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Had Zerona and Lapex BCS - Pittsburgh, PA

I had various treatments done that I purchased...

I had various treatments done that I purchased through sale sites like Groupon. I was trying to get the procedures as cheap as possible, for example: 3 treaments for $200.

Here's what you need to do to make them work: Don't eat a lot the night before. DON't drink alcohol, at all. (because your liver is needed for this to work)

Get up in the morning and exercise away your stored glycogen. About an hour of heavy exercise. Do not eat - unless you just eat ONE strawberry to put your body into fat-burning mode for the day.

Drink a ton of water the days before, during and after your procedure. ( because if you don't, your liver will be forced to help your kidneys instead of processing fat)

If you are healthy, maybe also drink a sugar free energy drink ON YOUR WAY to your treatment.

Now, your body is OUT of glycogen, and is burning fat due to the one strawberry and the energy drink.

Then, the lipo laser (zerona or Lapex) melts fat off of your body, it goes into your system like food that you just ate - about 600 calories worth of fat.

Then - get on their vibration machine - try to use it longer than they suggest if no one else is waiting to use the machine.

Then, exercise with elliptical or something to burn at least 600 calories.

WHY do you want to do all of that work? BECAUSE - the fat is being burnt from your abdomen or if you use the LAPEX you can select exactly where you want the fat to be burned! (they put laser paddles directly on your fat with Lapex)

With regular diet and exercise you may be burning MUSCLE - or losing a little from weird areas - not your belly pouch!

I wore a tight shirt, they put the paddles on my arms, the shirt fit as I walked out of there!

If you have a stubborn area it can now be gone if you follow my instructions above!

Oh, and to prevent gaining the fat back, start only eating less than 600 calories per meal - make sure you burn off that 600 calories before you eat something else!

Don't bother doing this if
1) you won't exercise before and after
2) you refuse to "not eat" before and after
3) you are planning to eat high calorie meals for most of your life

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Doctor just explains the procedure during the initial meeting, then a nurse or tech usually work with the patient.

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Well, I'm going to try this Lapex thing. I'm 47 and in good shape. I can't say I'm a fitness queen,but I sure can hold my own with most. I have very good muscle tone up top. Serious guns and when it comes to my stomach, I get about 3.75 of a six pack. No kidding. It's frustrating. Ever since my C-section 26 years ago, my abs never recovered. So now, no matter how many ab exercises I do, I still have that ugly pouch down below. I know the tried and true answer is surgery but who can afford that and wants to go through the recovery? I've lived with it for this long, if the Lapex doesn't give me some minimal results, oh well, it's only costing me $259 for four sessions. That's a risk I can handle. I love Groupon and sites like it. Without them, we chicks of limited means wouldn't have access to all a lot of these 'beautifying' (I use the term loosely) procedures.

In regard to weight loss- I've struggled with weight issues for years. Done all the diets you can name and really, what has worked for me is calories in and calories out. No joke. You want to lose weight, you have to work out. Period. I've heard people say how much they've tried to lose weight but then when they talk about exercise it's obvious they really aren't working that hard. People just don't want to accept that it's hard work. And yeah, harder for some than others. I believe that there are some variables involved like hormonal issues but even that can be bypassed. Problem is, people want to lose weight too quickly and these 'clinics' and programs feed people's imagination by advertising ridiculous results. Bottom line - weight loss of more than two lbs per week is TOO quick. It'll come right back. So when people fail to lose weight quickly, they get discouraged and give up. These weight loss "gurus" turn us into repeat customers and we fall for it hook line and sinker.

I'm leery and weary of all these fad diets and treatments (500 calories a day?!?!? HELLO of course one will lose weight. Just WATCH what happens after that 500 kcals period is over) I can remember back in the day when doctors and researchers pounded into our brains about low fat this and low fat that. Eat lean meats, don't eat eggs....heart disease, chokes your arteries and makes you fat blah blah blah. Now it's like: Oh hey, remember all that stuff we said about low fat, we kinda need to amend that. Seriously, every ten years or so,it's something new and I tried them all and what worked was watching my calories and working out.

And I agree with Rochelle. Big Pharma is powerful. It's amazing. After my third diagnosis of malignant melanoma (that would be three separate melanomas over the past 20 years. Yeah, what crap luck, I know) I started thinking maybe I should start looking more into these theories about nutrition and toxins etc. So I researched and all I can say is WOW! I'm currently reading 'The China Study' and have also read 'The Truth About The Drug Companies'. I especially recommend the China Study. That guy knows his stuff and he's the real deal,a respected researcher at a top university.

