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Fraxel repair permanently scarred my face. it...

fraxel repair permanently scarred my face. it burnt tracks (holes) in my skin that go all the way down to the dermis. my once poreless complextion know is covered in unsightly holes. the fraxel also breaks down the collagen and elastin causing the skin to sag. my once youthful, glowing, nearly flawless complextion now looks dull and dead. please, do not fraxel! take it from one who knows, it is destructive. the damage may not be immediately visible but months or years from now you will realize how harmful this treatment really is. it has been two years out since this barbaric treatment. i am aging rapidly and the damage continues unabated. i regret ever allowing myself to be talked into this procedure. i wake up every morning with a heavy heart for the damage that has been inflicted upon me. it's not fair!!!

Whoa, that sucks. I don't mean to imply that you're lying (because I don't see why you would bother), but since you have no pictures it also makes me wonder if some of this might be in your head....I think it's hard to look at our skin objectively--especially after having a traumatizing treatment like this. Maybe it's not as bad as you think and you're just noticing the effects of regular aging--which will happen 2 years after fraxel as fraxel is supposedly not permanent. I mean, you say your skin was flawless, but obviously, it wasn't (really, no one's is) because if it had been, I can only assume that you wouldn't have gotten Fraxel Repair in the first place. Anyways, I know what it's like to have damaged skin and self consciousness because of it, so I feel for you (i have acne scars and only got them in adulthood; you would not believe how bad they make me feel sometimes). All the same, try to remember that most people have wrinkles as well as visible pores and not even the celebrities can live up to their airbrushed images when you see them in person... Also, have you considered LED light therapy? It probably doesn't sound promising after you experience with the laser, but I have a hand-held LED device (a red/infrared/yellow light from the LED man) that I use regularly and it definitely helped (and still helps) firm/plump up my skin-- also improved elasticity and pigmentation etc. I honestly think it plumped up my whole face. It wont give you the kind of results you could get with a laser, but it should definitely help you.
Yes it does suck and NO it is not in my head. I did not say I had flawless skin, I said I had "nearly" flawless skin. Specifically, I had some very, very mild rosacea which amounted to a couple of broken blood vessels on my nose and cheeks. I was 57 years old at the time of the fraxel. I didn't have a wrinkle or a visible pore on my face. My skin was tight, shiny and translucent. I have had beautiful skin my entire life. I looked remarkable for my age. No one would ever have guessed my age. I had skin that many 35 year olds would envy. I never wore makeup, not even to cover up the mild rosacea. When I consulted Dr. Ahn about getting rid of my broken blood vessels he suggested and highly recommended a one time Fraxel Repair treatment which was frankly ridiculous. I had never heard of Fraxel but I trusted Dr. Ahn and took his advice. I tried to back out at the last minute but his nurse, talked me back into it and reassured me it was perfectly safe and that Dr. Ahn was the best. I had no idea what I was getting myself into and no idea how damaging this treatment is and was. It didn't take me two years to realize the damage. As soon as the swelling had subsided, I knew my skin was damaged. There were pinprick holes in my skin that were left from the laser tracks. I brought it to Ahn's attention a month after the treatment but he insisted that he did not see them. Since that time they have only gotten larger and more visible. The holes are now joining together and forming tiny lines. Not only that, the fraxel caused my face to lose volume which is also contributing to the sagging and aging appearance. And yes, Fraxel does destroy fat as well as collagen and elastin. My skin has aged five years in the last two. This is not natural aging. The Fraxel definitely damaged my skin and accelerated the aging process. As to your comment that this could all be in my head, if that is true then it must be in my friends heads also. They to have have noticed the changes. It is little comfort to know that most people have wrinkles as well as visible pores. I didn't. Even with my few broken blood vessels, I rarely ever wore makeup. I was blessed with beautiful skin and regrettably, I put my trust in the wrong person. The profile pic I am posting was taken just prior to my Fraxel treatment. I had no makeup on. You can be the judge as to whether or not you think my 57 year old skin was "nearly" flawless. I think it was. No, I have never considered LED light therapy. I don't know anything about it. I'll look into it. Thanks.
Okay, some of that makes sense and I have read about the holes happening to other people--also perhaps the laser DID trigger some sort of aging process--i will take you at your word, but aging IS inevitable for everyone, no matter how good they take care of themselves, no matter their genes or how much organic food they eat--it I guess what I'm trying to say is that looks aren't everything. Yeah i hate it when people say crap like this too, but its totally true that whats on the inside is more important. I mean look at your friends! Is their only value in their looks or do you like them for some other reason? What makes them enjoyable people to be around? I doubt it's their looks...I also doubt you suddenly, rapidly turned into an old hag, so try to remember that you are your own worst critic. Don't let this whole thing with your skin get you down too much or fill you with bitterness; don't obsess about what could've been if you'd done this or that; dont waste the rest of the next ten years trying to become young again because its not going to happen and it'll eventually just make you an empty person on the inside (which is worse than being aged or ugly IMO). Take it easy on yourself.

