30 Year Old Tummy Tuck Bday Gift! - Westchester, NY

I will 30 years old July 5th 2012, I have 2...

I will 30 years old July 5th 2012, I have 2 beautiful boys.....time to live my life to the fullest. I am 220lbs, been debating for sometime and exercising...can't seem to get this weight off, and definitely not this kangaroo pouch. Watch my journey.......

Ok so it 11:41 march 21st..... I'm having the...

Ok so it 11:41 march 21st..... I'm having the jitters already. Excited, but yet scared. Have watched every YouTube tummy Tuck journey and every story from this site. Guess its time for my story. Well I am 10 days and a wake up..... Lol. Posted my disgusting before photos...... Will post more from a dif angle before the surgery. Pray for me guys!

Thanks all.... So nervous.... @good2beme, Hw do u feel, r u flat yet?
hello and welcome! Good luck!!!!
Hey officer diva. Congrats on your journey. I am 18 days PO. and it is work in progress. But I am glad i did it. There will be reservation days but for the most part you will be glad you did. Welcome aboard. And keep us posted.

For sum reason my before photos wont post, ima...

For sum reason my before photos wont post, ima keep tryin. Cause u gtta see this guys, smh. 9 days amd a wake up!
Best of luck to you hope all goes well keep us posted.

6 days and a wake up. Tis morning I went to the...

6 days and a wake up. Tis morning I went to the store to pick up my last few items. I am very nervous...... really nervous about those dog ears. My doctor is not doing lipo of the flanks. Should I get tht done? As i hv been reading some woman get tthe flanks done and some woman didnt. Im so confused! ugh! Anyway I am excited, gonna order my recliner today..........
A Cancer just like me and we are both taking a big step! Best of luck!
Good luck. We have similar body types. I'm scheduled for BR & TT on 4/18. When is your date?
My date is April 2nd...right ard the corner, kinda scared, but excited.


APRIL 2ND 2012 IS MY BIG DAY AND I AM DEF COUNTING DOWN! The only thing is now, is tht I am doubting myself now. ugh! Is my line going to be low enough, will he draw an accurate line before the surgery? Hows my belly button gonna look? I have everything in place but now my nerves r bad.......
That's great! I hope I'm first. Want to get it over with! Good luck Diva, you are going to do great and look even better!
I feel you oficerdiva! Keys get this over with! I'm April 2nd also! Let me know when you find out your surgery time. I will find out tomorrow! I will be checking in on you girl! Why am I craving some damn Chinese food? I'm about to get it in! That salt def isn't getting me after the procedure. Don't want to swell up even more! Lol!
had bag snob.....my surgery is the first surgery. scheduled for 7:30am...i hv to be there by 6am.

Ok so I have 2 more days until my TT, i am super...

Ok so I have 2 more days until my TT, i am super excited. I just came from driving my 2 boys to virginia to my sis, they will be dwn there for 2 weeks. thank god for her! The recliner never showed, so I asked for a refund. i guess I will be fine on the coach, as long as the kids r gone....hurray! talk to u guys soon.....
Take care, officerdiva! All the best and keep us posted.
Thank u soo much guys.......will def keep u guys posted!
Good luck with ur surgery!!!!

Ok ladies...My TT is scheduled for 7:15, I am so...

Ok ladies...My TT is scheduled for 7:15, I am so nervous and excited! I just showered and am abt to get dressed. See u guys on the other side!

Ok guys...... I am officially on the other side,...

Ok guys...... I am officially on the other side, yay! Gt to the ps office very early. By 8am I was getting my iv put in. My pa took pics and made his drawing on my tummy. Explained wht exactly he wud be doing and how I shd fell afterward. By the time they put the mess in my iv, 1 min later I was knocked out! Surgery took abt 3.5 hrs, which I felt real good abt. Made me feel like my ps tool his time and did his best. He did do lipo of my flanks free of charge, bec he said the results wud be better.
So I feel real tired and sore, not in a lot of pain. However, when I sit up or sit Dwn it is not a gd feeling. Like other woman hv said, u be surprised how much u use ur stomach muscles. Anyway, I'm sitting here in the hotel now and my post op is Tom. I am wry eager to see my stomach, ESP my belt button. Thank u guys for all the support and prayers. Ttyl
Yay! You are out...let the healing begin!
Prayers are going up for your healing! Rest....
Good luck Congrats...

