41yrs Old-165lb Weight Loss...My Extended Arm Lift was my Biggest Plastic Surgery Decision EVER! Perth, AU

Hi there :) I'm in Australia...I know most of you...

Hi there :) I'm in Australia...I know most of you are from the U.S...but I wanted to post here as there are a lot of Aussies out there who may be in a similar situation as mine...and who may need a reference point to base their decision.
I've just posted some before pics for right now...but I had the arm lift 23 days ago. I'll be posting the 'after pics' really soon.
Just a quick background...after weighing 152 kilos (around...335lbs) at the age of 30...I was sick & tired of feeling sick & tired...and with 2 small kids under the age of 3, I had to do something. To cut a long story short I was lap banded in 2003 and within 2 years, lost 75 kilos (about...half my body weight). What was left behind was some fairly good quality thick skin, but wayyyyyy too much of it.
My plastic surgery history up until this stage, included a breast reduction at aged 18yrs (a dress size AU16/US 12 and a bra cup size E)- down to a C. Happy days. That surgery was performed by Dr. Allistair Turner- perfect. In the years that followed, my weight creeped up and up and at my fullest weight, the same surgeon performed a tummy tuck. This was purely a practical measure since the skin on my belly was so compromised by 2 pregnancies in quick succession, both Caesarian...and baby size was 10lbs 5oz. That's one huge belly! Sadly, and so uncomfortably...it was riddled with heinously wide stretch marks. So wide in fact that the sheerness of them would tear and bleed, even if I scraped them slightly whilst showering! Yowwwch! So....Dr Turner have me a tummy tuck, purely as a practical measure and certainly not about contouring me into a vision of perfection. I was still big...my tummy had a weird shape- bulging out above the umbilicus and then scooping inwards right under it. It looked as if I was sucking my belly in permanently. BUT-! I was happy :))) I could throw away those Meyers of cotton gauze bandages that were folded back and forth over and over again, and tucked under my pannus to absorb moisture and avoid infection. Smelly and YUCKY! So peeps...in my eyes...that surgery was a success and I was so thankful for Dr. Turner's help (he's now virtually retired btw).

Anyway...fast forward To post weight loss....

The same surgeon performed a breast lift revision, tummy tuck revision and inner and outer thigh lift by 'ring barking' both legs. A huge surgery, but I healed well and all in all- a drastic improvement. Now set Dr. Turner aside and enter Dr. Kailis....
My brachioplasty. Something I'd wanted for so long since my arms were sooooo flabby! I would see a surgeon, then bail out....wait a few years...see a surgeon...then bail out. 9 years later I find that ageing skin only made matters worse (I'm 41...) so I saw a few surgeons and then chose (drum roll here please folks........!!!!) Dr C Kailas :) I write about him below in the 'review' section. Anyway....to be blunt...I was not so keen on this surgery. All the years before this I'd only heard scary stories of botched arm lifts...ugly scars, limited range of motion...disappointing results...and in general...I was of the opinion that it was a waste of time, as the scars would outweigh the more (slightly more...) benefits...of slender arms, hands down.
Now that I'm 41 ...the condition of the skin due to general aging...plus the effects of some fairly serious weight loss...meant that the skin on my arms was fairly compromised, and it was time. I was over the scratching, itching, and tugging at all that loose skin! Anyway....it's 2:10am now...and I'll go to sleep now...and in the morning, I'll add to the story and the process involved. Hopefully my review will encourage others to make the right decision for themselves. Stay tuned :) xxx