Here is the name of the Fraxel Manufacturer....

Here is the name of the Fraxel Manufacturer. Report them to the BBB and FDA and whoever else you can think of. Contact them and let them know what they did you!

Reliant Technologies
Phone: (888) 437-2935
Fax: (650) 473-0119
464 Ellis St, Mountain View, CA 94043
I was also talked into the procedure, I almost didn't do it. It ruined my skin too. I have pictures in my review.
Fraxel also ruined my face!!!


Before you decide to undergo a very risky laser...

Before you decide to undergo a very risky laser treatment, do you research. Laser and IPL devices used for cosmetic purposes have caused extensive damage to the skin of numerous people. Many have been disfigured and some have even sustained nerve damage and disability. Numerous peer reviewed studies attest to the dangers of these cosmetic devices yet the public is not informed of these dangers. The science behind these devices is sketchy and many devices made it to market before they were thoroughly checked for safety. While the lasers and IPL devices are "FDA approved" this claim doesn't mean much as far as public health and safety are concerned. If you are harmed by a device you have lost the power to sue the manufacturer thanks to a decision made by the U.S. Supreme court. Please avoid cosmetic devices for your own health, safety and well-being. Nobody is looking out for your welfare but you. If you have already been exposed and suspect damage we have tried some therapies that have been helpful. Please visit

File a complaint with the FDA against these...

File a complaint with the FDA against these Harmful Medical Devices. Here is the link:

I just posted some before and after pictures....

I just posted some before and after pictures. However, I am awaiting pictures from 2 other surgeons I consulted prior to my surgery with Dr. Ahn. I have requested the photos on CD. I have also requested my before and afters from Dr. Ahn. It will be interesting to compare them.

