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Proceedure was a breeze. Healing time was not...

Proceedure was a breeze.
Healing time was not what was explained to me. Still scarred and its been almost 6 months. Also, scars are uneven. Would have multiple consultations before you proceed. This in not an easy recovery as stated at consultation. See slight difference but would not do it again.

Westborough Facial Plastic Surgeon

referred by friend who also was not 100% satisfied. Every appointment I had the wait time was 30+ minutes. That to me is unacceptable. Office was clean and staff was nice.

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
3 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Payment process
2 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hi Jennifer. It's over a year since your post. I hope you are doing well and that your scars have healed. I had work done by Dr. Ahn in 2010 and was very unhappy with my result. He destroyed my skin with Fraxel. He also did neck liposuction and a neck lift that I am not happy with. He did something wrong that I can't quite put my finger on. The area under my chin is lopsided. The fillers he put under my eyes were not done correctly and looked horrible. At least with time, that unsightly mess was reversible. He has destroyed my face. I had my procedures in 2010 and I still cry every morning. I hope your story has a happy ending then mine. I would never recommend Dr. Ahn to anyone.
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That's terrible! I do still have my scars and the scars are not even . My right eye is very visible. I am disappointed. There is a great board certified plastic surgeon named Elliot Lach in Southborough that may be able to help you. I have had 2 procedures with him and would not go to anyone else. Hope this helps. Take care.
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I'm sorry you still have scars!  Are you having a revision or anything?
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I'm so sorry to hear that your scars never healed correctly. Ahn is a butcher! How did he react when you confronted him with your concerns? My experience with him is that he seemed the sweetest guy going until I confronted him with his mistakes and then Dr. Jekell turned into Mr. Hyde. He denied he did anything wrong and became very arrogant, cold and uncaring. He wanted me out of his office and fast. When I reported my story on RealSelf he became very angry! When I booked my last appointment with him, he scheduled it during off hours when no other patients would be in the office. He destroyed my skin with Fraxel and I asked if he would do a chemical peel to try to ameliorate some of the damage. He said that a chemical peel would not get rid of the micro holes (which he claims were there previous to my treatment. A bald face LIE), but that if I signed a paper stating that I would remove my posts from RealSelf and not post anymore negative comments that he would agree to do the worthless, mild chemical peels for free. Nice guy, huh? Needless to say, I walked out of his office and never looked back. I can tell you this, it infuriates him when anything negative is posted about him, Prior to my post (Fraxel Destroyed My Face - Westborough, MA), there was only one other post on RealSelf regarding Ahn. It was a positive post about "latisse," of all things. Within weeks of my negative post and rating, a whole bunch of positive posts appeared which knocked my post down to the bottom and raised his score back up to nearly perfect. Not only did this happen on RealSelf but on every other Dr. Rated website where I posted. All the posts where identical and posted at the same time as the ones on RealSelf. I always found it strange how all of those posts appeared on the same day or within a day or two of each other. Very suspicious and to me at least, very obvious. The last thing that I said to Ahn as I angrily left his office was that I was going to see Dr. Michael Yaremchuk, a world famous plastic surgeon out of Boston. Ahn, the arrogant SOB that he is, just laughed and said, "good luck with that!" That stopped me dead in my tracks and I never followed through. In retrospect, he probably was worried that if Yaremchuk evaluated his surgery he would tell me just how badly the surgery was botched. I think it's time to schedule a visit with Dr. Yaremchuck. Jennifer, you said that a friend also had work done by Anh and was not pleased. Can you tell me what happened? It's funny that you mention Elliot Lach. I had a consult with him a year after my Ahn disaster. I was all set to have the work done but chickened out. My experience with Ahn has left me shell shocked but things are so bad that I'm going to have to do something. The only thing that concerned me about Lach is that he didn't have a before and after portfolio to look at and although I did find a couple of very positive testimonies online, there were not many. Also, I now see from first hand experience how Ahn manipulates the ratings and so figure that is how many of these doctors operate. Most people do not take the time to report a positive outcome. In that way, I suppose it is a good thing that there were not a whole lot of online comments about Dr. Lach. Any doctor that has a lot of positive ratings may just be covering up for a bad rating. Jennifer, if you don't mind my asking, what procedures did you have done by Dr. Lach and what did he say about the scars on your eyes? Wishing you all the best. Happy New Year.
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Dr Lach us the BEST. LOV HIM
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Jennifer, I hope that your scars get better with time. Best wishes.
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I have older friends ( 60's and 70's) who healed in 2-3 weeks....but for me it's been a YEAR now...and I could NOT see for 8 PLUS weeks due to the amounts of OILY eyedrops that HAD to be in my eyes so THAT I could even "OPEN" them without pain. Couldn't drive, read or do ANYTHING> shop, pay bills, watch tv or movies..etc etc and they STILL are "crunchy" the eyelids ARE and a Loma Linda surgeon was going to have to SUTURE THEM CLOSED to stretch the eyelid skin so they would CLOSE so they would NOT BURN and hurt...and dry out. I saw others on these sites with DAILY pictures and they healed in a couple week too .. NOT ME THOUGH..,.you rated your surgeon fairly high....A year later I can SEE a big difference,,one eye still SHOWS more eyelid but no one comments on it...and ALL old friends and family NOTICE the big difference,NO lower bags and the upper has an actual EYELID so I can put makeup on, and it shows and it stays. I look ten years younger, but would I do it AGAIN??NO>>I thought i would be BLIND for the pain was so bad for so many weeks and the use of the behind the counter eye drops was...well, let's just say, I was going to buy STOCK in the company....I was buying so much of the drops...which is the ONLY one that would take away the horrible pain and not leave my eyeballs dried out. It's a HORRIBLE situation for some of US and for others, it is easy, quick healing, etc....
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My scars took almost a year and half to turn into a white line which does not accept makeup or eyeshadow. They are in it for the money. Only a occuloplastic surgeon with many years of experience is qualified. It takes about 2 years for the scars to settle. The procedure cannot be repeated as your eyes may not close. Do not attempt to remove the scar tissue which is always replaced by more scar tissue.
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I scar BADLY...and I am olive complected too...but in this case..of upper and lower bleph...that has taken a YEAR to heal, still hurts as the eyelids are so tight my contact keeps going into the back of my eye...but I have virtually NO scars...and the suture area does take eyeshadow and it stays on. I USED an experienced OCCUPLASTIC , opthamologist who supposedly saved people's vision for YEARS and YEARS before he went into the mostly "beauty trade". He was HORRIFIC....the results are one eye is much more open than the other....I still have problems seeing, as the tightness and crunchines of the eyelids...they DO re-do these surgeries...and sometimes it works ( they want u to wait a year or two) and sometimes it is much worse.....and MUCH more needs to be "out there" on the news, internet, and patients warnings by the medical industry WARNING of the dangers....mine don't look "so bad" after a year..I have been MASSAGING the one eyelid DOwn since I found out from REAL, non-industry for the Hollywood set...that MASSAGE can bring the lid down, and loosen up the eyelid skin...but I would interview at LEAST 3 different surgeons and ask for some pHONE numbers to talk to their actual patients, or KNOW someone who had their "good results" with that surgeon. I still regret the horrible butchering to this very day...My eyes did not close fully for a good 7 months I'd day...SCARY...I couldn't SEE for months or dive, or pay bills or ANYThing. Most horrible thing that has ever happened to me...
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