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I am a 43 yr old mother of 3 who has been...

I am a 43 yr old mother of 3 who has been contemplating getting a breast reduction/lift for many years. I finally went to a ps in January for a consult and after being approved through insurance in April am finally going through with it Sept 13th. I am currently a 40DD and would like to get down to a c cup. My only concern is that I am nervous how they will look afterwards(the end result-after swelling and healing is through) I've been told by a few of my friends who have had the procedure done that I will be so much happier and will be glad I went through it. Its been helpful to read alot of everyone's journeys with this on the site!!!!!! I wish the day would just get here already!!!

Hi!! Had my surgery yesterday! It went great!!!! Got home this afternoon. It was the best thing I stayed over. Was totally pampered by the nurses!! The pain is tolerable and I am the biggest baby when it comes to pain. My ps took the drains out before I left. That wasn't too pleasant. Now I was told to take it easy, no lifting. Have to go back to the dr Wednesday for follow-up. I can say I am so happy I went through with the surgery!! Will keep you posted over the next couple of days. So happy your pre-op went well!!, you're almost there!!!!!
So so very happy for you!!!! Hooray...I am counting the days...have had a bit of a speed bump today, my labs came back with low potassium - too low for surgery so I have to double up today and the weekend and go back for more blood work on Monday first thing and hopefully they won't have to cancel me.... argh!!!!! Prayers would be good here!
The days seem to be going faster all of a sudden, it is two weeks and it was just three a blink ago... I started getting a little nervous today and got busy doing stuff and it passed. It is starting to creep in though, guess that is only natural this is a really big step. I will be looking out for your updates. How was your pre-op? Mine is actually on your surgery date!
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