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TT, muscle , hernia repair and Lipo for Grandma on 8/14/2013

I gained 42 pounds with first pregnancy, yo-yo...

I gained 42 pounds with first pregnancy, yo-yo dieted for years and have a lot of loose skin. This is my birthday gift to me. I will be 59 on January 18. I am excited but nervous. I am preparing for January 2. I have purchased a back contour bed. However my plastic surgeon recommends sleeping in recliner for week. I am concerned about swelling and what I can wear when I go back to work in two weeks. I don't expect to look 20 again. I just want to feel better in my own (less skin). My PS says I am a good candidate because I don't have any health problems other than mild asthma. I am about 10 pounds overweight but PS says not concerned. I rejoined Weight Watchers to lose what I can before the procedure.

I had a talk with self about realities of post-op...

I had a talk with self about realities of post-op procedure. I didn't feel well for a month after laparoscopic gallbladder surgery. So I won't feel well for 6 weeks after my TT. I am a pretty tough gal (I had natural childbirth with youngest son), but I am going o have to put my big girl panties on (literally).

My pre-op is on Thursday. I went shopping on...

My pre-op is on Thursday. I went shopping on Thursday and bought some yoga pants and a couple of shirts. I have sports bras that hook in front. I have a recliner and high commodes (we went higher when we replaced old ones). My husband has agreed to be my nurse. I have been reading reviews on here and based upon some I have read, I think: getting on the scales anytime before 3 months is a big mistake, not wanting to exercise is a good thing, and I have has this horrible tummy for way, way longer than it will take to recover and get rid of the swelling. My PS said the swelling would be horrible on my first day back to work. I just think being realistic about recovery is the best thing I can do for myself. I am going to the Caribbean the week of Easter and I will be satisfied to wear a one piece bathing suit. Besides those pics of me in a one piece looked horrible so swelling couldn't look that bad.

The hospital is a two hour trip so we plan to the first evening of the new year in a hotel (first stopping for a hot stone massage), then a nice (light) dinner. PS I hope the PS gives me something to take the edge off on the night before.

My TT with MR and lipo was rescheduled from today...

My TT with MR and lipo was rescheduled from today to February 11. I have a urinary tract infection that didn't respond to a round of Cipro. I am not upset. I want to be healthy and infection free. I woke up with a cold yesterday so surgery would have been cancelled anyway. I am not upset. I am scheduled to go to the Caribbean on March 30 and the PS says I can make the trip. Worried about swimming and infection. I will have to check out the Q & A.

Okay so now I have microscopic blood in urine but...

Okay so now I have microscopic blood in urine but infection is gone. My family doctor is referring me to a urologist. I hope to see the urologist this week and have whatever tests I need to get clearance for my procedure. But I have some right, upper flank discomfort. Felt this way since right before the urinary tract infection. I usually feel great and it bothers me that I am not feeling that way now. I really wonder if I have a kidney stone. Will post more later.

The urologist cleared me for surgery on February...

The urologist cleared me for surgery on February 11 - woo hoo!

Requested time off for my surgery today and made a...

Requested time off for my surgery today and made a hotel reservation for the night before surgery. We live 2 hours away from the hospital. I will stay overnight at the hospital. All the rooms are private, so hubby will be able to sleep in the room on a cot. I am unwavering in my desire to have this procedure. P.S. I may need to come back and read this post in the first 3 weeks after surgery.

Okay I but the bullet and took a pic on all fours....

Okay I but the bullet and took a pic on all fours. It is truly disgusting. I am 5' 6" and weigh 148. This pic really looks like a booty, but it is really my flabby belly.

I went to my family doctor today for the final...

I went to my family doctor today for the final clearance for surgery. He referred me to a urologist back in January after an urinary tract infection that didn't respond to Cipro. It did clear eventually but I had blood in my urine. The urologist said it was fine and he would write a letter. Well my family doctor didn't get the letter. Did I mention my surgery is on Monday and I saw the urologist on January 11? I was a little ticked off - well a lot ticked off. Called the urologist and they are going "to put a rush on it and should have it tomorrow." I have a bit of OCD and I may camp out in their office until I get the letter. I am having some sinus drainage, so family doctor prescribed an antibiotic. Think I may go get a massage on Saturday and try to relax before my big day on Monday. Have the bills paid and my bedside table ready complete with a bell to call my nurse (hubby). Have a power cord set up and chargers for IPad, Kindle, etc.

4 days to go. Enjoyed a nice hot bath tonight....

4 days to go. Enjoyed a nice hot bath tonight. Tomorrow I will clean my desk at work and make sure I have everything on my calendar done. Going to a school carnival on Saturday. Need to get the laundry done and cook a few things for hubby to eat next week. Church Sunday, then a facial, then 100 miles to the hotel and hope I get a good night's rest before the day. My grandson (age 5) has a cold. I just hope I stay well until Monday.

Today I feel pretty lazy, but I have lots of...

Today I feel pretty lazy, but I have lots of things to do. 2 days to go and I am remarkably calm. Will post tomorrow. On another note, I am down 4 pounds from eating healthy. I am now only 8 pounds over my goal weight. I will continue to lose but I am not planning on getting on the scales for 3 months. I know I will be swollen and I am not freaking myself out. I just want to heal and have a positive attitude.

