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I got Artefill done as my doctor said it was very...

I got Artefill done as my doctor said it was very long lasting....in fact, semi-permanent.
Well, as soon as I got it done I noticed a difference and was very pleased. The are was indeed more plump.

Well....fast forward to 1 1/2 month later...the substance begins to break apart and travel to all areas of my face and create lumps....lumps on my temple, lumps on my cheeks, lumps on my nose, lumps on my chin---I even got one right under my eye!! These lumps range anywhere in size from a big pimple, to a tiny lump. They are like pimples, except there is no head. The only way to get rid of these lumps is to prick them with a lancet and push out the substance. It has created a COMPLETE DISASTER of my previously nice complexion. This may or may not happen to YOU---but please keep in mind it IS A POSSIBILITY. It is now months later and I am still trying to extract these horrid things from my face. A complete disaster
I had the same thing, still have the "lumps" though, scared to have them cut around my eyes

Artefill Lumps--Photos added

I have added photos.
This has been just an awful experience!
I wish there was something I can say to console you. I have had nothing but bad experiences with the product. To be honest I think the potential for immune system reactions is being overlooked. In theory. PMMA, the primary ingredient does not travel. However years later I cannot look at myself in the mirror without being reminded of this huge mistake. Sometimes I do not need to look in the mirror because to regret it because the skin irritation brings my attention to it.
Oh--it travels! I had one bump right by my tear duct, painful to remove! Who knows where else it can travel to!? Heart? Lungs? I have no idea. My adverse effects (as far as I can tell) are cosmetic.I am sorry that you are having irritation all this time later.

WOW- thanks for sharing.  I'm sorry you are having to deal with all of this.  Where did you originally have the ArteFill injected?


Still Battling Artefill Migration Lumps and Bumps

Now 4 months after having Artefill injections, I am still battling the lumps and bumps that have migrated to all different areas of my face. I even got one right under my tear duct. The doctor had to use a lancet and remove the substance. That was very painful. The fact that so many dermatologists say "I never heard of fillers migrating" and stating that fillers "do not migrate" I think is ludicrous. All you have to do is a little digging to find out that I and many like me have had this adverse reaction. Do your homework!!!
Where did you get theinjection?
How many serynges did you have?
Can you please tell me the name of the doctor that did the procedure? I am thinking of using Artefill but now am hesitant after hearing these horror stories.
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