Post Op Photos...Day 1 in Hospital

Ok...so the surgery was performed at Hollywood a Hospital in Perth, Western Australia. The hospital was awesome, efficient, and the food quite amazing (for a hospital :) The nursing staff were half perfect, half...well...in a rush, and a bit dismissive...but anyway, those of you interested can always ask me questions about Hollywood by private msg'g me :)
The Op: Dr. Swan was the anaesthetist. I chose him as I heard he was brilliant. My best friend is a theatre nurse and couldn't have recommended him more. He's a serious man with a mission, and not the guy you target for a quick laugh in a nervous situation. Just as well, as your life does tend to balance in his hands and I was quite thankful he was direct, to the point and in the mood for business. He managed my anaestheology without having to remove my lap band fill beforehand (NO ONE MESSES WITH MY FILL ;) and he handled a few tricky situations with that brilliantly. I woke up alive (always a bonus) and in NO PAIN WHATSOEVER. Ok, morphine had a little to do with that...but those of you who've had surgery, know it could be a hell of a lot worse. I had no scratchy throat...no deep tissue pain, no nausea...it was a completely smooth ride (THANK YOU DR. SWAN :)))
So...I woke up bandaged as pictured...the tubing you see is just extra post-op oxygen and it was a drain-free operation. That surprised me, and immediately I panicked...thinking...."Oh nooooo! I'm going to get huge bulging puss balls at my elbow!!!") [ok, so I'm a bit dramatic...] ....but I did seriously panic. That wasn't necessary as you can see...it all drained out...on my pillow :) YAY! And as Dr. Kailis says..."it's better out, than in!" :)
So...I woke up feeling great. I was expecting to feel mega sliced up, but I just felt tight discomfort, and a paper-cut like pain up my arms. Very fine and quite manageable. Of course don't try to move in this situation unless you want to squint, but it's all manageable. My suture line was an extended one, so it returned into the arm pit and down the side of my rib cage/torso and curved to meet my breast lift scar. I'd asked for this to address the skin laxity on my rib cage which in my pre-op life...I'd pull and use as a part of my boob which would then fill up a 'D-cup' bra...leaving a big 'pleat' under the bra wire. (I didn't hurt, and it was necessary to avoid mega bra-spill...a potentially scary sight). So...Dr. Kailis obliged and removed some of that skin, thank the LORD!! At this stage, it's hard to see just how tight that area is, as the swelling is pretty intense there. There's deep bruising from liposuction and contouring, so it's still early days yet. At first it felt my arms were resting on bags of jelly...but as time has passed, the swelling has been resolving itself. I've probably got 40% swelling remaining at day 24 post op.
So....these are the photos from hospital the day after I woke up from surgery. I could already tell I was going to be pleased with the reduction in size...but only time would give more detail :)

Home from Hospital....

Ok...so I asked to stay an extra night in hospital- it's a me thing. A tradition. I am generally a bit if a baby and get a bit previous when I'm feeling vulnerable. Luckily my health insurance covers 100% if my hospital stay so the extra day helped. It felt like the right day for me to leave. I was up and about and feeling a lot more like 'me'. I could brush my own hair on day 3 (hey, no stylin' here ladies...just a brush through!) and I dressed myself and felt like I was t going to split open :) Still no lifting obviously...but I was feeling good. I was on Endone (to sleep at night) and 50mg Tramadol during the day. It seemed to be enough. Saving my Endone for nights made a big difference...sleep is important. I'm not doing any cooking at this stage...no housework...just sleeping, resting and walking around as much as possible to get the circulation going for healing. Trying to drink lots if water and eating all my veggies :) There's tenderness- yes. The swelling on the rib cage feels like hardness underneath and a watery jelly bag on top. I'd had enough surgery in the past though to know this is completely normal and it subsides.
Looking at the wounds, I'm a bit terrified of the initial inspection...you know it does tend to look like Frankenstein a bit...stitches can look 'chewed up'...gathered and strange. BUT...again...In my past experience...it always levels out and should it not? A quick Dr's visit for a trusty polish up always does the trick- so no genuine anxiety about getting that tape ripped of in a few days (day 7).

Bandages Off on Day 7...Compression Garment On!

Silicone Gel Scar Therapy Starts Now...