Ok ladies... Doin pretty gd, however my back and...

Ok ladies... Doin pretty gd, however my back and shoulders r killing me. Oh! And nobody mentioned how hard it is to wipe urself after surgery. Lmao, this morn I was smelling like a urinal....hahahaha. Well I am abt to head to my ps office for a follow up, did clean myself up as best as I can. Can't wait to see my stomach. It's so crazy cuz in the big binder u cant really see the flatness. Kinda scary and has me worrying just a bit. Also the mr is no joke. Every time u move u feel ur new and improved muscles. Any way guys I will keenu posted after my visit to my ps. Told my girlfriend to take a pic when they take the binder off. Till next time......
Hi diva! I am 2 weeks and 1 day post op today and I feel pretty good already. Swelling has gone down quite a bit (although it can still swell up in the evening). So, it something to look forward to in 14 days time for you!!! Movability improves tremendously. Keep moving but don't stress those muscle stitches, esp when you get in and out of bed. Keep safe and keep your updates coming. Thinking of heading to the gym tomorrow to do some walking. Cant wait!
Hey diva! We made it! I'm one day post op and moving like an old granny but feeling good for the most part. Can't wait to see your pics. Glad you are doing well!
Glad to hear you're holding up strong! Take it one day at a time. Thanks for the updates. It helps to know what I'll be going through!

All I can say is BACK PAIN! This back pain is...

All I can say is BACK PAIN! This back pain is noooooo joke, other then tht I am doing pretty gd. Staying on top of my meds, tryna eat a lil something as well. I really hv no appetite, jut been eating toast and applesauce and of course plenty of liquids. I did eat some chicken noodle soup yesterday tht was pretty good. Will try and eat something more solid today. Thank god for all my friends and fam for checking up on me constantly. Today I will try to clean myself up. And I will def keep u guys posted. Hvnt takin the binder off yet.... So no picks yet till fri when I see the ps. U guys r brave woman for takin off the binder by urself.... So nervous. Well until next time, ttyl!

So I am 3 days po and i must say tht I am feeling...

So I am 3 days po and i must say tht I am feeling rather ok. My fam and love ones have helped me tremendously. Still dont have an appetite, however, I have been eating as much as i can. The only real pain I really have is my back, the back pain is no joke. I finally looked at my belly and it is beautiful. The stitching tht dr F did is wonderful. No leakage or anything. I wish I didnt have so many stretch marks, but hey the kids had to leave me with something. lol, I am still on my meds and take them like clock work. I see the my ps fri for the drains to come out and yes they r annoying. here r sum pics......
Congrats, you look beautiful! Just relax, but walk some because they say that's good for healing.
Yeay! Congrats! Can't wait to see more pics. You're looking great already.
Congratulations and it looks great!

5 days po, 5am in the morn. I have an apt with my...

5 days po, 5am in the morn. I have an apt with my ps at 7am to get the drains takin out, thank god. A lil nervous abt tht, scared it may hurt. All in all I feel good, still taking my pain meds. I notice when I'm abt to hit my 6th hr , I can feel the throbbing in my abdominal area. So tht being said, I'm not ready to lay off the pain meds. However, today I will be trying Tylenol. Oh! My menstral came, which really sucks being tht it is so hard for me to wipe myself. Also no BM, so I will be taking sum type of laxative, any suggestions? When the drains come off today, I will be finally able to shower and I will def take sum more pics for u guys. I no Hw import is r for u new tummy tuckers. So I will chat with ur guys later after the drains come out. Wish me luck!

Drains r out! 5 day po, just left the ps office....

Drains r out! 5 day po, just left the ps office. Said I am doing great, no leakage. Need a BM however. As soon as the drains came out I was able to stand up more straight. Yay! I feel 10x's better, no shower till Tom. He said the drain holes shd close within 24 hrs. Wow, I feel like weight has been lifted off of me. My stomach didn't look as flat as it was on the first day, but most ppl said the same thing. It's kinda swelled up, other then tht everything is great. Gonna head home and relax for the rest of the day. Will take pics Tom after I shower.... Tyyl
How are you feeling lady? I wanted to check in on you.