Tomorrow is the big day. I so hope to sleep a...

Tomorrow is the big day. I so hope to sleep a little tonight. I'll be flat tomorrow!

So my surgery was cancelled because I was still...

So my surgery was cancelled because I was still taking antibiotic for a sinus infection. The PS said the sinus infection wouldn't be better yet and the warm liquid under all those sutures would be a breeding ground for infection. Also so many antiobiotics lately could give rise to c-diff colitis which is proving to be resistant to Vancomycin. I am disappointed but this PS has a stellar reputation and this cancellation proves why he has such a good teputation. Going to the Caribbean in 6 weeks so think I will wait until fall.

I have rescheduled my TT, MR and hernia repair to...

I have rescheduled my TT, MR and hernia repair to 8/14/2013. I could have scheduled much earlier but I don't want to recuperate until the end of summer when the grandkids are back in school. Will also give me a chance to really start exercising and lose this 10 pounds. I still have the bruise from my IV on Monday. I was SO close to having it done and I wasn't that nervous! So this procedure is going to happen.

Well it seems like it is going to be forever...

Well it seems like it is going to be forever before I get my tummy tuck, but it is scheduled on 8/14 to accomodate my schedule and to have the summer free to do as a I please activity wise. I initially thought I would only take 2 weeks off from work, but now I think I may take a month. So I think I will take 2 weeks sick leave and 2 weeks vacation. It will be nice and I can sit on the patio and walk to the mailbox. I hope to lose 10 pounds between now and then. I have been eating healthier. I bought a Nutribullet and I have been enjoying more fruit and veggies. I love them anyway, but with a little vanilla yogurt, some milk and a little Splenda, you can whip up a really nice smoothie. And you can slice a frozen banana with a cup of skim milk and make delicious ice cream. I am going to the Caribbean in 5 weeks and I would prefer a flat tummy to the mess I have, but I am going to enjoy it anyway. I still have the bruise from the IV when I almost got to the flat side on February 11 and while I was a little nervous, I was okay. So I believe the ladies that say the anticipation is the worst.

Grandma puts TT on hold

I fell and tore my rotator cuff and had surgery on 4/24 so the TT is on hold for now. I am still rehabbing my shoulder and have to be well before I think of a TT. On a positive note, anesthesia was no problem, I tolerated pain meds, and my husband is a good nurse. I did have permanent eyebrows done a couple of weeks ago and I love them. So stay tuned!
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Ohhhhh noooooo!!!! Yours is the only review I've ereas here so far that hasn't happened as planned, you poor thing. I can't believe the series of back luck/interruptions you've had. I had my granny takeover 2 weeks ago tomorrow, BR, TT with MR, each with lipo. So are you shill recovering from shoulder surgery and if so, what's your plan now? How much longer of a delay?
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I was released from the doctor for my surgery two weeks ago. My plans are still on hold. Maybe spring. How are you getting along?
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I just added an update to my review. I had right rotator cuff surgery on 4/24 and am still recovering. Do you have your procedure scheduled?
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Aug is almost here, are you still scheduled for surg Aug 1? Give us an update
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Yes just got the date today, aug 31st, I am really nervous and anxious now that it is a reality!!!!
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August is rt around the corner as my mama would say! Enjoy your trip and us gals will be here waiting on you..:-)!!
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Hope you enjoy your trip and August will be here really quickly ...seems like time is flying by ...keep us posted on your journey to the flat side...
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I am focusing on losing that last 10 pounds and exercising. I can be at my goal weight by the time I get my tummy tuck in August. I may not post much more until I get closer to my date. I want to focus on getting slim and healthy. I just turned 59, but I want to be a sensational 60!
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EVerything happens for a reason - august is apparently the right time for you!
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Oh how disappointing ;:-( I know you wanted it done before your trip. Maybe we will get it done about the same time. I am looking at September for that my procedure. Time will go by fast. Keep updating us on the status andthe date of your surgery.
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Tentatively scheduled for 9/4. Keep me posted on your journey with your face.
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Oh no! I know you are so very disappointed :( I'm glad your PS is being cautious and not taking any chances with your health.
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I hope all went great and you're feeling good! Can't wait to see your after pics!
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Good luck ! See you on the flat side.
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Good luck, you are going to look awesome! See you on the flat side :)
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Sweet dreams!
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Good luck! I know you are SO EXCITED!!!
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Good luck to you!
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You're going to look fantastic!!!!!
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GOOD LUCK TO YOU !!!!!!!!!!!! LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I am so jealous, want to have mine done so bad. But I will probably have to wait until fall. Best wishes, and I will be looking forward to your updates.
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I was initially scheduled for 1/2 and had to get some medical clearance so now is 2/11. Honestly the fall date would give you time to heal well before beach weather.
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I am planning on having a blephroplasty, brow lift, face lift in March or April. Hubby said he wants me to be fully healed from one surgery before I have another, so 5 or 6 months should be plenty of time. (PS won't do them both at the sametime). My grandson is getting married in May. Got to be the best looking Grandma there LOL
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Hey I hear you! My PS wouldn't do a mommy makeover. I hope to have a breast lift in December. Going to do a little medical aesthetics too - maybe Botox. Then I'll be good to go! Want it all done before I turn 60. I don't imagine I will post until Tuesday or Wednesday. I will sleep all day Monday.
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