Ok, so the 2nd lot of bandages came off at day 14. The 1st round happened on day 7. I did have the bandages only right arm redressed in hospital on day 2...and the nurses did that. No exaggeration...it was PAINFUL!! However the day 7 change was done by Dr Kailis and was quick and absolutely pain free. He said the healing was "astounding" and he wasn't overdoing it folks. Really...no infection, no wound openings...no redness...and really, some excellent, clean work. It was unbelievable and the best experience of all surgeries I've had in the past.
Dr Kailis's nurse Louise (who works with Dr. Kailis @ Bodyworx on Colin St, West Perth) saw me on day 14 to do a 2nd bandage change. She was pleased with results too, and was the one to share the dreaded 'first look in the mirror' moment. This, for me conjures up visions of horror movies where trauma victims look at themselves in the mirror in hospital and cry "what's happened to meeeeee". I mean, I was anticipating about a meter of road kill stitching. But no! A beautiful line- all straight and neat....glorious stitching and absolutely AMAZING work. I couldn't believe I was as pleased as I was with the results. I was HOPING it was going to be 'better' but geez.... This was far better than Id even expected! Thank you thank you Dr. Kailis & Louise :)
Ok. So the silicone gel is pretty exxy...but the results people talk about online suggest the investment is a no-brainer. I bought a 10mg tube of 'Xeragel' from the company that sold me the compression garment (Body Plus in Leederville...$148). That get was weird and sticky and very tacky on the fingers. I then tried the one that Dr. Kailis gave me for free (how nice, you even get a parting gift :) and lo & behold....it was silky smooth and sooooo much nicer, and easier to use. I must have got a dodgey unit though (it comes as a pen shaped applicator, with a pump-like mechanism to administer the gel). I dropped back into the clinic today to check if it was the pen, or the patient :) and my ego was protected. It was the pen. And what do you know...they replaced it no questions asked, even when the first one was complimentary. Are we feeling the love yet folks? ;)

My 1st Baby Wound...

Ok, so after coming home from Dt. Kailis' rooms, I ft a little twitching pain on my left...close to where the suture line ends up against my left boob. I took my compression garment off to find a tiny glistening surface tear. Not an opening (don't freak out) but just a small separation. My first and only glitch. So, no drama for this Drama Queen. I avoided silicone gel on the area, cleaned it with antiseptic wash and put a sterile dressing on it. Good little wound. No infection or redness and it healed completely within 48 hours.
I thought I'd post the pics though, so you can see what to expect. The stitching along the side of my torso appears to be 'gathered up' as it comes to an end. This is pretty normal as there would have been more skin on my back, than close to my breast, when the elliptically shaped skin would've been removed. This has happened in other surgeries too (thigh lift) and it's just the nature on the beast. As a Fashion Designer in my former life, I understand the necessity of a glorious 'gather stitch'. This will flatten out (and yes, can tend to scar differently to other areas) but...with silicone gel, and massage and time...should flatten out ok. If it all goes to custard, I'll just get that scar revised later. Don't you just love the 'domino effect' of plastic surgery...????! ;)

My First Real Shower.

Guys, I just wanted to share a moment. So....my arms are all still kinda numb and 'hard' feeling...still feeling very protective over them, despite them being fully knitted closed. The compression garment helps a lot with that. It feels weird to touch the skin in that area, which I really only do (or need to do) whilst showering. But here's the moment:
Soap in hand...gently washing my lower arm, then up to the biceps...then underneath...and My arm felt SMALL. It was liiiiike....all I could feel was 'arm'. The real arm. Not moving skin...no folds of skin....no blanket of moving, draping skin...just ARM.
My arm felt, errrr....***longer***!!! It was like the skin being removed had exposed my real arm to me. I've scored a long arm. I'm so happy.
Happy happy joy joy. I think only people who've lived with moving flopping, draping skin around their core body can appreciate a moment like this. It's a liberating moment...one where you feel like you can be you...without being hidden by annoying wobbling interruptions. Do you guys get that?? The joy of seeing my arms. I tell ya.... all I keep hearing myself say, is "thank you". I truly appreciate the care my Dr took in making this a positive experience for me. I'm so grateful.
I'll post some photos shortly of the wound without bandages at day 24 post op.