Nah, the drains didn't hurt. Taking the tape off hurt more...lol You will feel better after they are out.

I posted some updates which includes pictures, and things that worked for me.

Keep me posted!
oh wow your goona look amazing once the swelling go down!! you go gurl!!!
You look great officerdiva! Yay for no drains...I cannot wait! Take care of yourself.

6 day post op and I feel great ladies.... I'm...

6 day post op and I feel great ladies.... I'm still a tad bit constipated. It doesn't hurt, but it is beg to feel really uncomfortable. So I took my first shower today, was really nervous abt tht. Didn't take a real good shower, bec I didn't wanna get the incision wet..... Nervous nelly! Is it ok to get the incision wet? I noticed my belly button leaking a lil.... Is it ok if i put something on it? Wht shd I do? So after tht I relaxed. My girlfriend came and gt me so we cu go to the mall, I was feeling like the was were closing in on me. Had a ball at the mall, was def tired later. Bought me a few sweat suits and t-shirts. Something tht I cud be comfortable outside in durin my recovery. So now I am in the house relaxing back in the bed. Oh! I've only been on Tylenol today, no hard stuff. When u guys say it gets better every day, u def mean it! Quick question..... I no my dr said my stitches may cum out my bb on Tuesday, but do they take the stitches out of the incision as well? It's stitched so nicely, lol. Ttyl

7 day po, Happy Easter everyone! This morning...

7 day po, Happy Easter everyone! This morning decided to go on a coffee run. Being tht I have been so constipated, I no tht coffee makes me use the bathroom. Also bought sum stool softeners. And I finally went to the bathroom! A real bowel movenment! yay! Feeling a lil down today, maybe its bec of the holiday and I am not able to move ard tht well. I no tht there is light at the end of the tunnel, but I am just drained all the time. On a good note, I feel good. My health is good, I am continuing to have a healthy diet. Trying to shed some weight b4 summer. Maybe I will try on sum clothes this morning, tht shall make me feel better. ANyway way enjoy ur Easter, ttyl.
Omg you look so good and you are standing tall like a damn solider! Lmao! Girl I'm a hunched over mess! The swelling is driving me nuts but I just remember this is a process! Impressed by your posture! Tummy looks awesome too! If I wasn't so hunched over I would high five you!
Thanks so much! U don't no how much u hv lifted my spirits... I def need tht. I'm still some wht hunched over, I try my best to stand up straight. I am soooo ready to sleep in my bed ugh!
You do look great officerdiva..awesome. It's frustrating getting to that end result, isn't it? You'll get there, just take good care of yourself.

PO 8 ok so I woke uo a lil depressed at first,...

PO 8
ok so I woke uo a lil depressed at first, bec of my out come. But maybe its just bec when u have a precedure like this it makes u look at other parts of ur body with a fine tooth comb. After speaking to friends and loves ones I started to feel better.
So I me and my son ran some errands today and I hv been feeling great! No pains at all! I am soooo excited abt tht, I will see the dr tom and get my stitches taking out my belly button. a lil nervous abt tht too, is it painful? So now I am abt to lay in my o so faithful bed,,,,,,,,,,yay!
You look fabulous! I pray I have such good results!
And Im starting to see the swelling in my pubic area tht sum of the girls r talking abt. I soooo wish I did a lil more lipo so I cud hv a hr glass gig like sum of u ladies. But it is wht it is!
It helps to get out. It looks great. We all just need to be patient

PO 9 Today was a good day tummy tuckers! I got my...

PO 9
Today was a good day tummy tuckers! I got my stitches taken out of my belly button today. Didnt hurt one bit. Ps said I am doing great, told him abt my lil depression. He along with everyone else said the same thing. He said I look great and tht the swelling will be going on for a while. After tht I went to lunch and had a good o day in nyc. Now I am home and exhausted, good night guys!
Oh! btw my ps said I cant use scar therapy until I am fully healed. He said I shd do nothing to stop the healing process. So give it about 5-6 weeks.....
Hey OfficerDiva,

I am glad to see you up and around. You are recovering well. I seen the new pics, and you are looking good girl!