I saw Ahn a week ago. He still refuses to acknowledge any damage. Claims everyone has pores and what I am witnessing is aging that has occurred over the last 2 1/2 years. Received the same tired and infuriating line that Fraxel doesn't do that kind of damage. He offered to e-mail me my before and after photos. I was handed a release form to sign by the receptionist. I was rushed through it. She told me where to sign and never gave me the opportunity to read what I was signing. I was so upset that I didn't think that by signing the release I could have actually been signing a paper giving Ahn permission to release my photos to anyone. I hope I was not tricked. I have e-mailed his nurse and informed her that I DO NOT authorize Ahn to release any of my photos to anyone but me. I am writing this down here so that it is on record.
I had fraxel restore done in march a half face to correct a few ice pick scars that weren't even that noticeable and now i have very deep enlarged ice pick scars, rolling scars and boxcar scars. I have facial fat loss on my right cheek, holes all over and my face is getting worse every day. I have MAJOR texture issues and my cheeks are extremely dry and wrinkled and I mean serious wrinkles and when i smile the wrinkles on my cheeks are even worse so i dont smile or laugh in public anymore that is if I even go out. Half my face is also falling, this is the worst mistake of my life and I'm not sure it can be reversed, I feel like acid was poured on my face and now i'm deformed, my once stunning face that everyone complemented me on is now damaged for life, I now live in doctors offices. i have spent thousands just trying to fix this. It seems when i stretch my face out really hard like a face lift, it seems a little better, but since the fraxel damage the dna cells premature aging sets is and it just keeps getting worse. What happens is the heat from the fraxel changes the collagen fibre arrangement and they become loose and separated unlike before they were tight bundled together. So if a doctor could come up with a way to get our collagen to get back tightly together like a jog saw puzzle, it creates that plum baby smooth skin. I have been taking high doses of hydrolized collagen but nothing. Since i am a skin type 5, I also ended up with deep dermal hyper pigmentation so I am booked to do a cosmelan on the 16th. I have started saving up to find a doctor who can do stem cell or something to reverse my dan back to normal.
Stefinash, I'm so sorry that this has happened to your beautiful face. It is criminal what they are doing to people. I too would pull the skin taut and notice that my skin looked much better. The holes would almost disappear and my skin would almost have the smooth appearance it had pre-fraxel. Now that these ugly, nasty, deforming lines have formed around my mouth, pulling the skin just results in the lines being pulled up further on the cheek. The mini lift that I once believed would be a solution is beginning to look less and less like a solution. I think fillers would be a better alternative at this point. I think it would plump up the skin enough to make it more taught so that the holes become less visible and instead of pulling the wrinkles higher, it might plump them up. Have you ever tried Biafine cream. If not perhaps you should give it a try. I'm going to. It sounds promising. You need a prescription for it but you can buy at on Ebay at a reasonable price. Research it if you haven't already. If you've tried it, please let me know your thoughts. Hydrolatum which can be purchased at the drugstore or online is cheap and could really help with the dryness issues. I'm going to order some of that to. Maybe facial excercises could alleviate some of the sagging. As for the fat loss, no lotion, potion or cream will ever help that. :-(( Do you know how many passes were made on your face with the laser? My incompetent doctor bragged that he did 4 passes so he didn't miss anything. Mission accomplished, Dr. Frankenstein! No portion of my face was left unscathed. I feel like the wicked which and my face is withering and melting. I want out of this nightmare! I hate waking up in the morning. I hope you find something that works for you. You are too young to have your life destroyed by this. My e-mail address is:
OMG! What happened to your face is just what happened to mine with the fraxel dual!I had some scarring on my right cheek and the derm ' INSISTED ' ON THE WHOLE DAMN FACE. My beautiful full high cheeks fell completely flat like yours and I lost all the fat in my face! I think it also migrated downward maybe? because I developed huge jowls and my face got long and saggy too.omg... this is so unreal . You need to go to join the laser damage support forum and also contact erin brokavichs website and tell her what happened to you with photos. I think she might possibly be gathering victims for a class action against solta and the like soon.

I am so depressed and so devastated. I seriously...

I am so depressed and so devastated. I seriously don't know how much longer I can stand this. I swear that everyday, more and more fat is melting off my face. There is barely any fat left. My face appears long and haggard instead of soft, round and full. Over the last few days I have begun to notice that my upper lip is shrinking and getting thinner. I look like an 80 year old woman when I talk with my shrunken and wrinkled lip. How does one deal with this devastation? OMG!!! How does the person who did this to me live with himself? How can he not offer to help? What kind of a person does that make him?

How does the person who encouraged me to have this procedure done by telling my how safe it was and how "over the top," it would put me, live with herself? She will be happily celebrating the holidays with family and friends and I will be hiding out in my room crying my eyes out.

I just received an e-mail notification from the...

I just received an e-mail notification from the BBB regarding my complaint about Fraxel Repair. Here it is:

--- On Mon, 11/12/12, Better Business Bureau wrote:

From: Better Business Bureau
Subject: BBB Complaint Case#57240032(Ref#24-441287-57240032-12-200)
Date: Monday, November 12, 2012, 8:06 AM

Thank you for contacting your BBB regarding your complaint.

The complaint was received by the BBB on November 9, 2012 and has been assigned case# 57240032 in our files. Please make a note of this number.

Your complaint has been applied to the following business:
Reliant Technologies
464 Ellis St
Mountain View, CA 94043

The case has been reviewed by one of our Dispute Resolution Specialists and has now been forwarded to the business for their response. Should you hear directly from the company and the complaint is resolved, please notify us immediately.

To view the ongoing status of this case, we encourage you to visit the following site on the Internet by clicking here.

Thank you for using the services of your BBB!