24 Days Post Op Pics...

Ok...so here's some pics. You can see pretty much the full extent if the suture lines. The dark spots is actually purple marking pen ink stuck in the crevice of the puckered stitch. Mmmm...attractive... But short of getting a toothbrush and some Ajax and going for it... It'll just have to fade away slowly. (Ok..I was just kidding with the Ajax ;) Anyway... The ink highlights the lack of smoothness you can expect at 3 weeks post op. I know some of you might look at the scar and go "Ouch!" Or..."YUCK" but those that have had surgery before usually know it never ends up staying this way. I have Meditteranean skin which means I'm not a fabulous candidate for minimal scarring, but these wounds are young and raised and still have a long way to go before they flatten and fade into oblivion.
As for pain sensations at this stage... Well there's no pain. There's the bruising and swelling which is just tender to touch. The suture lines feel tight and this can feel a bit restrictive- and for me the most uncomfortable part is right in the armpit. I don't have that zig-zaggy scar that some of you say is designed to allow for extra range of motion. But then some of you have the same straight line as me...so like everything, each patient's pre op arm requires custom made lines :) The tightness in the armpit feels like I want to cut the scar to allow for more give- the pulling feel like someone is pinching me reeeeally hard! It's just a baby scar and once it softens...and flattens...and breaks down a bit...it'll move with the arm better and allow for more range. That's the theory, and I'm sticking to it. If it doesn't turn out that way, I'll take a reality pill and head back to my surgeons rooms but trust me- right now I have an anxiety level reading of approximately...Zero :)
Patience for patients.
Ok. Bad joke.

Exactly @ 4 weeks Post Op

Hi guys! Ok...this is what things look like for me at exactly 4 weeks post op. Everything is going hunky dorey, except my left underarm was sore one day. It looked chaffed. I took photos to compare in case it got worse but luckily it hasn't.
I noticed that the left underarm seemed tighter than the right, like the scar was pulling more. I kept rubbing it with my CG garment in which obviously made it worse. What ended up helping was to let it cool down (hello) then in the shower I go. Lathered up with soap and gave it a gentle massage. Both arms responded well to massage. It makes the tightness for me, subside. But definitely NO RUBBING!
The numbness makes me feel like it's ok to rub (I'm talking a circulation boosting rub, not a scrubbing rub!) but no people. Take heed and try a little bit of gentleness. I can be a bit barbaric at times :)))
Ok, so generally overall I'm feeling better each day. Literally I notice something improving every day. I'm still putting the silicone gel on daily...still preferring the local compounding pharmacists formula over the 'Xeragel' (sticky and yucky :/) and still finding that my arms feel for comfortable in the CG garment.
Wearing it though is ANNOYING. I couldn't imagine doing this op in Summer (in an Australian Summer!) I'm wearing a CG that looks like a bustier as well to give the extended (bust line) scar support too. It seriously limits your wardrobe options (!!!) and it can get a li'l toasty as well. You have this higher rounded neckline (and I usually wear V-necklines) and 3/4 length sleeves. Ohhhhhh the bitter sacrifices!!! Lol!
So far, I'm more than happy with the results and still well in track with the "ITS WORTH IT" statement :)))
Dr. Carey Kailis