I know you might be skeptical about using the honey, I personally do not use western medicine very much. The honey is a natural approach to healing. There is documented proof of the healing powers of different kinds of honey.
I slather the honey on my incision and I drink the honey in my tea. I would never post anything that was bad for anyone.

Please see my updated pictures. Again, the honey actually helped.
I talked to a few PS about the honey, including mine and a few doctor friends.
The only is safe. Its just sticky. After I place the honey on my incision, I cover with both the honey and the scare with flex wrap, and then a pair of ugly panties...lol

Anyway, again, you look great! Happy healing.
Hi Officerdiva. I hope you are doing even better today. Let us know how the Scar Therapy works for you. I have been researching this for myself. Happy healing.
We had our surgeries on the same day. You look fabulous! I am amazed that you are driving already...I feel good pain wise but i'm too scared to try and drive yet.

Po 11 Ok tummy Tucker's! I am almost at my 2 week...

Po 11
Ok tummy Tucker's! I am almost at my 2 week mark. I feel great, def not 100%. I commen u girls for going bk to work after 2 and 3 weeks. Tht type of work I do, I Cudnt imagine going bk to wk so soon. I've been doin a lot of walking ( as much as I can handle). Although I am tired very often, I just push forward. I am still doing no lifting, pulling, heavy bending, etc.
Wht I am feeling now from the tt is sumtimes pulling at the incision. My ps said everything is just healing and tht I'm fine. I am also starting to itch ard the incision and my belly. When tht happens I just rub it Dwn with some cocoa butter. Other then tht everything looks pretty good. I still feel like I an at a stand still. Havnt really seen any weight loss and I've been walking and eating much healthier. But I promised myself to stay focus and not et discouraged.
I reall can't wait to start the scar treatment, I'm so jealous when I see u girls with almost no visible scar. 3 more weeks and counting till I am able to start my scar treament. Yahoo! Anyway guys..... I am gonna take sum pics this morn and post then later on, ttyl
Hi ladies, I can so identify with all the things written above. I think 10 days post op, I went for pedicure. Felt so tired thereafter that I had to nap after a pedicure session! I am now 25 days post op today. I've started scar treatment and had Botox injected in (or was it around) my incision to prevent keloids. It's slightly painful, but my heart still ached when I saw the price I had to pay for that Botox injections!!! Geez!! I've also been going to the gym for a week now doing mostly elliptical cross trainer and cycling (45 mins to 1hr each time). It feels great as I find that my swell around my incision seems to go down after each cardio session. I am not sure if this is normal. I thought I was suppose to swell more. But I don't want to push myself more for now. Will wait till 6 weeks is up before I do some slow jog. This website has been so helpful for me whenever I have problems with my post op TT. Thank you all ladies!
Yea my target outing was my first time out and I was 10 days post op. just ran in to grab 3 items but was so uncomfy! I will rest! My body told me that was way too much! I'm a stay at home mom and it's so hard relinquishing all to my husband b/c, well let's face it, he's clueless! Lol! He has been wonderful as has my daughter! I just can't believe that a simple stroll through the store was so taxing! My weekend ail consist of reading! Im really invested in this and getting the best most realistic result for my body type! It will be strange getting to work out again! Excited you are almost there! Take it easy! No setbacks, we have come a long way just getting through the procedure!
We are on the same exact page! Our surgeries were on the same day. I still have my drain, but could not imagine having to go to work anytime soon. I had to take my daughter to gymnastics and then went to Target and you would have thought I ran a marathon the way i was staggering getting back to my car! I was totally wiped out!!! I'm also with you onnscar treatment. Can't wait to start. I am just applying oil to my belly to keep it moisturized. Inam going to start massaging my scar area now. I too haven't dropped a lot of weight. I was about 10 lbs heavier right after surgery and I'm now back to pre surgery weight. I was hoping my appetite would be gone like some of the ladies, but as luck would have jt, my appetite was only dull for a few days! Just keep thinking to yourself summer summer summer summer! That's helping me keep ,y food in check.