Gonna go buy my Lapex thingamabob on Groupon now in hopes of having at least 4 of a six pack this summer.
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With all that working out and strict diet. You would look wait anyways with out zerona.
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Read the book The Weight Loss Cure by Trudeau. It tells you all about the inventor of the HCG diet. There are absolutly NO side affects from the HCG shot. It is a natural pregnacy hormone. I have done bio identicals and I also got rid of my hotflashes and night sweats, but I also gained 10 pounds in 3 months. The HCG diet really works well if you do it correctly. I recommend the book I spoke of and doctor supervised HCG shots.
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Ive had Human Growth Hormones and they are dangerous injections. After doing my due diligence I stopped immediately. IF you have anything thats growing in your body it WILL accelerate the growth. Then I tried titrated bio identicals.Only change was losing the hot flashes. You'd better be vigilant messing with these sort of things. Ms Somers got breast cancer after her adventures in Bio-Idents and HGH.
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Miss V,
Read her books. I believe it was AFTER her dx with breast CA that she became more involved with investigating and searching out the amazing specialists who have gone from ineffective mainstream medicine to alterior hightly effective CURES. She begins her books stating that she is not suggesting that the information she has sought out is for everyone and that the success of any treatment is highly dependent on the individuals belief in the treatment, but that she is only providing information. She is trying to provide "the rest of the story" that mainstream medicine will not admit to or attempts to blackball as the treatments/cures discussed are not multimillion dollar moneymakers for pharma companies, hospitals, etc... I was a firm believer in mainstream medicine and practiced as such in my career until I personally lived through routine moneymaking procedures/ treatments being disproven thus eliminated and then finding out that the data had been available for years but held back by the medical community. I've also personally experienced a local pharmycist diluting chemo for his own financial gain and basing his own defense on the fact that chemo has been proven to be ineffective in killing cancer 98% of the time yet seriously detremental to the patient 100% of the time! Of course he was in the wrong to dilute the chemo and went to prison but no one even checked out his defense....which is actually accurate and the medical community knows it!
Yes, I agree, we should be VIGILANT in ANY treatment we use and should be assisted by a professional who is known to be familiar and SUCCESSFUL with it.
Rochelle Buseck BSN RN CDE MOM
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Anyone interested should read the book by Kevin Trudeau, The weight loss cure. It explains the hcg better than they do at the dr. office, he also tells you in the book that the government aka the pharmacutical companies and big business lobbyist, don't want you to use hcg because they want you to be fat and on medication and eating to much of their food. Now I just heard on KLove that the fda and ftc are saying that it's not approved and could even be harmful to your health... NOT TRUE... there has never been a case of it harming anyone! Not one single case! That said if you are going to try it, may want to hurry before the government gets it taken away!!
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First of all, where did you get your HCG? Secondly, having been in the medical field for over 25 years with 5 of them as a pharmaceutical rep., I feel like I can comment from both sides of the spectrum...the "little guys" like Dr.s, nurses, reps etc. really feel like they are doing the right things and giving the most current information because that is what they have been taught. But I do believe, without a doubt, that those making the major decisions in the pharma companies are hiding many things from us to keep us dependent on the medications, treatments, procedures and services.
I have read part of Kevin Trudeaus book and it makes a lot of common sense. The older I get the more I believe that common sense wins out 99.9% of the time. Putting man-made chemicals in your body does not make common sense, for treating most illnesses. What makes sense if figuring out what is causing the illness and treating the deficiency or removing the item from the persons life that is causing the illness. You may find the books by Suzanne Somers helpful as well. Contrary to popular belief, she is NOT the person giving the advice or recommendations. She is only the lay person interviewing specialists who have multidegrees and decades of experience with mainstream medicine and have changed their practice to more naturalistic treatments that MAKE SENSE because mainstream medicine is not curing or helping treat most cancers or illnesses. What you may find personally interesting is what the specialists tell her about menopause and the use of bioidentical hormones (NOT manmade chemical hormone replacement)that allow women to regain their health, physical shape, memory etc... I know that I, even with and especially because of my mainstream medical background, am going to look into finding a Dr. in my area who will help me in getting bioidentical hormone replacement.
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I did the HCG diet in October 2010 and went from 248 to 213. Today, over a year later, I weigh 216 and I eat anything I want. HCG is really the way to go especially if you have 20 or more lbs to lose. It takes a lot of dedication but the results are so fast and that will give the motivation.
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Can you let me know how it worked out for you
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HCG worked GREAT or I should say is working great. I am sticking to the food I am allowed 100%.. 500 calories per day. I started 19 days ago and have went from 159.0 to 144.4 this morning. I have to say that this CURE was developed over 20 years ago but it has been pretty much hidden by the medical and pharmacutical industries. Get the book "The Weight Loss Cure" by Kevin Trudeau. Sorry but this is TRUELY the most logical and understandable diet Ive ever done. And he doesn't call it a diet, it is a resetting of your metabolism. My "stored fat" is truely melting off. I know it sounds weird but it is true. If it wasn't happening to my body I wouldn't believe it either. Try it! Ask me any questions you want! I love this book.
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Well, I have had 8 Zerona treatments - I honestly can not say if my inch loss is due to the treatment or my diet and excercise - no sugar, alcohol, etc. etc. Anyway, I am starting HCG with my doctor - I want quicker results.
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LOL I love it! Thanks!PS.... I started the HCG diet instead of the Zerona.... we'll see how this goes.
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Not to be overly neurotic about this, but I feel I should point out, they call it "The Change" for a reason. Your universe will most likely turn upside down to a certain extent. To counter that, forget "diet". Diets are, by nature, temporary fixes to temporary problems. Menopause is not a temporary problem. It is the rest of your life.