Let's see. In a nutshell, to be honest...I'm more pleased with my results thus far than I had ever imagined. It's still early days...(23 days post op) ...but for an op I was almost certain I'd regret (but felt no other option than to try and do SOMETHING to make my arms more comfortable...) I must truthfully say... I am SO thankful I chose Dr. Kailis to do this op. Very confident surgeon...very straight forward, very transparent with anticipated expectations...very willing to address any questions and (in my case, fairly confronting) questions ;) annnnnd....just a very reasonable and easy to follow plastic surgeon. Like a bit of humour thank God...but still serious enough to make me feel this was a step not to be taken frivolously. A bit resolution focused at the beginning (my sentences were often prematurely cut off with a quick, strong and confident "YEP" !!!)...but you soon got to knowing this was just his style and he was in fact, really paying attention. (Ok, I've just realized that I must have been experiencing a bit of transference there....since my hubby always says "Yep....yep.....yep...." !! And then I KNOW he's not listening ;) Lol! Overall...a down to earth, yet seriously professional surgeon who so far has not only not let me down, but has impressed me beyond belief. I'm one happy cookie thus far :)

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
5 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
5 out of 5 stars Wait times
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Hey! You are amazing; to have gone through so many surgeries! Can you tell me what "ring barking" leg lift is please because I can't find it anywhere on the internet and am hoping it's a form of surgery that doesn't scar the leg!
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Hi Sam, I wish I could say there was a scarless surgery for skin tightening but it just doesn't exist... With the ring barking op- well I've been to quite a few surgeons who during the consultation...have peered at my legs whilst turning me around going..."Hmmm! What do we have *here*?....Who did this?" And I'd say who it was (Dr. Turner) and they'd look a bit perplexed and go..."Hmm! I've never seen this before..." Basically...neither have I, really. The procedure scars under the butt crease, and up over the thigh...kind of all the way where the elastic of a high cut swimsuit would sit but it does not connect entirely at the front by about....1.5 inches where my pelvic bone is. The surgery was entirely successful in my opinion. I had lost a lot of weight and the condition if my skin was nothing short of 'shot'. The op pulled everything in and up and gave me an inner thigh 'gap' and a shaped butt (Err...10 years ago! ;) and I thought he did wonders with what seemed to be a couple of bags of hubbly bubbly cellulite! The scars are scars and I don't even notice them. When I do take an objective look at them, I'm quite proud of them actually. Even with my arms. They're like badges of honour :) The symbolize my life and past achievements and remind me that when you focus and put your mind on something...you can do anything! I'm preparing for another round of surgery scheduled for October 28th. My surgeon this time will be using the same scar lines to do 'round 2' on the outer thigh- this time with more liposuction as I still have saddlebags. I like my lower body, and my curvaceous shape in pantyhose, but without pantyhose on...well it's a different story! I also have a lot of excess skin above my belly button and I'll be getting a fleur de lis tummy tuck to correct it. So- another big op to sink my teeth into. Scarless surgery is fabulous- liposuction alone will do that for you (well, a tiny trocar-sized scar...) and if you're blessed with juicy, fresh, skin without laxity- blessed are you! For those like me who stretched their poor beautiful skin into oblivion through weight gain and we're left with nothing short of 2 deflated balloons for legs....skin excision is the only option for contouring and smoothness. Good luck with your search Hon. I hope that helped!! xxx
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Thank you for sharing. I think it looks soooooo painful. I was considering this op but I have chickened out. After having my TT and I am happy with it I feel I should leave well enough alone at 70. This has been very helpful
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Hi Wendy! :) You know what..? It wasn't half as painful as I thought and I suffer from Chronic Pain Disorder (non-related, but from a fall in 2012). When I woke up from surgery, and for the days that followed...it felt like a paper cut down my arms. It was tender- yes...I was protective of them...yes, but I wouldn't call it 'pain'. I have an almost non-existent pain threshold...and this experience, for me, was surprisingly fine. Call it a surgeon/anaesthetist 'thing' or...body physics...or who knows, but I've had a tummy tuck, both legs 'ring barked' (inner & outer thigh lifts), 2 breast augmentations- a reduction @ 19yrs and a lift @ 31yrs...and now this Brachioplasty. The Brachioplasty was the op that had least impact on me physically and was the easiest recovery. Ironically, I had left it as