13 days PO OK ladies....so yes I have been doing...

13 days PO
OK ladies....so yes I have been doing too much! My sis came up from va, and I ran ard with her for the last few days. Boy o boy did this take a toll on my body. It looked as if my incision had a small opening....like the size of a paper cut, but of course I noticed it. I put some neosporin on it, and it has a scab already. thank god! also the tap i use for my gauze over my belly button pulled my skin right off. saw a have a raw piece of flesh under my belly button. lmao......im laughing, but its really not funny. so today I decided NOT TO DO A DAMN THING! Ive been laying ard all day. My sis left, but my niece stayed. So she has been real helpful with the boys.

I am still going thru a lot of swelling, and like I said before I really dont see a change in weight. all in all I am still very happy. I see my ps tuesday, which I will be happy abt tht. ummmmmm.....oh! those antibiotics gv me the worst yeast infection (tmi). My ps gave me diflucan (yeast infection pill) along with my scripts. It didnt work, so I guess I will be going to cvs tom for some more meds.

All in all everything is great. I will be looking into getting lipo of my back and more flanks and a breast lift. I will prob be getting tht done in late sept or oct. ttyl! oh new pics......
Hey hun....let me know what ur PS says about the MR healing....and if sneezing will affect it!
U no wht bag snob u r so right! Thts wht one of my closest friends said...... "girl whenever u feel Dwn, look at the b4 pic"! Lol..... So Thts wht I do now. Ttyl

2 wks po Ok girls! Just left my ps office,...

2 wks po
Ok girls! Just left my ps office, stitches r out! I feel great this morn. My ps said there is no way tht the mr could be messed up. Even with sneezing and coughing, he also said tht he double stitched my mr, tht maid me feel good. He said, " stay off tht blog" lmao, I am down 10lbs, he said for me to keep up the good work. I start scar therapy in a few weeks, he wants me to order, "newgel". Similar to all the other silicon sheets. I guess all ps hv their own preference. I researched it, sounds good. Abt $80, not bad. My only fear now is the incision splitting open, ugh! He said I'm healing well and tht won't happen. So we will see guys..... Ttyl.
You look amazing!
Officerdiva you look great! Where were the stitches taken out from? My PS also says that tearing the MR is almost impossible after a couple of weeks post op..due to how they sew things up in there. Keep up taking care of yourself...you are looking awesome!

3wk po..... OK ladies, everything is going pretty...

3wk po.....
OK ladies, everything is going pretty good. still a lil swell hell, but mostly at the end of the day. I am still set on having some lipo done once I heal. prob of my back and flank area and thn I am completely done. I must say I am really happy with the tt, however, I wouldl like to loose at least 20lbs, any suggestions?

When do we start scar therapy.... I am 22 days po....

When do we start scar therapy.... I am 22 days po... Go me! I am thinking in sept abt getting a breast reduction along with my lipo. Really I wanted a breast lift, but after realizing tht my breast has lost a lot of volume I decided to go ahead with the reduction. It shall leave them nice and perking.... So stay tuned! All and all I feel great, no pain, a lil soreness when I do too much. I just can't wait to be %100 again! Ready to start this 20lb weight lost. Ttyl
O My..I MUST follow your jurney...My TT is 6/11/2012 and My stomach is just about the same as yours pre TT...Hope all is well! Looking Good There!
Hope all is well.
What a great bday gift! you look wonderful!

Ok ladies 7 weeks...i have officially started my...

ok ladies
7 weeks...i have officially started my scar treatment and begin to work out. every evening my stomach is extremely swollen, something tht I have def gotten used to. I will see my ps this week, he says the swelling may take a few months to stop. I feel great! just tryin to get this weight off. I was usuing mederma until my gelzone came. It is a silicon scar treatment about $75, heard a lot of things about it. So between tht and the bio oil i just started we will see wht happend. till next time.........
Great story...hope all is well! Are you enjoying your new look?
I'm about to shed a Tear you girls give me so much hope and inspiration!!!!! Thank You!!! God Bless you look Great!!!!!
You look really great! How are you holding up
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