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I am 60 years old and just went for the Affirm...

I am 60 years old and just went for the Affirm Laser for my neck and jowl area. I had had smart liposuction on my jowl line this past September but still had some lax skin. My doctor suggested the affirm to correct this. The procedure was not uncomfortable, and I did not receive any topical anesthesia. It took about 10 minutes. I was red, when I left which was expected. I saw some dark freckles start to appear at night. Today when I awoke I have dark freckles all over my entire neck, looks like road burn! I went to my plastic surgeon and he gave me Obagi cream. I feel I cannot go out looking like this and I am so sorry I had this procedure done. I should have left it alone! I do not recommend this to anyone..... I don't have the downtime to wait to see if this cream works....I feel disfigured and very upset.

Peace of Mind

I decided to call Affrims' Manufactuer. They were very helpful, more so than my plastic surgeon( I suppose he just didn't have the information). The company connected me to a wonderful nurse (they have great customer service). She asked me for pictures, and I also told her I had gotten affirm laser IPL. she assured me that the pigmentation will probably peel away in about 2 weeks! So I am much more at ease now. If indeed the spots do remediate I will continue the treatments. I just wish someone would have told me what to expect. I will keep you updated. ... I suppose being informed is our best defense.

All healed

It's been a bit over two weeks and I am healed (almost complete). The results seem to be promising so I will try The second one July 8th, but I will now know what to expect as far as healing. I will update aft round 2!

Not going to go for rest of the affirm treatments

Decided not to continue . The treatments read the web site on ipl damage support it made me think to leave well enough alone.
Decided NO re another round

After reading the site that dragon64 recommended I decided I will not go forward with the affrim Ipl treatments. I am starting to notice some deep crevices under my jowl line I never had... This is 3.5 weeks after my treatment and one week after freckling dissapeared. To me it is not worth the risk . I thank dragon64 for her advice. Please look at the site she suggested... OMG... It will make you think really hard.

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I had been warned against laser and told it makes the skin more vulnerable. then I saw the reviews here. I want to hug that girl. I think Russian roulette as said by someone here describes the risks well. I use dermaneedling to get the results and its MUCH cheaper too. I found a website that tests different dermarollers for safety and effectiveness and did a ton of research too. the downside of dermaneedling is it needs cleaning (instrument) and preparation and buying lidocaine to prevent feeling pain. So it's not as fast as putting on a cream. But then I never really believed in creams. I don't trust the medical practitioners after these reviews. I'd prefer to do nothing than let a practitioner ruin my skin and then tell me I look fantastic. scary! I wonder if their peers/colleagues after reading these reviews will just ask a member to let them fix it or will they do the hard thing and challenge their peers.
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Thank you, I am going to check the site out. I am thinking of just leaving it as is.
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Before you proceed with any more lasers, please register and read the stories from thousands of others who have had lasers. I cannot post the link on here, but if you google IPL and laser damage support, you should be able to find it.
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Dragon64.. You are a life saver... Thank you from the bottom of my heart. roxiannie
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You're welcome. Maybe get started on some anti-inflammatory supplements such as curcumin as well as lots of vit. c and e, evening primrose oil (2x the recommendation). Use anti-inflammatory gels/creams like curcumin gel (psoria-gold), calendula, etc. It will go a long way to prevent deterioration. Things to do and take are all on that website I mentioned. If you ask the administrator, she can help you navigate to find what answers you may be looking for.
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Thanks for sharing your story with us.  I'm sorry the Affirm laser did not do what was expected and that you are not pleased with the results.  Did your Doc say anything about the spots being a normal reaction that will fade?  Hopefully they go away as you heal, please keep us posted!

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Thanks...My doctor did say the cream should help and to give him an update next week. Some of the freckles are so dark, I cannot conceal them with makeup. I will keep you all posted.
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Just read your updates and it sounds like things are getting better.  Good idea to call the manufacturer.

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