So here is a strategy you might can use: However much you worked out before, add 30 minutes to that plus one extra day a week. After age 55, add another 30 minutes to that total, with half-workouts on Sundays. Regularly.

However much you ate before meno, subtract 50 calories from that daily total for every year you are over 50. And this is not temporary, this is the way it will have to be for the duration, if you want to avoid turning into your mother. Or your granny. You know what I mean...
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That's smart, not like the rest of us
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Pamperedchefkay - interesting comment. I looked at both and decided to go with Zerona. I plan on posting about my experience at the end of January and then Feb. So many conflicting comments etc about both processes.
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Yes - practically everyone has lost 10 pounds or more in the past without Zerona.

So, if you are happy with your body, or have no problem losing weight on your own with no help, why would you even be considering Zerona or reading this site?

As for me personally:

I had areas that I wanted to be smaller. Diet and exercise can have unpredictable results. Have you ever watched the biggest loser and noticed some contestants not losing or even gaining weight?

With regular diet and exercise you could lose a pound and not see a noticeable difference - it could be removed from your whole body in very small amounts - or worse yet it could come from an area that you may not want to lose in: breast/buttocks/face, etc.

You could lose muscle tissue, especially if you aren't eating the right foods/proteins/amounts.

So - with the new cool lasers - I am super happy to feel in control, that I can have them put the laser paddle put on the exact spot that I don't like and then just exercise that fat away.... in my exact problem area - instead of waiting for my body to pick what tissue that it wants to burn.

I haven't been weighing myself, but I wear smaller clothes and am very happy with the Lapex.

I think the Zerona did help me lose inches all over, although they mostly target the lasers to your middle section.

Zerona would help you burn fat instead of muscle, but I prefer the LAPEX laser instead because you can put the paddles specifically on your problem areas exactly.
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Menopause. That was my reason. The single most expensive phase of my life, bar none.
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Menopause!!! Exactly! Before Perimenopause, I could lose weight with diet and excercise but not any more. I've gone to a personal trainer 3 times a week for 2 years and I eat right and still my weight creeps up. I'm trying zerona for my pouchy belly today. I HOPE IT WORKS!

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What I have learned, and you can take this or toss it, is that with menopause, if you do everything right, you will *only* gain 15 to 18 pounds. If you give up, go into denial, or freak totally out and become paralyzed by the trauma, you will gain *more* than 20 pounds.

Good luck, and may the force be with you.
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It will not work, trust me, save your money
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At zerona, they tell you the reason for not losing any inches is because you are menauposal, but the never mention that to you during consultation and when you are paying ahead of time, all they need is the money regardless of the result
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It's not because you are menauposal, its because its a ripoff that you don't lose. It just flat doesn't work!
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So, how much did your figure change? How much do you credit the laser shrinking you as opposed to just your own hard work? How long did you keep up with your exercise program?

I had a similar exercise plan working for me back in 2006, getting ready for a wedding, and lost 10 pounds in 2 months without Zerona or anything else.
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