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I just wanted to talk about my forthcoming op to...

I just wanted to talk about my forthcoming op to reduce my FF boobs. I have had boobs since i was 8 and now i am 49, they have been very heavy and cumbersome most of my life and whilst my girly mates have always admired them, i have had to deal with neck, back and headache throughout the years.
I am looking forward to new boobs mostly as without a bra they rest on my stomach and restricts my breathing as they are so heavy, i like to excersise but regardless of sports bras its very uncomfortable, so when my doc said i had passed a panel, i was elated and since then back in May things have moved so quickly.
It has been useful to read your comments and will be updating as i draw near to B day( as opposed to D day) although i hopefully will be a D will see.
well hope this has inspired someone
speak soon

Support required

Anyone in the uk having their surgery in early September?
Pre op on the 19th tryin real hard to keep bmi 30 an below, sacred that at the last minute they will say no!
Help need some reassurance.

Four weeks t go

Well I received my confirmation letter for my surgery date which is the 4th of sept!
Nervous an excited but have waited since I was 8 to have lighter boobs I am now nearly 50 .
To think that I will be a new woman into my 50's it's wonderful .
Nervous that they may say no right at last minute I HOPE NOT.....

A week nearer

I am in my hols an the dressed wearing a swimsuit is upon me!
The thought of my breasts fitting properly into a costume is the best feeling ever!
I will of course wear my swimsuit as always a try an style it out, but deep down will know that in a few short weeks they will be lifted an less heavy....,. What a feeling

3 days post op on the nhs

All the worry, concerns an expectations have been made better by my reduction. Cannot believe the results an have got the breasts that I deserved, more neck or back ache yay.
If anyone out there who have wanted to ask their doctor but never did please do everything has been done am completed within 5 months. It was a long wait but the best thing since having my baby I have ever done .
A big thank you to dr achutan an his registrar Stephanie they did an amazing job. If anyone would like to know more about requesting on the nhs pls be in touch .

12 days post op!

Still taking meds as think I might be overdoing it! Finding it difficult to just stop an do nothing. I am forcing myself today to STOP an do nothing lol.

Aaaargggghh sore nips!

Hi girls are sore nipples part if the healing my days when dressing were change they covered them , but I think they are rubbing against the dressing. Any suggestions!
Uncomfortable !!!!
Thanks on advance

So so happy

Wanted to share nearly 3 week post op no bandages or steri strips.
Tried on bathing suit that I had to wear a bra with an in the end abandoned an left in the drawer., but today dug it out an put it on an to my joy my boobs sat where they are supposed to be in the cups!
Happy days!

Week 4

It's been nearly 4 weeks!
I booked a mini cruise to Amsterdam from fri ~ sun 3 months Ago to leave 27th sept who would have known that I would have hit the go ahead fir surgery an be booked in on the 4th sept.
It was occasion to get dressed up an be normal fir a bit . Reactions were positive comments if how well I looked an have I lost weight an from my pals who knew that I wax in proportion as I should had been. Happy .
Think I overdid it as they are swollen an sore resting today an hope it settles as on the Saturday no pain an the odd bit if uncomfortability.

Is it normal I didn't pick up heavy cases an dint jump around too much??

3 week updates

Sorry meant to add.
Overall real happy with the progress , had long car journey ooooo my took pillow fir support.

Getting there

Week 5
Other than feeling tired STILL healing is going well.
Left breast at t section started to weep so having to put gauze over again.
This has worried me as I have seen where this area can get infected, taking extra care of the area an crossing fingers.
Still in a high as it's the best decision I have made an look Firward to getting better fitting bras an underwear so the outside is a lovely as the inside yoo hoo!
Good luck ladies to all ladies before an after surgery.

Hi folks

Sorry ladies
It's been a while but little progress reports really.
Returned to work after 3 months slow recovery was very tired.
Any who onward an Firward .
Just thought I would send a quick up date to anyone who's sent the size they thought they would be as to give you hope that THEY WILL GET SMALLER! I was surprised that at nearly 3 an a bit months they are now a c/d , trying to get use to the smallness but happy when I can sling my bra off at night an throw my pj top on with my old boobs nearly touching my pj bottom waist band!
Still the best thing I have done it's easier to go up then down my sisters I can use push-ups, fillets an padded bras if I need them bigger but with out the pain .

Dr achutan

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
4 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Looking good girl!
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LOL! Your review is great. It's crazy to see how from across the globe we are all experiencing the same thing. How were you able to take off work 3 months wow! I told my doc I wasn't ready after 3 weeks and she said I had no limitations bottom line. I hope you were able to relax and progress with the new you boobs. Looks like you are doing great. How happy are you with the results at this point? You jumped right in with the skinny black thingy--don't know what it's called LOL, cause I've never been able to fit in one. You gave me an idea to go get one--and I would really like a nice halter top.
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Hey thanks fir your comments . I work for the local authority during my time off I got an infection which drained the life out of me so had more time off than usual. The top is called a bandeaux you can wear with a strap or not but trust me it's liberating when your boobs just stay upright without sagging! How fab. How are things going on with getting new underwear If you don't mind me asking ?
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Not so hot. My doc says wait for a few months to get my true size in a bra. I got one in cotton--blah, and a "future JLO" one in 36C anyways. I also got a $6 champion on the clearance rack, but those aren't exactly everyday bras. I went browsing today--it's funny how once you have a BR, how picky we can be, cause I walked out with nothing!
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Looking great!
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Excellent news - I was H and now still seem to be ddd but swollen - i am sure they will reduce and you just confirmed it - thank you!
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Your welcome, I don't always get a notification if some one comments but very much appreciated.
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Sounds like great advice from kitty below.  I do so hope you don't get an infection.  They can get out of hand sometimes.  Your boobs look great and I'm thrilled with you.  I so love my smaller perkier boobs too!
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Go online and order Xeroform. It's a medicated gauze (with 2% bismuth tartrate). It's commonly used in hospitals for burn victims. Without it, when my incision split, I know I would have gotten an infection. I used it for about 10 days. Having it helped me heal perfectly. It's a little pricey, but amazing! You can order it online from most medical supply stores, or amazon.com
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You look great in the bathing suit!!! I can't wait to try mine on too! Sadly, I will have to wait till next year to wear one and really use it! LOL.
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Wow you look amazing. I'm still waiting for a date (beginning to think they've forgotten about me!) Hopefully will get a date soon been waiting since the end of April
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Hi, I'm in the uk (Staffordshire) & had mine done in Monday . I'm going away in October & I can't wait to find a costume that fits . I'm doing great no pain just tired . I asked for a b cup x
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Hi, my breast reduction surgery is scheduled for the same day. I'm a DDD going to a C. Keep us updated.
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Hey! Wow are you nervous ?
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Yes, very nervous, but also excited. I read the posts on this site and see the results and it makes me less nervous. I told my plastic surgeon that I've seen it all on this site and it makes me more comfortable going forward with it.
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Hello Just thought I would check in a see how your feeling . A week nearer to surgery. I am off for my per op,meeting with consultant an pictures. Saw a show yesterday Nout cosmetic surgery an saw a woman having an uplift an implant fascinating an thought to my self that will be me soon. Told family at the weekend with positive feedback which reassures me that I am making the right decision. Look forward to hearing from you. Take care
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Hi Hun how you doin? Came home today really happy with my results c/d bit uncomfortable an tired but other than that happy I went there
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Welcome to the community.  Looking forward to following your journey.  You will feel amazing once this is done.

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Thanks for the words of encouragement, glad I found the site .
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Thank you glad I found this site. Finding writing about the experience very therapeutic !
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