/working out at the gym! As soon as i left hospital the next day, i didn't need pain killers at all during the day - only tramadol at night because i hate sleeping on my back! I stopped all pain killers 6 days post op! :) i was lucky to only get one little black eye which was gone in 4 days because i used this cream called hirudoid - it's for swelling & bruising :) but everyone is different! patience is key :) all my swelling is gone except the tip of my nose is a bit bulbous lookin :p but you can't tell i have had it done, besides the fact it already looks a lot softer & natural!! i just wore a zippy up hoodie & leggings home :) i thought i had a before photo up, but it's disappeared & unfortunately i didn't save it! but i shall upload an after shot! :) good luck! & stay positive :)!!
have you got any photos of your nose to share? I also have a "high take off" point and wanted to know if/how that works

post rhino :) still a bit swollen!

2 weeks post op - still a bit of swelling up top & a lot at the tip.. but that's to be expected! sorry about the shit quality .. doesn't do it justice! I'll try get a better snap! :)
was it $12,000 for both procedures? thanks so much for sharing, by the way!
your nose looks gorgeous, I bet you're happy with your transformation. I can't believe you recovered so quickly! I'm having open rhinoplasty so I feel as though I'm going to take a while to recover since its a bit more invasive. I'm so glad you're doing so well so soon, it gives me hope :-D
thank you! :) i wanted a subtle change - my PS said the "dish" style isn't what he does.. just a natural slope that compliments my face structure! it's still got a lot of changing to do/swelling to go down but so WORTH IT :) All the best with your surgery! Im sure you'll be so happy with your results :) Just stay realistic & positive! :)

he is fantastic in every way! :)

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