Elsie Thomas

Dispute Resolution Specialist
Tel: 510 844-2004
Fax: 510 844-2604

The link to my complaint with the BBB is here:

I don't envy you, going the legal route. Especially if you are already having anxiety issues. I know from experience how the doctors can verbally diminish and dismiss you. I had similar burns from the Sciton Velashape, and I was told that the machine, at worst, might not work....but it can NEVER harm!! That is absolute hogwash, but the longer it goes on, the momentum is lost and it's so hard to prove that what was done was not already there. That is exactly what a NYC plastic surgeon told me, that it is hard to prove what was or was not already there. At first I was told that a Sciton rep would meet with me in the office where the treatment was done, but when I accepted the offer, the terms changed to, "Here's their number, call them!". It's a slippery slope, expensive, and you can never get it off your mind. Hope you get some peace.
i know but i have before and after pictures and exactly where the laser hit and stopped is where the damage is and thats what helped me for the lawyer to take the case. I have pictures after the laser was done and thank god i kept those pictures .
I havent been on here for a while but im ready to write my story and the nightmare that began in august,2012. Growing up I had acne and was left with SOME acne scars but still had smooth skin. I thought why not improve it and went to a doctor in my area with 30 years experience. He performed the Sciton Profractional Laser on me, which left with with microlaser holes, scars,redness, red marks weird skin texture, hyperpigmentation and HYPO pigmentation. I did fraxel laser a few months back which helped with some of the redness but the sciton destroyed my skin and the doctor says " the laser does not do that". Im currently on anti anxiety and depression medication which I will most likely will be on for a long time. I rarely show up to work which eventually end up in my being fired and than at least I can hide out at home. I was 24 when i did this and im currently 25. I wish I just never walked into this mans office and did this procedure. The morning are so hard to wake up to because I than have to deal with the day and look myself in the mirror, sometimes suicide does not sound like a bad idea. I stay home a lot or only go to my boyfriends house and I dread going out or going to work. My fear and worry is how bad can it get and how much more damage will resurface. Im truly at my witts end. I found a lawyer who will take my case and than alone is a long process and will not bring back the person i once was.

This month marks the thrid anniversary since my...

This month marks the thrid anniversary since my face was mutilated by laser surgery. Just to update: The fat loss seems to have stopped as of last November (2012). My skin however is an entirely different story. It continues to get thinner and more crepey. The lines formed by the connecting microdot holes are increasing all over my face. The extensive damage and lines around my mouth area are growing deeper. No part of my face has been spared from the ravages of the laser. My skin has aged 25 years in the last three. Prior to Fraxel, I could look at myself in a 10x magnifying mirror and not see a flaw. Today, I am tormented and horrified just looking in a regular mirror. My face is a total mess. The damage is irreversible. Thank you, Dr. Ahn and Rebecca. Job well done!

Hi everyone. I'll share with you my experience of recovering from huge post-fraxel damage, that I got three years ago. I thought it was the end of my life. I was 30 by that time and aged 10 years within 4 months. Trying to remove minor post acne scars, I got hyper pigmentation, redness, saggy skin, loss of fat around my eyes and on the right cheek. My life turned into nightmare. I underwent most expensive treatments and visited most famous docs, who did not give any hope, until I found one dermatologist, who turned out to be a real genius. She prescribed me a year course of roaccutane combined with vitamin therapy. And then a year later a course of biorevitalisation. Now I have such a dramatic change to my look, that most of my friends think that I've undergone plastic surgery. Roaccutane is usually prescribed for acne treatment, but it has also powerful capacity of restructuring inner skin tissues that give permanent skin lift. DO NOT BELIEVE to those who say that roaccutane is dangerous and harmful. I passed one year course and stay healthy and beautiful. They spread this fake information, because iroaccutane is cheap and helps to solve so many skin problems, that if people start taking it, most beauty clinics will go bankrupt. BUT YOU SHOULD TAKE ROACCUTANE ONLY UNDER DOCTOR'S CONTROL!!!!! Regarding hyper pigmentation, I had two 15% TSA pilings 4 months prior to roaccutane treatment (you can take after the treatment). And Spongilla lacustris L masks during the treatment. If you need more detailed description please write to my email v****** I will be happy to share with you my experience. I know what nightmare you are passing through. PLEASE DO NOT FALL INTO DESPAIR, as I did one day. This problem is solvable.

Please vicky post pictures of yourself or at least just your skin / start a blog / get on utube . If your case has been solved please try to help some of us that can barley stay alive. I pray that there is hope. I am going to email you on the provided address . Thank-you for your story.
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Ahn destroyed my face with fraxel and has refused to acknowledge the damage or to help me in anyway. This has devastated my life. When I visit the office, I feel like they all think it's a big joke! There is no compassion and no empathy!

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