the last op...because I was so afraid. But that's my experience. I get how you're leaning on the 'better the devil you know than the devil you don't' philosophy :) Your surgeon knows your anatomy and likelihood of complications given multiple variables (previous surgeries, weight, age, pre-existing conditions etc) but at the end of the day, listening to your gut instinct may be your best intelligence yet ;) I'm joining my local gym again today which is a big step for me, but a part of my rehab for the Chronic Pain condition which really gets in the way of my achievements in life (BLAHHH to being an over-achiever ;) ...but what I'm looking forward to, aside from rebuilding strength in my busted up shoulders....is not seeing my underarms flapping in mirror in the midst of my Les Mils classes! I mean....reeeeeeally!! Lol! Thanks for your support Wendy. I'll post the 5 week photos up soon (it's 7 weeks post op now...) and I'll post again monthly...so people can see how the scars look etc. Take care beautiful!! L x
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For someone with Chronic Pain you are fantastic. What a brave lady to have all this done. It is great when things turn out well as there are so many stories when things go wrong. I will be waiting to see how you progress. I love hearing how the Aussies get on as there doesn't seem to be many from Australia posting. Maybe I have not been looking in the wright area. Thanks once again and happy healing x
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Thank you for sharing, you have no idea how much this helps us who are going under the knife soon. You're results are dramatic, definitely "worth it" if you ask me. Happy healing!
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What a difference! Very good results. I've had quite a few surgeries, including arms as well, and I used mepiform silicone tape on my arm scars from 6 weeks. I was very surprised at how quickly it took my puckering out! Expensive stuff but worth it! I bought just one sheet first time and then went back for more, lol. Just a thought for you to try!
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Thanks Kas :) I asked about the tape, as a lot of people online seem to prefer it. Both my PS, his nurse, the pharmacist and the lady who sold me my compression garment preferred the gel, so that's what I ended up getting. I started the scar therapy gel from 2 weeks on and I'm 1 month out now. It's been amazing. My scars still have a long way to go, but for a month, I can see the treatment had something to do with it! Thanks for posting :)
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Thanks for this ----> mepiform silicone tape
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I'd say that your trade off of a scar for those gorgeous results are well worth it! Your arms now look like my 15 year old daughter's arms. I am always happy to hear of happy patients. My arms at 36 are starting to lose the elasticity. My mother at 60 has the full blown bat wings as does my aunt so I think it may be a surgery that I end up getting down the line. Hopefully weights will help me prolong it, but genetics play a huge roll... I hope your healing continues to go as smooth for you as the first 24 days have gone.
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Wow SoonHopefully! What a nice thing to say. It feels bizarre getting a compliment about...my ARMS! Lol! Yeah...this surgery was definitely last on my list, and I had hoped for many years I could avoid it but for me the skin was just damaged. Funny how now that I've had the surgery...everyone has looked confused and said "...I never noticed you had big arms???!" Bizarre. My only response is...."Yeah, because I kept them by my side for years!!" Anyway, good luck on your journey too...Our journey of comfort and self care :)
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Congrats!!! Happy Healing and i wish you a speedy recovery.
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Wow you are a very game lady. I am from Australia too, I haven't seen too many from AUS on here but I am glad to see your post. That looks very sore, I am 69 and was thinking of having my arms done but I am quite worried about the discomfort and the scarring. I will be looking for your updates on how you feel. Good luck
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Thanks Wendy! Yes... I called so many plastic surgeon's offices in and around Perth...no one seemed to do arms...and if they did...there was a 3 second pause and a lingering.."yessss.....he does....but not too many....." So- Err...computer says "noh" ;) My Botox Dr recommended Dr. Kailis (Dr. Katina in Subiaco) but other than a name...I had nothing to go by. No wonder I was slightly freaking out. However, I must say...that to date...the whole experience and the results far FAR exceeded my expectations...and let me tell you, that as a PhD level researcher...I did my research and as an Aries Prima Donna...I'm a disturbingly hard marker. So- if that's not a solid recommendation for this Dr....I don't know what else to say! Lol! Are you in the West or East coast Wendy? :)
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